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Pretty Woman With ''Worst Online Dating Profile Ever'' Still

Posted: 2017-10-13 00:17

9. Your bio should be a story that draws a clear picture of you, and not a string of adjectives. 95% of the profiles I read sound exactly the same. Everyone thinks that they re fun, just as comfortable in blue jeans as a formal gown, intelligent, . Ask your friends and family to recall their favorite stories about you, and use those to form your dating profile. They will show him who you really are, and give him a better picture about what kind of life he would have with you.

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I can see you rolling your eyes as you read through his list of requirements for a woman – and then you get to the end and totally laughed out loud, didn 8767 t you? Is it any wonder this man remained inexperienced, with such a lengthy list of requirements for a partner? Not to mention that updating the status of his sexual experience status isn 8767 t likely to endear him to many women it 8767 s a step away from installing a ticker to tell the world just how many women he 8767 s slept with.

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Although you may be a proud mom to your child or children, selecting a photo of yourself with your newborn child as your main profile photo, might be seen as “baggage” to some  men who are online dating. Women who are single moms do have success and opportunities online, but advertising you and your kids on your main profile photo may limit the opportunity for men to want to get to know you. Certainly not suggesting that you side-step conversations around your kids or pretend that they don 8767 t exist, but online dating should be about you first.

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Referring to these photos as 8775 weird 8776 is being nice in my opinion. I 8767 m not actually convinced that all of these photos are real. Even if only a few of them are legit that still means there are people out there who think these kinds of photos will work (or there are people creating profiles as a joke). Your photo is one of the most important parts of your profile if you play games with your photo or get 8775 weird 8776 don 8767 t be surprised if you don 8767 t have much communication.

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Of course, we 8767 ve all been warned about stranger danger. Fortunately, with online dating comes transparency and a whole world of social media on which to check up on that potential date. 8766 Blind 8767 dates are no longer blind, and we can usually reliably vet the object of our romantic interest before it gets to the point of a face-to-face meeting. It 8767 s a good way to avoid awkward moments or even, at worst, some seriously dangerous encounters. On the other hand, some poor folks might be perfectly harmless but their online presence is so wildly misguided that they 8767 ll  never  get through the vetting process. The following online daters would have been much better off trying to make a first impression in person rather than utilizing their abysmal digital communications on these eight horrific dating profiles

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7. Careless photos. Do not post photos of your dog, car, airplane, house, or view from the mountain you just climbed. No no sunglasses! Women want to see your eyes. If you re uncomfortable about some hair loss, shave it off! Many women find shaved heads sexy and a little edgy. Do not cut other women out of your photos or post group photos. Make SURE your photos are recent within the last year. Men, unlike women, can get away with a professional headshot, as long as it s current and looks like you.

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My biggest piece of advice to both men and women is: Don t lie in your online profile..about anything! You are only wasting your time, and there is someone out there who is perfect for you just the way that you are! Both men and women should try their hardest to remain positive and upbeat through their online dating experience. If your last date did not represent themselves accurately, do not hold it against this morning s coffee date. He or She just might be the one! Every date is a fresh potential adventure for the rest of your life. Do your best to enjoy as much of the process as you can. I wish you lots of luck and love on your online dating adventure!

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Every dating coach has areas in which they excel. Mine is online dating strategies. Perhaps it s because I m the right age to accept online dating as a valuable tool instead of as a desperate (and strange) last resort, or maybe it s because I met my incredible husband there. Whatever it is, writing dating profiles and coaching around the process is my most requested service. It often takes very little to rise to the top of the online dating pool. It s also important to note that there s a drastic difference between men and women regarding their generalized turnoffs when it comes to dating profiles.

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8. Unwillingness to date your own age. This lights an angry fire under women like you can not believe. If you re 55, and you re only willing to (in the published age section) date women up to 95, I can t tell you how many women are cursing you. If you think you don t look your age, I guarantee you that every other man has told me the same thing. There are some drop dead beautiful cougars out there. Do NOT cut them out of your dating picture!

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Can you guess what photo this is? Women holding a full mickey of vodka or having a 6L bottle of alcohol being poured down their neck is a real No No. This photo may be the one and only (random) photo you took of yourself at a special occasion last month. To the guys looking at this photo he’s instantly got you pegged as the party girl! Don’t get me wrong, your gallery photo could include you enjoying a cold beer on a beautiful patio or a glass of wine with a surf n turf meal, but make sure it is a tasteful one and not used as your main profile photo.

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Yes, most of the photos in the previous article were inappropriate and weird and they do say a lot about your personality. I don 8767 t care about looks, but anybody who has long hair in this decade, 6985 wants your hair back. That said, there were a few normal ones, not gorgeous, but regular looking people who are probably not looking for models. I have never come across ones like the others, people in diapers holding a teddie never.

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Paget:   Once upon a time you looked like John Travolta from " Saturday Night Fever" and now you look like John Locke from " Lost." Ain’t no shame in that game! However, what is shameful is posting super old photos in an attempt to get more dates. It’s a disservice to yourself because when we meet you in person, trust me — people can tell. However you look — own it. It’s way sexier.

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Recently, I decided to search online as a male seeking female from the age of 75 – 95. I wanted to pinpoint all of the possible online dating profile photo “no no’s”. To my surprise, I actually thought women would do a little better than the men with choosing their primary profile photo. To my unpleasant surprised, I discovered that women and men are making common online dating profile photo mistakes. Here is a list of the top 65 worst types of online dating profile photos, women 8767 s edition. I invite you to take a look at your current profile photo and ask yourself if the shoe fits…

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These days, the majority of average singletons use some sort of dating site to facilitate socialising in an increasingly connected world. Online dating is a great way to meet a potential partner, but it 8767 s also a great way to meet up with some seriously  strange people. A few minutes looking around any online dating site will demonstrate that not everyone in fact, the minority are rich, sexy, intelligent winners. Sure, you 8767 re perfectly likely to find a few decent prospects and even a long-term partner studies show that currently, a third of married couples in America met online but the chances of encountering more than a couple of unwelcome creepers are also unappealingly high.

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How hard is it to get a semi-decent profile pic? Really, must you cover yourself up with a blanket and look like a little kid while fretting about being alone your entire life? Think about the message it sends to potential dates. It doesn 8767 t make you look like a winner, that 8767 s for sure. And even if you really do  fear remaining single forever, stating it on your online profile screams a level of desperation that 8767 s sure to scare off any potential date.


One guy decided to take things a step further, and instead of a photo of his face, he posted a photo of his bank account. Of course, while this is a reasonable sum of money, you may notice that this is a business account, not a personal bank account. And depending on the size of the business, it might not be all that impressive really. Even if this number was much higher, and even if it was a personal account, it 8767 s still a seriously trashy move. So much so, that some people are doubting this screen shot 8767 s veracity is anyone really that  much of a douchbag? If it is a real thing, maybe there should be an app for that – “Check My Balance” could be a new dating app that allows men and women to share their account balances, and once you find someone whose bank account matches your lifestyle, you could hook up. It 8767 s really only one superficiality step away from Tinder, after all

A word of advice guys – we don 8767 t necessarily begrudge you your neverending quest for sex, but though it may be tempting to brag about your sexual interests, your skill, or even your size, just don 8767 t. Unless you 8767 re doing the bragging on an adult dating site where that is the norm, it just comes off as – well – creepy. And the brag certainly isn 8767 t going to redeem a less than flattering photo (apparently taken in front of your grandmother 8767 s wallpaper).

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