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Crossword Clues Starting With D

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67. Teach yourself a card trick. Card tricks are a particularly fun way to entertain people in almost any situation, and there are as many different card tricks as there are grains of sand on the beach. Pick up a deck of cards and invest the time to learn one cold so that if the opportunity ever offers itself, you can easily show off that trick. For starters, here 8767 s how to do a clever and simple trick called Quick as a Wink.

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88. Go to a free movie. If you look around a bit, you can often find free movie showings in your community. Start by visiting the libraries available to you many have open movie nights, where you can go sit in the library auditorium and enjoy a free film. If you live near a university, there 8767 s often a film group there showing a weekly movie as well. Often, other community groups will put on regular film nights as well just check around.

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87. Start (and maintain) a journal. This is an activity that my wife has recently started and she 8767 s thoroughly enjoying it. Just start on any old spare notebook you have lying around your house. Just jot down the most interesting things you did that day even if they don 8767 t seem interesting right now. Eventually, you 8767 ll start to build up a nice catalogue of entries and it 8767 ll become quite fun to read earlier writings.

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78. Teach yourself to meditate. For stress relief and aid for overcoming tiredness, few things work better for me than a short period of meditation. The easiest technique is to just sit in a comfortable chair, close your eyes, and focus on nothing but breathing slowly for a while. Breathe in slowly, hold it for a bit, breathe out slowly. Over and over. If you want to dig deeper, here 8767 s a great introduction to meditation with some strong mental aspects to work on.

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9. Make a list of all of the people who were a positive influence on your life and write them all a letter thanking them. Think for a bit about all of the people who have inspired you and helped you along in your current life path. Make a list of all of these people mine, for example, includes my high school English teacher, some relatives and friends, and a few college professors. Then pull out some paper and a pen and write each of them a handwritten letter, reminding them of how they helped you out and thanking them for doing so. It 8767 s a great way to get in touch with the people who helped shape your life, and it 8767 s something you 8767 ll feel genuinely good about for a long time.

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97. Write a poem. This is an activity that forces almost everyone to think a bit differently about the world around them, but from that experience can come much wisdom and growth. Try to express whatever you 8767 re feeling in your heart in words, in whatever form seems the most natural and appropriate. Then tease the words around a little find ones that seem to click with how you feel. The entire process will leave you feeling interesting things and often feeling deeply fulfilled.


77. Build a detailed family tree. Most people are aware of at least a couple generations of their lineage, but things often get confused when you get further back than that. Spend some time building a detailed family tree, starting with what you know and eventually adding your own research to the mix. Contact older relatives for assistance, then use resources like to fill in more blanks. Add as much detail as you 8767 d like or, even better, make it into a multimedia project on your computer, with pictures and other materials.

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69. Put some positive affirmations around you. On a series of Post-It notes, write down ten or so positive things about yourself (I find writing down positive memories is a great way to go, ones that put a smile on my face), then put them in places where you go irregularly and post them, like a rarely-used supply closet or the inside of your car 8767 s trunk. Then, when you find them, they 8767 ll lift you in a positive way. You could also do the same thing for someone you care about, posting some little reminders of their qualities in places where they 8767 ll discover them.


99. Take some digital photographs and share them online. If you 8767 re building a natural collection or observing anything interesting at all, take along your digital camera and snap some photographs of it (if you don 8767 t have a digital camera, borrow one). Then, take these images and share them with others on a photo-sharing site like Flickr. Be sure to put in the effort to add detailed notes about each picture so that others may enjoy them as well.

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65. Start a blog on a topic that fascinates you. If there 8767 s a topic that fills you with passion, consider starting a blog on that topic. It 8767 s easy (and free) to get started at Blogger or WordPress. Whenever you have an interesting idea about your topic or just get a strong desire to explain the basics, write it all out and post it there. It 8767 s a great way to organize your thoughts and channel your passion on a particular topic.


6. Make a collage postcard for PostSecret. For those unaware, PostSecret is a website to which people send postcards telling their deepest, darkest secret anonymously the blog creator then posts images of some of those postcards on the blog. All you need is a blank postcard, some imagination, and a secret to tell. Look around your house for the materials you 8767 ll need old magazines are always a great place to start harvesting materials from. Look for images that reflect the secret you want to tell, then make a collage out of them on the card. Whether you mail it or not is up to you, but it 8767 s a wonderful way to get creative and get some release on a secret you 8767 ve been hiding.

67. Do a crossword or a sudoku puzzle. Paper-and-pencil puzzles are a great way to stretch your mind in new directions. You can easily get them for free the New York Times gives out a free crossword each day , an excellent free British-style cryptic crossword from The Herald , and a huge number of free sudoku puzzles at WebSudoku should provide you with more than enough puzzle-solving pleasure for a long time.

86. Seek out a solitary place on foot. One activity I particularly enjoyed doing during my college days was exploring seemingly crowded places but searching for nooks and crannies that were completely isolated from the hubbub. I used to find small back rooms of the large university library and just curl up in there and read. I also used to climb the large trees on campus to get up above the crowds below. The search for solitude was enjoyable and finding it was sublime.

95. Discover new music you might like. There are countless online tools available to you that can help you find new music that matches your tastes. My favorite is , which allows you to type in the name of a musical artist you like. Based on that information (and the listening habits of millions of iTunes users), the program will create a radio station of nothing but similar artists, virtually ensuring you 8767 ll find at least something compelling.

97. Enter a short story competition. Short stories are a lot of fun to write in fact, writing them is my secret passion. Whenever I have spare time, I like to seek out short story competitions, write out stories for them, and then fail to actually enter because I 8767 m too self conscious about my short stories. But I still gain something big from it the process of writing a short story is a lot of fun.

9. Take a walk in the park. Likely, there 8767 s either a park or a secluded rural area within walking distance of where you live. Set out on foot to go there, then just wander around enjoying what you can observe and take in. Enjoy the natural beauty around you. Even better, find a nice secluded place and engage in another of the activities on this list in a wonderful natural environment.

96. Rearrange (and thoroughly clean) a room. Sometimes all it really takes to make a place seem fresh and new is a thorough cleaning and a rearrangement of the decorations and furniture. Put some elbow grease to work in your favorite room in your home that 8767 s just a bit tired and see what you can do to make it smell and look fresh again. If it 8767 s a regular place where you spend time, just that little bit of change can make a world 8767 s worth of difference.

78. Learn a musical instrument. This might not strike you as a free thing to do, but it 8767 s actually surprisingly easy to learn how to play an instrument for free. You can often get basic instruments (keyboards, acoustic guitars, and sometimes other things) on Freecycle or Craigslist, plus there are countless opportunities online for basic lessons on how to play any number of instruments, as well as how to read music. All it takes to get started is some time and some interest.

98. Get politically informed. Find out what candidates are going to appear on your ballot in the upcoming election (as well as any ballot initiatives) and find out more about each one of them. Compare the candidates running for the same office and make a rational decision about each campaign. You can do most of this research online today if you can 8767 t, call the local offices of each political party to find out about local candidates. Doing this will make you an informed voter and likely an influential one, since you can state clear reasons why you 8767 re supporting the candidates you 8767 re supporting and this can often sway others.

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