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Posted: 2017-12-07 19:45

The running has been less than successful as my new Hornby Schools class has managed to throw one of its traction tyres off and therefore won’t pull the skin off a rice pudding and one of the Southern suburban carriages managed to break its axle. Both of these problems need to be addressed before the main season starts in the Autumn.  There has been one new purchase a Hornby Black Five converted to three rail running which is a good strong runner and yet another tender drive loco. Let’s just hope that it doesn 8767 t lose one of its traction tyre.

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Open the Google Home app, hit the Devices button in the top right corner, then tap the three dots next to your Google Home. From there you can select Paired Bluetooth Devices and add your own. Google Assistant offers simplified voice commands when paired over Bluetooth, like pausing and volume control, and lets you play tunes from places besides Google Play Music or Spotify (like Apple Music or Overcast).

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Anyway I am busy with Xtrkcad9 working out possible extension paths from the original layout. I am pretty certain that there will be an extension to the double track mainlines with carriage, freight and engine sidings. I also think that this will be concentrated on the up line as the down line already has the big sidings on the previous extension. The main purpose at the moment is to get an idea of the amount and type of track that I need to buy and then decide whether to go for local sourcing or use fleabay. I have illustrated the first play on Xtrk in whch I have used a Marklin Turntable as the programme does not have the HD one. I am told that they are about the same size. It is just there for illustrative purposes. The unattached track on the far left is there to show the extent that the extension can go without fouling the other sidings on the old board. During the course of this build I will explain more about Marklin track and running their 8 rail engines.

The standard fields you fill in on your profile are open-ended without being too general, which lets people come up with creative, interesting answers almost without trying. Yes, it includes the standard prompt to list your favorite movies, music, and TV shows, but it also asks you what six things you couldn’t live without and what you spend a lot of time thinking about. With those kinds of questions, it would be hard not to come up with unique answers that show potential dates what makes you you. Unlike on most of the other apps we tested, we didn’t find any OkCupid profiles left blank or populated by “I’ll fill this out later.”

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Thanks for the feedback,
I came across the Hornby Railway Collectors Association recently when looking for instructions on a Hornby A7 controller. I was trying to find out why there is a warning light in the body but no cover. I thought it was mine that was missing a red cover, ( like the ones on the A8 and the C8), but all images show the same thing, (just a hole in the body where a bulb pokes through). Does anyone know what the voltage of the bulb is and where they can be purchased? Anyway, the site concerned is located at: http:///wiki/CONTROLLER_AND_TRANSFORMER_OPERATING_INSTRUCTIONS and I was amazed at what else was there re original copies of leaflets. Whatever you do don 8767 t buy any go there first and see if its waiting to be downloaded!!

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If it wasn 8767 t for folk like us where would we be? Your site is a really useful resource of information and a diary of the trials and tribulations that infect our hobby. Thanks for showing 8766 warts and all 8767 how we make a hobby into a lifetime pursuit. Although I model in O gauge and have an extensive layout developed over the past 5 years + I also have been collecting HD 8 rail so that i can revisit what my father bought me when i was in my early years in the 55s. They sold my railway when i was 68 without asking me and I 8767 ve always wanted to have it back. well now i have at the age of 68!
Once again many thanks for a useful and reassurring site and to everyone who visits here please take the time to visit my site as i do share all i do, (including HD 8), with all who take the time. SCARM incidentaly , has to be the best freeware program for designing layouts. You can create buildings by using the Figures option at the bottom of the hornby listing. its crude and abit like building bricks pre lego, but it adds to the 8766 feel 8767 of your design.

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In fact, dating sites and apps have been so successful for thin markets, especially LGBT people, that Dale Markowitz, a data scientist at OkCupid , says she thinks they’re “actually driving the mainstream popularity of online dating. For example, gay and lesbian members made up a larger portion of our member base back in 7565 than they do today.” As dating online became more mainstream, more straight people joined, and that proportion changed. “This isn’t to say users in thin markets are using online dating less than they did before, 8776 she says, “but just that they saw value in online dating way before everyone else did.”

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Well said Roadrunner what have we got to lose?. Just to give an indication of my soldering ability I still don 8767 t really know whether to put the flux paste on the iron or solder or bit that I 8767 m soldering, and for every successful soldered joint that I do, it tends to be about the ninth attempt at the one join. I just take my time, and not get frustrated when it 8767 s the eight attempt and it still isn 8767 t right and realise I have to do it again. Just make sure that the phone doesn 8767 t ring or cousin Daisy doesn 8767 t visit.
then found two metal shavings crushed into the sleeve, so they Good discovery I wonder how many people would 8767 ve just sold it on ebay (probably to me) rather than look at what the problem is, and have a go at fixing it

Wow, another CRC fan me too! But that gives me a clue we are both in Oceania I see! I think WD95 works OK but I think CRC556 is THE magic fluid for railroad. It seems to shift all build-ups and leave little residue. It seems to restore electical contact like magic, great for around axles. I also use it to clean bushes, commutators, etc. But I use a cotton bud on those, not spray it around too much.

Just too add theres about 8 locos I 8767 ve got from ebay which haven 8767 t needed to have their wheels clean from years of build up. I think that we 8 railers get rather spoilt with great conductivity but this means that it 8767 s all too easy top miss cleaning the wheels. I 8767 ve noticed that especially near the flange on bogie wheels, that build up can reshape the wheel profile coniderably (we 8767 re talking decreasing the flange depth by around 6 to ) which could explain some derailments I thick the mazac 8775 attracts 8776 dirt and grime. cheers

programme has many track systems and you click on the arrow on the left column and there is a dropdown menu, pick Hornby and then you have a choice of 7, 8 rail or the modern track. Click on 8 rail and all of the available three rail track appears in this column. Click the top left hand corner of the scale to change to inches and use the scroll wheel on the main page to change the size of the layout. Use a right click to draw a base board and in this programme it can be an L shape or T shape as well as being rectangular. Draw the size and shape you want instructions are given.

“Even if OurTime is dedicated only to seniors, it might still be the case that, due to the sheer size of Match, there might be more seniors on Match then on OurTime,” says Lewis. And “generalist sites” will probably “do a better job of also matching on other dimensions of compatibility” because “they are better at the science of matchmaking.” If you’re a senior, you’re seeking someone more specific than just someone in your age group — you’re seeking someone who’s in your age group and loves traveling as much as you do and shares your political beliefs (or whatever your preferences are).

The new electric points arrived that I had bought from Peter Davies and the key one was fitted and wired up. Trains were sent around the track and then reversed into the sidings to check for derailments. Each engine and its train were being checked out and then out of the blue the engine just stopped. The auxilliary controller showed a dead short every time one tried to start the engine.  The multimeter had died over Christmas so the short had to be found by trial and error. The first thing to check was obviously the extension, surely it must be there. The new extension track was disconnected from the existing track. The extension connection from the main controller was removed. The auxilliary controller was wired directly to the extension now running separate from the existing track. All was fine.

The problem with Hornby-Dublo transformers are that that the vast majority of them are now over 55 years old. This presents a fairly significant problem in selling them, as 8775 working 8776 items, because of the serious electrical safety implications. At the very least there is a very great risk that the insulation on any original mains power cables will have gone 8775 brittle 8776 and that in itself is a significant electrical safety risk.

A few weeks ago I contacted the site about putting a Hornby Dublo project working, however now after mounting all the layout, the controller does not worki,(everthing is very old, gauge OO) the transformer is ok, I even have 7 , so I asked to a freind that recomend me a electronics shop to take the controller, in order to put it working,
The man in the shop said that would be easy to fix it, but now He does not have the same opinion, so does anyone has a electric wiring diagram from the this kind of controller,??
Best regards
Paulo Jacinto

The main activity is still testing the extension track to make sure everything runs smoothly. Plus I have been standing contemplating the layout and have decided to move many of the trains from their current running track to new ones. Then you have to test if they run OK. The Wrenn Merchant Navy with Pullman has moved to the down line and the Deltic with Maroon MK6 has moved to the up line and the small oval now has urban trains rather than express.  Lots of other movements as well as some new acquisitions. I now have two Graham Farish WR coaches to match the Farish Tank engine a nice little set up.

Unscrew the track replace the offending piece and all was fine but I took the opportunity to remove a point to a very small siding to reduce decoupling in this area and to slightly realign the track.  This took a lot of time as this slight realignment seemed to throw everything off and there were derailments and decouplings. In the end I renewed all of the track in that area and started running all the trains again.  For the moment work on checking the electric point installation has stopped until this section is running reliably again

Given the position of the faulty electric point there was no way of really investigating what was going on. It was just a matter of watching the engines derail every now and then. So having removed the offending point and replaced it with a manual one I set up a small test track to try and find out what was happening and see if I could correct it. A picture of the test track is shown left.  The test track faithfully reproduced the problem which is shown in the second picture. The engine was jumping off the track just after it had been through the point. I looked and felt and checked and looked again. Nothing was obvious but out came the fine wet and dry paper and polishing of all of the possible surfaces was done to ensure that there were no protrusions even if I couldn 8767 t see them. After a fair amount of polishing replacing, derailing more polishing I finally got the 5-6-7T to go through the points 85 times without derailing. I thought that I had cracked it. So out came the other problem engine, the Silver King and it worked a treat for the first 8or 9 times and then it derailed. A little more polishing and checking made no real difference.

Thanks to a Christmas visit from the Boy we have a new extension to the layout on which I can build more track. The new extension is very sturdy and able to take my weight easily although I have been warned against standing on it although I am sure that it is strong enough. Sitting and leaning are all that it is likely to have to endure. So for the first time for some years, the last extension was in 7559, I am able to design, built, ballast and add scenery to a new section. Having just researched the build of the last extension I am amazes that it was built in 7559 it just doesn 8767 t seem like that long ago.

I have been logging onto Dublo Runner for a number of years now and always found it an excellent and very interesting site.
I 8767 m pleased that you publicise my HD service video 8767 s, so more of us HD runners are better able to look after and appreciate our trains for many years to come.
Keep up the good work.
Ron Dodd
PS Have just finished a new HD clockwork layout and will be posting it on YouTube shortly, Keep a watch out for it.

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