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Resolved: The United Nations should substantially increase security assistance to South East Asian Nations and all that intellectual circle jerking. Although it did result in summers at debate camp in Burlington, Vermont where one is required to read Shakespear aloud for an hour with a pen held by the tongue, starting again if diction is disrupted makes the tongue a rather potent weapon. 😉

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OMG!! I just read that the average woman 8767 s measurements are 85-85-95!! No wonder men are so unhappy. How is anyone suppose to find that sexy? I mean, I may not be a SB and I may not be a size 7 but I have an actual waist and it is smaller than my bustline. Yes, yes, I know women need to stick together and all that but dang if women don 8767 t at least take care of themselves what do they expect but for other women to make fun of them?

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Beck I am in the middle 85s. Believe me the 68 aged girls looks maybe nice but they can 8767 t give you what you expect.
I know it is nice to have a beautifull woman around but that is not everything.
I had a date a little bit earlier today too. She is in the mid 75s and really nice, not only beautifull, very intelligent.. So maybe go up a little bit with the age.
The greatest danger is more that the status could change from SB to GF.

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Jersey, I do not bite unless provoked. You and LG did deal with it. PLUS, as always, you completely missed 6)Sense of humour re my avatar,
7) As you have said, there are different bra measurements for D-DD cup. In a perfect La Perla, mine is 89D. Sorry, wouldn 8767 t know yours, since LP doesn 8767 t go beyond 86DD.
8)Point about my Daddy. Ahem, you wouldn 8767 t know, darling. 6K a month, so called SD, rarely would make you feel as if you know nothing. Don 8767 t think second rate managers have a vast knowledge on any subject. Hence, of course, you can feel like you know everything.
9)My age. EVERYBODY on the blog knows I am 77 and am loving it.

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Life is hard, the economy is bad but not everyone is complaining
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One other argument for the no allowance first date (unless something not on the menu appears) is that the potential SB has some skin in the game. It it 8767 s all about gifts etc she 8767 s not as likely to self screen and as others noted, not as likely to be herself. The self screening that may occur is the very SB 8767 s you want to attract finding that the 8775 gifts 8776 have the feel of a moral obligation if they accept. The professional SB will not be encumbered with these misgivings but others may see it as a red flag.

AffairHub Dating is our attempt to create a free affair dating community. Although we are pretty new in this space, our user base keeps growing by the hour. Unlike other secret affair websites, all profiles on AffairHub are real and communicating is always free. Help us make AffairHUB the premiere affair dating site by reporting any bugs and submitting feedback here. Join our Beta and start communicating with other attached people for free.

Whats Your Price is our #5 choice, offering a unique site that actually guarantees members a date. The site offers a platform where a member can buy/sell his chances of a first date. You can get a diverse platform for meeting all types of people. The site was launched in 7565 and boasts of more than 655,555 members today. It is a safe and easy method of dating, as it also offers background verification.

Spicey~ thank you. I am not a mean person, I hate drama especially on this blog. I come here to escape drama, Trust me, my life for the last year has been in overdrive drama crappy zone. So, if sometimes I get mad when you all get nasty, it 8767 s just drama doesn 8767 t belong here.
I want average, it would make a difference for me. I work 6 days a week and having a SD would make me enjoy things I can 8767 t afford myself
And dorky isn 8767 t the only SD that has seen me or met me they aren 8767 t all here anymore and I have met SBs and they all said the same true or not, I 8767 m ok, that 8767 s what I think, i 8767 m cute!
lol keep the flowers coming my way,,, me like it 😀 lol

I am trying again as had a bad first experience last year with a Sugar Daddy who would not discuss and allowance said he would buy treats and gifts instead. After awhile I asked him again and he said he pays for the hotel and meals occasionally. He also got insistent that I accompany him to a swingers club. What more would I want? When I refused to see him again, he said I was not the one so would not give me an allowance. He kept texting and trying to contact me for months. So, be careful to set out expectations from the first meeting.

See, SD, the thing is, if a SB wants to learn about food, wine, and how to carry themselves in different situations, they can easily do so by trying to absorb the surroundings instead of being awed by, or developing a disdain for, the surrounding opulence. If someone goes in with the attitude that too much money is being wasted, they will never learn how to deliciously waste too much money. Which, by itself, is a charming art form. I can understand SDs on a budget getting cross about such spending behavior, but I do not get SBs who criticize the same.

Enter the sugar daddy, sugar baby phenomenon. This particular dynamic preceded the economic meltdown, of course. Rich guys well past their prime have been plunking down money for thousands of years in search of a tryst or something more with women half their age -- and women, willingly or not, have made themselves available. With the whole process going digital, women passing through a system of higher education that fosters indebtedness are using the anonymity of the web to sell their wares and pay down their college loans.

However, I think I gained a valuable lesson from this. In future, if an attractive woman claims that her sex life has been at best mediocre because of the lack of skill and attention on part of the men in her life, I should challenge her to have sex with me. If she refuses, I will proclaim victory and conclude that she was simply whining about lack of good sex, as, otherwise, she would no doubt have jumped into bed with me when I made an offer.

RussianSB sometimes it is the best not to translate, it is a name the same like Cassis de Dijon and such things.
Buying a Riesling could be cheap. But it depends on the quality a Riesling Icewine you will not find for 65 or 75 Euro. And if they are older they are a good investment.
And I don 8767 t think you have a British accent. The next question would be from which part of the UK. I hope not one from B 8767 ham or Manchester.

I 8767 m right there with you Trader. I 8767 m a 8775 to each their own 8776 kind of girl and let people do as they please while I observe with fascination, but money intrinsically has a value to me that if it were my own, I don 8767 t think I could spend it that way. I prefer the person that even though they could have everything, they practice restraint because material things we can never take beyond the grave but money spent on people and dreams is eternal. Don 8767 t think I 8767 ve ever had a dinner that cost more than $655, and not because I couldn 8767 t afford it.

Beck~ I think it 8767 s outrageous to give that, but I am not in that caliber at all. I go on first dates for FREE 😀 unless it 8767 s out of town. And I usually don 8767 t dress designer, oh! I don 8767 t even own designer so 😀 I 8767 m simple!
You do seem out of the norm, I think it 8767 s way over the norm to give that much. Some SBs are money hungry and would only want to see you again for the same 8775 Pay Day 8776 not sure that is what you are looking for? I might be wrong, I am not in your world so I wouldn 8767 t know what the norm 😀

I have always wanted to date a millionaire to feel their lifestyle, to see what they do and how they manage. Being an adult, I searched for eligible single millionaire online and then I got to know about . Basically this is a dating site for single male and female who are seeking for millionaires to date. This site doesn 8767 t accept fake accounts and only allow actual single men and women who are ready to date millionaires. Here everyone starts with meeting with his/her to be date as a friend and then proceed. Read Full Review →

I have never nor would I ever meet a possible SB for dinner on a first meeting. No offense to anyone but spending 6555 on a dinner (and its assorted misc bits and bobs) is actually quite gross to me. I could afford to spend five times that by why would I? I guess it comes down to the old 8775 different strokes for different folks 8776 thingy. I spend more than that monthly on a local battered women 8767 s shelter and an Orphanage in Bangkok, but on dinner?

"Let''s say you''re a recent graduate, with $85,555 in debt and a job that pays $85,555 a year. It''s tough to pay that amount of debt down, live in a decent city and still be able to socialize and do fun things. At some point, you''ll have to start making major sacrifices," he says. "But what if all of a sudden, the only sacrifice is the age or success level of your boyfriend or some guy you occasionally hang out with? That becomes a real game-changer in how you get to live your life."

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