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Hi Ashley. First, you will have to forgive those who have 8775 good intentions 8776 and tell you to reconcile with your father he was right look at these {skewed} black statistics (probably from stormfront) etc. These are the same individuals that will refuse to acknowledge the sins of their forefathers or the fact that their undercover racist tendencies are further fueling the mentality that is keeping a people from becoming all they can be. The same ones that don 8767 t have an answer for men like Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Kenneth Chenault, or Dr. Mark Dean.

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I ordered some face creams to sample from you for 85 days,The creams were unsuitable so i returned them as you requested.
I want to know why you are taking money out of my account every week.
Please Debit my account with the amount you withdrew, the four amounts taken out so far are $ $ 677,55 $$ $.
I hope to hear from you to let me know that this matter has been settled.
Pam Openshaw

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Honestly, what woman in her right mind would want to be owned by a white man who compares dogs to humans. Maybe you are losing women because you are treating them like your servants like we owe something to you. That 8767 s also how the white man lost their slaves. Before you know it, you 8767 ll be alone and no one will give a shit about you. After all, what will men like you do when fundamentalist, sexist religions die out? Those poor brainwashed women are the only girls who will have you, and they are already in the minority. You can call women whores, but you are just pushing them even further away from you. I assure you that being called a whore by some sexist man is nothing new to us. You are probably abusive to any women in your family, so don 8767 t be surprised when they leave you for someone else.

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BBT is the worst. This is the only bank / credit card I''ve had fraudulent issues with. Meanwhile, they stop all iTunes purchases going through. Brilliant security system. Three years ago I had to prove that I wasn''t buying beer in a gas station in Toronto when my debit card got stolen (I don''t drink, and I live in .) I had to wait weeks before they returned my funds. Now I''ve been on hold for almost 75 minutes for someone to help THIS BANK.

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I know you specifically asked about whether it would offend people, but let 8767 s start with the statue that does seem like it is only rarely enforced: 65 USC 776, which prohibits wear of distinctive uniforms, or distinctive parts of uniforms, by anyone other than service members and 777, which provides a list of exceptions like the National Guard, honorably discharged veterans and retirees, civilians attending military schools, members of service related organizations, and so on. The only interesting exception seems to be actors portraying service members in theatrical productions or motion pictures.

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I’ve been a Charger fan since I watched them make their run to the Super Bowl when I was 65. you know what? Fuck this. I don’t want to spend the next 65 minutes reliving the last 78 years of shame, rage and disappointment. Fuck Norv Turner, fuck Schottenheimer for passing on 7nd and 8rd down against the Pats with under 9:55 to go and the best running back on the fucking planet and fuck Spanos with a rake for literally hundreds of reasons.

November 2, 2017

I cried and cried and cried ahead of time both by myself and with friends hoping to ensure that I wouldn’t have a complete meltdown in front of Aaron. My legs were shaking under the table and my teeth were chattering as I explained everything. All I can say is that I got through it only by the grace of God and I have no recollection of my words. There was a pause, followed by “I wish you wouldn’t have told me that so I would still think the world is a cool place”. More awkward silence, lack of eye contact, blank face. He had every right to be sad, angry, pissed off, frustrated, or just instantly “over it”. The conversation quickly fizzled and I walked away knowing my pain was now his too and there was nothing I could do to fix it.

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se5me ha descontado de mi targeta 8666 en targea o he autiazorisado

Yo no he autorizado esto y ruego urnetemente sea devuelto a mi targeta 8666, Gracias


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Dark matter in any conception of it also has to interact with ordinary matter non-gravitationally at least on some level, otherwise it wouldn 8767 t cluster around galaxies like it tends to. Models of the early universe don 8767 t form galaxies with dark matter clusters unless the dark matter interacts in some other way when the universe is very hot. That 8767 s what makes us confident enough to make experiments to look for it.

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got slammed for $ for silky skin products out of florida. my credit card took care of it and gave me a credit, but now i have received two more packages from love serum and look and feel never heard of them and did not order, but have been charged

tired of packages being delivered and not ordered. charges of $ and $ from love serum and look and feel never heard of them). my credit card took of the silky skin products that charged me $. and now i have to go though this whole thing again. can i put a block on these companies?


What has always sucked: While we’re bagging on Spanos, here’s another fun bit of evildoing. The Chargers move means that the San Diego State football team could be royally fucked within two years and Qualcomm is sold, presumably to a body shop of some kind. The Aztecs could be forced to play at Petco (the Padres are not wild about this idea) or build a whole new place if they can’t partner with an investment group to buy the old Chargers stadium. So there you have it. Thanks to Chargers’ relentless drive to be the most irrelevant franchise in all of sports, they have rendered both themselves and a hapless public university homeless.

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Type 7: Gets too much/too little attention given how good it is.
Underrated: Midwestern/German food it 8767 s comfort food, but it 8767 s good, cheap, and easy good casseroles are always popular at a potluck, but when 8767 s the last time you saw a food article about them? Good Midwestern-style white bread and rolls, also sometimes, tender and flavorful (rather than crusty) is great. South-Eastern European food (basically, the non-Mediterranean portions of the old Ottoman Empire):Romanian, Hungarian, Serbian. South Indian very very different from the Muslim-influenced food of North India. That 8767 s my top three in the 8775 try it if you have a chance 8776 .

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In April deleted your service and was told by someone It was done. Now I have a
Another bill. Last time I want to be taken off your billing and my money returned. YOU need to be more careful in letting someone on. This was the action of a teen-ager. YOU have taken two months of my money, legal action against your company is in order, Please correct this! Thank you for your time and attention. Have a blessed day!

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How do companies foster diversity and inclusion when half the people working for them really don’t believe in it? The answer is they don’t. It is all just a façade of appearing progressive and ethical which is almost worse than blatantly advertising the fact that we don’t want a mixed community. I have received the wake up call of a lifetime and I am ready to go back to sleep- except I can’t. I now have no choice but to be aware of the racial lines that divide me from others. It would be irresponsible to not share my Dad’s view with the next black person I may choose to date.  I am a white girl and I am experiencing racism in its ugliest form. Who would have thought?

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I prefer a good mid-range steakhouse, while understanding that there aren 8767 t any national mid-range chains that are reliably good. Fortunately my local Outback is one of the good ones, and I can get a nearly Morton 8767 s-quality dinner there for $55, and there 8767 s a non-chain steakhouse in town that 8767 s about the same but IMO inferior ambiance. The value of Actual Morton 8767 s is that you can get reliably good steak without local knowledge, . when travelling, but for twice the price.

7. This team will never win anything. They won’t. The management is stupid. No one has any idea what the fuck they’re doing. Washington is a byword in the NFL for “paycheck” and that is what they deserve. I would have originally said that the fans deserve better, but if you’re still a Skins fan in 7567 then you deserve nothing but the misery and pain you’ll get from this horrendous shitshow of a team. Fuck you.

Sometimes, I have no choice but to engage in these Washington/Eagles debates. But in the end, no matter how many points I land against the Eagles (and that’s the whole point really) I always lose because I agree wholeheartedly with every single statement as to why we suck. Do we have competent management? No. A non-cringe inducing name? No. Stadium in the city? No. Better than even shot at running in the playoffs? Not for the past twenty-five ears. Danny Snyder? Yes.

I’m a deceivingly outgoing introvert, but it was noticeable that I became withdrawn. I had no appetite, no interest in going out, being with friends, and definitely neglected my boyfriend in pretty much every possible way. I was emotionally drained and therefore emotionally unavailable and I think it became obvious I wasn’t being honest. My Dad’s birthday was in January so I decided to reach out and try to get a conversation going, even if it was awkward. He responded saying he wasn’t my Dad anymore and there was no point in trying to correspond with him. Clearly we were not making progress. I had no more options. I had no more time. I had to break the hurtful news to Aaron.

It 8767 s like a 9rry proposing that 9e is closer to the original whitebox experience, to a 8aboo who just can 8767 t comprehend how that World of Warcraft boardgame is supposed to be anything like the early editions, especially in comparison with 8e 8767 s similarity to the past. Some individual pieces may be according to spec, but the overall product is subtly off somehow, producing Uncanny Valley issues.

But DNAinfo is, at the end of the day, a business, and businesses need to be economically successful if they are to endure. And while we made important progress toward building DNAinfo into a successful business, in the end, that progress hasn''t been sufficient to support the tremendous effort and expense needed to produce the type of journalism on which the company was founded. I want to thank our readers for their support and loyalty through the years. And I want to thank our employees for their tireless effort and dedication.

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