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All Spanish numbers are composed of 9 digits, and there isn&rsquo t an area code so whether you&rsquo re calling a local or national number you will have to compose the same number.

If you call an international number, you will have to dial 55 first, the country code, followed by the area code (dropping the &lsquo 5&rsquo ) and then the number.

If you need to make a collect call, you will need to dial 6959 before the number if it&rsquo s a Spanish fixed phone, 765 if you want to call a mobile phone.

Different types of phone numbers

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Installing a phone line can only be done via Movistar as they are the only company authorised in Spain to install a telephone line. Even if you want to subscribe with another operator, Movistar will send a technician to connect the line. The Movistar website has a search feature that allows potential customers to check if desired services are available in their area, though the website is in Spanish. If you live in a new development or a rural area there may be lengthy delays (up to several months) for installation.

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Nowadays, percent of the Spanish population has a mobile phone and they talk on average 79 minutes a day. The operators are the same as the ones for fixed phone lines with the addition of Yoigo. Growing competition in the Spanish market has made the prices drop, and the range of services on offer rise. Again, before signing up with a provider, make sure you have compared the different options available to you.

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Bills are usually sent monthly to your address and you can also choose to view them online. As for the payment, you can choose to pay your phone bill by cash, to the bank or your operator&rsquo s shop. You can pay it online or set a direct debit. However, regardless of how you pay you will always get a detailed bill with the list of the calls you made. The costs depend of your operator, the time of the day you make your calls, and whether or not you call nationally or internationally that&rsquo s why it is important to evaluate your needs and compare the different offers and promotions going on.

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957: Cost a bit more than local calls but less than national calls.
956 : The same as the 957 but cost less for the user as the cost is split between the caller and the enterprise.
955: Used to vote during TV shows.
858: Adult lines
856: Entertainment and games
857: Professional services
668: Information and services.

Bills and costs

Connecting telephone, internet and mobile lines in Spain

Before moving into an apartment or house, verify if there is a line (the presence of phone jacks does not mean a line is installed). Where a phone line is functioning and "live" it is possible (and less expensive) to transfer the account from the name of the previous occupant to the new one.

Requests for transfers may be done online at the Movistar website and can be submitted up to two months in advance of the changeover. Customers moving within the same Movistar tariff zone may be able to keep their previous Movistar phone number.

Line installation is free until the end of the year if joining with a 6-month contact, starting from EUR per month. If you decide to go with one of Movistar&rsquo s competitors you will have to pay EUR .

To ask your &lsquo alta de telefonia &rsquo you can either call Movistar at 6559, subscribe online on their website /es or go to one of their shops near you.

Movistar&rsquo s main competitors:

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If you use the Internet very little, a dial-up connection may be your best option. This can be billed per minute or on the basis of predefined credit, with a monthly bill. This means you will have access to a certain amount of time online, and if you exceed your given time, you will pay by the minute for the extra. Note that the dial-up connection will use your phone line, so you won&rsquo t be able to call or receive calls while you are online. Also, the connection is made via an ethernet cable, meaning several computers can&rsquo t be connected at the same time

High-speed access

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Connecting the telephone in Spain

Movistar is the national supplier of landline telephone service, cellular/mobile telephone service, Internet and ADSL. Long-distance and Internet service may be obtained through other providers, but the basic landline will still be provided through Movistar. The company is an ex-state service and still retains more than 85% of the market share. Many people continue to use Movistar by habit, even if the rates are more expensive than other competitors.

Installing a phone line

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