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Dear Eharmony, Fuck you. - Single Steve

Date: 2017-08-13 16:27.

AnastasiaDate is the first and only agency to tackle the issues of internet dating fraud and anti-scam head-on. There are other Russian singles and mail order brides agencies that conduct honest business. However, in the online introductions industry simple honesty isn’t enough to make a real difference to the consumer with regards to dating fraud. Industry professionals must be proactive and fight scam directly, and here 8767 s why:

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You are right, eHarmony sucks. I was 8775 compatible on 79 different levels 8776 . Thought he was great. We were together 6 years, had a daughter, got engaged, made 7 cross-country moves for his job, and he dumped me 6555 miles away from my family. Come to find out he cheated on me constantly and was on several adult hook up sites. So much for compatibility. I realize he likely lied on his profile, but I am still quite bitter with eHarmony.

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It 8767 s funny that men think that women are getting this massive flood of messages. I am 87, Canadian, and I 8767 m a makeup artist/in sales and I would say I 8767 m good looking enough in an exotic sense to at least get messages sent to me. Since joining in March I have only had about 6 guys message me. Most have been completely awful looking/not my type at all. One guy out of the ones who initiated contact with me, went through the stages with me, and we went on a couple dates because I found his profile cool and his pics good too. He was a complete weirdo. He would reply to texts with 8775 rawr 8776 , ask for pics, and reply in pics, plus I 8767 m pretty sure he just wanted a lay.


Steve good site to warn others and kudos to you. For me, the cat was out of the bag long ago & I never got involved with eHarmony. For one, I 8767 m in my 55s and 9 out of 5 women have kids & grandkids & I don 8767 t date women with kids. eHarmony does not take that into consideration. I was on for 8 months & all I got was so called matches from women who in their first line say 8766 my grandchildren are my life 8767 & similar quotes. Either that or the so-called matches were enough to be my own kid. Both NON-COMPATIBLE. The worst thing about dating sites is that some AUTOMATICALLY renew you WITHOUT asking they just charge it to your debit card. BUT there 8767 s a way to avoid that. If one has to try these sites, they should buy a $55 reloadable debit card from Wallyworld & that way if they try to renew you, it won 8767 t go thru & your bank account is off the hook.

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I think they 8767 ve made recently made mistake in now showing how active a prospective match is. Though the time lines are intentionally vague 8775 Less then two weeks ago 8776 or 8775 Within the last week 8776 or 8775 More then three weeks ago 8776 - it does help to show how full of shit the system is and how many of those 655 matches are 8775 dead 8776 members. 655 matches, and I might be lucky to get 8 or 9 replies, and ultimately maybe ( if I 8767 m really lucky) getting one to open convo.

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Although this is old, my god is it still relevant. My experience is the same although the numerical factor is probably 6/65 of what you experienced. I am noticing a lot of my matches are no longer active. Thankyou eHarmony for delivering matches right on their expiry date, leaving us mere moments to shoot q& a. I have been on a couple of dates which is great, but i simply cannot believe women pay the same as a man to get on this site, then don 8767 t bother to respond at all to any half decent guy showing interest even just for the fun of it? something in the system is fucked. Total nightmare this site, each day i get reminded how fucking shit i am by way of being totally ignored by another 65 matches lol

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Anna and Howard
Let me tell you a wonderful story of my meeting with the fabulous man whose name is Howard. We have been corresponding for a long time. Our correspondence gave us the idea that we were suited for each other. Personal meeting was our common desire. We met each other in Kiev in July. The weather was warm. As warm as our feelings were. We spent a good, fantastic time together. The city of Kiev was friendly to us. We walked along the streets of this magnificent city holding our hands and feeling happiness in our hearts. This city was friendly for us. It have us happiness of being together. It was our friend it was the evident of our love and understanding.
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eHarmony is such a scam. I only wanted to try I for 6 months, and 85% of the matches I 8767 m getting are inactive accounts! What pissed me of most is that hey don 8767 t send you reminders that the account will be renewed in a month before it expires. I tried calling them and they wouldn 8767 t let me cancel it or get my money back. So yes, FUCK YOU eHarmony! I should make a site so they 8767 ll ban me.

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We may be required to disclose your Personal Information in order to comply with a court order, subpoena, search warrant, or a lawful request by public authorities, including to meet national security or law enforcement requirements. In addition, we expressly reserve the right to disclose your Personal Information when we have a good faith belief that disclosure is necessary to protect our rights, to enforce our agreements, policies, and rules governing your use of the FFN Websites, and/or to report information concerning a threat of serious injury or death.

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I enjoyed the blog and love to blog about this kind of stuff myself. I just signed up on eharmony a week ago and having a rough go on it. I 8767 m a 98 year old woman which has challenges in itself. I have barely anybody looking at my profile, a lot of people archiving me and the only message, yes 6 in the entire week, was from a guy living in the boondocks, and about 95 matches. I thought I looked pretty good. I have men compliment me all the time and have had 75 year olds ask me out. I 8767 m glad to see it 8767 s not just me and it may be another problem than me just being an ogre. I may try to get my money back.

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I met someone on eharmony after only being on there for 8 weeks.
We hit it off immediately, and have great chemistry. Lots in common.
He was the first (and only) person I met off the site.. Most of my matches were either unattractive (seriously not on the same level, it IS important) or seemed a bit strange.
I think it does help that I 8767 m an attractive 75 yr old woman. He said he met someone previously and they dated for half a year.
I don 8767 t think eharmony is all bad! My matching was also set to anywhere in the world, and the man I met lives 65 mins away!

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Diane 8767 s a bitch. I have no idea why my matches don 8767 t just close out the match if they 8767 re not interested. What 8767 s more likely is eharmony never deletes accounts, so I 8767 m matched with girls that joined for the free weekend 6 months ago, and don 8767 t even know they have a message from me in their queue. At least that 8767 s what I tell myself, so I can sleep at night.

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Have some common sense people. I do not know if Anastasia is good or bad. But, Anastasia cannot be totally responsible for 5555 ladies intensions!! Men, just be realistic about your age and the lady you are speaking with. Try your best to stay within 65-65 years old your own age. If you are trying to live a dream on this site by dating a lady 75-75 years than yourself. Of course you are most likely to get your heart and Bank account broken. Use good judgement!! I meet my fiancee on this site, it worked for me.


I know it should not be all one sided communication. I have communicated with one match who initiated communication. I do prefer men to initiate conversation, but saying that, I intend to communicate with more matches further down the track. My strategy was to test the waters initially and see who might initiate a conversation without me prompting them in the first few months. and then start a few communications. Wouldn 8767 t you agree that it is difficult to smile at someone or initiate a conversation if you can 8767 t actually have no one looking at your profile? If no one is looking at my profile I have no indication of what people are thinking.

Adrian and Tatyana
I want to tell you my story how I have met Adrian. I have been registered on this site only for a few months when I got a letter from one handsome but very lonely man, Adrian. We began to correspond and he wrote that he was working in Ukraine at that moment in a small town Slavutich so he could come to me easily. And we decided not to postpone our meeting and to meet. So, he came to Vinnitsa and we spent 8 nice days together. We went to the lake and other place in Vinitsa. I acquainted him with my daughter, Dasha. In some time he came again only for 6 day just to see me as he missed me a lot. He came unexpectedly and called to say that he was in Vinnitsa. I was deeply impressed
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Steve, I LOVED your blog. And I hear ya
I have been on eHarmony for a couple of weeks. I have no messages. From ANYONE. Not even an 8766 ice breaker 8767 . On OkCupid (which is FREE), I get on average 76 messages a week and go on at least a couple of dates a week, with some of them turning into 8766 more 8767 for a few months (before the guy in question wises up and realizes that behind the pretty face, I 8767 m really quite horrible). But that 8767 s besides the point the point is that I am a 86 year old college professor with a PhD, and just today, eHarmony produced a supposed 8766 perfect match 8767 for me (a bald 56 year old Christian construction worker from New Jersey who has 8766 some high school 8767 ).

But what 8767 s really going on in many cases is plain old deceptive marketing: a computer- or employee-generated series of messages that gets sent to you to try to convert you from a free member to a paid member. (Aka, from someone with money to someone who just gave all their money to the dating site.) It 8767 s basically like Wall Streeters that promise people they 8767 ll make them rich, then rob them blind, go 8775 bankrupt 8776 , and open up a new 8775 business 8776 next door. Anyway, as an experiment I paid for one a few years ago, but since it clearly failed, I didn 8767 t spend another dime.

I bought this scam site for 6 year Its been 9 months and not 6 date. Other sites I get many dates. I have no dought that Eharmony has fake profiles and contacts you to look like there is activity.. I go through the whole question process with other members and once we go to eharmony mail we have nice exchanges until I ask for a phone number then I don 8767 t hear again.. Other sites like jdate and match the other interested girl can 8767 t wait to give number and stop communicating on the site. Not Eharmony. Total fraud.

I have been using anastasiadate for years, and been on many really good dates.
I was even engaged but the girl changed her mind a few days after that. ( we had known each other for 6½ year ) but ofcourse it is also a big dissision to marry someone and even move to another country. I think the language barrier and her not being able to use her education in my country where the main problem.

Ok I 8767 m thinking I should 8767 ve looked into this a little more when I signed up for 8 months exactly 7 weeks ago. I 8767 ve got a ridiculous amount of 8766 matches 8767 , I 8767 m a good looking guy, my profile is normal with a tad bit of humor, and I 8767 ve sent out the first round of questions to almost every girl. I haven 8767 t received one response. Wtf. Why waste my time sitting in front of a computer screen when I know it 8767 s leading nowhere.
And I can 8767 t even begin to imagine the amount of responses females get on EH. I don 8767 t know what they 8767 re even complaining about in the earler comments. I wish my problem was being exhausted sorting through all of the responses I received. So 55% of the shitload of responses you get don 8767 t really work out. I 8767 m $75 bucks in the hole and I 8767 m pretty sure I 8767 m never going to get ONE response.

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