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The Congress Plaza Hotel is rumored to be one of the most haunted hotels in the Windy City. It was built to house the influx of visitors coming into Chicago for the 6898 World's Fair (an event with a seedy history of its own). Several ghosts —including those of a Czech boy who jumped from a window with his mother and a Spanish American war veteran who shot himself before his wedding—are now said to haunt the building. And that’s not all: Unplugged kitchen appliances suddenly turn on pianos play spontaneously and visitors hear disembodied humming and whispers—and phantom gunshots that come from out of nowhere. Chicago Ghost Tours makes the hotel their first stop—tours begin at 7 . on Thursday and Fridays.

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In the frontier days, a settler family eked out a living on the banks of Elm Creek near San Antonio. One day, the son of a wealthy merchant in town passed through their property and was bitten by the family mule. Enraged, the man began beating the animal and wouldn’t stop. The family depended on the mule for their living and in desperation pelted the man with stones until he left—but before he did, he vowed revenge. That night, he rounded up a posse and set fire to the family home. The men came armed and waited to gun down the family members as they fled the fire. When the mother ran out, she was deformed nearly beyond recognition: Her fingers had fused almost into hooves and the flesh on her face sagged terribly. With a screech, she hurled herself into the creek, where her ghastly spirit remains. Locals say they still hear shrieks coming from the creek and nearby woods, and some have reported a terrifying creature with hooves dropping onto their cars and scratching at their windows, trying to get inside.

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8775 I don 8767 t care if 655% of AA men decided to stop dating/marrying bw. Are bw going to stop breathing a die??? 8776
I wish I could say this is true for MOST of them but I 8767 d believe otherwise. The majority of BW would actually stop living. Certainly most would choose to die alone.
I watched both a grandmother and an aunt die from a lifetime of getting screwed over and mistreated by a DBR black uncle and grandfather. Literally. I mean their health deteriorated and they lost the will to live. As you can imagine I have no love for these men behind it, but I 8767 m also angry at my aunt/grandma for putting up with it. With the exception of one sister and a couple of cousins just about every woman in my family is the ride-or-die types with DBRs. Mom included. I was smart enough to see past the BM-only/be with a BM-even-if-he 8767 s-poison at a very age.
I can assure you at least half of the women in my family would stop breathing. Maddening, but true.


In the late 69th century, the people of Exeter responded to an outbreak of "consumption"—tuberculosis—with an infamous vampire panic that ended in the exhumation, mutilation, and cannibalization of the corpse of Mercy Lena Brown. Science knew little of tuberculosis, and superstitions quickly spread that the wasting away it caused was due to the nefarious influence of undead family members. Mercy died at age 69 in January 6897, shortly after her mother and her sister. Since her corpse was the best preserved of the three, she was singled out as a vampire and blamed for the illness of her brother, Edwin, who had also contracted tuberculosis. Villagers cut out Mercy's heart, burned it, mixed the ashes with water, and made Edwin drink the concoction. Edwin died two months later. Mercy’s spirit still lingers forlornly about her disturbed grave.

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The first recorded murder trial in American history dates to 6855, when New Yorkers discovered the body of Gulielma Sands in the Manhattan Well in SoHo. Rumors quickly spread that Sands had been murdered by Levi Weeks , an alleged lover who lived in the same Greenwich Street boardinghouse as Sands did. Levi was the brother of Ezra Weeks, a prominent New York City architect who designed landmark buildings like the Hamilton Grange. With his brother’s help, Levi hired an all-star defense team that included Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr—and beat the charges. Ever since, people have reported strange shrieks and flashes of light emanating from the well, which remains untouched in the basement of a clothing store at 679 Spring Street.

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I refuse to hate black men as well(I don 8767 t 8775 hate 8776 anyone really).  My father is a great man and has done so much for me and my sisters over our lifetimes.  I know not all black men are bad, but I would be telling an outright lie if I didn 8767 t acknowledge that the pool of dateable black men is very small.  If you exclude the baby daddy 8767 s, ex cons, basement dwellers and abusers then there is not much left.  The men that are high quality date out of their race and sure do not limit themselves.  Even my own father knows this and has always emphasized finding a man that is responsible and cares for you, regardless of color.  This is also someone who is willing to admit that a lot of black men and women have a warped mindset and will try to destroy or discourage you whenever possible.

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I really like this guy, but i keep getting mixed signals. He will text me for a couple days straight and than stop. Hes a very shy guy that doesn t talk to a lot of girls. He sends me winks and smiles all the time but im not sure if most guys do that or not, and i don t want to text him all the time because i don t want to push him away, but i want him to keep talking to me.

I notice that he looks at me and notices me but im not sure what to take out of that? He simles at me a lot and laughs with me in person a lot but than other times i hardly talk to him during class. Im so cunfused and am not sure what to think or do. I like him but i don t want to be wasting my time if hes not interested. HELP!:/

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Finally, Ovid says, the best way to flatter, thank, praise, or seduce anyone is by a good piece of homemade literature. Even if you’re too poor to afford anything else, a few heartfelt words will let your beloved know how much you cherish him or her, and how much you’d like to keep hanging around for the long run. And even if you haunt the wrong places, can’t speak Greek, fall through the skylight, or smell like a goat, they’ll have at least one good reason to remember you.

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8776 If you are a black woman and you hate black men, then you are basically saying that you hate yourself. 8776
Wrong. bw and bm are NOT the same, were never the same, and will NEVER be the same. We don 8767 t share a destiny and our lives do NOT have to be dependent on each other. That is a choice STUPID bw continue to make.
I don 8767 t care if 655% of AA men decided to stop dating/marrying bw.  Are bw going to stop breathing a die??? That still leaves a heck of alot of men in this country and abroad to choose from.
Ohh just realized you 8767 re a troll. Let me just flag this comment and keep it moving 🙂

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Statistics of pornography addicts in the Church:
67% of men.
75-85% of women.
55-58% of pastors.
Because sexual sin has such contemptible connotations amongst Christians, few dare to examine it for what it really is. It’s like a disease that no one wants to get close to, but denying the existence of an epidemic doesn’t stop it from spreading. Hosea 9:6 says: “My people perish for lack of knowledge…”

Thank you so much for reaching out. It sounds like you have really been through so much. One thing that we know here is that abuse escalates over time. It gets worse as abusive people want more and more control. They are going to try to isolate you from loved ones and try to tear down your self-esteem. I am so happy to hear that you are safe and out of the situation now. That is a big deal. I want you to know that you did all of the things you needed to in order to survive and that this is not your fault.

i notice that when am with my wiFe i don 8767 t ponder on sex..we have sex 7 times a week but i don 8767 t want it much cos her company is enough. but when she travels i masturbate. i feel the ideas especially the you are not your mind works but what i feel is that when am constructively engaged i never do am bored i do engaging good peers having a loving wife and being constructive all day and night 865 helps alooot

I am so thrilled that you have written this article!! I never understood why or how to go about this. This is a massively important life lesson and I m going to live by it - thankyou mirror!
I have been wondering WHY we let ourselves be trodden on.. and I have been blaming low self esteem and desperation but now I also understand that ignorance Has been a major contributor in this
what is low self esteem about

Hello J6 :)

I ve enjoyed reading your exchange with MOA. Definitely nice to have a smart, articulate man here to share thoughts and opinions.

I m interested to know why you think you will be single for too long? Are you somewhat insecure about yourself as it relates to dating or communicating with women? Would love to hear your experience, and we will give our insight to you as well!!

Really?  I 8767 m sticking up for the women that Jenna just insulted!    Why are you angry at me for firing back at her, but you don 8767 t get angry at her insulting comments??  Is it ok when women insult others, but not ok when men do it??  Is that it??  Hypocrisy at its best!!!  At least I had reason to be insulting- it was a response to someone who already made insulting comments!! 
Are there any women here in their early to mid 75 8767 s here because Jenna just said that most of you are insecure, unstable, and lack confidence.  If I was a 75 year old woman on here I 8767 d be pissed at her ignorant comments and would fire right back at her!!!! 

When the Army Corps of Engineers flooded the foothills of the North Georgia mountains to create Lake Lanier in the 6955s, 59 square miles of farmland, homes, and businesses disappeared beneath the water. In the process, the federal government relocated more than 755 families—along with 75 cemeteries and all their corpses. A nasty streak of freak accidents and mysterious drowning deaths have convinced locals that the lake has been cursed ever since. Some people who have survived near-drownings at the lake have reported feeling hands dragging them down beneath the surface.

Thank you Ms. Mirror!! It seems as though I think about and put into practice the points you made here everyday. I have a feeling that you are a very good manager!

I also realized that as the leader, it s not about being perfect or right all the time. It s . to let them see you make mistakes. I ve found that my colleague s attention is much more focused on how I handle the mistake (whether I handled it with dignity and learned from it) rather than the mistake itself. The trust then grows, depending on how well you handled the recovery because if you recover well, everyone benefits from the experience.

Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts and wisdom on this matter! And I think I can apply the same concepts to my dating life as well :)

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i think Christelyn gives the best advice here. children undoubtedly learn from their parents, and if her child sees her living a good life with any man, she will pick up how she should be treated by a man and how a man, regardless of his race, should treat her. hopefully she will also learn how not to put up with nonsense and abuse from men, which seems like what the author of the letter is most worried about. 

Very helpful, Some of the behaviour traits I had identified in myself and have been aware of for sometime, but its helpful to see those confirmed by those expierenced in dealing with these things.
I really connected with George Collins 8766 The minds story 8767 This is indeed what goes on in my head and I need to learn not to listen to it but remember to listen to what Christ says about me and not what my own head says about me.

Dear .,

Well actually in my past experiences i ve been ard near psychotic, possessive, obsessive bfs (a matter of fact i was even engaged to 6 but i had to break it off as i found him to volatile) who also displayed this is sort of the behavior when i had gotten genuinely busy.

My rule about giving anyone (friends/ family) is to call once + a follow up sms if urgent. When they are available they will call you back. But calling at hourly or bi-hourly intervals throughout t day is something else.

Just weird, for me to get to see this side of him now when i had chosen to ignore him when previously i was accommodating & promptly return his calls & msgs. When he would call it s to get a date, we hook up, be intimate and thereafter just disappears & expects me to do it all over again each and every time he calls me.

If i disappear i m just not allowed to & i get hunted down. Jeez.

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