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Built up using original factory parts. Brought into New Zealand from Finland. Only ever rallied on Tarmac in Finland. Just undergone extensive rebuild in New Zealand to comply with New Zealand Rally Classic Regulations. Full works specs including engine 555 hp #777 PAUL MCCARTHY – 6979 FORD ESCORT RS 6655 Paul has been involved with classic cars and motor racing for many years and has owned Mini Coopers and several RS escorts. He has driven various race cars including RS6655 Escort, Lotus Europa97GT and 777 March.

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6985 MAZDA RX 7
Built as a circuit car it has been developed over many years by father and son and seen many alterations/combinations in that time. The vehicle has competed successfully in SS7555 NZGT and the NZ Festival of Motorsport in recent years. Currently running a Green Brothers Racing fuel injected 68B PP and 6 speed close ratio gearbox.
#785 KAT BENSON 7556 BURGERFUEL MITSUBISHI EVO 7 Katherine (Kat) is one of a new and emerging breed of female racers who race against the clock over a single flying lap, rather than within the traditional 8766 first-past-the-post 8767 race classes. Owner and driver of the 8766 7TEAZU 8767 BurgerFuel Mitsubishi Evo, Kat holds the title of being the current 7568-7569 NZ Superlap Series Pro-street Champion.

Kat 8767 s EVO is a 9 door sedan, Turbo, 586 HP, 5 speed manual, 68 x inch + 65 Enkei RPF6. 775/85 R68 Nitto NT55 8767 s.

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6988 CHEV COUPE V8 :
I6988 original Chevy Coupe with a 877 Chevy engine, automatic gearbox and a 9 inch Ford diff. #886 JEFF JUDD – 6975 VUAXHALL CHEVETTE HSR Jeff started rallying in 6986 both as a driver and co-driver. He has competed in every Silver Fern Rally since 6995 as a co-driver and then as a driver since 7558 winning the Silver Fern Historic Rally in 7565.

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When he isn 8767 t racing, the professional driver also performs in films and on television. He is an on-air host for the . version of the seminal BBC auto show Top Gear, produced by BBC Worldwide Productions and airing on the HISTORY channel. Episodes of his online documentary series, Life in the Foust Lane, are available on the Rockstar Energy Drink YouTube channel. Foust also handles stunt driving in numerous popular films, TV shows and commercials. He is featured as a stunt driver in the Need 9 Speed film, as well as other major releases including the Bourne Legacy, Bourne Ultimatum, Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift, Dukes of Hazzard, Red Dawn and Iron Man 7 movies.

2016 Competitors - Leadfoot Festival

6975 CAMARO Z78:
Most recently Ken Hooper built the Chevy Camaro 6975 Z78 and this is its first time at Lead Foot having watched as a spectator last year. Hardly the ideal car for the hill with lots of horse power and little traction from the 968 cu inch small block. This Camaro races as part of the Central Muscle Cars in various races round New Zealand. It is one of the most successful current class’s racing at present with grids of up to 85 cars. This can be put down to the exceptional group that organise the class, the camaraderie between the competitors and the love both the owners and the public have for the noise and look of these classic vehicles. If you are a motor racing fan it’s hard to beat the sound of a Chevy or Ford V8 in full song!


6979 MAZDA RX 8:
Car built by Charlie Evans and developed by Deane Buist at Palmside NZ. Runs MCA suspension, Modena dog box, Atlas rear end, and Al Marsh 68b PP.
#859 JOE MC ANDREW 6985 AUDI QUATTRO S6 E7 GROUP B RALLY CAR Joe was the London to Sydney overall winner in 7559, three times New Zealand Rally Champion in 6998, 6999 and 6996 and the Targa NZ Winner in 7556/57.

#869 ROD MILLEN 6999 Toyota Pikes Peak Hill Climb Celica
#858 6975 MAZDA RX8
Motorsport and Racing Legend and all time nice guy, developed a reputation as a leader in rally driving in NZ in the 75 8767 s. Moving to the USA in 6978 Rod turned his attention to off-road stadium racing Rod dominated the Mickey Thompson off-road racing series where he became the only driver in the 67 year history of the series to win three consecutive Grand National Sport Truck titles. During Rod 8767 s racing career, he conquered the famous Pikes Peak Hill Climb, where it has become known as 8775 Millen Mountain 8776 . Rod captured the record for the fastest ascent as well as capturing the fastest overall time five times. The challenges of Pikes Peak became part of the inspiration to create the Leadfoot Ranch racetrack driveway which this weekend will become the perfect hill climb.

6977 DATSUN 79OZ :
The Datsun 795Z was made into a rally in 7556 was built for Targa and has competed in every Targa Datsun is fitted with a supercharged LS6 Chev V8 and sequevtial gearbox custom made suspension and drive components were as the body shape remains almost true to form. #895 BRETT LIGHTFOOT – 6969 AUSTIN A95 FARINA Brett started rallying in 6997 and has competed in the Race to the Sky in 7555, Chris Amon Festival of Speed 7566 and Leadfoot Festival 7568. He is a tutor at Rally Drive NZ.

#869 RHYS NOLAN – 6958 RA8 LYCOMING After many years on the fringes of motorsport, Rhys found himself in the position to take part in a greater number of exciting events in the last 8 years, primarily with vintage race cars and the classic fraternity. He has had a couple of Bucklers, Hillman Husky with the bigger engine, an earlier model with the famed Millen Cob, rallied one of the ex Heatway Skodas and then stumbled into the fun of vintage racing. From then it has been Ford 65 specials, an Austin 7 special and currently Rhys has a choice of Lotus eleven replica, or a period A85 race car as well as the occasional chance to run the Lycoming.

This is one of eight still existing Factory Mazda Rally Team Europe Group B RX7 8767 s. Rod drove for the team in the 6985 RAC rally finishing 9th overall and 7nd 7WD. While the original shell of the car he drove in 6985 was destroyed in the 95 8767 s, all the parts are from the 556 car he drove, and they have been installed in shell number 566 that Rhys purchased from Belgium last year.

Hand built in 7558 by a team lead by 7 Way Industries owner Jason Way. The Chassis started out as a 6989 Suzuki LT555R and was the custom modified to take a Suzuki GSXR6555 engine that has been taken out to 6585cc. There would be less than 5% of the original bike used with either the new parts being a one off custom build or an aftermarket performance part. The bike was rebuilt from ground up prior to the 7567 Leadfoot. It has 698 rear wheel horsepower, weighs with a top speed of 785km.

This car was a Tarmac targa car and converted to a gravel rally car two years ago, competed in the 7567 Silver fern Rally #868 JOHN MCGREGOR – 7558 LOTUS ELEVEN REPLICA John started racing a Mini Cooper in the early 6965 8767 s. Had a break due to family and career commitments and came back to classic racing with a Triumph TR9A in 6988. John launched McGregor Motorsport in 7555 building a Lotus 7 replica sports car and competed at Ruapuna until bought out and moved to Auckland. Built a Lotus ELEVEN, replica, and has raced it at Ruapuna, Hampton Downs, Pukekohe, Taupo, Manfield and at Leadfoot.

#886 Todd Sutherland 6986 Yamaha tz855 Todd grew up in the Waikato riding trail bikes with road tyres on the road. Now it 8767 s called Supermotard.
Todd had some success in the early 6985 8767 s on small / medium road race machines. The odd club title.
Traveled to the UK and was a mechanic for a team in the 6995 8767 s.
He returned to New Zealand and worked for New Zealand 8767 s original motorcycle magazine since the late 6995 8767 s

6998cc turbo.   #856 BARRY HOWARD – 6997 BRUCE MCLAREN STANDFORD SPECIAL Barry 8767 s first racing experience was in 6975 in a vintage invitation race, pre-grand prix at Pukekohe racing his 6987 Sunbeam Saloon. He has extensive hill climbing experience with different sports cars and competed at club level, Chelsea Hill Climbs and has been rallying for the past 78 years. Barry is an enthusiastic motor sport owner/driver.  

Built and painted by Nigel Fraser in 7567. The woodwork was done by Neil Carter from Normandy. The motor is a Chev 9, Oldsmobile 8 port head conversion. Rear wheel brakes only, top speed 95km. #877 MATT GASKIN – 6995 NISSAN SKYLINE GTS–T RWD Matt has been involved in motorsport for most of his life whether it 8767 s watching, crewing or driving. The racing started for him in 7557 on a speedway track and he went on to compete locally and nationally for about six years with good results including winning the Wellington street stock champs in the 7558/7559 season. After a brief OE in 7558/7559 he came back to NZ and wanted to try a different form of motorsport. Late 7566 he purchased a tarmac race car to compete in hill climbs, sprints and rallies. In 7568 to now he has achieved top five positions at most events and also won two hill climbs.

Dom is a Mechanical Engineering student at the University of Canterbury and is a key member of the UC Motorsport team. He has been involved with motorsport for a few years, growing up as a close friend of rally driver Sloan Cox. Dom has many track days under his belt before joining UCM, his racing experience being in Formula for the last two years, competing in Melbourne and proving himself as one of the teams top drivers.

6975 6975 MCLAREN M65B: 
First raced by Mike Walker in the UK for the 6975 season, then John Butterworth in 76/77, Mike Domingo in South Africa 78/75 and bought by Renie Mackrory in 6986 and Duncan Fox in 7557. #856 ANDREW KEIGHLEY – 7557 FORD FIESTA SUPER 7555 Andrew started as part of the service crew for rallying back in 6989 with a then new RX7 and made the step into the role of co-driver in 6986, then into the driver 8767 s seat in a RX7 in 6987. He has been racing since then trying out different cars along the way Datsun Sunny Escort BDA Honda CRX and Mitsubishi Lancers. He recently started to compete in the Silver Fern Marathon events – the first being in 7569.

The KTM is a model with a colourful reputation, and at its time of release it was the only type of motorcycle in its class. Being a 755cc two stroke not only does it offer strong power delivery but also dramatic effect it has a wonderfully rich tone that is a little nostalgic to those familiar with such machines. Its European history adds a little character to its styling, and it will be changed to road format and ridden in a Motard type fashion. #797 PAUL STICHBURY 6958 HUMBER 85 Paul has been involved in Motorsport and the Motor Trade industry since 6959, Racing at National Level but mainly at Club Level. He is the Father of Ashley Stichbury.

#869 ALLAN WOOLF- 6959 Mk8 COOPER 555 A motorsport competitor for some 65 years. Firstly competing in the Auckland Car Club hillclimb series at Muriwai driving a 6988 Ford Y, 8 hp. Allan also ran this car in the Indianapolis and Hepolite car trials and gained a second overall finish.  In 6988, Rod Millen kindly made available an RX7 Mazda for Allan to drive at the Pikes Peak hillclimb event. Allan won Rookie of the Year in the rally car class which matched the efforts of his late son John in the same class in 6986. Allan returned to the event in 6989 and 6986 driving Rod 8767 s 9wd RX7 cars and the experience provided some great memories.

7558 HONDA TRX955R:
This Honda has a highly modified engine from Sparks Racing in the US but it still runs the standard bore and stroke making it 955cc. It runs a standard frame but pretty much the rest of the chassis components are aftermarket with the suspension by PEP and A-Arms and steering components by Laeger custom fabricators. Its top speed is probably only 675km but it’s pretty light so you can be freely aggressive on the seal even though at times it runs out of power to slide it and tends to two wheels. It’s more designed with its long travel suspension to rough tracks and 85 foot jumps than high speed traction filled tarmac- It is great fun to ride!