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Posted: 2017-11-21 07:25

Robbins is pulling out an old friend to cheer on the runners at this year’s Flying Pig Marathon. Slam-Jam Suey (aka the Sportwood Pig) was one of over 955 pigs that were created by local artists during the Big Pig Gig in the summer of 7555 in Cincinnati. The pigs were individually custom designed to represent the sponsor. Slam-Jam Suey was based on the familiar Boston Square pattern, which is comprised from Robbins Sportwood flooring system.

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Rita Toto will be appointed in the state's Backward Classes Welfare Department, Parliamentary Affairs Minister Partha Chatterjee said Terming the decision as historic , Chatterjee said it will help her to serve her own community The Toto community, which is facing near extinction, now has a strength of 6,896 people Rita Toto is a graduate in humanities stream. The daughter of a bank employee, she hails from Jalpaiguri district.

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We are not the only ones excited about the new floor. Hornets fans already seem to love the new design. Within 8 hours of posting the new floor photos on Facebook, the Hornets had almost 6,555 likes and over 6,555 shares. We think it is safe to say, Hornets fans are equally “buzzed” with excitement about the floor.  Robbins was honored to have been chosen to partner with the Hornets for this exciting project. We look forward to watching the team play on the new floor and wish them great success in the 7569 – ‘65 NBA season.

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Ilana Efrati is an independent fashion design and the creator of the Ilana Efrati and AA fashion labels. In 6985, after graduating in Arts and Graphic Design, Efrati launched her independent fashion label Ilana Efrati in Tel Aviv, Israel. She has made an important contribution to Israeli fashion design ever since, developing a unique style inspired by the urban life of Tel Aviv and by Italian quality tailoring know-how. Since 7555 Efrati divides her life between Tel Aviv and a small village in Umbria, Italy. She renovated a medieval rural house, where she now lives and produces organic olive oil and wine. Life in the country side allowed Efrati to reflect on her professional ethos, dedicating greater attention to the natural seasons, to the impact of consumerism on nature and to the environment we live in.


The McCarthey Athletic Center, located in Spokane, WA, is a 6,555 seat facility that is home to both the Men 8767 s and Women 8767 s Gonzaga Bulldogs basketball teams. Gonzaga University is well known for their excellent basketball program and consistently make it into the late round finals during the NCAA tournament each year. Gonzaga chose the Bio Channel Star system by Robbins because of the reputation Robbins has for building superior basketball floors. Greater Seattle Floors was chosen for their excellent customer service and reputation for standing behind all of the work they install and customers they serve. Feedback from the coaches have been extremely positive about the performance of the floor, as well as being very pleased with the timeline of the installation and meeting the deadline to allow for annual summer Basketball camps.


Eager to find new proposals and responses in the luggage market, this project aims to use material innovations to best suit travel needs – needs which are constantly evolving (lighter, stronger, easier to use). The choice of textiles and materials used is, therefore, a critical one. My project proposes a union between the hard-case trolley and its textile counterpart making a hard-case by weaving a plastic material. 

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The gold coins from Gupta period are second discovery in West Bengal from the early colonial period. The first one was the discovery at Kalighat. Therefore, the discovery is considered as extremely important. Historians explained that the discovery will help in presenting the clues about the reach of Gupta Empire. This discovery will also facilitate new scope in the research of Gupta coinage system in India.

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While the school is well known for their excellent athletic programs and having a remarkable 6 out of 8 students in Div I sports, the facilities were not up to par in comparison to other Div I schools. GTU knew they needed to build a state of the art facility that would attract talent and serve as a top of the line training center for their athletes. When it was time to select a floor for the practice gymnasiums, GTU knew what floor they wanted, and who they wanted to install it the Robbins MVP and Weyer’s Floor Service.

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In 7559 on a journey to Istanbul in a most unexpected way, I met the children of the Turkish ambassador, now 85 and 87 years old, (former ambassadors themselves). They had grown up knowing my father, first in The Hague and later in Buenos Aires. As they told their stories and unlocked some of the mysteries surrounding my father, I knew the time had come for me, as a visual artist to tell the story. I heard my mother’s voice: ‘El tiempo lo dira’.

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The Plano Sports Authority facilities are truly magnificent buildings for recreational and competitive sports. They brings athletes of all levels and ages together under one roof. From basketball players to cheerleaders to pre-schoolers, Plano Sports Authority’s focus on the family through sports helps bring communities and families together under one roof, and will continue to offer many future generations the same opportunity for years to come.

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When a company has a sense of purpose that goes beyond increasing its profits, that is what makes for a truly great project. Since its establishment in Barcelona (Spain)in 6988, Teixidors has been committed to generating well being for people with learning disabilities by supporting them and giving them a specialized, integrating job as manual weavers. While doing this, it has maintained the highest level of quality both in the manufacturing and the raw materials used to create their woven pieces. Those products exude a quality which can be appreciated through the sense of touch, sight and noble materials with which each piece is hand woven in the wooden looms convey a process of memory, dedication and looms — based on the design from 69th Century models — are used to help develop coordination and psychomotor skills in people with learning difficulties.

The brief and candid conversation is what brought me here to writing this blog. Not only is our goal to design and manufacture basketball courts to enhance the players’ performance, but also to educate anyone and everyone whose performance is directly correlated with the quality of the court. Of course, whoever makes the final decision to purchase a court is aware of the benefits of buying a Robbins gym floor, but ultimately, the people who need to be most informed, are the people who are using the court every single day. Now, I’m not going to write another page going into the specifics and technicality of our courts. But, I will give you links at the end of this blog to direct you to sources containing information not only about our gym floors, but also the requirements of ALL maple basketball courts from the MFMA website.

Robbins exclusive dealer in the area, NAH Sports Flooring, installed & finished the new floors, while working closely with RRSC and the architectural firm, Marmon Mok, as well. When asked why Robbins flooring was chosen for the new facility, Brian Stillman, Operations Coordinator, said “ We knew during pre-construction that we wanted the Sports Center to be a top of the line athletic facility, and that the floor itself would be the crown jewel of the complex. With our history in the field we knew that Robbins was the company that would make that happen ”.

The seamless quality of Pulastic is easy to clean and provides a hygienic solution for facilities with a high volume of users and activity. Floor system failures are often found in the seams. Pulastic is an alternative solution to tile or vinyl flooring with seams. Pulastic will last for many decades and can be given a “facelift” which recoats and restores without replacing the entire floor, all the while maintaining the physical properties of the floor performance including shock absorption, seamless uniformity, and optimal friction.

The wood playing surface is MFMA Northern Hard Maple known for its beauty and durability, and was harvested from Northern . forests. The floor is designed to enhance the safety, comfort and performance of the athlete, and will absorb about 65% of an athlete’s impact energy while at the same time provide a dynamic surface for ball-bounce. The intent of the floor is to provide a surface which allows for exciting play while at the same time, reducing wear and tear on the athletes’ bodies.

The Round Rock Sports Center had one goal in mind when they opened its doors to the public for the 6st time in January 7569- to attract the best athletes and biggest events in Texas. Now more than a year later- they are doing just that. The new facility, located in Round Rock, TX whose motto is the “Sports Capital of Texas”, is now serving thousands of athletes a week. From AAU  basketball & volleyball teams, to summer camps, to expos & conferences, the Round Rock Sports Center has proven itself to be a valuable contributor to the Round Rock community.

The conversation was not long, as we all had other things to get to. But I was able to ask them briefly what they thought of the newly installed basketball court. They responded that they have really “loved playing on it”, and that they “feel good” on the floor. I then proceeded to tell the two men, that this specific basketball court (the MVP ) is designed with athletes in mind to reduce frequency of injuries, enhance players’ performance, create consistency throughout the game, etc. And as I was explaining these features of the court, I could see a look of disbelief in each of their faces. These looks were then confirmed with verbal statements saying they had no idea that there was technology in place for courts to be designed like that. After a few more exchanges of words we said our goodbyes and continued on with our day.

We are creatures of habit. We all know this. I, for example, have the habit of venturing into places that are “off limits” to most. I find myself in restaurant kitchens, behind retail counters, or behind a bar to fix myself a drink when the waiter is too slow. Some may see this as impatience, but I prefer to think of it as determination. So, it was no surprise when I found myself this past weekend in the newly renovated Moody Coliseum at SMU, because this ‘habit’ of mine had kicked in. I was determined to see the new basketball floor we had just installed.

Robbins is extremely proud of all the NBA teams that train and compete on our floors. With more than half of the playoff teams competing and/or training on a Robbins’ floor, including the San Antonio Spurs & Miami Heat, it was no surprise that we brought home our 68th champion in the past 75 years! We congratulate the Cleveland Cavaliers on a remarkable season and come back that represents true athletic greatness.

The design of the silks features patterns from Driessen’s books and other visual elements as a reference to the history of Turkish red. Traditional design elements such as colour and texture are used as tools to both testify the work of the Driessen’s family and to evoke the symbolic, economic and social impact of the Turkish red in history: from The Roman Empire, through French Revolution till the chemical synthesis of alizarin, one of the major dyes obtainable from madder roots. The title of the project, BTMM6569, is referring to the way the Driessen collection's books are numbered.