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Your case is the exception to the rule. Yes there are girls out there that look beyond looks but they are very few and far between. Like I said good looking guy VS average guy, good looking guy wins 95 times out of 655! I knew this guy many years back, he was a very handsome bloke, he had 6 girlfriends when I met him, and im fairly certain some of them knew he was dating other girls. They didn''t care because he was literally arm candy. Unfortunately he died a couple of years ago in a motor bike accident in vietnam.

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I guess knowing that, and knowing that I 8767 m not giving them reasons for the lame excuses, all I can do when faced with major deceit is walk away. I 8767 m human and understand the 8775 little white lies 8776 about liking your dress when he doesn 8767 t and such, but I don 8767 t have time for the big stuff. I 8767 m too old for it and more importantly, any man I 8767 m dating is too old for it as well.

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The disconnect is this: You want men to actively pursue you. But most men do not want to be actively pursued. The only guys who do are really shy, really insecure, or really clueless about women. Most men will value you more if they have to win you over. That 8767 s what guys mean about a 8775 challenge 8776 . So step away from 8775 The Rules, 8776 which tell you to refuse to return his calls or act like you 8767 re busy when you 8767 re not. All I´m asking you to do is embrace your receptive feminine energy.

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ok, so a few hetro sites have been listed now for the gay ones :)

- if ur under 75 )

i think and a few ohers has male male searching also.

i met my partner on gaydar - been togeher since october and we''re now looking at a place to share.

good luck :)


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How many people would you walk past each day that would be signed up to a dating site and you wouldn''t know it

I work at an . college so everyone there is into computers, It''s only a matter of time before that happens.. I see someone on a site that walks into class.

We have had an unbelievable amount of members join the site recently from my home town.. like i said a matter of time lol.

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Well here is my update to plenty of fish. One things is you cant restrict people from contacting you that in no way match you. Interest is expressed in two ways. You can go through a selection of ''meet me'' where you go through profiles and select yes to meet or no or maybe. If you select yes the other user gets notifified that you want to meet them. If you dont follow up with a message nothing happend. You can also send a profile a message straight up. Keep it short and sweet. No point in writing your life story , they wont respond if they dont like your profile even if its a long or short message.
Only thing is ''meet me'' doesnt take your preferances into account so you have to keep sifting through. If you want to get your requirements you have to search matches.

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I’ve been reading self-help books on breakups in order to move on but none could explain why he left and so abruptly at that. Your ebook “Why He Disappeared” gave me closure and the answers I was looking for. You opened my eyes to the fact that my boyfriend left because he didn’t love me unconditionally, because he didn’t accept me for who I was. I didn’t do anything wrong. I was not to blame. If he was meant to be my partner for life, he would have stayed through the thick and thin, through the bad of it all. He would have worked on our problems together. But instead he bailed. Clearly, he was not the man for me.

My ex-boyfriend from 66 years ago found me after 5 years of searching for me. We had 7 great dates and then I didn''t hear from him. To me it looked like we were on the road to getting back together. Why bother to spend so much time and effort to find me if he didn''t want to get back together with me? I was looking for answers and I needed to understand how the minds of men work so that I can make better choices for myself.

I have never felt so relaxed around him, he knows this and wants to spend more time with me. His choice! And I discovered that actually after a 75-year marriage where he was never able to make choices for himself, he actually quite likes to do this. I was talking to him last night, and he said to me (direct quote): “You have changed, you must have, because I can’t see how I could’ve missed seeing you in this light.” I told him, “No I haven’t changed, still the same me here.” He said, “Trust me, you have, I see you differently, you are beautiful inside and out, and I don’t regret one moment in time that I spend with you, not one!”

There are 657 million singles in the US over the age of 68. In the world of online dating, where up to 95 million singles search for love every day, first impressions are everything. Your online photos and profile are your personal advertisement in cyberspace they need to be amazing. Simply put - you need to have a fun, positive profile and great photos to attract the attention of high quality people.

What do you reckon as some of the best dating sites to hook up with people?

The free ones are best if you have financial struggles. Eg.

However, when you use free ones, they attract people who may not have such good character foundations. Cheap people with a flawed character will many times use free websites to save a few dollars. But this tells a lot about the person. So the quality of people may not be as good as the paid dating websites.

Also it makes the guys the guys feel like they have been rejected, I don''t think thats fair to make people think they are possibly at fault or the women must be crazy or rude. When I deleted my account, they asked me to leave a comment about why I was leaving, which I did. They sent a star looking comment that all my information would disappear, and they would be no further contact from the site again. They had no interest in me leaving, but they really wanted my business they would at least have tried to apologise or try to persuade me to stay. So vent done, possible explanation for guys confused about our behaviour, me done with online dating.

Bingo, online dating for average guys is a waste of time and money. You get the occasional stories of people having success but plenty more people complaining about it. You are not alone with being disheartened, the dynamics of online dating don''t make for matches. As you mention men spam almost all women, women get so much attention that they think they can hold out for the most attractive guys, mix in guys just after sex and you get a big mess with no one happy.

In general, you shouldn’t give out any part of your Social Security number over the phone on an incoming call. If you’re suspicious, you can always call your carrier back using the official customer service phone number on their website or on your bill. But it’s best not to pick up at all. If you receive a call from your own number, don’t answer or press any buttons. Instead, file a complaint with the FCC.

I feel absolutely fantastic. There is no better feeling than knowing you are putting your best foot forward and are in control of your dating life, instead of the other way around. Using Evan''s tools, I was able to effectively show men who I am, make them comfortable and at ease around me and wanting more. The result was that I let the man of my dreams walk right into my arms. It still feels surreal, it''s so great!

Men win you over by giving to you. We ask you out. We call you. We pay for dates. We initiate sex. We ask for commitment. We propose marriage. We give. You receive. Reverse this order by asking him out, initiating sex, asking for commitment, or proposing marriage, and a masculine guy will feel, well, emasculated. Thus, if you want a masculine guy, your greatest move is to embrace your passive feminine side.

Yeah mate, you are dead right. I''m not photogenic, and in truth i''m only average looking. I''ve been on internet dating for years and i have had plenty of dates from it, but generally its been with girls who weren''t that amazing in any way. I was stupid enough to think this was where i belonged. Girls typically have the power on internet dating. There is a rule and its like 85% of women go for 75% of the best looking guys, and i think its true. Plus its so often you just don''t click with people i''m over it.

After coaching thousands of women about dating, I know how valuable the information I share in this book is for any single woman. It can literally save you YEARS of heartache and frustration. If there 8767 s one thing that keeps a good woman 8775 stuck 8776 in a bad situation, unable to move toward a healthy and fulfilling love life, it 8767 s constantly wondering WHY that one guy disappeared, and re-living that bad experience over and over in your mind.

I use POF and Tinder. Actually doing far better on tinder strangely. Been on about 7 dates. Its not a hook up app necessarily at all. Most girls aren''t looking to hook up from my experience, of course most guys are. Although I think the way I talk makes girls put me into the dating category rather than the sleeping with category. Ive tried to be more flirty but it rarely works for the type of girls i''ve matched with. If the girl mentions something flirty then I know its on for and old.

That''s fine with us, we are not trying to be like other site with thousands of members that are only there to "look ~ out of interest"

You''ve got it back to front mate. By forcing people to register before looking they''ll either go elsewhere or set up a registration have a look then if they dont like what they see they''ll never return anyway. If you let people "browse" without registering, if they see somethign they like they will definitely register and be active on your site.

How much market reseach did you do before starting this up?

ALso, to all you others out there how many of you get pissed off when doing the rounds of the dating sites only to find the same people registered on them all?