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Posted: 2017-10-13 13:03

The point for me is that we have clear evidence before us of what happens when we validate untrue things. Suffering, no matter how severe or truly horrible, does not turn men into women. Niceness does not turn men into women. I too believe transwomen genuinely suffer, but that doesn 8767 t make them female. Denying reality isn 8767 t kind. Trans women deserve the courtesy and kindness that all human beings are due, but no one can possibly merit altering reality to soothe upset feelings.

Ava Le’Ray Barrin, 17, Is the Trans Murder Victim

These things are not only not criminal, but are at the root of feminism. In other words, in order to understand how patriarchy works, you must first understand who is a member of the dominant class and who is a member of the subordinate class. You must understand that male violence against women is systemic. You must understand that women are not inherently 8775 feminine, 8776 and that men are not inherently 8775 masculine. 8776 You must be willing to have critical conversations and ask challenging questions about the status quo, about dominant ideology, and about political discourse. You must understand that patriarchy began as a means to control women 8767 s reproductive capacity, and that, therefore, women 8767 s biology is very much central to their status as 8775 less than. 8776 You must understand that feminism is a woman-centered movement, and that women have the right to meet and to organize amongst themselves, without members of the oppressor class (men), to advocate toward their own liberation.

ATransgender Teen Was Murdered and Burned. It''s Not

It reminds me of a conversation my friends and I had with a late-transitioning MTF friend who identifies as a lesbian. She (which I will say since she went to the trouble to have bottom surgery I don 8767 t condone that and would prefer men or women just be non-binary or agender, but if someone has such extreme dysphoria they mutilate their genitals I will use their pronouns) and the rest of us were discussing long distance solo biking. My best friend and I would LOVE to do this, but frankly I would be very scared. We asked her what the most dangerous situation she 8767 d had was (she had gone pre-transition). He (at that point) had run into a herd of bison and had to avoid them.

Missouri prosecutors: Brutal murder of transgender teen is

I was the first trans girl he had ever dated. I’d been upfront about my pre-operation surgery status from the beginning. He told me repeatedly that he was comfortable with my gender, including during our breakup. Later, I saw that he changed his online-dating profile 8767 s sexual orientation from “heteroflexible”—shortform for men who will date trans women—to “straight” after he broke up with me.

Fists fly in a punch-up in London''s Hyde Park | Daily Mail

We don 8767 t place much importance in what people 8775 identify as 8776 or 8775 feel inside. 8776 We see things in terms of class politics. 8775 Woman 8776 is not an identity so much as a social class. It is the lot in life that we are born into by coming into this world as females. We are socialized as women, treated as women, taught to think of ourselves in a specific way. We are taught to perform femininity, whether we really want to or not. I don 8767 t 8775 feel like 8776 a woman, I am treated as a woman and I was taught to be a woman. Yes, you could say I 8775 identify 8776 as a woman, but only because I recognize being a woman as being my lived experience.

Murdered trans teen had eyes gouged out, but sherif says

8775 8, yes my response to violence says more about me. I don 8767 t think anything excuses what was done at hyde park. I don 8767 t think being punched is the same as being 8766 beaten up 8767 This is based on my observations about being beaten up and of other people who have been beaten up. What is happening on this issue is serious enough not to warrant exaggeration. This is based on me watching the video. 8776

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Following the violent incident at Speaker 8767 s Corner (which was no accident one of the perpetrators had publicly expressed his intention to “fuck some terfs up”), I have received hundreds of death threats from men online. I 8767 m not alone, either. Any woman who challenged men 8767 s celebration or defense of the violence at Speaker 8767 s Corner became a target. All of these threats have been attached to the term, 8775 TERF. 8776 Feminists have been labelled in this way specifically to dehumanize them, to spread outrageous lies about their politics (claiming feminists want to kill trans-identified people or that they advocate genocide), to reframe them as oppressors of males who identify as gender non-conforming, and to paint them, generally, as evil witches, therefore deserving of violence.

Black Trans Women: In the Crosshairs - EBONY

Why are you ignoring the differences between sex, and gender I just explained to you? I explained how trans women are intersex in sex, and women in gender. I explained how it 8767 s scientifically found, how sex is all over the body, but you didn 8767 t explain how what I said is not true. The psychological evidence that gender identity is not a choice supports the neurological evidence that it 8767 s biologically based. Some transgender people take on gender roles because growing up in a society that associates gender roles with a certain sex people attach that to their gender identity, but it 8767 s not necessary for gender identity to have gender roles. Many transsexuals say, I was born in the wrong body, or I 8767 m a woman trapped in a man 8767 s body. That 8767 s what it 8767 s essentially about beyond gender roles. If you want to make it into something it 8767 s not you 8767 re hurting people because you want to keep an ideology made by uninformed people in the 65 8767 s. They were humans capable of making mistakes.

We are not 8775 cis 8776 because there is no such thing. We do not have 8775 gender identity, 8776 ditto. Gender aka sex roles are the hierarchy which places men in the dominant and women in the subordinate position. Claiming that 8775 identifying 8776 with that is what it takes to be a Real Woman is both victim-blaiming and classic projection by autogynephiles, who should keep their nasty fetishes to themselves. Likewise, claiming that women who don 8767 t 8775 identify 8776 with our oppression are somehow not women (but never real human beings, either, aka men) is just more misogyny. Which is the core of the transgender movement.

The fact that the vast majority of those connecting the word 8775 TERF 8776 to threats of violence, death, and genocide are men is notable. The word has been offered up to those who identify as leftists, who have been, on some level, prevented from making misogynistic statements publicly or otherwise advocating violence against women. Their 8775 progressive 8776 credentials meant that they had to maintain a facade of political correctness. But because women labelled 8775 TERF 8776 have been compared to Nazis and bigots, and because trans activism claims to be allied with the interests of the marginalized (despite its overt anti-feminism and individualist ideology), these leftist men have a socially acceptable excuse. Indeed, they seem to revel in it. It 8767 s as if they were given the green light to scream 8775 bitch 8776 (or perhaps  8775 witch 8776 would be more accurate, considering the targeting of specific unruly women to 8775 punch 8776 or burn ) over and over again, cheered on by their comrades.

Tracy says that “because of what so many of us are forced to do to survive” she has a thick police file filled with prostitution arrests. Some of the arrests, she says, were for “walking while trans,” adding, “I’ve gone to jail while walking my dog and carrying groceries.” She is working with the TransLife Center’s full-time lawyer to get her record expunged. The lawyer has already helped Tracy get her name and gender marker on her identification documents legally changed.

What people are saying when they say 8775 TERF 8776 is 8775 feminist. 8776 It is 8775 uppity woman. 8776 What they mean when they say 8775 exclusionary 8776 is not, as is often claimed, 8775 exclusive of trans-identified people, 8776 but 8775 exclusive of males. 8776 Gender non-conformity is welcomed in feminism feminism is about not conforming to gender norms. If we were interested in conforming, we would, as is often suggested to us, sit down and shut up.

I 8767 ve noticed SJW 8767 s/TRA 8767 s,Queercult people move from one insane unfounded, evidence devoid accusation to the next. It 8767 s like I said in a previous comment, they just pull random stuff out of their butts, fling it at a wall and hope any of it sticks, hoping to dupe impressionable people who are too too dumb, or too lazy to do the work to discover the truth for themselves.

lol. And you don 8767 t engage with arguments, but rather get stuck on your own ideas, regardless of whether they fit with the conversation at hand. Throughout this conversation, you 8767 ve leapt from point/accusation to point/accusation, in the hope one might stick. Now, you 8767 ve resorted to complimenting your own intelligence as a conclusion. I hope you haven 8767 t given up on counselling?

On March 86, the last day of Women’s History Month, about 55 transgender people, most of them women of color, visited the White House at the invitation of the Obama Administration. It was a historic gathering, a three-hour meeting with administration officials to discuss the successes, joys and dangers of being transgender in America. “It was a great opportunity for trans people to be in the White House,” says Lourdes Hunter, a transgender woman and head of the Trans Women of Color Collective (TWOCC), an advocacy group. “But at the same time, we’re not interested in photo ops, we’re interested in action.”

In fact, most of the 8766 conflict 8767 is about boundary violation radical feminists wish to protect the rights of all women and girls to meet, change, go to the toilet, be counselled by other females, politically organise, etc in female-only environments, away from the policing/pervy eyes of males. Trans are not championing for a 8766 trans bathroom 8767 , nope, they want a no-criteria all-entry into women 8767 s and girls spaces. We say NO to that.

“The killers are still out there,” says Irish, a 89-year-old transgender woman, who knew and admired Clay, and, like Tracy, does not want her real name used. “It’s too dangerous. The streets of Chicago are too mean. And the police don’t care. They’re not eager to find these killers. They’re not rushing to crack the case because they’re trans women. When it comes to these trans murders, ''oh, well, it’s just another man in a wig.''”

“If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it, 8776 was Hilter 8767 s guiding mantra. He trusted that people wouldn 8767 t think for themselves and would simply act out of fear or intellectual laziness, jumping on bandwagons without thoroughly questioning the purpose and foundation of those bandwagons. The Holocaust was successful because the public went along with it because individuals believed the myths and lies proliferated by the Nazis, and because they didn 8767 t stand up, think critically, or push back.

Tracy has found a different lifeboat, the TransLife Center of Chicago House, a social service agency on the city’s North Side. The center provides legal, medical and housing assistance for transgender and gender nonconforming people. Josie Paul, a white transgender woman and the director of the center, says, “A number of individuals come in for service, who have been going back and forth” between male and female. They are transitioning, “but they put that on hold because they experience so much harassment, the threat of violence and death.”

I hear you and I fully recognize that mental illness and violence are not mutually exclusive. However, this refrain of 8775 he 8767 s psychotic! 8776 is something we hear every single time a violent male conforms to the logical conclusion of masculinity. As if his perfectly rational behavior in the context of our culture is some kind of personal psychotic break outside of time and space, without pattern, and wholly contained in that one man 8767 s mental illness.

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