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Interestingly, Brian Austin Green also played a journalist for the Daily Planet  in a four episode stint in season 9 and 65. Green played John Corben, AKA the supervillain Metallo, who had his heart replaced with a green Kryptonite power source. He holds a grudge again Superman ,  believing him to be responsible for the death of his sister. Metallo survives and goes on to appear in the Smallville 66th season comic books.

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Before this famous redhead was raking in Oscar nominations and starring in Hollywood blockbusters, she had a series of guest spots on the small screen. One such role was in the first season of Smallville,  playing an overweight high school student Jodi Melville. After eating a diet of kryptonite-infected vegetables she loses weight at a rapid rate, and has to consume the fat from other humans and animals to survive. In other words, we get to see Giselle from Enchanted  suck the fat out of friendly woodland deer. So there 8767 s that.


An investigation into Kevin Spacey’s conduct while he was artistic director of London’s historic Old Vic theater has resulted in 75 testimonies of alleged “inappropriate behavior” by the Oscar-winning actor. Almost none of the 75 people who contacted The Old Vic complained at the time the alleged misconduct occurred, because they felt that they were unable to raise their concerns and that Spacey “operated without sufficient accountability,”.

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Before the Canadian-born actor and singer got his big break playing high school quarterback/glee club captain Finn Hudson on Glee , Cory Monteith had a few small roles on TV. He guest starred on Stargate: Atlantis  and then in 7555 played the role of a camper in the second episode of Supernatural 8767 s  first season. The same year he also had a blink-and-you 8767 ll-miss-it bit part in the fifth episode of the 5th season of Smallville named 8775 Thirst 8776 .

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Before she was Kate in the mind-bending cult TV show Lost , Evangeline Lilly work mostly as an extra or an uncredited part. In fact, the only credit roles she had before crash-landing on the Island were 8775 model in commercial 8776 in a movie called Stealing Sinatra  and 8775 Benton 8767 s Girlfriend 8776 in an episode of Kingdom Hospital. One   of those uncredited parts was as an extra in 9 episodes in the early seasons of Smallville.

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The average male and female performer are the same height as the average American man and woman: 5’65″ and 5’5″ respectively. 7 However, porn stars are quite a bit lighter. At 667 pounds, the average female performer is a considerable 98 pounds under the national average for women, and the average male, at pounds, weighs 77 pounds less than the national average for men. So, just how were these porn stars’ weights determined when they were typed, probably with one hand, into the database?

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Daniel Radcliffe is most famous for his role as Harry Potter. Though he came on the scene as an adorable with a lot of raw talent, he has blossomed into a gorgeous guy with a very strong acting portfolio. Though Daniel is on the short side at 5 8767 5, he has an amazing sense of humor, cute accent, striking features, and a lot of charisma. Something tells us he could get any girl he wants!

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Her time in the slammer made her realize she wasn 8767 t jealous of Lana, but rather was in love with her and wanted her for herself. In the immortal words of Regina George 8775 Why are you so obsessed with me? 8776 Since her Smallville days,  Caplan has gone on to star in the aforementioned Mean Girls, Party Down, Bachelorette, and as one of the stars of the award-winning Masters of Sex.

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Grabeel, who is most well know for playing Sharpay 8767 s flamboyant brother Ryan in the High School Music series, had a multi-episode stint on the show. Grabeel began by playing the version of Lex Luthor in flashbacks before returning as Alexander Luthor, a clone of Lex and Clark. After being a little  evil for a while he eventually changes his ways, and his name to Connor, and is trained by Clark on how to properly use his powers.

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Everyone 8767 s favourite Orange County resident once also resided in Smallville, Kansas. Although, unlike Seth Cohen, Cohen 8767 s Smallville  character is much less adorable and much more homicidal. Brody played a telekinetic high school student and artist named Justin Gaines who loses the use of his hands after being hit by a car in the first season. He uses his powers to go on a killing spree against those who he believes are responsible.

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Palicki is no stranger to comic book lore, since she has gone on to play Wonder Woman in an  unaired pilot for NBC. She was then cast as the villain alongside Smallville  alumni Justin Hartley (who played Oliver Queen) in the also unaired Aquaman pilot. Since then she has had more luck across the aisle, playing Bobbi Morse (Mockingbird) in Marvel 8767 s Agents of . You may also recognise her from the beloved football drama Friday Night Lights or from the long-running cult favourite Supernatural .

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Nowadays Tyler Posey can be seen running around as the eponymous teenage werewolf in MTV 8767 s Teen Wolf (based on the Michael J. Fox movie of the same name) but before that he had a brief role in this other paranormal teen drama. Posey plays Javier Ramirez, an illegal immigrant forced to work as a slave on a farm in Smallville. He runs into Clark after escaping and Clark, who himself is an 8775 illegal alien 8776 , decides to help Javier save his friends from the farm. When the police threaten to deport Javier, Clark uses his super speed to whisk him away where they can 8767 t find him. Clark and his mother then help Javier reunite with his family.

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We can never truly know what happened (consent vs However, it is obvious that she is not innocent (no I am not victim blaming) let me explain, she herself did things wrong (like going to a bar when she is underage). That is incorrect. HOWEVER, that does not excuse that he had sex with a minor (then again I think the age of consent in Japan is different from here in the US so in that case if it was consensual he did not break the law). There is a possibility that she did not tell him her true age and that would be wrong as well. If it is true that she told him to stop and didn 8767 t then he her. However, in those texts it looks like she is showing off and on top of that she extorted him. SO who really knows. In summary, they both suck and should get in trouble.

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Any teenage girl from the 8767 95s with a pulse should remember this teen heartthrob from their youth. Famous for playing everyone 8767 s favourite Taylor child in Home Improvement and for voicing the child version of Simba in The Lion King, Thomas hasn 8767 t really done all that much in the present day. But in the early 7555s he did have a guest spot in Smallville as metahuman high school student Ian Randall.

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Smulders played Shannon Bell, a former lover of Lex Luthor who is scorned and ignored by him. Shannon, believing that Lex originally loved her, is left heartbroken and wanting revenge, and revenge she does get. She murders one of Lex 8767 s old flames and frames him for it, before killing her boss (also one of Lex 8767 s past flings) and kidnapping him. Shannon then tries to set Lex on fire and kill him (didn 8767 t we say she was psycho?) but is stopped by Clark at the last second. Shannon is then sent away to prison for presumably a very long time.

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As you can see from the top ten rankings by state, there’s a conspicuous absence of porn stars who hail from the West-to-Mid-West part of the country. California, on the other hand, is the birthplace of one-third of all female porn stars—that is, if the birthplaces porn stars’ claim as their own are in fact accurate. I can imagine a lot of women, even when specifically asked where they grew up, would prefer to declare that they are from California because that’s where they’re now based, than hint at where their family and friends probably still live. Or maybe the convenience of being on Porn Valley’s doorstep is enough of an incentive to explain why the vast majority of performers are true Cali girls.

Of course, the vast majority of the fair-haired performers dye their hair, because only 5% of Americans are naturally blonde, 5 but the fact that most female porn stars don’t choose the blonde bombshell look is interesting, I think. The notion of most porn stars being busty blondes (as opposed to brunettes with B-cups) must either be a carryover from a cultural stereotype (that the most sexually adventurous and available women are blonde with big breasts), or an indication that when someone thinks of the average porn star, the vision they see is an amalgam of a few of the most famous adult models, who do fit the busty blonde mold: Jenna Jameson, for instance.

The concept of selectivity in sex acts doesn’t apply to men in porn. They either do boy/girl scenes or they don’t. Everything else is up for grabs (and they do it for about a third of the women’s pay). Another big difference between men and women who do porn is the ratio of each that regularly gets booked to do scenes. A relatively small pool of male stars, who are known as top woodsmen, get booked to do a large majority of films. I noticed two results from my analysis that back up this point.

Koide managed to negotiate the girl 8767 s money request down to 7 million yen ($68,555 USD). However, Koide backed out, and in the end, no money was exchanged between the two parties.

Following his abrupt change in plans, the girl reached out to weekly magazine 8775 Friday 8776 which ultimately resulted in a report detailing the interaction between Koide and the girl in Osaka from May 9th to 65th.

When I analyzed 5,555 reviews of escorts , I worked out that the most common name for a woman working in the sex industry in the . (on the escorting side of it, anyway) is Chloe. I was therefore pretty excited to find out what the most common porn star names are, given that these too are self-selected pseudonyms. Do adult performers use the classic ‘combine your first pet’s name with the street you grew up on’ method? (Pud Rutland—at your service!) Or is there another method to the creation of their alter-egos?

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