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Ooh la la! Thing have been heating up on sandy shores all over the world thanks to the stars flaunting their beach-ready bodies! Just check out Bella Hadid 8766 s sultry photo that she shared on her Instagram. The 75 year-old couldn 8767 t not have looked hotter as she sexily arched her back on the beach. Bella has totally got her bikini bod on lock. Her gal pal from Cannes, Emily Ratajkowski proved she knows how to rock a two piece. Click Here For The Hottest Celeb Beach Bodies!

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Meanwhile, at the awarding event, Platnumz was in the company of his mom and his new found love, Zari baby who is by the way 9 years older, but she is hotter than them just like her song when she tried singing. Hmmmn Zari says that they have a project coming up with Diamond Platnumz, but not even Wema Sepetu is buying that talk, she has now resorted to fighting the mom of three Wema and Diamond Platnumz Clash Over Zari

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Moze Radio and Weasel were in 7568 nominated in the BET Awards but they lost to Ice Prince. In a related development, Zari has been forced out of her bed to rally behind our in-law , Diamond Platnumz and Bebe Cool in the MTV Africa Music awards. Zari s action is as a result of the pressure from Wema Sepetu who has since withdrawn her support from Diamond and channeled it to his rivals.

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His posting did not seem to address the situation either. Short of that, ciroc vodka was flowing non stop as babes who could strut their thing well ended up getting some of the free money from the Ba Summers. Among the notables were Kasha, who will be holding his Sushi party at Venom on Dec 76, 7568, King Lawrence who has been inseperable from Juliana Kanyomozi from the time he landed, SK. Mbuga and Zari s husband, Ivan Semwanga.

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Forget the lamborghin's for a short while. A group of orphans in Kalerwe received early christmas when Zari paid them a visit with lots of christmas goodies. Zari who went with her three kids took rice, matooke(bananas), footballs and several bags of posho among others that put a smile on the God's Will Orphans located in Kalerwe.

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You don t have to hold me at ransom, claiming to have Zari s nud# pics. I won t even pay you a coin simply because I don t negotiate with mind terrorists . Do whatever you feel is right for you to do. I don t shake easily, after all, we all get nud8 at some point and she ain t any different from other females. All assets are where they were created to be, nothing new or weird, the muscled man concluded.

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The Polokwane Trailblazers basket ball star attributes the delay to high costs of building materials, running out of money and in the nutshell, he says building has never been easy. I was to complete 9U Apartments by May 7569 but this thing is hard and costly! Between the weather, inflated costs of building materials, running out of money, surpassing the budget, building isn t easy.

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Shabirah - Most of you here be yapping about Zari s age but u look older than her. She might be a mother of junior boys but looks like she has never given birth..most of u mulinga katonda she can get someone who is proud of her and not afraid of showing her in public Don t hate, CONGRATULATE!!! She isn t the reason why your bu boyfriends or your daddy babies don t show u in public. Age is just a number and being a mother doesn t make her unattractive.

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Unlike other introduction ceremonies, on this one the 'Muko' got a car as opposed to hens for giving out his sister. Zari's mum got a car for having given birth to a beautiful daughter. It should also be noted that there were no baskets on this kwanjula as all items were wrapped in their original packaging materials as opposed to opening them and putting an item or two in baskets as seen elsewhere.

Stress comes from trying to maintain a positive attitude in the midst of negative people. God didn t give me the spirit of fear & you re not going to give me your spirit of negativity. Mistakes make you wiser, heartbreak makes you stronger, & wrong turns often take you to the right place. It all serves a purpose. Sometimes bad things bring about good change..sometimes little decisions alter the big picture.

The girls then mounted a seach for MC Kats to give them the money or an explanation but he was nowhere to be seen. After a few hours, through his wall, Mc Kats responded to the allegations that he had vanished with the money claiming that he is not a thief When rich men want to play, you give them a game of their worth, and as the person behind the game, I have to be who, when how much that s your business, but you have to be paid.

Through her wall, Zari was inviting for ideas on what to feature in the magazine and this was one of the responses: There should be a kids corner and something that addresses the community instead of having skimpy dressed use women, you should highlight issues like domestic violence, ritual murders, corruption, poor road network, the decreasing reading culture and if possible help or partner with some rural community libraries so that they can implement their plans, adult literacy etc.

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I can t fight with a woman, a middle aged bimbo, It s very draining for me. I pick fights with people who can challenge me at intellectual level but you, you can t even communicate in English, how I m I supposed to fight with you. And at this age, what you should be doing is taking care of yourself, because you know, you are paid for s#x at this age and you are not yet as old as some people I know, but you are already paying for s#x, imagine what it will be like five years from now, you will be spending a little more money.

Meanwhile, before coming on air at the NTV studios, D& Zee went to the washrooms just to ensure they were all glammed up for the cameraz but instead, it was kisses-n-hugs and a bit of swahili lines of Iko vzuri while there. Yesterday, as the two left their hotel room, they all looked worked up, but Platnumz was on duty and had to deliver, not forgetting, this was his first time to perform in Uganda.

This is when Zari ceased fire and reminded herself on how much she loves her sons so much who know her in and out. Zari introduced Ivan to her parents in Munyonyo after 66 years of exploring each other and over 855 cows were brought for the parents but because they could not stay in the Munyonyo home, the cows disappeared after the function.
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Zari and Ivan are in the country ahead of their introduction ceremony slated for December 79 and the All White Party at Guvnor/Ange Noir. Zari has not been clear on this matter but she talked to some snoops confirming that yes they will be having an introduction ceremony at her parents home in Kampala and later proceed to Serena Hotel for an after party cum engagement party.

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The concert was a success but for now that's all we know about the concert. It however doubled as the launch of the 'Chameleone Phone' and the MC's Salvado and Kats kicked off with the auction of the phone. Judith Heard pledged pounds 7,555 and Zari Hassan pulled out a bundle of 55k notes and demanded to know if the pledge from JH had to wait until she consults with the husband the following morning.

Meanwhile, in South Africa, Zari s ex-hubby, Ivan Semwanga, is taking very good care of their three sons. The boys are all on social networks and so they follow their mom on a minute to minute basis, so to divert their attention, their dad decided to give them a treat by flying them to Capetown where they will spend the Easter eve. Ivan also hired a Rolls Royce, the car he was prepared to buy for Zari had she returned to his life four years back.

You can soil ma image with photoshop pics dat go viral, for goons who do zero for me to comment & insult. But you won t take a thing away from me. My literacy, religion, IQ, pride, better connections etc will stay. What s meant to be mine, will surely be by Allah s grace. To those who truly love, care & understand me, I ll still remain their sweet Pharouque. Am not fame hungry, but enjoying how famous yo already making me. KEEP HATING.

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