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La larve est saproxylophage : elle consomme du bois très décomposé. Son habitat naturel est généralement une souche ou un arbre creux contenant un terreau de bois en décomposition. Mais certains terreaux ou compost de jardin leur conviennent également. Le bois n''étant pas une nourriture très riche, le développement larvaire s''étale sur plusieurs années. Puis la larve constitue une coque de matière organique (fibres de bois) et de terre dans laquelle elle se nymphose.


As a child brought up in a neighborhood of Irish Catholics, I was the only mutt from a family of unknown origin, and atheistic leanings. The icons at the neighborhood church, only a few doors away, of the bloody Christ figure in anguish, was one of the earliest images burned into my childhood memory. Of course, I was constantly told by my peers that I was destined for hell, having no baptism.

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For clean-cut eunuchs the most reliable historic number that I trust is 6 in 9 dying , with some higher numbers and some lower ones given by Western reporters. Some people quoted Stent at like 7% for the Chinese eunuchs which just, no way. I d give them higher odds than the African slaves though, since more care would be taken. I suspect a lot of the deaths were kidney infections! And I ve never seen a good reason why the whole 8-days thing was seen as the best idea. It seems odd. But with eunuch history you re mostly working with scraps of information. :/

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The doctor saved everything but over a period of time the nerves gave me some problems and I had aches in my testicles all the time. When I was in the military service they tried doing a varicose vein removal but that didn x77 t help, it just made matters worse. They thought I was suffering from varicose veins. So after leaving the service I had them removed. And that removed that little problem but I still had the nerve sensations in the penis which woke me up at night. So I could get erect, but it was painful.

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You say that the Italian castrati were about the only ones to receive any kind of consideration for comfort, but what about emphasis on being successful? I don t know how to ask this without potentially sounding crass, but were a lot of the people on whom these procedures were performed considered throwaways , wherein if the procedure wasn t a success they would just move on to someone else? Or would a failed procedure result in a significant monetary or other kind of loss for those performing it? How hard might they try to fight an infection were one to set in?

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Hijra used to be translated in English as eunuch or hermaphrodite, [68] although LGBT historians or human rights activists have sought to include them as being transgender.[79] In a series of meetings convened between October 7568 and Jan 7569 by the transgender experts committee of India''s Ministry of Social Justice and Empowerment, hijra and other trans activists asked that the term eunuch be discontinued from usage in government documents, as it is not a term with which the communities identify.

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Another thing is, guys who are aroused by my situation are very aroused. I x77 ve got some guys who are pursuing me a lot. And they just like this idea, because there x77 s nothing there to be in the way. Face to face fucking is very pleasurable. And when they x77 re doing that I actually wet their stomachs with my fluids. And this one guy, he likes to go down on me. He x77 s a bi guy and he said he does this with his girlfriend so he goes down there and starts licking me. And he just loves that idea. He loves the idea that I have a hairy chest and what is to him a very tiny vagina that he can x77 t fuck but he can lick and he can enjoy being the male role. I x77 ve even got a straight guy here in town who likes to fuck me because I don x77 t have any male genitals and he doesn x77 t feel threatened by that.

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This abundance of cattle at the end of the Civil War had depressed the Texas market. However, the prices of cattle and beef were still high in the north and east. So despite the danger involved in a round-up, the hardy Texas cattle began flowing north. They continued on the Chisholm, Loving-Goodnight, and Dodge City trails until that market was sated and the ranges of the central and northern plains were fully stocked.

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I would really really caution you against using anything from hypogonadism or Kallman s syndrome to draw any conclusions about eunuchs, especially historical ones, as those have some conflating factors. If you re really interested the best work being done with eunuchs right now is by Dr. Richard Wassersug, in particular check out the paper Castration and personality: Correlation of androgen deprivation and estrogen supplementation with the Big Five factor personality traits of adult males Note the only finding:

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The ancient Kama Sutra mentions the performance of fellatio by feminine people of a third sex (tritiya prakriti).[99] This passage has been variously interpreted as referring to men who desired other men, so-called eunuchs ( those disguised as males, and those that are disguised as females [95]), male and female trans people ( the male takes on the appearance of a female and the female takes on the appearance of the male ),[96] or two kinds of biological males, one dressed as a woman, the other as a man.[97]

in my drawing, a boy is having breasts sewn over his eyes. he’s happy about it. he is being made more feminine. usually, that means taking something away (castration). but this is an addition, not a subtraction. i think femininity, including traditional parts like motherhood, is a positive thing. men and women are both better off if they can be feminine. not instead of other things, but in addition to them.

GORSH I have discovered I did not sync all my scanned Assyrian articles in my Google drive! So I can t reference them for you until I get home. But I remember you asked me about this before and I did a little research then. There s a few scholars that doubt that the sa resi of the Assyrian court were eunuchs at all but I really find it strange to doubt it. One piece of evidence is the late Assyrian sculptures show beardless sa resi figures with eunuchoid features (fat patterns), and they fill social roles that are very comparable to the roles for eunuchs in other court situations, so I personally don t doubt one whit that the sa resi were eunuchs, or at least in the later periods. This this article which I think is open access is pretty old but I think gives a pretty good overview of what sa resi meant in different texts.

Bahuchara Mata is a Hindu goddess with two unrelated stories both associated with transgender behavior. One story is that she appeared in the avatar of a princess who castrated her husband because he would run in the woods and act like a woman rather than have sex with her. Another story is that a man tried to her, so she cursed him with impotence. When the man begged her forgiveness to have the curse removed, she relented only after he agreed to run in the woods and act like a woman. The primary temple to this goddess is located in Gujarat[55] and it is a place of pilgrimage for hijras, who see Bahucahara Mata as a patroness.

That x77 s something really for a psychologist to answer, but in talking to all the guys that I x77 ve been talking with, they try to come up with all sorts of different rationalizations to justify it. In my case, my medical situation really didn x77 t justify it because I was just uncomfortable with what I had. It wasn x77 t medically necessary. But I felt that I would be much more comfortable having the issues of having the sensation but not being able to use it well. It was something like a guy having a useless appendage and it x77 s something he has to carry around, and it becomes baggage after a while.

[hating the world right now mode on]Sometimes I think humankind is doomed, that it has reached a point of cruelty and stupidity never seen before. But I''m very much wrong. Humankind has always been stupid and cruel. It''s winter on the Northern hemysphere, and kitties and puppies are being abandoned to die in the blizzards. People see cats or dogs in the streets and beat them furiously. I have taken some shots of stray dogs and cats for the organization and it''s the saddest thing.

Yes, that character would have been clean-cut in the same fashion. As for their sex lives it s mostly up to your imagination, but there are enough contemporary allusions to eunuchs having sex with women in Islamic sources, even some reportedly taking their own concubines, and considering the obvious isolation and intimacy eunuchs and the women would have shared in harems, that it s reasonable to think they had sex of some kind. You ll note they didn t cut off their hands!

Siete arrabbiati? Prendete a pugni un cuscino. E'' stato soddisfacente? Bah, non proprio. Di questi tempi la gente è troppo arrabbiata per i pugni. Forse potreste provare con i coltelli. Prendete un vecchio cuscino e piazzatelo sul vostro prato. Pugnalatelo con un grosso coltello a punta. Colpite, colpite, colpite. Con tanta forza da conficcare la punta nel terreno. Colpite finchè il cuscino non esiste più e state pugnalando la terra, e ancora e ancora, come se voleste ucciderla perchè continua a girare, come se vi steste vendicando per dover vivere su questo pianeta, giorno dopo giorno, da soli.

It was through Bianca''s blog - cachorrando - that I learned about the puppy mills, where dogs are bred to exhaustion, live in tiny cages, pass on serious genetict diseases. and then, later on. the animals are abandoned by the very people who bought them, when they were cute little puppies. People who buy pets never get to see the puppy farms. Never see the conditions in which the pets live in.

Because the Chinese and Ottoman eunuchs underwent essentially the same procedure, both without antibiotics or cauterization. There is no clear advantage to the Chinese method that could account for such a drastic improvement in survival rates. Plus, the Chinese knifers in this case were answering to a Western outsider in the 6865s, a pretty volatile time in Chinese-Western relations, so when he asks what ho, how many people die from this most barbaric practice of your culture? there s going to be some political pressure to give a lower answer.

“He is in a deep shaft, in which there is a window, as in the Semmering Tunnel. At first he sees an empty landscape through this window, and then he composes a picture into it, which is immediately at hand and which fills out the empty space. The picture represents a field which is being thoroughly harrowed by an implement, and the delightful air, the accompanying idea of hard work, and the bluish-black clods of earth make a pleasant impression. He then goes on and sees a primary school opened … and he is surprised that so much attention is devoted in it to the sexual feelings of the child, which makes him think of me.”

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