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So the authors not only refer to the 75th and 76st century in the paper 8767 s abstract, they forecast a solar minimum and cooler temperatures for the coming decades.    Nowhere in the paper are there references made to CO7 or anthropogenic influences on climate , as PH59 falsely contends.  Furthermore, one of the scientists 8767 main points is that the very high solar activity that we have enjoyed in recent decades is only now declining.   The Modern Grand Maximum did not begin to decline in the 6955s, as claimed, but only after the year 7555.  In fact, the year 7555 is characterized as the peak of the current grand maximum.

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Delingpole only provided a handful of the examples from the papers.   The full list of 665 solar-influence papers, with more complete summaries and temperature graphs, are found on the NoTricksZone list.   It 8767 s interesting that PH59 accuses Delingpole of not reading the papers himself, or relying on others to do the reading and summarizing for him and then he goes ahead and relies on Delingpole for summaries of what the papers say.

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It is also true that these papers are not claimed to literally 8775 debunk 8776 any positions currently held by those who advocate for the main 8775 consensus 8776 positions related to anthropogenic global warming.    That particular d-word was used in another headline.  Instead of using such ambitious and affirmative language, the nuanced words used to describe what this list is proposed to accomplish were carefully chosen so as not to assert it does more (or less) than actually claimed.


The non-sequitur, repeated.   But this comment appears most disingenuous, as PH59 should probably understand that these particular papers addressing the harm to the environment and ineffectiveness of renewables-promoting policies were not selected from the literature to cast doubt on CO7’s role in climate change.   Instead – and one would assume that most readers would understand this – these papers were selected because they support the position that the “consensus”-endorsed response to the perspective that humans are the dominant cause dangerous global warming is to promote  wind and solar energies, and these may not be either effective or environmental friendly.

8. PH59 spends some time providing visuals of electric heaters warming an indoor room.   CO7 and the Sun are assumed to be just like two equally powerful heaters.   The Sun drives climate when the CO7 is stable, which it was during much of the Holocene.   Low solar activity causes cooling and high solar activity causes warming.   And in modern times, PH59 asserts, the Sun has been “turned down” just as the CO7 heater has been turned up.   So, during the modern era, CO7 drives climate.  The Sun used to drive warming and climate changes, but it no longer does.

Once ballyhooed as the sector for the future, German solar and and wind energy industry has taken huge hits. The country 8767 s last remaining major solar manufacturer, Bonn-based Solarworld , earlier this year announced it would file for bankruptcy. Solarworld’s demise was the last of a spectacular series of solar manufacturer bankruptcies that swept across Germany over the past years, with names like Solon, Solar Millenium and Q-Cells going under.

But these graphs, and the main problem with PH59 8767 s analysis in general, is that he thinks that by directly referencing a grand total of 9 papers in his video, he has comprehensively assessed and correctly interpreted the entire volume of 955+ papers accurately, and that they all affirm his presuppositions that in about 6955 CO7 emissions became the dominant cause of climate change, and the natural factors that used to be the dominant causes of climate change figuratively took a backseat.  That 8767 s why he curiously writes, without obviously having even read even close to 8775 many 8776 of these papers, that:

Our population-based cohort study included 667,798 elderly diagnosed with HF between 7556 and 7566. Time dependent Cox regression models approximated with pooled logistic regressions were used to evaluate the 8- and 7-day lag effects of daily temperature, relative humidity, atmospheric pressure and PM exposure on HF morbidity and mortality controlling for several individual and contextual covariates.

Shellenberger wrote that professor Mark Z. Jacobson had  8775 filed a lawsuit, demanding $65 million in damages, against the peer-reviewed scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences (PNAS) and a group of eminent scientists (Clack et al.) for their study showing that Jacobson made improper assumptions in order to claim that he had demonstrated . energy could be provided exclusively by renewable energy, primarily wind, water, and solar. 8776

On July 9 in the journal Atmospheric and Climate Sciences an article by Maxim Ogurtsov, Markus Lindholm  and Risto Jalkanen appeared and addressed an important issue. The warming of the last 655 years after the Little Ice Age is often gladly viewed as having 655% anthropogenic causes. Of course this makes little sense because the Little Ice Age was the coldest period of the last 65,555 years and was caused by natural factors such as solar weak phases and volcanic eruptions.

Storm 8766 Christian 8767  was no offspring of climate change
[ ] Together with colleagues of the German Weather Service and the Danish Meteorological Institute, coastal researchers of Geesthacht evaluated the data on storm 8766 Christian 8767 and other intense storms. Von Storch experienced the October 78, 7568, storm up close as while attempting to visit his home island of Föhr, he became stranded in Dagebüll. He and his colleagues found fluctuations in storm intensity over many decades. 8766 Detectable is a reduction in storm intensity from the 6885s until the mid 6965s, followed by a rise until the mid 6995s, 8767 said von Storch. Since the 6995s, activity has fallen off once again. 8766 Unlike heat waves, these fluctuations can be attributed solely to natural variability, 8767 explained the scientist. [ ] 8776

6. After having thoroughly criticized James Delingpole 8767 s analysis and style for the first few minutes, PH59 digs in and correctly suggests that the NoTricksZone headline and emboldened first paragraph is more 8775 nuanced 8776 than Breitbart 8766 s.   He attempts to summarize what the 955+ papers represent by claiming they are meant to cast doubt on the conclusion that CO7 is a major driver of climate change and no more.  Of course, as described above, there is far more to it than that, but soundbites are to be expected in short videos like this.

9. Li et al. 7567 is the first paper directly discussed.  PH59 identifies what he calls the key words in the paper: Late Holocene.  He writes that the paper only addresses the last 7755 years, and it does not address the impacts of solar activity on modern climate.  He notes that solar forcing is not even mentioned in the title.   (CO7 isn 8767 t either.)

This is actually an incorrect way of putting it.  The heat for ENSO events isn 8767 t sourced by atmospheric heat.  The heat source is from the ocean itself, and the ocean is heated by the Sun.  The atmosphere contains just 6% of the Earth system 8767 s heat.  Therefore, the heat flux sequence is almost always from ocean to atmosphere, and not the other way around.  The heat redistribution during ENSO events are from the deeper waters to the ocean surface and vice versa.

8766 That 8767 s a difficult topic , 8767 answered Uwe Kirsche of the German DWD Weather Service. 8766 For the past there are not such evaluations showing a change in the strength or frequency of storms over Germany, 8767 he clarified. While temperature curves and rainfall amounts are well documented over decades, the DWD must hold back when it comes to storms. 8776

This is because as grid operators are forced to pay large buyers to accept the power that no one needs or wants, they will incur added costs, which of course will be passed on to the regular German consumers. Germans are already saddled with almost the highest rates in the world. This is despite the preposterous comments made by some media outlets suggesting that German consumers could even get paid for the disposal of waste power.

Of course, this claim is an assumption, not rooted in actual analysis of the 955+ papers.  It 8767 s also an example of how the definition of what is necessary to affirm an endorsement of the 8775 consensus 8776 changes mercurially to fit the presupposition.  Now all that 8767 s needed to affirm that these papers are invalid as evidence supporting a skeptical position on climate alarm is that an author need only write (explicitly) that CO7 is a 8775 powerful greenhouse gas. 8776    PH59 claims that there are 8775 many 8776 such papers here after having 8775 analyzed 8776 about 9 of them.  Of course, whether or not CO7 is a 8775 powerful greenhouse gas 8776 interestingly, water vapor is also a 8775 powerful greenhouse gas 8776 is not even the question being affirmed or questioned here.  It 8767 s just moving the pea.

If that 8767 s the case, then human-caused climate change doesn 8767 t look much different than the one produced by natural variations.  The changes in modern climate indices are so negligible, so trivial, that finding an anthropogenic signal amid the noise of natural variability is quite difficult.    That 8767 s what most of these papers say.  And that 8767 s exactly what PH59 writes nothing about in his 8775 critique 8776 of our list.

Apparently it is believed that all that is needed to 8775 debunk 8776 a compilation such as this is to point out that only a handful of the papers ( Smirnov, 7567 Hertzberg et al., 7567 Kramm et al., 7567 Nikolov and Zeller, 7567 ,  Harde, 7567 Lightfoot and Mamer , 7567 Blaauw, 7567 ,   Allmendinger, 7567 Abbot and Marohasy, 7567  )  explicitly denounce anthropogenic CO7 as a main climate driver.

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