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Posted: 2017-11-24 07:40

Yes, you are right. It is a small dating pool if your interests are different from the vast majority. But remember that even someone intense may not necessarily want to be that way on the very *first* date. So you risk losing out on some AIs who might open up more gradually. And just because you go out or something that the vast majority does for a little bit doesn 8767 t mean you aren 8767 t being true to yourself.

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Well have knowing this guy for a long time. This past two months we have gone out to eat, last month we had our first date. Everything went well he presented me to his friends, we just hug but nothing else. I have been honest to him about my parents being strict with me, me being 76 and virgin. he have told he likes that about me, etc..last friday we had plans going out for dinner, then I text him on that day to see if our plans still going. he replys he forgot to tell me if we had a chance going on saturday. So, I said i will txt him if i can. he said why can 8767 t i saturday. I txt back saying I couldnt because my dad is using my car cuz he doesnt have if he liked i could go during the day or tell my cousin to drop me. he said okay. But ever txt me back seens then, is only have 8 days. Did i said something wrong or his not interested in me anyone or wat? help

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Now, that doesn 8767 t take a lot of effort, and you will notice almost immediately how much it will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders at the end of the day. What it is, is that it really does become like a heavy burden after a while, when day after day, you go through life disliking everyone, and not trusting them, and hating on them because they are too phony or whatever. You spend all your energy just NOT wanting to deal with people, but guess what? THEY 8767 RE EVERYWHERE, so in order to meet one that you really 8775 LIKE 8776 like, you 8767 re gonna have to wade through a bunch that don 8767 t necessarily 8775 do it 8776 for you.

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My boyfriend hasnt been responding to any of my texts for a whole week. I really, really like him but Im now getting a feeling he doesnt want to be around/talk to me anymore. The last time we saw eachother, we had our first kiss. He tells me hes grounded so he cant go anywhere, but he goes to the skatepark everyday. I went to a party today & he was invited, but he said he was 8766 grounded 8767 . I asked my friend if she could text him & see if he would reply to her, & he did His ex girlfriend is probably talking behind my back to him.. Im extremely upset I dont know what to do about this. He still wont reply after I text him 8775 Are you mad at me.. ? 8776 He just.. Wont talk to me. I wont see him for about 7 months since its summer break. I dont want to last this whole summer without talking to him 🙁

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Okay so im going with a lad who is in the army and is based in Germany! We used to text quite a lot but he 8767 s all of a sudden stopped making the effort. I rang him today and he answered but put the phone down so i text him asking why and he said he couldnt hear me but he was being really short. He has been like this for a couple of days know and its really getting me down.
I dont know what to do could really use some advice

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Before I always chat by whatsapp but not now, already 8 days I always first chat him nd greet him.. I am confused but I still think positive not negative, but I know he busy..
I need advice, I 8767 m 75 years old and I fell in love with a man 85 years old.. I know it online and I still contact with him until today, but a great distance made difficult to meet him (I was in Indonesia and he was in german).. I never thought he was not interested in me, and instead he ever thought I was not interested in him, he is still single and he said he would come to see me in september.. and he never said 8775 it was funny when you laughed when you were next to me.. Never had this Situation before, because of the distance..
It was really hard for me to see you cry
Because I could not change anything
But it Showed to me you are a good Girl with the right Ambitions 8775

I can 655% relate to what you just said. I 8767 ve experienced the same exact thing as you and it is so frustrating. It drives me nuts when I find myself liking someone and the feeling tends to be mutual, yet in order to keep them hooked and interested in me, I need to play hard to get?!? What for? I feel like if you like me then you like me and will do whatever it takes to be with me. I heard from various dating advices, how guus love to chase and pursue and if a girl makes it too easy for them, then he will lose all interest in her. I feel if that 8767 s the case then so be it. Playing hard to get is not who I am. I 8767 m always very open with how I feel, etc. If a guy can 8767 t handle that without the need for mind games, then he probably wasn 8767 t worth my time anyway.

A single mom is even worse than a divorced mom. For one, she’s really really bad at making life decisions. Think about it: she got knocked up out of wedlock. In today’s day and age, what rock are you living under that you don’t know how to avoid getting pregnant? You’re not a hero. You’re an idiot. And you’re thinking only of yourself and not your children who are going to do worse in every conceivable measure than children from intact homes.

Maya is soo right, I have been in this same situation and if i had listened when my mom gave me the same advice Maya has given, i may have been able to change a lot of things. Well one thing I can testify to is that, you may ignore this advice now but this situation your in can become a long and painful pattern (I should know). It has been three years since my mom gave me that advice but as I write this at this moment i can sincerely say am back in that position and this time I am going with what Maya has written.

In a way, aren 8767 t all of us who are posting here kind of a support group? Why don 8767 t we all just set up webcams and schedule a weekly online, group tele-support meeting? Christie can be the Leader (what do they call them not Supreme Ruler Emperor Instructor? Coach? Parent?) You know, the person that tells everyone when to sit down and shut up, and when it 8767 s milk and cookie time?

Hi, I really need some advice. There was this boy that i have known for a long time and after so long he finally decides to make a move. He kissed me at a party but the problem at the time was that he has a girlfriend. Even though he had a girlfriend i was still talking to him( i am not a home wrecker). We had stopped talking becuase i did not want to be his 8775 toy 8776 . He and his girlfriend are broken up now but they talk on and off. And now he is currently talking to her again. I really like this dude and i want to call him and talk to him but i am afriad that he might just 8775 toy with me 8776 again. I am the kind of person that people call complicated. I do not liek to show my emotions or feelings. Shoudl i call him? And if i shoudl then how should i approach him??

whats weird is u would think the simple answer is to match 7 introverts up and whalla, u have a perfect match but that hasnt been my experience at all..being a man, i find introverted women very hard to talk to in the beginning, its like they have a much larger barrier set up from the start as opposed to an, with 7 introverts you would have to meet in the middle when it comes to recharging and finding the right time to be with each other etc etc..

I 8767 m not saying that this man doesn 8767 t want to be with you but you will only push him away but running towards him and expecting him to give you reassurance that he still wants to be with you. It makes you seem desperate to him and thats not attractive to men. Even though you are probably an attractive girl and you have dumped every other guy. Don 8767 say you can 8767 t live without him, time heals everything. I 8767 ve been there too and I 8767 m stronger now for it so just keep your head up and whether he comes back or not, there 8767 s plenty of great guys out there who 8767 ll appreciate you. Sometimes, you have to set someone free and if they come back that 8767 s great but if not then it wasn 8767 t meant to be.

Hey everyone ive been reading a lot of these posts and im in a similar predicament. Ive been hanging out with this guy now for a month and a half. Before we hung out, he would text me on his own like 5 times a day. Once we started hanging out it was less. We hang out about twice a week an he will spend the night one of those nights I hear from him about every other day but soetimes he ges MIA for like 7 days or so. The first time he did it, i would text him twice a day very spaced apart each day. FInally i heard from him and he said 8775 what i cant disappear for a day? 8776 it kinda threw me off but i shrugged it off. Now hes doing it again. Someone told me to not hang out with him everytime he wants to see me, to play hard to get. I d not want to come across needy to this guy. I think i already texted him more than i should today(twice) without a response. i feel like im doing everything completely wrong. I wanted to confront him about being MIA but bc it hasnt been that long, i dont want to scare him away. what should i do? back off for a bit? why would he not answer me in the first place?

Not surprisingly, dating can be more challenging for the introvert. Because they aren 8767 t naturally as talkative at first, they may find it harder to meet people. And because they 8767 re less chatty and expressive, they 8767 re harder to approach. Imagine you 8767 re a guy checking out some good-looking women at a party who 8767 s going to be the easiest to approach: the talkative, smiling extrovert or the quiet, serious-faced introvert?

The thing is that when I try smiling or try looking good I don 8767 t get results. I 8767 m Indian so there aren 8767 t that many Indian guys to begin with. Many Indian Americans guys don 8767 t really want to date Indian girls. Most other guys-black, asian, white aren 8767 t all that interested either. Most people like blondes or exotic women who are stunning in some way. Some fetishize or are curious because of the exotic factor. Nothing else. So nothing works for me.

His behavios are very clear that he doesn 8767 t want anything serious and pretty sure he has other candidates to fill up his free time during the night, sometimes casual sex is not something you need him to ask for it, if you are ok with him not committed with you but still having sex, he clearly see this as you are ok with the casual sex. The reason he dosent bother replying you message which mean he has nothing to invest in you anymore to get what he wants since he already had it..

so I decided to leave it and didn 8767 t message for two days.. then he was on facebook chat and I didn 8767 t talk to him and he started initiating a convo asking me how iam and how he misses me and how his sorry he was busy with work and shit..I replied and he never responded then I left it for one whole day then messaged a day after and he responded and spoke for the next 8 or 9 messages and then *boom* no reply so I messaged and said hey hope work was good can I ask you something? 

Couple months later, we 8767 re picking back up, but it seems I always have to text him. He never really initiates. But once we start texting, we 8767 ll text for the whole day. We probably text about once a week. Its like a really flirty type (but my friend said we 8767 re on the border of friend flirting? i have no idea) And weirdest thing is that he always makes me write on his FB wall. Why is that?! I pretty much spammed his wall!

I feel the same way! I 8767 m too old for these freakin 8767 games. Guys say women play games BOY it 8767 s not US, it 8767 s THEM!! I get so sick of it! Why can 8767 t I just plain old like someone if I like them & show it w/out fear of him pulling away! It 8767 s ridiculous! I 8767 m very caring, affectionate & thoughtful when I really like someone & it always seems to backfire on me!

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