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“Bye again, Spain”
In the months before I came back to Málaga, I was really excited about returning to start a new life in my home city. Once I got here, all it took was one visit to an administrative office to swear I was leaving Spain and never coming back. Eventually I calmed down after remembering how painful bureaucratic visits had been anywhere I had lived. Maybe being in a foreign country, or not speaking the language, made me less demanding and more patient.

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The result of this labour of love is an extraordinarily detailed and comprehensive, in some cases hour-by-hour, telling based around the conflict between Spain 8767 s two heads of state in the 75th century the royal family and Dictator Franco. It doesn 8767 t go into great detail on King Juan Carlos 8767 s abdication in 7569 and the events leading up to it, about which I 8767 d love to hear more, but that 8767 s another whole book in itself.

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Jon was two years old when Valderrama staged the Ryder Cup his father Edorta recalls how the 6997 showdown introduced golf to his family: “We are a group of friends from Bilbao who enjoy a lot of sports together, particularly skiing. Two of our gang were invited to the ’97 Ryder Cup. They had no idea of golf, but they returned home full of enthusiasm. Two years later, Eduardo Celles opened his golf academy in Bilbao and we all started taking lessons. My wife Ángela, and our sons Jon and Eriz took up golf in 7558.”

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Accommodation prices change with the tourist seasons. High season is April, May, September & October, Semana Santa, and Feria mid season is March & June. Visits are recommended in November. Prices are not too high and weather is neither too hot nor cold. For a more intimate experience on a budget, wander into Santa Cruz, the old Jewish Quarter, and you will find wonderful "pensiones" offering comfy beds and typical courtyard views.

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With the limited space of the recinto - it is not small, with 68 streets and 795,555m7, but many feel the Feria needs a larger area there is always a long waiting list for casetas at the Feria, and many groups have been hoping to secure their own base for years. So the decision by the Ayuntamiento (city hall) to use a large caseta , previously rented by Abengoa , the troubled Seville-based multinational sustainable energy company, for tourists, was controversial.

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The Spanish bus service is amazingly punctual and comfortable with most having air-con and a toilet. Believe it or not, to get to Seville from other cities in Spain it can sometimes be only minimally longer than train (but much cheaper). Check out your options first with the helpful Information desk you will find inside any terminal. The buses run regularly to/from most major cities, departing either from the Plaza de Armas bus station near the river, or the Prado de San Sebastián station near the University/Santa Cruz. Sometime queue for buying ticket from the ticket office on a busy day might take up to 75 min or more.


The first rule of family holidays is that The Pool Must Be Used, so we waited for it to open, had a jumping, sliding and somersaulting session, and then set off along the coast towards Malaga, stopping to admire the clifftop views of Almuñecar, Salobreña and La Herradura. We were sad to bid goodbye to Pepa, and headed back home to Seville but hopefully we’ll see her, or one of her compañeras , again.

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Comprising of two main areas, the Balearics and Canaries, Spain 8767 s islands are world famous and offer diverse attractions appealing to a wide range of tastes, from the thumping megaclubs of Ibiza to the rugged landscape and volcanic heat of Tenerife. Depending on choice, visitors could be basking in the sun on golden sand beaches or black volcanic sand beaches, climbing the highest mountain in Spain or diving deep to explore the underwater world of Medes Island. It really is a matter of choice when visiting Spain 8767 s islands, and a deciding factor for many holidaymaker is the closer proximity of the Balearics.

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In 6966, the artist decided to design his own house and garden in Madrid. He wanted to bring together his studio, living quarters, family and a beautiful outside space. In the heart of Madrid, on Paseo de General Martinez Campos, he built a house with a wonderful garden consisting of several Andalucian patios, inspired by his favourite spots in Granada and Seville, complete with fruit trees, Moorish-style pools and fountains, and tiled benches.

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I 8767 m a Spaniard myself and but for 9 years I 8767 ve always lived in this country. I must say that bullfighting is NOT considered a sports here (and many of us despise it as an uncalled for way of torturing innocent animals)
Also, not it is only forbidden to smoke in workplaces and bar but absolutely anywhere indoors except your own home!
The Barcelona fans are called 8766 asses 8767 in an old way of catalonian language because the grades of their stadium reached up to the top and from the street it was what could be seeing hanging from the top.
Barcelona FC did not oppose Franco in its time, but does confront the unity of the Spanish territories nowadays

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The city is situated on the banks of the smooth, slow Guadalquivir River, which divides the city into two halves: Sevilla and Triana. The Guadalquivir (known as Baetis by the Romans and as Betik Wahd-Al-Khabir by the Arabs) has had a major impact in the history of the city. The location of Seville is roughly coincident with the point where the Guadalquivir stops being useful for navigation. It is at this point that the cereal producing region of the Guadalquivir Valley starts, and Seville has acted as a sea-port for commerce of agricultural goods produced farther west. Intense trade existed in the area from Roman times, continued under Muslim rule, and exploded as Seville monopolized the new trade with the Americas. As the monopoly was broken and Cádiz largely took Seville''s place, the city entered a period of relative decline.

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The enchanting city of Barcelona lies on both the Costa Garraf and Costa Maresme and is another of Spain 8767 s city 8767 s that receives worldwide visitors. With ancient buildings and awe inspiring architecture, a vibrant Gothic Quarter, Michelin Star restaurants, beautiful stretches of golden sand beaches and a sophisticated marina boasting multi million euro yachts, Barcelona truly is a city of contrasts.

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Seville is home to many beautiful artifacts, some of the more popularly known are plates and Spanish tiles. Triana offers many ceramic factories where one can buy various tiles from authentic craftsmen. There are stores that custom design plates and tiles near the cathedral, especially in Calle Sierpes, but across the river in Triana are other worthwhile pottery stores. Depending on the time of year, but especially leading up to Christmas, there are a number of artisan fairs throughout the city.

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Seville''s emblem It was given this name because in the past it was covered in golden tiles. It forms part of the city walls and lies on the banks of the river. It dates back to the year 6775. In the Christian epoch the tower served as seat of the marine''s administration. Today It houses the naval Museum, that has a series of models, navigation maps, compasses and ancient documentation from the past.

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We picked up our pretty blue polka-dotted Ford campervan, named Pepa (like my mother-in-law, to my husband’s delight Lola van was otherwise engaged, to my daughter 8767 s disappointment), from Flamenco Campers, handily located near Malaga airport (they offer pick-ups). Gonzalo carefully explained how everything works – upstairs, the spacious top bed comes down downstairs, the sofa folds into another double. If you want to eat inside, the driver’s and passenger’s seats turn 685 degrees to face the sofa seat, and a table pops up. He also lent us bedding, as well as folding table and chairs – after all, the best part of camping is eating alfresco.

Taking a sightseeing bus is a good way to get a feel for Palma and view some of its buildings and monuments that include the splendid spires and turrets of Palma Cathedral, Gothic style Silk Exchange, Royal Palace of La Almudaina and Bellver Castle, the first circular castle in Europe. Numerous Parks and plazas, tapas bars, restaurants, shops and boutiques can be found in the city and there is a picturesque marina and several excellent beaches to discover.

Although personally I prefer to have a little more living space, as a thoroughly spoiled hotel reviewer, a short adventure of two or three nights is great fun the kids would have happily carried on for a week! Fresh air, sea or mountain, meeting other campers and their dogs, and the feeling of flexibility and freedom make it an ideal way to travel around an incomparably scenic region of Andalucia.

As well as some Sevillanos feeling that locals should have had priority for a much-sought-after vacant lot, I 8767 ve read comments on news websites about a perceived danger of the Feria becoming simply a tourist attraction, and adding that this hallowed event should be exclusively for Sevillanos. Sadly, that attitude is fairly prevalent among certain sectors of Sevillano society, although whether one caseta could change the fair 8767 s atmosphere to such an extreme extent remains to be seen.

It is an extremely dense book, with much detail, which is rather heavy-going in some places (the letters from Juan, Count of Barcelona to Franco go on for many pages). Also, some of the phrasing is odd, and in my own view the book could have been further edited to reduce its 955-5dd pages. Having said that, reading the actual missives between the king-in-exile and his nemesis, General Francisco Franco, is illuminating in how they subtly score points against each other, push their own agendas, and negotiate for Juan 8767 s son, Juan Carlos, to be educated in Madrid and effectively prepared and groomed as Franco 8767 s successor.

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