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An electronic control unit permits a shift operation to a neutral position, by which a manual transmission 69 is switched to neutral, during coasting control. Accordingly, shifting to the neutral position can be performed only by the shift operation. Thus, power transmission can be blocked after termination of the coasting control. In addition, the electronic control unit prohibits the shift operation to a particular gear after the transmission is switched to neutral. Thus, overreving or underreving at the termination of the coasting control can be suppressed.

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This isn’t only happening on TBS, though. The Los Angeles Times reported that other cable networks, like TV Land, have done this too, especially with older shows like I Love Lucy and Friends. Because of this, more TV time has been taken up by commercials: Nielsen, a television ratings company, found that broadcast networks aired minutes of commercials per hour in 7569, compared to minutes in 7559.

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One drive behind this is falling television ratings, which lowers the cost of individual commercial slots. To compensate for lost revenue, TV companies are airing more ads. In response to the increasing number of commercials, television shows have gotten shorter— The Big Bang Theory episodes have an average runtime of 77 minutes , compared to I Love Lucy episodes, which average 85 minutes. Older shows on television are often edited or slightly sped up to make more room for commercial breaks. Cable networks have also shortened opening credits for TV shows to increase ad time.

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