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9.)   My main conclusion is that transsexualism is basically a social problem whose cause cannot be explained except in relation to the sex role and identities that a patriarchal society generates. Through hormonal and surgical means, transsexuals reject their “native” bodies, especially their sexual organs, in favor of the body and the sexual organs of the opposite sex. They do this mainly because the body and the genitalia, especially, come to incarnate the essence of their rejected masculinity and desired femininity. Thus transsexualism is the result of socially prescribed definitions of masculinity and femininity, one of which the transsexual rejects in order to gravitate towards the other.

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So you don 8767 t believe that there are two sexes or that two sexes are enough, just like Christians believe in a bearded sky daddy because they choose to. My 8775 belief 8776 on this point is based on provable, reproduceable fact. Yours is based on how you feel. Otherwise, please prove that sexual dimorphism isn 8767 t enough for humans by naming a third human sex and explaining how it reproduces. Until you can, you have no argument.

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I never said that 8775 male and female don’t cut the mustard for defining sex. 8776 What I have done is question the framework of knowledge that you claim underpins these terms which is to say, I 8767 ve questioned your ontology. You 8767 re merely asserted that the framework of knowledge for sex (and even biology!) are English word definitions. When challenged on this point, you claim that biology isn 8767 t itself a framework of knowledge and that it isn 8767 t the child of a framework of knowledge that a framework of knowledge and biology are two different sciences. When I get frustrated with your gleeful yet obstinate wrongness, you pretend that I 8767 ve claimed that you lack a ability to not be wrong because 8775 lady brain. 8776

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Courts have sometimes viewed all passwords as equal, faulting a victim whose partner hacked her Facebook because she had shared an Amazon password with him. The court questioned whether one password could be considered private, given that she had shared other accounts, Rucker explained. “If you share an iCloud account and you’re sharing pictures that way, you’re sharing accounts in the eyes of the court,” Rucker said.

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as far as i 8767 m concerned thesse women aren 8767 t feminists, they just hate men i am moderately gender dysphoric, and i have been told more than once that i am just 8775 a lesbian in denial 8776 i was told by a terf once that having a preference for men was just 8775 being a slave to the patriarchy 8776 considering that i have never in my life been interested in female anatomy, this is rather ludicrous, but that 8767 s what i get for not being gay, i guess although i do think i would have made an absolutely fabulous drag queen if i had been born male 😀 the problem here, in my opinion, isn 8767 t so much fear, or misunderstanding, as it is blind irrational hatred of all things that have ever possessed a penis, which is really quite silly, because penises are harmless, without the patriarchal bullshit society pushes along with them there are plenty of straight men out there who are proud to call themselves feminists, and each and every one of them possesses a penis, too should we automatically consider them our enemies? 8766 cuz if we do, my sex life is screwed. haha

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8775 Social consensus may or may not be fact. It never determines fact. 8776
Never is a strong word. Social consensus definitely establishes *social* facts. Does 8775 marriage 8776 exist? Evidently it does. That seems to be a fact. It would not exist at all without social consensus, therefore the social consensus determines that fact. We might discuss whether marriage *ought* to exist, given that it has no biological 8766 truth 8767 , but institutionally, culturally and legally it is a fact. Even those who take an anti-marriage position must recognise this.

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This means that biology exists. Ontoloty exists. They can and should be used together to garner more truths. When that happens, it 8767 s called 8775 biological ontology. 8776 Notice that they put the two together, not just call one the other ? This does not mean that one is dependent upon the other to exist. And without ontology, you could not delve into biology to garner more hidden truths that would further substantiate the basic truths that we already know, as I 8767 ve described in resistors.

What this means is, 8775 if you refuse to discuss the framework of knowledge that I perceive and accept it as fact, our conversation won 8767 t move in the direction that I want it to. 8776 In truth, as I 8767 ve already pointed out, this conversation stopped going anywhere ages ago. But, I can 8767 t seem to quit trying. So this is me no longer trying. As I 8767 ve said, thank you for pointing out the obvious inability of the typical trans person to accept reality, that most will do anything to justify their fantasies, the fact that you won 8767 t accept reality no matter how much I point at it and want you to only to actually help you, no less and that regardless of whether I succeeded, the fault of your self-imposed fantasies is your own.

What the available sources do not offer us, as far as I know, is any account of how Burghammer, after giving birth, self-identified or viewed the situation, beyond describing his physical state as 8775 half male and half female 8776 (here I assume for the moment that he identified with his male status and role assigned at birth and generally lived up to this time, thus the pronoun 8775 him 8776 ).

Before getting involve in this debate, I got involved in arguing on line with Mens Rights Activists. I can 8767 t tell you how many time I have had 8775 Ad Hominem 8776 insults. Being called a 8775 Feminazi 8776 , or a SJW (You say that like it is a bad thing?) and also been barred. The caring sharing Christians are keen on this one too. I have been barred from more 8775 Christian 8776 sites than I can remember. (My heart bleeds). I usually consider it a victory to be barred. Is there a reason that they are afraid of debate or as some might call it the truth. Then eventually, on a few Trans sites, I learned of the term 8775 TERFS 8776 . Wow. Just wow.

As to the ladybrain, no, I did not assert that I 8775 lack the ability to not be wrong 8776 which took me a few readings to translate into a comprehensible sentence: I lack the ability to be right because of ladybrain. I mocked the patriarichal nonsense that surrounds women, and the dark ages the trans movement would force to keep us in for the sake of yet more male fantasies and desires. If my joke was too subtle, I apologize, and seek to clarify with the statement: this was a joke, not literal.

Marriage is a contract. When you draw up that contact, the contract then exists outside of the social and in the material. The marriage itself may or may not. You have to create a marriage contract for it to exist. And even then calling it a marriage is a matter of debate. The reason for this is because marriage is subjective. The contract of marriage is not. Sex, like a marriage contract, isn 8767 t subjective. Again, this is crossing out of the context of this discussion.

Feminists always have and always will advocate for child protection. The sex of the child is irrelevant. And to assume that I would believe that having a penis infers a desire for harm shows only that you have no argument and wish to derail the conversation by personally attacking me. It also shows that you 8767 re delusion is so mass spread that feminists don 8767 t even know what ideology they subscribe to anymore.

If they’re a very private or conservative person, they probably don’t want all your friends knowing that they have the perfect penis or the most glorious vagina. If they’re more open, those kinds of compliments may be OK to share. Just try not to go into too much detail. It’s a compliment to share that your partner has a great ass, but it’s weird to get into details about the color of their anus and tightness of their rectum.

From another perspective, of course, all radical feminist women fighting the patriarchy are going through a process of feminist resocialization. For most, the resocialization involves a redefinition of what it means to be 8775 female 8776 for the minority with past male privilege, it also involves renouncing that privilege, and a resocialization at once female (into a new status) and feminist.

7 8775 Not every individual has functional gametes (most social insects). Some have no gametes at all (fungi, ferns), some even change sex (. clown fish), and yet, if we are talking about humans without [functional] gametes, or with ambiguous or absent genitals, we would most likely call such people ‘men’ or ‘women’ according to their presentation, ie. it would be their gender, not their reproductive biology which would be most significant in deciding the matter. (AIS is another fascinating example). 8776

8775 There would be no map without the territory. And no matter how you attempt to map the territory, the territory is fixed. 8776
Except that sometimes, even the territory changes. Try mapping a river delta! And no matter how you attempt to map the territory, your map will always be a construction.
The important point is to make sure that the map takes account of all *meaningful variety* in the territory. You believe two sexes is enough variety and in many cases it is. But I disagree that it is *always* enough. To generalize is to lose information to disengage with the absolute truth.

On January 6st 7558 a 69 year old Stefanie Rengal was stabbed 6 times and leaft to die by a David Bagshaw, 67 at the time, Bagshaw s Girlfriend Melissa Todorovic ( I believe she was 65 at the time), saw rengal as a romantic rival and demanded that Bagshaw kill Rengal. Todorovic cajoled and demanded that her boyfriend murder the girl she saw as a rival.

8775 Please explain why I shouldn’t be worried given the statistics towards male violence against women. 8776
Please explain why feminists should not be concerned about *all* patriarchal violence, regardless of the sex of the victim. Or maybe the son that is taught a lesson in 8766 manning up 8767 by being beaten by his father is of no consequence, and he probably deserves a beating because he has a penis?
Look, those statistics are absolutely worthy of attention. They reflect terribly on humanity. I don 8767 t doubt the statistics, which actually underrepresent the truth of systemic and widespread patriarchal violence, I merely doubt their relevance to the topic of who may call themselves 8775 woman 8776 , or who may be allowed to be called 8775 she 8776 / 8776 her 8776 .

Pronouns are very much more than just that. As social constructions, they have contextual meaning which varies even more so than words like 8775 man 8776 and 8775 woman 8776 .
Examples: It is a common idiom amongst male theatre actors to refer to each other as she/her. The distinction between (.) the French 8775 il 8776 and 8775 elle 8776 is a distinction of gender, not biology (not all French cats are male). Scandinavian languages have two 8766 genders 8767 , neither of which are masculine, or feminine. Nozzles, sockets, plugs and connectors have 8775 male 8776 and 8775 female 8776 forms, without a gamete in sight. When the Sergeant wakes up the male recruits, he might well say 8775 Good morning, Ladies 8776 . These are not biological facts, but as common idioms, they are factual enough to be relevant to a discussion about gendered nomenclature. Gendered pronouns and terms like 8775 lady 8776 , in general use, are not as fixed, or as constrained by biology as we might at first imagine.