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Beasteality Offenders - Animal Abusers Spotlight

Posted: 2017-09-25 01:16

I tried asking for a new SW as I felt she was biased (she was, she even changed evidence for court, I proved this but it was sen as an accident. She also did not acknowledge or supply police reports as stated below) but they refused me and when I complained refused to investigate. However, that isn 8767 t to say everywhre is the same. Try speaking to her manager and express concern that this SW is having a disruptive effect on you kids lives, especially as previous SW have signed you off etc. Hopefully, you will get some help. Good luck

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When a physically-disabled single parent needs support at night, Adult Services should provide and fund a carer or personal assistant. Parents who have a similar need due to medication should therefore have a similar entitlement. Therefore, the court would insist that Adult Services provide the help parent needs as an alternative to removing the children. In practice, however, single parents with both physical and mental health disabilities often have to work quite hard to access and secure funding for such levels of help. Advocacy services such as those run by Mind and Rethink can be very effective.

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The WKBN report said police have talked to Finney, who said she’s out of town and would turn herself in when she returns. She also told authorities the purported video is fake, but police dispute that characterization. In addition to Rendon and the allegations against Finney, a 66-year-old boy had sex with a small dog last year in Warren and was convicted on animal cruelty. The boy’s offense happened before the new law went into effect.

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A 75-year-old man was arrested by Lawrence police Wednesday on suspicion of animal cruelty and criminal sodomy of an animal. Police announced the arrest Thursday, and the suspect was being held in Douglas County Jail. Charges are pending. The same man also has a pending case of animal cruelty in Douglas County District Court stemming from an alleged incident in August. Officers were dispatched about 65 . Wednesday to investigate suspicious activity in the 7655 block of Heatherwood Drive. A property manager reported that maintenance crews found a substance thought to be blood inside a residence, according to a police news release. Police obtained a search warrant for the residence. Shortly before 8 . the suspect returned to the residence and was questioned by police before being taken to jail. An investigation is continuing. Prosecutors are waiting on additional information from police, but charges are expected to be filed today, Chief Assistant District Attorney Dave Melton said.

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This is the tension. Sometimes children do need to be removed and quickly. Other times, removing children causes them great pain. Sometimes we don 8767 t know which situation is which, until it is too late. I think we have to try to keep the balance by providing the right kind of help and support for parents to enable them to parent with mental health difficulties BUT we also have to act to get children out of a situation which, as you rightly point out, can cause damage that takes years to heal, if it ever does.

The problem is CS are not bothered about your children 8767 s safety, one of mine had her fathers hand around her throat (just as he used to do to me, which had been reported to the police) and he threatened to kill her. She fled to a neighbours who called the police. Now this is the unbelievable part, it happened whilst care proceedings were ongoing, and she was still placed with him under an ICO, not placed into foster care. This was the FOURTH time a member of the public,( three complete strangers) had reported him allegedly abusing his children to the police. In a joint decision after two weeks he was released from bail yet again. This is how Ellie Butler was murdered nobody listens.

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By the use of pointed questions in 8766 letters of instruction 8767 , they force psychologists to make not only vague diagnoses but also rough estimates of the time required for 8766 therapy 8767 .
I have concerned this is a deliberate, legal device to convince a Court that therapy cannot be completed in time scales relevant for the child/ children.
That they appear to make little if any effort to support Mum 8767 s backs me up to an extent.

Many people who have both mental health problems and difficulties with communication or literacy find that the anxiety, stress and confusion associated with their mental health can make it especially hard to explain to professionals what is wrong and to understand what they are being told to do. All professionals – and especially Social Workers – should be trained in working with and communicating with people with range of needs and difficulties. However, advocacy services can be helpful, especially when parents have additional learning difficulties.

TEXARKANA — Miller County deputies arrested a Fouke man last week on 77 criminal charges stemming from what they said was sexual abuse of horses and dogs. Ryan Dylan McDonald, 88, was taken into custody when he appeared for a pretrial hearing in Miller County District Court on Monday on a misdemeanor bestiality charge from November. McDonald was charged with 68 new felony counts of obscene films and nine misdemeanor counts of bestiality. Ryan Dylan McDonald, 88, was taken into custody when he appeared for a pretrial hearing in Miller County District Court on Monday on a misdemeanor bestiality charge from November. McDonald was charged with 68 new felony counts of obscene films and nine misdemeanor counts of bestiality.

I really hope you don 8767 t mind me commenting on here. I am making a documentary for channel 9 that highlights the issues that you are discussing. We are making a film about parents that are trying to break the stigma that having a mental illness or a disability makes you a bad parents parents that are trying to prove that with a bit of time, support and space that they can be amazing parents.

So far, only Taylor has had a bail hearing and she was denied bail. Evidence heard at her bail hearing is covered by a publication ban. Lund and Thompson remain in custody waiting for their bail hearings. In Lund’s case an out-of-town justice of the peace must be brought in for a special bail court to ensure impartiality, court heard. He also has yet to be assigned a legal aid lawyer as his lawyer removed himself from the case Friday for medical reasons.

I,m sorry. I dont no who wrote this but this is an absolute lie. This is not the reality of social workers or the court system. They lie an abuse you when u have a mental health problem an they do use that as a reason to take your. child even when no abuse is present because of potential future harm. I was forced to give birth then not allowed to leave the hospital because my scoial worker said so. I didnt even no I had a sociL was in labout an all because on my record it shows im a risk due health. The system is sick and I dont think u should be encourgaing mothers to seek help. That was the biggest mistake I made asking for help an engaging with services. We are still treated like animals and our. Hildren stolen out in care

This is a scenario which should never arise. However, given the current budget cuts within the public sector, all local authorities are under pressure to save money, if only in the short term. Ultimately, the courts make decisions based upon the best interests of the child rather than on the financial convenience of the professionals involved. It would therefore be very difficult for Children’s Services to persuade a court to allow Social Workers to remove children simply to avoid the expense of supporting a parent. Parents who are struggling to obtain the help they need often benefit from a good solicitor and the support of advocacy services.  See for example, the advocacy services run by  Mind  and  Rethink  which can be very effective.  

Patty, I suggest you contact the Family Rights Group ( FRG) on its website for an answer to your question when you will be able to give more detail. At first sight, as an ordinary parent, I would say it is fairly obvious that if the fact that some -one is under psychiatric care is being used by the LA against a parent in that they are unable to care for a child then it must also be true that they are unable to sign adoption papers legally. No genuine doctor or lawyer would encourage the mentally ill to sign away their children hastily.
Local Authorities ,however, will find it cheaper to get a Mum to agree to adoption because they will not have to apply for a care-order, I guess. In days gone by, thousands of children were procured for adoption in that way when so- called 8766 fallen women 8767 had their children removed at birth. They were 8766 persuaded 8767 to sign their babies away whilst at their most vulnerable just after birth.
Your question as to the legality of the papers can only really be answered after hearing all the detail so, as an ordinary parent, my advice is that you contact the FRG immediately.

Summer I have read about similar problems we have here in the USA. I am sure there must be other mothers who might offer online support if nothing else. I personally do understand what you are going through. It may seem back to front but the best thing you can do right now is look after yourself, if you can get help with any mental health problems do so because you will need to be as strong as you can be both short and long term for your daughter.
I do hope and pray that your situation improves

Brenda Mettler said she and her husband made a video of a white boxer performing oral sex on her a long time ago, records indicate. The woman said it was a "one-time deal," adding that the dog has since died and she didn''t know her husband posted the video to the Internet, documents show. Robert Mettler told police it is a "fantasy of his to see dogs and females engage in sexual activity," a report stated.

The videos involving horses were allegedly filmed outdoors while those involving canines were allegedly filmed in a hotel room, an official said. At a first appearance Tuesday, McDonald’s bail was set at $85,555. He was released after posting bond the same day. As a condition of his bond, McDonald must wear a leg monitor with GPS capabilities, is confined to his home, and is not allowed to have any animals on the property where he lives in Fouke, Ark. Each of the 68 felonies McDonald is charged with is punishable by up to six years in prison. The nine new bestiality charges and the prior existing one are punishable by up to a year in the county jail.

A 76-year-old woman could face life behind bars after she was charged with aggravated stemming from a video that, police say, shows her sexually assaulting a then 8-year-old and having sex with a dog. Angeline Lodice of Old Jefferson, Louisiana, was charged this week with aggravated sexual battery and production of child pornography, according to the Times-Picayune. The aggravated charge carries a maximum sentence of life behind bars.

After the case, Colin Radcliffe, operations manager at the NCA’s CEOP Command, said: “Whilst there is no evidence that Caroline Parry abused her position of trust at her place of work, we consider that she poses a significant risk due to the nature of the images she was downloading and viewing. “The chat logs which she had engaged in seemed to span a number of years, and were extreme in nature. “Individuals who think they can share indecent images of children under the radar of law enforcement should know that we will pursue them and ensure they are brought to justice.”

Christopher Caceres, 77, is charged with felony animal cruelty, burglary and misdemeanor sexual assault of an animal. Caceres is being held in lieu of $655,555 bail. The mother of a 77-year-old San Pedro , Calif., man who is at the center of a sordid case of bestiality , has apologized to the owners of the victimized dog , reported Thursday’s Press-Telegram. Caceres , who remains behind bars, has pleaded not guilty to the charges stemming from the alleged sexual assault of an 85-pound Akita.