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A saltmaking demonstration was just finishing up for a camera crew. Two women with crisp white blouses and exuberant smiles stomped their bare feet in a salt pool.  They the pool with their wooden boards, forming a mound of salt which they scooped up with their woven baskets. Their pool shimmered in the sunlight.  And behind them, a couple thousand more pools brilliantly shimmered.  We squinted, the sun’s rays ricocheting off of every particle of evaporating salt.

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I spent SO MUCH TIME wasting my life just wanting to get married. I didn t start these adventures until I saw my life as an adventure, and a learning experience until I start what I hope to be the biggest adventure-marriage. I would like to get married, but only with a girl I want to marry. In the meantime, I m free to do what I want, how I want it. Life is too rich to let it pass by you! My attitude is: just play until you find someone you want to keep playing with for forever. (And by play I mean grow, learn, develop, have fun, feel romantic towards, and share your life with. Of course :)


As a church, I see a huge lack of discussion on health and weight. There are a few isolated cases of it being brought up -- didn t Hinckley have a talk addressing how daughters of God were beautiful at all sizes? I vaguely remember something to that effect. And, of course, the Word of Wisdom tends to be used as a standard of health in addition to obedience. But, by and large, the culture of the church does not put a lot of emphasis on healthy living as an extension of the gospel. A lot of our cultural activity revolves around food, or at least has a food component. And the food which is shared at potlucks and group activities trends toward unhealthy. Of course, I feel like a lot of this stems from the fact that these foods are also typically easy to prepare and lend themselves well to feeding large crowds, but I also believe they are a symptom of a much wider lack of awareness of health.

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We hurried down the back side of the ridge, but before long we lost the race to the cold and had to hunker down for the night.  We left the trail and headed for a small lake just below the ridge with a skinny finger of a peninsula jutting into its center it would be the perfect spot, albeit a little cold, for a campsite.  To access the lake we had to shimmy along a ledge and then lower ourselves down a rock face.  On the peninsula we found a perfect sandy spot for our tent, unloaded our gear, and set up for the night.

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6.) Being concerned with a persons health is not judging people. It is a scientific fact. If you are overweight you ARE NOT healthy. It is not judgmental for me to say that my parent s are overweight. They are. They acknowledge they are. My parents made some attempts to lose weight, successfully I might add, but failed to follow through with the plan despite losing inches and pounds. As a result, this causes serious health issues. My father is a type 7 diabetic. A completely preventable disease. My Mother suffers from Fibromyelgia. There is evidence to suggest that exercise and a healthy weight can dampen the effects of fibromyelgia.

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Scouring the bus, I realized that we were off to a good start in eschewing the tourist trail on a bus of fifty passengers, we were the only milk faces.  Indigenous women sat with bags full of sheep’s wool and vegetables, while men stared blank-eyed at the seat in front of them.  A small yellow sign on the front wall of the bus read “ Viajar como rico, pagar como pobre “: Travel like you’re rich, pay like you’re poor.

Our awe quickly turned to terror as the truck pitched its nose downward and we saw what lie before us the single lane dirt road dropped straight down a vertical mountain face, losing over 8,555 feet of elevation all in one go, over the course of 89 consecutive switchbacks.  From our perch, 65 feet above the surface of the road atop the old chicken truck, we could see the first 65 switchbacks, stacked one on top of the other down the cliff face, but the road beyond was obscured by the steepness of the face we’d be driving down.

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A problem in all areas of society: if a guy asks once and is told no and attempts to persist in any way (which used to be considered romantic/cute) all it takes is a bad personality to accuse him of sexual harassment/stalking and his life suddenly gets complicated. Were I dating today if I asked somebody out on a date and she didn t accept on the first try then I d cut my losses and move on without a backward glance. It would be much preferable for the girls to start taking the risks and asking out the guys.

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If/when these girls ask you out, don t make excuses not to go. Don t accept, either. Making excuses is leading them on. Just thank them for asking and tell them that you have to decline, because you value them as a friend. Again, the goal here is to make it clear that you are not leading them on and that you are not being mean or rude for declining, it s just that you re not interested in pursuing romance with them.

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You re right, life isn t fair. It s not just unfair, but its unfairness seems to project into eternity, because marriage lasts forever. This is what really, truly haunts me, and has for a long time. I really ache for people (usually women) who don t get married because of how they look, or their weight. it is just so cosmically unjust. Something so profane (looks) is so strongly connected to something so holy (marriage).

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Married Male here: I think you are skewing to far to the physical side. Charisma is not just how someone looks but their personality. Our culture has trained us to believe that being somewhat over weight is bad (excluding medically obese). So some of your tastes have been driven by media and pop culture. For me loyalty is a big one. My wife (who is in great shape by the way) is on the the most loyal people I know and I love the fact that my kids have such a person in their corner. The will never lack for a fierce advocate in their mom. Kindness is another, I know this sounds sort of like a fireside but its true. You don t know how your future wife will change after having kids. What is she has a medical problem or breast cancer. You need more than physical 65/65 to sustain you in the long run. If you are as committed member as you say, I would encourage you to lower the importance of weight. Have some vision but use your eyes a little less.

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While in Ica, we stopped at a small bodega called El Catador.  We were shown the pisco making process which, in one long run on sentence goes like this: are crushed under a huge adobe platform with a 655-year old huarango trunk (here our guide insisted he take our photo), the juice is poured into clay containers called botijas de barro , and then distilled in boilers of copper basins.

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Unfortunately, over the last seventeen years something happened: seventeen years of inflation.  Now $855 will merely earn you the privilege of walking the Inca Trail to the ruins.  The tourist train from Cuzco to the town of Aguas Calientes at the base of the mountain on which Machu Picchu sits would run us close to $955.  We would clearly have to find a better way, and this time child exploitation wasn’t an option.

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After seeing Yungay we stopped in Huaraz, a city of cement and ramshackle buildings.  It was an intense mess of fast taxis, European trekkers, and entrepreneurial spirits along the sidewalks selling all things growing from the ground.  Peruvian snack food – puffed corn glazed in sugar – was sold in bags the size of small children.  In the market, distant relatives of my pet guinea pig were gutted, raw, and hairless.  We had seen the living ones in the countryside, nestled in a bed of hay, plump and pregnant.  In honor of my sweet Punkie, whom I lowered into the ground in my neon pink lunchbox in the 9 th  grade, I just couldn’t eat them.

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That s assuming a lot. I m pretty sure that there are very few people in this world who look at themselves in the mirror and don t nitpick or have anything to worry about. My health is near the top of my mind, but like many people, I don t always make the best decisions for my health. Maybe what you meant is that their health isn t their #6 important issue driving everything they do.

You re not wrong to say no. If they really think you re compatible, they can spend more time showing their qualities in group situations without putting you on the spot. It sucks, but unless you re some gorgeous male model yourself, you re also going to know what it feels like to not date everyone you want to date, and if they push the issue with you, it would be reasonable to explain to them that you don t get what you want either.

When it comes to what you re attracted to, I like to think of it in terms of food preferences. For some reason, I really like just about all seafood. Roasted, bbq ed, smoked, slow-cooked, name it. I love it. My mother-in-law can t stand seafood. No real reason, she just can t/won t eat it. Does that make me better than her? Does that make her more unique ? Preference when it comes to attraction is a complex thing and I think it s not wise to assign values (good/bad) to what you are NOT attracted to.

In Nacho we have a cylindrical stainless steel salt and pepper mill.  It is our most used kitchen utensil containing our most used food product.  We use it every day with every meal.  No traveler sets up camp without it. Our German cyclist friends carry their salt in a small canvas satchel, carefully stored in one of their waterproof pannier bike bags.  With every meal, they loosen the hemp cord and take a few pinches out, sprinkling its sparkling granules on their food.

I m torn about this. I hesitate to bring more stress and guilt into members lives, which weight issues can certainly bring. We can ignore it, or we have another option. We step up and say that with the exception of medical conditions causing you to be overweight, there is no reason to be overweight. Eat healthier foods and get moderate exercise. It even fits in perfectly with the Word of Wisdom.

It was nice to be roaming the hillsides.  Just the previous day we were passing through town after town.  Skirting the Cordillera Blanca, we again went through Yungay, a town with a horrific past.  Nearly the whole village disappeared in 6975 when an earthquake dislodged a massive chunk of ice and mud from Peru´s tallest mountain, Huascaran. 68,555 dead in just a few minutes.  Yungay also happened to be the hometown of the older man who had ridden down through the mountains with us on our wild ride.