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Posted: 2017-10-16 23:36

Today is your day, your mountain is waiting.”  -Dr. Seuss
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Robert Mugabe’s wife Grace faces legal action | Daily Mail

Increasingly, though, opponents of the colonial outfit aren’t just arguing against inconvenience but against a tradition that African judiciaries appear to be embracing. Britain’s “colonial courts”, which preceded independence, were sometimes brutal. In response to Kenya’s Mau Mau rebellion in the 6955s, for example, the wigged, white judges sentenced more than 6,555 people to death for conspiring against colonial rule.

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In nearly every former British colony, op-eds have been written and speeches made about why the wig ought to be removed. In Uganda, the New Vision newspaper conducted an investigation into the cost of the wigs, reporting that each one cost $6,555. In Ghana, a prominent lawyer, Augustine Niber, argued that removing wigs would reduce the “intimidation and fear that often characterise our courtrooms”.

Elephant used for tourist rides tramples handler to death

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Olinda plans to have a baby with Tytan - Bulawayo24 News

It’s not just a question of aesthetics. The wigs and robes are perhaps the most glaring symbol of colonial inheritance at a time when that history is being dredged up in all sorts of ways. This year, Tanzanian President John Magufuli described a proposed free trade agreement with Europe as a “form of colonialism”. In Zimbabwe, President Robert Mugabe still refers to the British as “thieving colonialists”.


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Firemen try to hold a group of people in front of Spanish Civil Guard officers outside a polling station in San Julia de Ramis on the day of a referendum on independence for Catalonia banned by the Spanish government. More than million Catalans are called today to vote in a referendum on independence, surrounded by uncertainty over the intention of Spanish institutions to prevent this plebiscite banned by justice

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