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Since every action you perform will consume time, you''ll have to be strategic and cunning about how you plan each day to optimize your opportunities and get the most out of every minute. Each girl has preferences, interests and turn ons. So, for example, it might be unwise to take a yoga class with a girl who doesn''t like to exercise. You aren''t going to get much benefit and she will be unhappy. There are many factors that influence the results of a particular action so you''ll have to think ahead and play smart!

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Aiko is a substitute teacher who found herself in a longterm teaching gig at the local college because of the absence of one of the school''s prominent math and science professors. It''s a responsibility she reluctantly accepts as living up to the legacy of her predecessor proves difficult. She often has Tiffany and Audrey in her classes. Despite her knowledge of odds and statistics, Aiko has developed a gambling addiction and can be found at the casino almost every night.

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Nikki works at the Cafe as a Barista. She would go to university with her friends Tiffany and Audrey if she didn''t believe it was a waste of her time. As an autodidact, she''s really good at teaching herself anything she needs to know. She spends a lot of time at her computer browsing the internet, reading web comics, updating her blog and getting involved in conspiracy theory groups just for fun. In addition to being a talented artist, Nikki is an avid gamer and sinks a large chunk of her paycheck into arcade machines every week.

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I will work with you to get all the details for your custom artwork ironed out. You can choose to have yourself represented in the painting or a fictional character or your creation. You can choose any one of the HuniePop girls and even choose the setting or activity. This is YOUR masterpiece. We do however have to request that you refrain from being totally gross about it. If you choose to have it included in the Hunie-pack Plus, everyone that receives that reward tier or higher will see your awesome digital painting!

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World of Wandag (Jonathan Wandag) is a freelance film score composer with clients such as EA, Insomniac Games, Survivor:Caramoan, XBOX, Access Hollywood, Justin Lin, Kev Jumba, Telemundo, and more under his belt. Ryan had to dig deep into Jonathan''s vile, dark, stone-made, and wicked heart to find what little light was left over. What they found was a jpop / pop / jazzy little girl. Check out more of his work over at his website.

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Laura Casulleras, better known as Ninamo, is a graphic designer in Barcelona, Spain, currently working as a freelance illustrator. She has worked for several Japanese companies such as Drecom , Pokelabo  and 6st Bit  providing key visual image illustrations for different games. She is in charge of the doujin circle CYCLIC★REDUNDANCY , which produces different goods, attends events and has an small online store. You can see more of her work here.

It''s an independent effort by a western developer (though our team is all around the world) for a western audience with the goal of breathing some new life into a genre that is greatly underrepresented both in the western market and the independent games scene. Personally, I believe dating sims can stand among the most beloved game genres out there today with the right level of passion and care!

Jessie is a semi-famous adult film actress. After having her daughter Tiffany at the age of 66, she got into the adult film business as a desperate measure to support her and her daughter in the absence of Tiffany''s father who disappeared shortly after Jessie became pregnant. As it would turn out, she rather liked the money and attention that being a porn actress brought and decided to stick with it. Because Jessie wasn''t really able to experience the carefree youthfulness of her late teens and twenties she never quite outgrew her wild side and tends to overcompensate for those lost years. She goes downtown almost every night to dance, flirt and drink. Deep down Jessie know''s she has some growing up to do but isn''t ready to let go of her lifestyle.

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This behind the scenes look will be a special digital delivery that acts as an all access pass to the development process behind HuniePop. Loads of early sketches and ideas, the massive design document edited with additional commentary and a tell all series of discussions covering everything from initial concept to final release. I haven''t decided exactly what form these discussions will take. Possibly screen-cast videos or podcasts accompanied by some of my game designer buddies. Let me know what you''d like to see!

Among our remaining tasks are to finish all the art, compose the complete soundtrack, flesh out each of the girls storylines and dialogue, design and code the UI for most of the menus and screens, lock down gameplay specifics, and of course allow ample time for testing. This project has turned out to be a pretty significant undertaking for our small team, but we are all happy to be working on it :)

This is an open ended dating sim that gives you the freedom to play how you want. You can spend your time with your favorite girl, building a strong connection and discovering more about her past, her personality, and her aspirations. Orrrr, you can invite a different girl to the bar every night and see what happens. We don''t judge, we just try to make every play style as fun and rewarding as the next. :)

Tiffany is a college student who is studying to become a nurse. She takes her academic work very seriously and it shows on her marks. In addition to being the head cheerleader for her school, she is involved in several extracurricular and student life activities. Though she rarely has any, she likes to spend free time at the beach or relaxing in her dorm with her friends Audrey and Nikki. Tiffany does not get along with her mother Jessie and makes great strides to stay away from her mother and her lifestyle.

Agata is a freelance illustrator with a passion for producing games and apps. She was part of the team responsible for the largest turkish social game,  Sanalika , and the team that created the very popular IOS app " Design this Home ". She is responsible for creating the many hundreds of slick item icons in HuniePop and helping out with UI and other graphic elements. Check out more of her work on  deviantART  or behance.

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Being a flight attendant, Lola tends not to stay in one place for too long. She''ll always be a tourist at heart and loves to discover new things to do around town. As a bit of a health nut, she visits the farmers market during the morning to buy fresh produce for the day. She''s also quite the cook and enjoy baking sweets for her friends. Lola aspires to be a great Tennis player and can be found practicing at the courts near the Park on her days off.