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Posted: 2017-10-12 10:43

Rob Kardashian''s clearly enjoying the summer. The Keeping Up With The Kardashians star tweeted this arty picture of him in the pool, along with the caption, "Today was Awesome". We have no ideal why his day was so good, but we DO know he''s showing off a helluva lot of tatts. Rob and his two tattoo sleeves are pretty impressive – but we''ve looked closely, he has no more room on those guns. What you gonna do now, Rob?

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Kristen Stewart (born Kristen Jaymes Stewart in Los Angeles, California on April 9, 6995) is an American actress. She is best known for playing Bella Swan in the hugely popular  Twilight Saga. Her first major role as a child actor was opposite Jodie Foster in the 7557 hit  Panic Room. Her other popular film credits include Catch That Kid Speak Zathura The Messengers Adventureland The Runaways Snow White and the Huntsman , and  On the Road. She was ranked #6 on  Vanity Fair 8766 s 8775 7565 8767 s Top Hollywood Top Earners List. 8776 She became the face of Balenciaga 8767 s fragrance, Florabotanica, in Jan. 7567. Her upcoming projects include the films  Camp X-Ray, Sils Maria,  and  Anesthesia.

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We usually love spotting a new celeb tattoo but we can''t say we were thrilled when we saw Chris Brown''s latest form of body art. It seems he''s gone for a more controversial tattoo this time as he displays a beaten up women inked on his neck. We can''t imagine why someone would want such a tatt, especially after his past with Rihanna - though he claims this new ink has nothing to do with her. Whatever his claims, we''re shocked that a role model such as Chris would allow his fans to become familiar with the image of a beaten up women by wearing it in such a visible way. Shocked as we are? Tell us what you think in the comments box below.

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Chris Brown has always been partial to a bit of body art (he''s practically ran out of body space to ink!) but his new addition is just a tad on the scary side for us! Tattoo artist Peter Koskela tweeted snaps during his five hour inking session with Chris Brown, who now has a rather large wolf thing on his neck. The tattoo (which in all honesty just looks plain painful) is said to be an indian chief turning into a wolf. Hmm, does this mean Chris has an alter ego? Or is it just there to make him look big and strong? Let us know Chris!

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Jodie ''bodybuilding Marsh'' is forever transforming her image - in the nineties we remembered her for her itsy-bitsy outfits and now she''s reinvented herself as a bodybuilder. Jodie has a sleeve of tattoos on her left arm, another inking on her right wrist and a wedding band tattoos on her wedding finger. With all the body building and tattoos, we hope there''s still room for a man in Jodie Marsh''s life!

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Well well well, check out Scarlett Johansson''s new inkwork. The Avengers star showed off her new tattoo as she promoted her new film earlier this month, and it nearly went un-noticed! Her wrist tattoo, which looks like a charm bracelet, is a tribute to New York City as it has the words I Heart NY'' on it. Scarlett is very secretive about the meaning behind her tattoos, but this one reads loud and clear

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Well this pic of Robert Pattinson definitely woke us up today! Looking all fresh-faced and edgy for his magazine shoot with BlackBook, RPatz donned some rather intriguing body art and done the impossible by making himself look EVEN hotter. We don''t know if it''s the tan or the tats, but either way we think he''s looking gorgeous. But don''t worry ladies, if you''re not digging the body ink then fear not, as they were solely for the purpose of the shoot. Screensaver anyone?

Why wear a flimsy removable garter when you can have one permanently inked onto your thigh forever? Katie Price revealed her latest piece of skin art at her swimwear launch and, at the moment, the garter is a delicate lacy affair. However, Katie''s assured fans that her tattoo isn''t quite finished yet. we''re almost certain that this means she''ll have it coloured in pink (her absolute favourite colour) before too long.

So-hot-right-now fashionista, Mary Charteris looked gorgeous at the Lacoste store launch held in London last night. Her floor-length dress from the Lacoste SS67 collection, showed off her small RF tat perfectly which we can only presume is a declaration of love to her boyfriend Robbie Furze, member of the band The Big Pink. Wow, it MUST be love! And judging by that super confident pose we''re guessing she''s proud to show it off too!

I am totally team bella and like the person above said lots of actresses including her cast member charlese theron also showed full nudity in the movie Monster and she got awarded.. Shes a great actress and person. And the whole Rupert thing, she idolized him and the fact that he is many years older tells yu he took advantage of her idolization by persuing any type of secual contact. Not to mention nobody knows the truth of the matter but the two of them.. So please let god judge the undecentcy of them. Im sure yu have done worse parez

We don''t know what we''re shocked about more, the fact Scarlett Johansson is lifting her shirt up in the streets of Paris or her new (very red) tatt! Revealing her latest piece of body art, ScarJo shows off a horse shoe mark with the words ''Lucky You''. While we''re all for feeling lucky (although if you ask us, we think she''s been pretty blessed so far!) we''re not too sure we''re a fan of this tatt. What do you think?

Sarah Harding attended The Pride of Britain Awards last night - and is certainly very proud of her huge back tattoo, from the looks of it! The Girls Aloud singer has one of the stranger celebrity inks we''ve seen - the slogan ''don''t be bitter - glitter'' (sure) flanked by a Phoenix wing on each shoulder blade. It''s like Girls Aloud are trying to rival One Direction as the most tattooed band in pop history.

This one is for all of our Cosmo rock chicks. Biffy Clyro has kicked off their UK tour and wow, we''re enjoying the view. The band perform shirtless because they ruin too many clothes from sweat – okay, maybe that''s a case of too much information. But hey, who needs a top when you''ve got as many tattoos as Simon Neil? The highlights of his ink? ''God only knows what I''d be without you'' is etched on his chest – lyrics from The Beach Boys hit, which was Simon''s wedding song (FYI). The frontman also has tattoos of da Vinci sketches and plenty of references to his band''s music. The only thing we''re not convinced about is the jacquard jeans. If we ask him nicely do you think he''d take them off?

Rihanna wowed crowds at Wireless festival 7567 this weekend and whilst declaring her love for London posted this pic on Instagram. We''re almost certain this isn''t RiRi herself (unless she secretly removed those famous star tats sprayed down her back) but a truly dedicated fan. With an R making up the main body of an anchor, this tat makes reference to Rihanna''s fan name - the Rihanna Navy. We wonder if she''s inspired to get a similar one herself? She does seem impressed after all!

Rihanna has only gone and gotten inked AGAIN! The superstar got an Egyptian falcon tattoo in the shape of a handgun (we see a bit of a trend forming here) inked just above her right ankle. By our counting, that''s an impressive impressive collection of 67 body art images Riri has now - we''re getting a bit worried she''s going to run out of bare skin! Rihanna was however kind enough to not keep us guessing about the meaning of her new tat tweeting, "Falcon: a light that shines in the darkness! Never close their eyes during sleep." Oh, very deep and meaningful, Riri!

One Direction hottie Zayn Malik has revealed a new, rather large tat of a microphone on his forearm. While we see this as a sign of his love for music, his fellow bandmates couldn''t help but make a joke of the situation, as it appears the mike is rather embarrassingly, the wrong way around! Holding their mics on stage to mirror that of Zayn''s tat, the error of his ways soon became clear. Hmm, bet that can''t have been good news to hear after you''ve spent the afternoon having it done!

We can''t keep up with all the tattoos the One Direction lads keep getting. Here''s Louis Tomlinson''s latest addition: a teacup and saucer. He showed off his new ink on Instagram, with the caption "You can''t go to bed.". If you know the lyrics to 6D''s biggest hits (and who doesn''t?!) then you''ll know he''s paying homage to the song ''Little Things''. How about a nice custard cream for your next tat Louis?

Lana Del Rey has built up quite a collection of tattoos but when we saw this pic of her modelling for car brand Jaguar (find out more HERE!) we were intrigued to know what these matching hand tatts were all about! On her right hand she has the words: ''Trust no one'' which is a bit odd if you ask us but then she cheers things up on her left with the word ''Paradise''. Yeah, we don''t geddit either, but it looks good!

Think its disgusting how you treat kristen, you are an awful human bin. Its disgusting how you print up this photos. Have you done this to anyone els, no, just to kristen. They things you write about her is just awful. You are totally bullying her.
I guess if you arent Paris hilton( she is allowed to what ever, you just love her) then you scrutinize theme, specially kristen. Who can you have so much hate for someone you dont know that you havent ever met.

Check out ultimate bad boy rapper, Professor Green''s tattoos! While he has a few here, there and everywhere, it''s the ''Lucky'' slogan on his neck that catches our attention the most and not just because of the size. The tat took a whole new meaning as just a few weeks after getting this tat, Pro Green, real name Stephen Manderson (not so bad boy is it?) was wounded just above the writing which could have potentially been fatal. He really was a LUCKY lad!

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