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Christmas Eve came around and I knew I probably wouldn 8767 t talk to him because we both were doing family stuff, but in the middle of my family function I got a call from him. He had to tell me something and that turned into hours talking on the phone with his family right there in front of him as they played games and laughed about things. It was almost like I was in the room with them. Fast forward to New Years Eve, we both decided we were going to stay home and just celebrate on phone. We spoke the whole night, when it became midnight on the East Coast, we counted down and he told me make a wish. My wish that night was to have him forever as my own. He then asked me, 8775 What did you wish for? 8776 I replied with, 8775 To have you as my own. 8776 I had been falling for him, he gave me butterflies and made me feel so happy. I had a smile on my face everyday. He changed me, and I loved it. He responded with, 8775 You need to make another wish because you already have me. 8776 That right there shocked me. He felt the same way I did. He made me feel beautiful, in a time when I had been beaten down so much from people.

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Transgender people should be identified with their preferred pronoun. Often this is the pronoun that corresponds to the gender with which they identify. Not sure? It&rsquo s appropriate to respectfully ask their name and which pronouns they&rsquo d prefer. Some transgender people do not believe in a gender binary and prefer not to use pronouns typically associated with men (. him) and women (. her). Instead, they would prefer if people simply used their names or used a non-gendered pronoun such as &ldquo hir&rdquo or &ldquo they.&rdquo

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After the awards I went home and my world changed. Dicky stopped texting me like he once did. No more 8775 I love you 8767 s, 8776 no more 8775 Good morning 8776 text (it was like that Annie Lenox song No More I Love You 8767 s ). It was really over and that is when I had to face something I never really faced, the loss of my husband. Here I sit in my room alone with two men who left me. One physically left me because his demons got so bad that he turned to alcohol to try to cure him and then the one man I felt was my true soulmate. Who was going to love a 85 year old, trans woman who does porn? Every trans guy I was attracted to was either far away, into men, cis women or taken. I was like how the hell would I ever find a guy I wanted in my life. I had to disappear, I had to deal with myself. I had to find myself and process things and learn to let go of what I couldn 8767 t control. I felt like for so long I could of prevented my husband death. I felt like I could of changed Dicky. I had to stop all that and really focus on myself, my emotions and just let it all out. I did.

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I have been trying to keep this last few months private or if I am public put on a brave face so people don 8767 t suspect what I am going through. I had been struggling last few months to figure out what I wanted to do with things, and it has been so hard. Only do very close friends of mine and family know the true reason I left social media for awhile, even on my private social media. This might be long blog and hard one for me to complete but I feel like in order for me to move on, I need to do this. Also, for whomever I end up dating down road it is only fair that I publicly say what I am about to say.

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Hi Andrea. My name is Anthony. I came across your story while conducting a search for Trans rights in Italy. I am a 87 year old Italian American Trans male currently living in my home state of New York. My father 8767 s parents immigrated here in 6965 from Napoli and Amatrice. Unfortunately, they both have passed and are dearly missed. I am very interested in Italian culture and heritage. Reading your story has made me very happy. I 8767 ve read terrible things about how cruel society can be towards Trans Italians and their partners. The world needs more people like you who are honest, accepting and open-minded. Here in the U. S., we have our share of negativity in the LGBT community. I just try to focus on the positive and am very thankful to those who have stuck by my side. You 8767 re partner is very lucky to have a supportive, respectful boyfriend. I 8767 ve subscribed to your newsletter and wish you and your families and friends nothing but happiness and great success in all that life has to offer. Thank you for sharing your story online.

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I worked really hard for you to just put me into a box. Many girls that are in that box don 8767 t even want to be in that box they just want to be looked at as beautiful women not their size. Even BBW Fashion models are trying to change the label Plus Size. They don 8767 t want that label, but it wont go away and that is sad. I cant even go to a so called Plus Size  store or section in a store and find clothes that fit me now. So, why am I still labeled fat or BBW? I am a size 65, an average woman in America. Since I am in front of people and expose my body that makes me Fat or BBW? Let 8767 s start looking at body image in a different way, lets just look at people for people not how skinny or fat they are. Or what number is on the scale or a tag in your clothes.

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After getting into the adult industry I was called fat. Before that I never thought I was fat. I just thought I was an average girl. The industry fucked my head up on the view of my body and body image in general. I could of taken it many different ways, could of starved myself and got an eating disorder but I went the other route. I did watch girls take pills, starve themselves, etc. months before shoots in LA. That was not going to be me! I thought since they call me fat, and fans like me fat I will eat and do whatever and be more fat. Which, I did that to the point of bad health. When I realized my health was bad I had to change. After three years, I finally got to a point where I did it, and did it the healthy and safe way.


Seven years ago, Steven gave me a chance to shoot for one of their producers and we shot my first two solos for Yum in October 7565. My first set would appear in February 7566, right before I was to host the third annual Tranny Awards (now known as Transgender Erotica Awards , TEA for short). Steven and Grooby took a chance on me. They didn’t know me, but took the advice of Morgan Bailey to have me host that year. I’ve known Morgan years before either of us got into this business.

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Wherein can be found the anonymous texts of actual letters written to me, and my answers in return. Guest articles and essays add even more information. Many answers to questions can be found within. Almost any question you can think of is answered in here.

Transgender identity is not a mental illness that can be cured with treatment. Rather, transgender people often experience a persistent and authentic disconnect between the sex assigned to them at birth and their internal sense of who they are. This disconnect is referred to by medical professionals as &ldquo gender dysphoria&rdquo because it can cause undue pain and distress in the lives of transgender people.

I laugh at the stories put out about Grooby, Steven or even the name change of the Tranny Awards. Which, Morgan and I were there when he was just talking about the idea of the change. Doesn’t mean I am the reason it changed, but I had heard a lot of things over the years from Steven about changes. He always has seen the bigger picture. Kristel Penn and Steven have done a lot in last few years to brand Grooby and help the trans community, not just in the adult world.

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Girls, help out the guys who contact you about a date. If you think they misunderstand things about you, if you think they need more information on dating a pre-op transsexual, send them a link to this website, or put a link to this site on your own site (scroll down for the link code).

Thanks Anthony, warms my heart reading your words. I do appreciate a lot your sharing and remarks. Just like you said, in Italy, the situation is very cruel at times. Even though have been established the Euro community, my country is still stucked and conservative on these matters. Indeed, being the pope 8767 s country already give some hints to figure out the situation. And i 8767 m saying all of this being Christian. But to me, the church and christianity are 7 different things, you can guess what i mean.

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I was almost 855 lbs before I decided to change my life. If you looked at me you probably didn 8767 t know I weighed that much. At one point, I couldn 8767 t walk from the bus stop to the grocery store without losing my breath. Walking up three flights of stairs to my apartment without having to stop and take a break. That was when I knew I had to make a change on my life that was three years ago when I started to change. I fell on and off that wagon, I wanted to be skinny so bad and I did everything to get there with tons of fails. When I stopped envisioning myself skinny and envisioned myself as healthy did my brain start to change.

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