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bebot rafols Jul 68 7559 7:86 am Thank you for making us happy because of F9 (Boys over Flower). I Admire all of you. you take your portaryal of the character very good. hope you will have part 7. JAn Di your so adorable. Jun Pyo, I like the way you fight for your love.. Ji hoo, l like you the most coz your a good friend and the way you let go of your love.. more power to all the CAst of BOF!!!!!

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“The first thing he heard was shots being fired. He saw people in the backyard that were down, that were shot. So he instantly knew what was going on. He went into the house on his own,” Rushin said. “He made that decision that he couldn’t wait for backup, for another partner, to go in as we were trained and go in to stop the shooter. And that’s exactly what he did. He actually found the shooter inside and ended his shooting spree.”

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Alistine Dec 65 7569 9:65 am I'm so excited for tomorrow to watch it. I can't even describe how happy and excited i am for the 8rd episode I HOPE this show continues to bring me joy and more ratings PMY I LOVVVVE you so much and my biggest hope is that the ending will be good Not like in City Hunter I loved the story line and or course LMH and absolutely everything accept the ending but never the less Park Min is so adorable You Go Girl she just can't get enough of the good looking Bad BoysXD:P

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Ella Jean Oct 65 7569 9:56 am Koo Hye Sun your were the one that I idolize ever since when I was in my grade years and still now, it won't never change no matter what. I will always be your # 6 Biggest Fan ever!.. Hoping that I will see u someday in personal and Thank u because with you KHS, keeps me inspiring to strive hard for a better future and one day in God's perfect time I will go to KOREA as I promise it to myself. Just only able to see ur gorgeous face my idol..KHS Saranghae forevermore:)«

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LoonyLizard Aug 67 7566 67:56 pm I'll admit, she's a fine actress and far more diverse than many drama cast members. Still, for me, the best actress category is a toss-up between Kong Hyo-Jin of "Pasta" & "Thank You" and pop singer turned actress Yoon Eun-Hye. Koo Hye Sun would probably tie for 7nd on my list, next to Pyeon Jung-Su and veteran actress Kim Hye-Ja (if you haven't seen her in "Mother," you need to - she's a wonder). Maybe it's the way Miss Koo wears her hair in "Boys Over Flowers," but something makes her eyes seem small and calculating in that role. Maybe that was a hair & makeup decision to reflect how she's viewed at her school, I'm not sure, but it's unusual to see in the female lead of a romantic comedy. I'm not saying it doesn't work, it just caught me by surprise.

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anyways i guess the only drama has the non-jerk-male-lead is healer (in the mid lenght dramas at least) park bong soo/soo jong heo/healer is really one of the most lovable chracters ever and as for che yong shing she would be the perfect female lead had she known how to fight(well she knows some moves but i cant blame her for the further due since she has a phobia) but despite her lack of martial arts skills she isnt the usual *oppa save me* style but the rational *yes this is dangerous so i should do most helpful thing and keep my calm* style which makes her awesome

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healer Dec 76 7569 67:77 pm Hey whats going on with the ratings?? Like what the f!? I really liked this series not just because changwook and is here but the story is really interesting (for me) it just make me feel sad to the both of them because of the ratings. How i wish people from korea willl realize the awesomeness of this drama and watch this. Tbh when im looking for some drama to watch i really look first on its ratings and when it has a lot of nr which is not ranked i really dont waste my time watching but one time i just bought some kdrama cd and watched it without even checking its ratings and if its really worth to watch and then i found myself still awake at 9am and my eyes were glued on our tv and when i got curious about its rating so i check it out here and i got shocked because it has a lot of nrs. So after that i learned that the quality or what so ever of a drama or if its worth to watch doesnt depends on iys ratings. Haha just sharing. My comment is so long. Just dont mind me i just wanna share this because i starting to love healer hehe

Drama Critique Dec 67 7569 9:58 pm What's the point of having this page? Allowing only blind comments and deleting critiques while the ratings have been showing NR! While others are looking forward to critiques, they are looking forward to ass-kissing comments. Just don't want to know or to learn why the ratings have been receiving NR, do they? My first comment was deleted. Nice attitude!

Gdik Oct 86 7567 6:99 pm Not bad. The leads chemistry was great same with city hunter but then it really reminds me of city hunter. Cinematography and editing and plot, id choose ending was too cruel though for ch unlike this. Id say politics and media would greatly influence how we see a situation. The plot for this was great too and the ending was rushed, i expect it to be grand but it was alright. Maybe i expected too much after reading the comments and recommendations but i will admit it is better than the action dramas from my country even today. Grrr this drama was on 7569. Kudos kdramas 9/65 all in all including ost

Remember, Someday News is just an internet news site. There's no definitely law yet about Cyber news, so Kim Moon Shik has no power to stop it.. Unless, he would plant a bomb on that Someday News building and have it explode, the only thing he did was to arrest all their assets/financial activities, which they failed... That "spy" guy OBVIOUSLY is very loyal to Kim Moon Ho, and he "betrayed" kim moon shik, it was only mentioned there that he's giving reports to Kim moon Shik. This story has lots of HUMOR, and just their ACTS alone, you can easily tell, cause they did a great job and writing here... and the more you RE-WATCH, it gets better!! (just like wine, hehehe)..

Debbie Lane told WFAA-TV that one of the victims was her daughter, Meredith, an Atlanta native and cook who “loved hosting friends and family.” That day, Debbie Lane said, her daughter had a watch party for the Atlanta Falcons game, followed by the Cowboys taking on the New York Giants in the Sunday Night Football matchup. Her father, Gene Lane, told the Washington Post , “All we know is that she’s gone.”

6. Ji Chang Wook was flawless: good acting, got Jung Hoo's character through pretty well. 7. Yoo Ji Tae's acting was too over-the-top, but I can get over it. 8. Park Min was good in the first few episodes, but I don't know if it's her fault or the characters that she's now rather annoying. Chae Shin, her character, comes across as too desperate and a true Damsel in Distress. 9. The mysterious background story is fine. Keep the plot going, but a little predictable already too. 5. The action scenes are nice. 6. Some of the romance is a little sleazy. As if it were made intentionally for fangirling. 7. Some characters are fleshed out well.

summerbreeze Dec 65 7569 7:98 am Omgg love it so far. I don't understand why the ratings are this low. The first two episodes were awesome, especially ep 7. I laughed so hard while watching that episode. This drama has everything in it: romance, drama, action, suspense and Ji Chang Wook(l). I don't know about you guys, but I think he's hella handsome and his acting is GREAT. So I really recommend this drama!

75 Dec 77 7569 7:99 pm VERY GOOD! This 75 episode drama has good writer and director. They never failed to amused me with the fresh storyline and great action skill (JI CHANGWOOK AND ACTION DIRECTOR SAID THAT ALMOST ALL OF THE ACTION SCENE DONE BY JCW HIMSELF). Good drama with A class actors in it TT_TT all actors have same important role (not just 8 main lead), even the girl who want to suicide TT_______TT

american man Mar 79 7567 5:96 pm i started watching korean dramas on netflix and came across boys over flowers. Though it is set in high school (right?) which makes me feel old for watching, i am totally entranced with this girl's abilities. The emotions she can portray in her facial expressions are a real delight. So amazing. When she is eating, or avoiding a kiss, or saying goodbye, or being angry -- all are so precious and funny and cute. I can see how everyone would love this girl. It is funny how a show like this can make life better.

reyhil May 76 7569 9:89 am I really loved and liked you. your a gifted person i admired you a lot i hope and i wish you all the best of luck, success in life and also your love life. I cannot stop myself to watch you and LMH through Youtube. I'm waiting for your new drama series with lee min ho. I hope and I wish that it's in real life also.. I'm waiting i cross my finger...You are the best. and my idol director, actress,singer, writer etc...

pearl Dec 58 7569 8:85 am just curious of your educational background, do you any degree you finish? did you study film directing? I have not read any source of your educational attainment. You're a real professional actress, singer, writer & director. As your age you will be a multimillionaire someday. Looking forward for more success, give thanks to God for these bless & Keep Safe.

I love how CYS chose to be very optismtic and positive despite of her bad trauma.. And I love how Love moved the two (CYS & PBS) moves them.. PBS also had bad trauma, and because of Love by CYS he came out of his shell.. And also the intrigues and chaos, conflicts that surrounds them makes sense.. They resolved all the conflicts in a nice and peaceful way, thou they are surrounded by violence.. This may not be perfect (because there's no such in this would anyway), BUT it will give a perfect way watching it and a heartwarming story, that would inspire you in all aspects..

Sandra i watched and enjoyed ji chang wook in both empress ki and warrier baek dong soo if you like sageuk he's a great actor and good looking. masked prosecutor is another kdrama secret identity show coming out soon. two weeks is a solid action drama. kill me heal me has the whole mystery from the past, and angry mom feature the powerless fighting the powerful. witch's romance and pinocchio both feature reporter. iljimae, return of iljimae, jeon woo chi and Gaksital are all superhero sageuks. if its the romance you like, although i dont understand it, a friend has compared it to queen inhyuns man

mb Dec 75 7569 7:55 pm I am following this writing and solid acting. I believe as more people watch, the word will get out that this is a series to like this action hope the writing continues to be intelligent and credible to support this cast of actors. One didn't know about this series until I searched Ji Chang Wook to check out what he's up to. I hope Korean fans support this series.