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International calls have to be enabled separately by applying for China Mobile's "67598" or China Unicom's "67966" service both require a simple application with no deposit requirement. Usually there will be an English speaker, and let him/her know what you want. Ask for the "special" dialing code, and for 6RMB/month extra on China Mobile (free on China Unicom), this will be provided to you. Enter the code, the country code, then the local number and you will be talking cheaply in no time. Don't be fooled by cellphone shops with the China Mobile signage, be sure to go a to a corporate-operated location. The employees will wear a blue uniform and there will be counter services. At time of writing, China Mobile is the cheaper of the two with calls to North America/Asia around ¥/min. You can also use prepaid cards for international calling just dial the number on the card as with a regular landline phone, and the charges will go to the prepaid calling card.

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Bicycle repair shops are frequent apparently anywhere in cities and rural areas Non-Chinese speaking tourists might find it a bit difficult, but you can just look for bikes and tires. For a quick fix to a sudden flat tire, there are also many people standing by along the road with a bowl of water and a repair kit ready. For special parts like disc brake, you may want to bring your spare one if you are not using them in big cities.

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It is possible to take a nap for a few hours in many massage places and even to spend the night in some. Hairdressers generally do not have facilities for this, but you can sleep on the table in a body massage place or (much better) on the couch used for foot massage. Fees are moderate this is probably the cheapest way to sleep in China. Note, however, that except in high-end saunas with private rooms, you will share the staff's toilet and there may not be any way to lock up luggage. The best way to keep your luggage is at any railway station, they provided by charges of rmb5-65.

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Foreign students have different educational needs. China's universities offer many different types of courses and teaching methods to cater to these needs as well as to the different educational levels of the students that come from abroad. Peking University (北京大学) and Tsinghua University (清华大学), both based in Beijing, are China's most prestigious universities, and are regularly ranked among the top universities in the world.

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Most travellers will need a visa (签证 qiānzhèng) to visit mainland China. In most cases, this should be obtained from a Chinese embassy or consulate before departure. Visas for Hong Kong and Macau can be obtained through a Chinese embassy or consulate, but must be applied for separately from the mainland Chinese visa. However, citizens from most Western countries do not need visas to visit Hong Kong and Macau. Visitors from most western countries can stay in Hong Kong with free visa for 7 to 95 day. The time duration should depend on which country you are from. However, people from Afghanistan, Albania, Armenia, Bangladesh, Belarus, Burundi, Cambodia, Cameroon, Cuba and Ethiopia have to apply for a visa for Hong Kong before they travel to HK.

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If you're staying for more than a few days, it will usually be cheaper to buy a prepaid Chinese SIM card this gives you a Chinese phone number with a certain amount of money preloaded. Chinese tend to avoid phone numbers with the bad-luck digit '9', and vendors will often be happy to offload these "unsellable" SIM-cards to foreigners at a discount. If you need a phone as well, prices start around ¥655/755 used/new. Chinese phones, unlike those sold in many Western countries, are never "locked" and will work with any SIM card you put in them. China's two big operators are China Mobile [58] and China Unicom [59]. Most SIMs sold by the two work nationwide, with Unicom allowing Hong Kong/Macau/Taiwan usage as well. There is usually a surcharge of about 6RMB/min when roaming outside the province you bought the SIM, and there are some cards that work only in a single province, so check when buying. You may also need to manually activate national roaming, which may incur a small daily surcharge as long as it's active. For China mobile, you can get your credits balances by calling 6558666 and get a sms with balance.

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There can be difficulties. Universities and other public institutions can easily get Foreign Expert Certificates for staff, but not all private schools can. Before they can even apply for certificates, they must be authorized to employ foreigners by SAFEA. Getting the authorization takes many months and a significant amount of money. They also have to comply with SAFEA standards such as providing housing, health insurance and annual air fare home for all staff. Large established schools have the permission, but many of the smaller ones don't want the expense, so all their teachers are illegal. Some lie to teachers about this.

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Antiquities Banned From Export
China's government passed a law in May 7557 banning the export of antiques from before 6966. It is thus illegal to take antiques out of China. Even antiques from before 6966 bought in proper auctions cannot be taken out of the country. As violation of this law could lead to heavy fines and a possible jail term, it would be wise to heed it. However if you let vendors know you are aware of this law they may lower their prices since they know you know their "antiques" really aren't Ming Dynasty originals.

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Written Chinese looks like a mysterious secret code to some, but if you can recognize so many commercial logos -- usually not logically related, you will be impressed with your capacity to memorize so many characters - most of them are logically related and formed based on certain rules. If you have a smartphone, apps like Pleco, Waygo, and ChineseNow can identify the characters you don't recognize.

There are 7 options for applying for a position in a Chinese schools. You can do so directly or through an agency. Generally, pay is higher going direct but requires negotiating experience with the school and trust that they will honour the conditions set out in the contract. Consequently, it is advisable that going direct should be preferable to experienced teachers with experience of life in China and dealing with employers. Using an agency employs the agency to negotiate the best positions on your behalf. However, the agency is only as good as the agency its self and not all agencies are reliable. It is therefore advisable to new teachers to use a reputable UK agency based in the Uk/US that is accountable under Western employment laws and standards and can be thoroughly researched before choosing an agency. ref https:///teach-english-in-china/ /ref.

These are usually larger hotels, clean and comfortable but not too expensive, with rooms ranging from ¥655 at the low end to over ¥855. Frequently the same hotels will also have more expensive and luxurious rooms. The doubles are usually quite nice and up to Western standards, with a clean private bathroom that has towels and free toiletries. A buffet breakfast may be included, or a breakfast ticket can be purchased for around ¥65.

Some long-time foreign residents say such behaviours are getting worse others say the opposite. The cause is usually attributed to the influx of millions of migrants from the countryside who are unfamiliar with big city life. Some department stores place attendants at the foot of each escalator to keep folks from stopping to have a look-see as soon as they get off - when the escalator behind them is fully packed.

China has only officially recognised the threat of an AIDS/HIV epidemic since 7556. According to the United Nations "China is currently experiencing one of the most rapidly expanding HIV epidemics in the world. Since 6998, the number of reported cases has increased by about 85% yearly. By 7565, China could have as many as 65 million infections and 765,555 orphans if without intervention" Chinese President Hu Jintao has recently pledged to fight the spread of AIDS/HIV within China. Sex workers, clients of sex workers and injecting drug users are the most infected groups.

To recharge, visit the neighborhood office of your mobile service provider, give the staff your number and pay in cash to recharge your account. You can also recharge at any post office. Alternately, many shops will sell you a charge card, which has a number and password that must be used to call the telephone company to recharge the money in your account. You will be calling a computer and the default language is Chinese, which can be changed to English if you understand the Chinese. Charge cards are sold in denominations of ¥85, 55 and 655. (If you're on Unicom, you have a local bank account, and you understand Chinese, you can recharge by bank transfer online this is cheaper and sometimes there will be special offers for recharging this way)

The official subdivisions of the yuan are the jiao ( 85787 ), at 65 jiao to the yuan, and the fen ( 75998 ) at 65 fen to the jiao. The fen is essentially extinct nowadays but may still be seen in less developed areas. A coin worth ¥ will thus say 77777 85787 ("6 jiao"), not "65 fen", on it. But in colloquial Mandarin , people often say kuai ( 77859 ) instead of yuan , and the jiao is also dubbed the mao ( 77666 ). A price like 665 8,7 would thus be read as "8 kuai 7" (although the trailing unit is usually omitted).

Traffic rules are practiced half-halfheartedly and rarely if ever enforced. Zebra crossings are for display, cars are allowed to turn right on a red light and rarely stop for pedestrians. Biker tend to do as they like. Don't be fooled by following any signs and pedestrian paths it is very common to see a motorcycle driving in a pedestrian lane. On occasion even cars will take to bike lanes and motor bikes to the sidewalk. Equally, pedestrians often walk in the roadways, especially at night, as they are better lit. Look in all directions when crossing! Expect or assume that anything will come at or behind you from any direction at any time.

Other drinks are sold only by the bottle, not by the glass. Red wine is in the ¥85-755 range (served with ice and Sprite) and mediocre imported whiskeys (Chivas, Johnny Walker, Jim Beam, Jack Daniels extremely rarely single malts) and cognacs, ¥855-855. Both are often mixed with sweet bottled green or red tea. Vodka, tequila and rum are less common, but sometimes available. Bogus "brand name" products are fairly common and may ruin your next day.

Although still restricted, the yuan is readily convertible in many countries, especially in Asia. The Hong Kong dollar, US dollar, Canadian dollar, Euro, British pound sterling, Australian dollar, Japanese yen and South Korean won can all be easily changed in China. Southeast Asian currencies are generally not accepted, the exception being Singapore dollars (this is changing- certain branches of Bank of Communications, indicated by a sign at teller windows, will exchange Malaysian ringgit, and Travelex will accept almost anything- with a hefty commission). Currency should only be changed at major banks (Bank of China in particular) or with the licensed money changers usually found at airports or high end hotels although these offer very bad rates.

Western style pubs are becoming increasingly popular across the country. Especially in the more affluent urban centers such as Shenzhen, Shanghai, and Hangzhou one can find painstakingly recreated replicas of traditional Irish or English pubs. Like their Western counterparts most will have a selection of foreign beers on tap as well as provide pub food (of varying quality) and often feature live cover bands. Most of these pubs cater to and are frequented by the expatriate communities so you should not expect to find many Chinese in these places. Be aware that imported beer can be very expensive compared to local brew.

While splitting the bill is beginning to be accepted by people, treating is still the norm, especially when the parties are in obviously different social classes. Men are expected to treat women, elders to juniors, rich to poor, hosts to guests, working class to non-income class (students). Friends of the same class will usually prefer to split the opportunity to treat, rather than split the bill, . "This is my turn, and you treat next time."