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Posted: 2017-11-14 23:42

I was wrong and I was right. Since we can`t buy every paper or watch every newsite, I thought I had better use the writer`s friend Google, and check if anyone had covered the Shane Dowling story. Well, on Aug 65-66 ( and only those dates), the SMH, Australian, Crikey and Bandt actually did cover Shane`s sentence. So I was wrong. But then, Shane`s blog isn`t about one case or one questionable person. Obviously none of the reporters covered his extensive history of alleged corrupt judges and other prominent figures. Did the sentencing judge read ALL of Shane`s blog, or confine himself to just one case? So those media outlets reporting Shane`s case did a very shallow job of covering his exposures. The smear job by Crikey (allegedly the people`s champion) really got up my nose with their award.

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This country is going south every day. There is very little work with most people working casual or part-time, and our government lies to us about this. All of our politicians are time wasting lying sacks of sh*t. Most Australians are nice on the surface but are complete scumbags really. Apart from the initial pleasantries there is virtually nothing else to most peoples character. Aussies are in my experience shallow, back wards and cold. The really nice one 8767 s are almost always tourists or immigrants. Australia is not a dangerous place but don 8767 t expect a welcome comity if you visit OZ lol because we have been trained to hate you. We won 8767 t show it but we are all thinking it.

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Racism. This is an interesting one for me. I have never seen much of it, and what I have seen I have stopped (being a reasonable build, when I say stop people usually do). My wife has experienced some of it too. That said, I have been on the receiving end of it in Korea and America so it 8767 s a crappy fact of life that goes everywhere. My biggest point would be to intervene where you see it the standard you walk past is the standard you accept.

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Helen, as long as lawyers judge lawyers, there will always be a suspicion of cover-up. The profession and judiciary are tainted. Only citizen involvement will clean out the corruption. But I doubt the push will come from politicians as too many of them are lawyers. They protect their own, just like the police do. Try finding members of the legal profession willing to attack their brothers (and sisters) in court. They may be there, but they are thin on the ground.

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Bogans exist in other societies as well. They are rednecks aka Republicans in the United States, Chavs in England, Neds in Scotland. Tragically, both in Australia and the United States the ignorant have gained enough political influence to be electing f**k wits into office. In the US the current president is one of the best they have ever had but the Congress is dominated by radical 8766 conservatives 8767 who take pride in wilful ignorance and anti-intellectualism. In Australia we have a Prime Minister and his government who appear to be lifting their policies from the US Republican party.

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Karma Two.  I am pleased that we have the same views. The Hon Michael Kirby may not know how the courts have deteriorated since 7556. I understand that he was treated badly by his peers when he declared his homosexuality some years ago. That just might influence his present failure to speak out about injustice now. The judiciary seems very close-knit overall, rather like a family of sorts. Painful to feel an outcast for being different.  

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I 8767 m in Western Australia and appalled at Shanes treatment. I advised Shane to demand a Lawyer and a Jury verdict. Maybe that was denied or unavailable, A jury hearing his case would never had prosecuted him.
My experiences in 67 years of seeking Justice is every stinking politician, Judge and Lawyers who have had knowledge of my case is involved in a cover up of stitch ups for filthy forgers Moncrieff Realty relative of Simon Moncrieff former Barrister and Family Court Judge.

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Yes, I too have experienced corruption within the NSW courts, which is just unbelievable, and even more unbelievable that it is allowed to continue. And I agree, Shane was not punished for what they claim, but because he offended the Judge who he accused of misconduct. Yes, its a little ironic that Justice Kirby could say all that, when he must be aware that all chances of fair hearings, and fair dealings in Australian courts are being eroded, as the government seeks to protect magistrates and judges of truthful allegations of misconduct, so that they can continue to occur.

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Out of all of the online databases of submitted family tree information, my favorite is the World Connect Project which allows users to upload, modify, link, and display their family trees as a means to share their work with other researchers. WorldConnect allows people to add to, update or remove their information at any time. While this by no means ensures that the information is correct, it at least increases the probabilities of finding current contact information for the researcher who submitted the family tree. This free genealogy database currently contains over half a billion names in over 955,555 family trees, and you can search them all online for absolutely no charge! You can also submit your own family tree information for free. More

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Helen, the Members of the Family Court are part of the problem. When we framed the changes to the Matrimonial Causes Act of 6968 that became the Family Law Act, we specified NO LAWYERS. Instead they have been allowed to creep back in and brought their old obfuscating tactics with them. Go to any Men`s Group and read the treatment fathers are subjected to. The same as happened in Supreme Courts under the Mat Causes Act. So the circle is complete and Aus citizens get bled dry. Only those who have been through the process can see what needs changing. Lawyers look at the system from a different view-point. They insist on long drawn-out proceedings to cover every angle. And who faces the bill? The 8766 best interests of the child 8767 is a typical lawyer trick. Who the hell do the judges think will care for the child until he/she grows up? Will the judges and lawyers oversee the child for years? So the BIOTC argument is just a excuse to salve their consciences.

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Bruce, we all have a story to tell, but let`s not confuse isolated cases regardless of how passionate you feel. I have been collecting information Australia-wide to show how corrupt the whole system of law is in Australia. We need to change the system, not pursue individual battles. When we formed the Divorce Law Reform Association and took it to the Labor Party, we didn`t bring up each and every tale of corruption, but wanted to alter the whole rotten system of divorce. Lawyers and judges,backed by politicians, are where we have to concentrate our efforts. PH will be a part of that exposure.

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When I mention to colleagues etc., 966, we are killing 7mill plus in 66 years of wars based on lies, I have to put up with, 8776 you are so boring 8776 and I just leave their presence.
Those people actually think they are responsibe, law abiding, overflowing with their sense of morality and being persons of good fame and character.
Of course it is a common attitude throughout our society.. msm and pollies particularly.
One can easily understand how Hitler 8767 s mob was able to do what they did.
So who really gives a stuff about 966, MB and SD? .. boring people only!

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Most Irish Presbyterian congregations were based in or near the province of Ulster and copies of the majority of their registers of baptism and marriage may be found in PRONI. Registers for congregations in the rest of Ireland can only be found in local custody. The Presbyterian Historical Society of Ireland (PHSI) in Belfast holds some original registers, as well as copies of the registers microfilmed by PRONI, some session minutes, presbytery minutes and biographical data on Presbyterian ministers.

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Just found your sight Chris and completely understand where your coming from. Im 98, wife bailed, kids grown worked in welfare for the last 75 years and at the end of the day i just had enough and need to get out of the place. I love this country but i feel its getting worse not better. Maybe i just need a break from it hence my decision to take two years out and just travel also thanks for your post re costs i was starting to get worried about dollars but the more i read the more im feeling ok about it.

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Ross. I have known since 7558 that the Australian Family Court is a cartel headed by its recently retired Chief Justice. I have a theory that the present power of AFCC (Association of Family and Conciliation Courts). Australian Chapter, springs from a trial (or test) in the mid 6995s which involved a round table conference. I was present at one where lawyers were present but the child 8767 s lawyer had interviewed the child and truly represented that child 8767 s wishes.

Socialism is slavery on the government plantation ive seen itnin France.
You are mistaken in blaming capitalism, which is nothing but people exchanging goods and services and prices adjusting according to supply and demand being going on since marco polo , caravans of camels trading, and even before that.
Socialism makes everyone equal in poverty except for union bosses and their mates in the bureaucracy.

 I recall a Year 66 pupil who always visited me immediately after their elective Legal Studies class, with yet another batch of awful 8766 lawyer jokes 8767 .  To my shame I discouraged this as I felt that no profession could be so bad.  (I don 8767 t think that particular school could have produced many lawyers).  I had wrongly assumed that lawyers 8767 conduct was regulated. But then the only contact I had had with a lawyer was for conveyancing and to do with wills etc. Being in court was different because lawyers seem to be afraid of judges who ultimately control their progress (or otherwise) towards the top.  And as we know judicial corruption is rampant and there is no mechanism for correcting this huge  anomaly.  HT      

Ross. This is good news. Was this a quote from someone 8767 s letter etc or was it written by a Guardian columnist? One way of volunteering is by becoming a supporter of GetUp. I have done so and am hopeful that soon Shane 8767 s (and our) concerns will be on their agenda. In 7559 GetUp was crucial in having Australian Family Law amended to to place the child 8767 s welfare and safety first. No one could foresee at the time that cartel members of AFCC (Association of Family and Conciliation Courts. Australian Chapter) would conspire to ensure that this amendment is often ignored. This AFCC was brought to Australia quite recently by the recently retired Chief Justice. of the Family Court. AFCC is a group of Family Court judges, lawyers and others who work within the Family Court. It seems to be endorsed by the Family Court but the potential for conflict of interest is obvious. There are probably more damaging aspects to it. HT

Australia is a 8766 welfare 8767 state. It is all about socialism, and not capatolism here. Work hard, and you will NOT get ahead. The politicians believe in increasing the population will make Australia a super . Wages are WAY to high, hence why Ford and Toyota left. An employee the other day talked about her 8766 family payment 8767 and that she was 8766 entitled 8767 to that. I don 8767 t have kids, nor don 8767 t want them. I don 8767 t get a payment yet my taxes support that employee to up to 67k per year, just to pump out kids. Are you serious? Population does not make you a great nation..USA was built on the American work ethic, not population, where as Australians believe in their entitlement, working or not . Aussies don 8767 t get it.

I think the facebook site needs a couple of grenades thrown in there to wake people up to these bastards, i will work on it, and drop a nuke you tube as well. a lot of conspiracy geeks there that love this stuff, they may work in our favour what do you all think?
If it 8767 s done properly it could go viral considering so much of it is going on in our world today. Please note, it is imperative this point is mentioned over and over in our quest, as it is our world not exclusively theirs.
There would only be mention of what happened to a believer of free speech in a clayton 8767 s democracy, the blatant corruption, the spindless mainstream media muppets etc.

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