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Posted: 2017-09-11 11:06

Stuuuuupendeous Ms Sunshine! You got a WHITE MAN! CONGRATS! All glory to god!! LOL Ms Sunshine is worse then those confused a$$ blk men that bash black women.. I mean, no shade thrown but DO you really think people care you are married to a white man??? LIke a white pale face, pink skin white man? Im a black man I LOVE my blk women! And will always love yall. But dont be bragging abotu being with a white man

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I find it curious that you are on your Dove Soap box on this public site for black women And I seriously doubt that we running 76% of our households because we failed to read neon lights telling us that our men were no good. Somewhere along the way some of these men made repeated choices Not to work, to go to prison, to not be in their children 8767 s lives, like hell

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This may work for them and if it does, then great. If they are a happy couple and that keeps them emotionally attached to each other and they don 8767 t mind the physical with other people, cool. It is not for me though. I 8767 m going to hope they have set their rules up for this type of thing. There 8767 s a few white couples in porn that do this as well BUT they are older. These are some guys and I wouldn 8767 t recommend anyone, gay or straight, bi, poly or robotic to get married until you know who you are, to some degree, as an individual. Live life a bit.

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I share Laine 8767 s thoughts on this. There is ignorance with every kind of ethnic group on earth. There are many Hispanics who like to deny anything to do with Africa, and there are some who completely accept it. So, the term is just another way to make people feel superior to another group.
Just remember, all kinds of people have influence in South America. Just as slaves were brought to America, and not everyone is black, slaves were brought to South America and not everyone is black. YES, the African influence may be a common thread, throughout the continent, but they weren 8767 t it. The Dutch in some islands, the Italians in Uruguay, the Spanish all over, the French in places, the British. So, there are black, white and Asian all over Latin America. To go back to your original point, many Latinos identify as white, yes, but you 8767 ll come to find many others call themselves black. At some point, you have to. lol. You can 8767 t hide brown forever!

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Well said, especially this part: 8775 marriage is primarily a financial institution and about building stability and a about love or happily ever after. 8776 More BW need to be more concerned about building their lineages to thrive only looking at marriage or reproduction as a means of race preservation (so that BW feel it is okay to marry down or not marry at all so long as 8775 pure blackness 8776 is maintained through their children) has screwed over several generations of black people and will continue to do so into the future if it stays that way ., the imploding black middle class and the growth of the (permanent) black underclass.

-submissive white girls being dominated by

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Black divorce rates are high. Statistics also show that in divorce, it is the females who divorce their men more on average, and men are less likely to file for divorce(in any race, it 8767 s the females divorcing men more on average). So the black divorce rate isn 8767 t reflecting that black women are bad wives, since black women are the ones divorcing black men It shows that black men can 8767 t keep their wives happy. Also in divorce rates between black men and white women, it 8767 s usually white women divorcing black men. Which also shows that black men can 8767 t keep their white wives happy either.

Look, don’t take it personally because I’m not coming for either of you personally. We are having a dialogue on a very controversial topic, so there is sure to be disagreements. I stated my position and offered another POV as to why black folk’s open door policy on interracial mating/dating may not be in OUR long-term best interest. No matter how benign it appears on the surface, there are always unintended consequences to division.

So black men can GET a woman, but can 8767 t keep her If black women were more open to IR, black women can not only GET men of other races, but know how to keep a man as well, since their marriage rates are more on average successful compared to when they marry their own men. The divorce rate is not only high between black men and their own women, but high when black men and other races of females as well

There once was a time in America not too long ago when the ebony and ivory piano keys, metaphorically, could not legally live in harmony. When The Supremes were in full swing with their shimmery dresses and funky hairstyles, Black and White love was strictly forbidden. But thanks to Loving v. Virginia , a 6967 landmark Supreme Court case, today&rsquo s Halles , Paulas , and Imans needn&rsquo t hide their affections for their fair-skinned lovers.

Yes and no. Have you ever heard of 8775 yellow fever 8776 . Google it and you 8767 ll see what i mean. But at the same time, they have the privilege of not being minorities so they are not forced to look outside their race for marriage partners. Yes, forced. The socio-economic set-up of the . creates an environment where people of color have limited options among their race for building functional family structures.

The short answer is yes. They do exist, but their locations are usually secrets that people-in-the-know aren't willing to share. Our gloryhole locations are indeed, real. We've had to change locations over the years because people find us and list our holes on forums and on Craigslist. As real gloryholes get saturated with action, they get used up, shut down and become part of the "gloryhole legend".

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Exactly. Not for nothin my dude, but this topic of discussion is along the same lines of religion NOBODY is ever going to COMPLETELY come to a mutual consensus, a complete agreement as to why shit is the way it is, nor come up with a definitive root reason/cause of any of it. I personally just see it as entertaining convo to get me through my work day, muh 8767 f#$kaz gonna think they way they wanna think no matter what LOL

Your absolutely correct. Its not the numbers that matter. What 8767 s important is what kind of coupled black gay men get the coverage of major media. That coverage is what drives perceptions about us and its what drives our own ideas about who we are and how we should live our lives. Many of us copy what 8767 s popular regardless of how much sense it makes. The question remains why do such a high percentage of high profile black men (straight and gay) NOT chose black partners and how does this affect the self esteem and behavior of us black folks? Will some graduate student please study this already!

Most gay black men I 8767 ve encountered (and there has been more than white) are looking to have sex only. I get it. I was in the closet for a long time and the reason which I think is somewhat of a root: my religious family. In my 78 years of life I have never met another black atheist. I can 8767 t synthesize Christianity with my sexuality, I in fact CAN blame that on black Baptist churches because I was raised in them. We all know what Im talking about. They may have progressed on the issue since I last stepped inside one 65 years ago, but I wouldn 8767 t know. A lot of the self-hate I had when I was was attributed to religious black folk not 8775 thugs, 8776 not 8775 ghetto people 8776 not violence, not men on the DL.

So then, if appearance cannot accurately tell you 8775 race 8776 , what defines it?
Genetics? That also falls apart when you examine the truth: we are % genetically identical. Every last human on Earth is % genetically identical and out of billion lines of genetic code only a few a FEW out of those billions code for skin color or facial features we try to use as racial clues. There is actually more genetic variation between two people of the SAME race than two people of DIFFERENT 8775 race 8776 groups. Yeah, believe it or not. 75,555 years ago the Toba supervolcano erupted and nearly rendered the human race extinct there were only about 5,555 people left on Earth and every man woman and child on Earth today all 7 billion are descended from that group of people who could fit into a sports stadium. That is how closely related we are. It 8767 s been calculated that all of us are at very least 57nd cousins or closer. That may be hard to swallow, but it is true.

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All of the black gay couples listed are successful too. The fact that you only equate success with the amount of money a person makes is a personal issue you have. The black gay couples listed have been discussed in the media as well, they are more publicly prominent than the average person. They may not be NBA players, but there are no openly gay white NBA players either. Being a huge international media personality and openly gay is still a rare thing, even for white people.

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