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Well they 8767 re not naturally mutually exclusive. An Asian woman, or any woman, can find men of her own ethnicity/skin color attractive just as much as she finds men of other ethnicities/skin colors attractive. Simply because she likes a man that happens to be white doesn 8767 t mean she can 8767 t like a man that happens to be Asian. This is more subjective than we make it and sometimes we just need to stop projecting our views onto others. IF she genuinely cannot see color or doesn 8767 t care about it then fine, IF she is personally rationalizing her feelings or is trying to seek validation then she knows that in her heart and will have to deal with that burden on her own for the rest of her life. That 8767 s on her and it 8767 s not your issue to have to deal with. There are bigger things to care about life, especially in your own life. Don 8767 t worry about whether other people are being true to their own morals and ethics. If they live lies, then they will have to deal with the consequences. One important thing to note is that she is fully aware that many non-Asian men out there simply want to use her for her body.

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655% correct. My feelings written by another brother bitten and ill treated by western woman. Western woman in the most part regardless of race are bottom of the barrel. Not all of us are fooled by their bigotted nonsemse about white males. You an hear the endless complaining about why they cant find a mate, they blame their looks. No girls, your attitude stinks, we will continue to look elsewhere.

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Thank you so much, Jeff. Reasoning with close-minded people is no different than screaming at a brick wall if people insist on thinking in a bigoted, prehistoric manner, we can 8767 t stop them from doing so. What we can do, though, is spread the message that it is absolutely unacceptable to perpetuate racism, sexism, or any other form of discrimination from behind the security of a computer screen. Really do appreciate the support!

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Let me tell you that your one single story doesn 8767 t mean shit on this whole topic. When an entire population starts trending towards something, it is not because of small 8775 love 8776 stories like yours coming together. It 8767 s because of external factors that are affecting entire populations (where your little cute story doesn 8767 t mean shit). These factors include media portrayal such as the feminizing of Asian men on tv. People are stupid. You are likely very stupid. You think the only reason your girlfriend went for you is because you were 8775 the one 8776 ? No it 8767 s because there are a million little factors playing in her brain including her image of white people as a population which shes seen in movies, tv, commercials, etc. It 8767 s easy to call bitter men bitter when you 8767 re sitting on a higher seat.

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The irony is, a lot of Asian girls are okay with dating out, but they aren 8767 t okay with Asian guys dating out. This is prevalent in Toronto in the university frat & sorority system. It also happens in the Asian social orgs at these schools. It 8767 s known that Asian chicks stake their claim on Asian guys in the frat/sorority system and you hear a lot of shit talking from them when an Asian dude dates out. I know a lot of white chicks that crush on Asian guys, and say they get dirty stares from Asian girls when she tries to go for him at parties or events. Or the spreading of the belief around that white girls are easy and that 8767 s the only reason why the Asian guy is with her.

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Blowing smoke out your ass buddy. Bite me. So why are you trying to hit on Korean, Japanese, Chinese, or Vietnamese-heritage girls? Sounds like you 8767 ve got a bit of yellow fever yourself. Why not just hit on girls you find attractive instead of chasing a stereotype. And you know what, speaking for myself that asian male 8775 I 8767 m the boss 8776 thing does as little for me as the Latin American machismo thing does. What does that tell you.

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Asian-American men are also the most educated. They have the highest rate of college graduation. They are also the most over-represented demographic at elite universities (being 9-5x over-represented at schools such as Harvard, Stanford, Yale). Even with racial quotas within the ivy league that heighten standards and limit enrollment of Asian-Americans, they are still over-represented at these schools. At elite universities where these enrollment quotas are removed, it goes to being 65x more over-represented (ex: Asian-Americans make up 9% of the . population but are the majority at Berkeley).

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you do realise there is no set standard on what is considered attractive, what we perceive as attractive is purely based on conditioning, please dont try and learn your parent 8767 s languages or ever date asian men, normally id give people the benefit of the doubt but considering the sheer idiocy of this post, id appreciate it if you could mentally convert yourself to a white girl, dont have kids either, you 8767 d end up hating your half asian son

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you are not attracted to them, you just envy them. and using an excuse claiming that we have reach a post racial generation is dishonesty. because all of us had and are still experiencing covert racism in the society we are all trying to escape. if you really believe we are in a post racial world, why do you see yourself as an asian? why do you feel more proud of your heritage. the world has become more racialise not less, the hate obama got, the neonazi movement across US and EU. canada is not immune, even in asia, we are not immune.

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The truth in all this? I 8767 m currently living in China, my girlfriend is a professional cosplayer with well over half a million followers on Weibo, mostly men, also girls. And yet she is with me, a White guy, not because of the color of my skin but because I fell in love and took an opportunity when we met through a common friend (a cool Chinese dude, not hating on our couple) and it took a lot of courting to win her heart, it didn 8767 t happen over night, also speaking the language helps (I 8767 m fluent in Mandarin).

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Historically, East Asians have been far more progressive on this front than whites. Neither China, Korea or Japan has had bans on interracial marriage up until the late 6965s (See Loving v. Virginia). Also, acts such as the Chinese Exclusion Act allowed white males to bring over Chinese brides, but not for Chinese males to marry white brides (Chae Chan Ping v. United States is still considered good law and highly influential to . immigration law, and there was also a version of this act in Canada).


I wouldn 8767 t say they are all crazy psychotic like Elliot Rodger. But they definitely had gone through a period of mental disturbance in their lives. And this forum r/hapas helps them unite and solve some of these issues and perhaps prevent another Elliot Rodger disaster of mass shooting. When you first read it, it feels like it 8767 s full of hate. Then you slowly begin to understand where it is coming from - their wmaf parents!!!!!! They just have so much anger and frustration because of the environment they grew up in. I truly feel very sad for them and want to help them. They post new articles everything, you should join and discuss.

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At least in America, the asian girls who date out their race tend to be the uglier asian girls. However, I 8767 ve seen asian girls in canada who were actually quite attractive dating white guys, so asian canadian guys have even more right to be bitter than the ones down south. I think one reason is that in canada, there are very few hispanics and blacks, meaning more white people, and that means asian canadian guys have even more white guys to compete with when it comes to getting asian girls, and based on what everyone else is saying, they seem to be losing the battle pretty badly.

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When I started working in NYC, I worked with alot of Asians from Asia, not americanized. Immediately I became close to alot of them and we had a lot in common from a personal standpoint. So of course, the attraction was there and life happens. Man likes woman, woman likes man. After having a few Asian GF 8767 s, I actually thought about just not getting married (because there is good and bad in all races). However, I finally met a woman, who I initially blew off because I had enough of the gold diggers and the games. But she was different. She was modern on the outside, but inside, very very traditional from East Asia. I still apologize today for be difficult to here when we started dating, but it is self preservation.

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I 8767 m waiting for the condescending white girl column on white guys that fetishize Nordic women. Dump the BS. You want European dick. This virtue signaling is dishonest and boring. Admit what you are. All women love compliments. You live for it. Attention. You can pretend it 8767 s a mental illness, but the fact is you wouldn 8767 t change places with a black girl(that no one fetishizes) if you had the choice. Hypocrite.

im a single 77 year old azn dude who cured his own incurable disease (and a lot of other diseases/cancers) with magnesium + other stuff, and can beat ~55% of the professional UFC fighters in a mma fight w 6 kick, and can write code, and can perform surgery, and can play the piano, and can do pretty much anything and everything but talk to beautiful asian women. it feels like jumping off a very tall building everytime I see a beautiful asian girl.

you state: 8775 On the other hand, there are also plenty of Asian women who fetishize white guys just as much. If we’re being honest here, I was one of these girls at one point. From the ages of 67 to 75, I was only interested in white guys. I felt like I was sort of “upgrading” in a way by moving away from my heritage. I felt proud that I was more white-washed than all my other Asian friends. 8776

Hot asian girl (no comment on personality) + ugly loser white guy is a common combination. A white guy who can 8767 t get more than a physical 5 from his own ethinicity can get a hot asian girl. One, asian guys are ugly as heck so no difference there and two, asian girls have a white man fetish (. they are seeking the man with the highest perceived social status, even if he works at MacDonalds and plays video games in his free time).

Get pillaged, you basic asian whore. If you believe love is colorblind, then why are there so many of you? If you just want 8775 cuter 8776 half asian babies, why arent any other race of females just as crazy for some? Because people like you are shameless white ass-kissing toys with fake 8775 pride 8776 . What pride anyway? Pride in getting pillaged by white guy after white guy in hopes you become white yourself? Jesus. No wonder you make such pathetic families and miserable children. Thats why every successful half asian you can name, are the ones with asian fathers. Asian females growing up in the US or those that majorly consume western media are largely affected by this complex, and a lot of you are not even aware of having it. If deep down you really think an aryan man is your prince charming, then I advise you to wake the fuck up and take your head out of your own ass.

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