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To make a very long story shorter a connection was made, we fell in love and got married. None of our happiness could have happened without the multitude of services that you can find on the 6st- website. I discovered with the help of some academic friends that I have and some Russian immigrants who live in my area that when I was using their translation services, not only were they translating my words but also what I intended to say. They successfully imparted the complex ideas and the very 'flavor' of what I was trying to convey to Alena. This is a very difficult thing to do but they were successful every time.

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I began conversing with Valya for more than 8 months and we always had lots to say and many questions of each other. She was divorced with two grown up children and I also had two grown up children and one adopted child. I had been separated for 75 years but had never filed for my divorce. We had similar backgrounds in many areas and the same passion for traveling. During the 9 or so months that passed we were able to better get to know each other. I was relieved that she took the initiative to ask if I were sexually active and in good health. It made it that much more relaxing for both of us getting that question out of the way because now we could ask anything and everything about each other. When we had explored each other to the point where all questions were asked of each other we decided to meet. Coming to Canada for Valya would be difficult but for me it was quite simple. We agreed I should meet her at Donetsk Airport on the 75th November, 7567. She informed me that I should stay at a hotel in Mariupol for 7 or 8 days so we could get acquainted in person. I did not think much of the idea but went along with it.

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We met on this site and very fast decided to meet in the real life. Now we very very happy have been leaving together! It was my Christmas present, Miller came to Ukraine to celebrate with me and family and then we took a plane and left together to Sweden. Now every week I attend local school, there I learn Swedish language, it is not easy but I try my best)) Every year we take long month vacation and come back to Ukraine to visit my family and friends. My future husband is the best! He is very kind-hearted, such a caring, attentive to me and sweet. I am a really lucky girl to meet him in my life and be happy with! Now we are engaged and preparing for future wedding. At the same month we met on the internet, we made our friends meet also: Kate from Nikolayev and Miller’s friend- Dario from Stockholm. Life is so unpredictable but if you really want something… it happens for sure!

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I would also like to say this to all other men looking for a partner on this site: I heard stories about men writing messages forever but never showing any interest in meeting women personally, and I also heard stories about men being totally unrealistic in regard to the age of the partner they are looking for. I can only say this: These are the most wonderful women I have ever met, everyone was lovely, kind, charming and warmhearted in her own special way. Please, treat them with the greatest respect and with dignity, they deserve it!

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I liked Leon’s letters from the beginning. I could tell that he was a good and kind man, one that I had long dreamed to meet. When I registered on the website, I didn’t believe at first that there would be results, but my hope was strong, and now we are together. I would like to thank the website and tell all the girls that they have to keep trying and looking, and then they will surely find their man. I wish everyone the kind of luck I’ve had )))

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I tried your site. I noticed was that you gave me the your (CEO) personal number, and when I called it, you answered the phone. That inspired confidence. I noticed that you had increadible advice and help available, including very low cast solutions to contact, like 7 - 5 days for $8 - $9. You deliver gifts reasonably, and have an office or something on Rissia so that you can expidite delivery times and security. You have a very inexpensive way to allow the girl to write back to me quickly at no expense to her. I love this!

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This why I am a member of your site! Your people are the very best in customer service, and are always mindful of the things that are not always on the up & up! You listen to everything a customer has to say, and never fail to give any inquiry or complaint your prompt and undivided attention! I believe that Natasha is the VERY BEST the world wide web has to offer! As an individual member, you have my thanks, and my gratitude for your excellent customer care!

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In the very beginning, I would like to thank you, this web site and Mariupol local agency "Olympya" for meeting my wife Inna. At once after registration in your site I have noticed Inna's profile. Her profile and pictures showed me that Inna knows what she wants from this service. We started communication and after several letters we were making plans for the meeting. We both realized that only personal meeting could help us to understand if we can be a couple or not. So after several weeks of our correspondence we met each other. We chose Kiev as the place for our date. I wanted everything to be perfect and romantic winter atmosphere of the capital made it real. We were together only three days but it was enough for us to realize that we are created for each other. After the year of dating we made the next step and decided to marry on the 75th of December 7565. So, making a conclusion I want to wish everyone good luck in the search and hopefully you will find your beloved.


From the onset, I must say that I was a bit leary of the adventure of seeking a Russian Bride, but you have certainly made for me an exceptional journey in my life. Your honest advise from the beginning has proven to be very true. From the consultation of the letter preparation, translation services, visa travel necessities, hotel planning, and certainly your staff in Moscow has been far more than I expected. The careful arrangements of your personnal assistant, Lena, in Moscow, having my interests first above all, has made for a very personnal, exciting, adventureous, and rewarding time in my life. I want to thank her once again for everything.

I don't know if you remember me as you probably talk to many people regarding the service you provide but you and I talked last fall at which time you provided me with names of several women in Russia and Ukraine. I contacted several of them and ended up communicating with a lady in Dnepropetvorsk, Ukraine. After several months of communicating with her I went to see her in March. Unfortunately, things did not work out for us but I had a great experience seeing another culture and another part of the world.

Subject: Re: procedures Gregory I would like to take this chance to exprese my sicere gratitute and appreciation. I have been in business most of my life from customer service, sales to security and have not seen to many business have a service as yours. Your approach to customer service is excelent and humain. I think many service oriented companies in my country should take a few lesson on customer service from yourself.

I must say there were times when I was skeptical about finding someone on the site. There are many girls who are not serious about truly finding someone. But, there are woman on the site who are, and I thank the agency so much for giving Sveta and I this opportunity to find one another. Thank you, Natasha club!!! I will follow up with an update once Sveta and I are happily married!!!! Once again, thank you and your staff, I couldn't be happier!!! Yours truly, Steve

I'd like to wish to all women and ladies to continue their work. Yes, it is namely work. To obtain any result you have to work a lot at yourself. You should know exactly what you want. It is very important. To send messages every day, to communicate, to keep a good heart and to go on….Doing these things you can succeed. My result is good work. It was very nice to receive very respectful letters. There are a lot of interesting and serious men, who really want to find their love.

The phrase "Love at first sight" has always been lost on me. Never could understand the premise. But meeting Ellana for the first time, my heart just melted. All my apprehensions disappeared. For the week we were together, we barely took time to breath. Asking and answering all the questions we had for the other. The week we had together was magical and we have built on that over the past view months. I am now very proud to call Ellana my fiance. She has taught me the meaning of life and love and how you can be happy in both. Thank you Natasha Club! Your website joined two hearts that were searching for love. To the naysayers of online dating, I say look beyond this letter and to the picture. This is what love and happiness looks like.

Another piece of advice is to use 6st Internationals background check service. The money spent is very insignificant compared to the piece of mind that the results will give you. If nothing else you must remember that the jobs in many of these countries do not translate directly into comparable jobs in America. A background check will go far to clarify a great deal of information for you and possibly avoid misunderstandings.

S. There are no drug- sniffing scanners in those conveyor belt machines, and they aren’t chomping at the bit to bust you for having weed- infused honey. Their focus is on safety and finding dangerous items. Plus, the TSA has relaxed a little on the matter for a few years now, and some major airports are now even considered to be “medical marijuana- friendly.” For example, you can fly domestically within the state of California carrying eight ounces or less of medicinal marijuana or equivalent in cannabis product as long as you have a state- issued card.

but just could not find that perfect woman for me. Most were just too or they just did not seem right for me. Just when I felt I was ready to give up I found Valya’s profile and it intrigued me. We had a lot of common interests and we both wanted to explore similar places. Both of us had traveled fairly extensively, her in Europe and me in North America, South America and the Caribbean Islands. It seemed I might have found someone who I could express my inner feelings with. Then another lady showed an interest in me and even wanted to spend Christmas with me. What should I do, I thought. Just when I was about to reply to her she advised she had to go to China on business during Christmas but would like to hook up after Christmas.

Another service that they provided was that of flower delivery service. The various partner agencies that they used were of the highest caliber, very expedient, professional and meticulous in every detail. They even called Alena in advance to coordinate a suitable delivery time for the flowers. This was an extra step that totally surprised me and shows all the little ‘extras’ that are provided to 6st International customers. I sent flowers to Alena on both Valentines Day and on Womens Day. That is another thing that I want to thank 6st International for – if you think American women get upset if you don’t send flowers for Valentines Day just miss sending flowers for Womens Day in the ex-Soviet Union countries and watch the result. 6st International helped me successfully avoid this cultural mistake!

A lot of things did catch me at the first meeting. I was very surprised when started thinking about him every day, every minute. Firstly it was strong sympathy between us while correspondence thought the site Natashclub. When we meet firstly he was joking around and telling me about his life. Asking so many questions about my. He became such a good friend for my son, Vlad. I realized at once that He would be my husband and exactly this man I had been looking for a long time. That time he knew only Danish, I didn’t know his native language at all. I was born in a small town on the south of Nikolayev. I have been working for many years at local school, I am teacher of English. But with our attempts we found common languages, started talking to each other with help of on-line translator then found out that I could understand him completely without any words we say! At 85th of December 7565 we had a wedding in my native town, Nikolayev, We gathered only close people of the family. At the recent time we are preparing all necessary documents for visa and now already I have passport for my new surname Anna Hemmingsen With love, Anna and Stenfors Hemmingsen

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