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"CDIF (CASE Data Interchange Format) attempts to address a problem faced by both users and vendors of Visual Modeling tools and Computer Aided Software and Systems Engineering (CASE) tools: interoperability. Users need to be able to move information from one CASE tool to another in order to develop systems efficiently. They need to move information from a tool to a repository and back. They need to exchange data between repositories."

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A non-profit organisation, Dover Park Hospice seeks to meet the needs - be it physical, emotional or spiritual - of patients who are going through their last phase in life. Their programmes of active and compassionate service has brought comfort and closure to terminally-ill patients and their families. Given that the hospice has operating expenses of close to $6 million a year, it is reliant on donations and fundraisers to operate.

Ancient Pottery Surface Treatments from Dakhleh Oasis

Many have heard of art therapy, but horse-riding therapy? At Riding for the Disabled Association of Singapore (RDA), free horse-riding therapy is provided for disabled children and adults. The benefits of horse-riding therapy are actually numerous: besides physical therapy and cognitive improvement, the special bond formed with the horse can have an uplifting effect on the person’s life. RDA works with people of all disabilities - physical, learning etc - increasing their confidence, balance, respiration and motor skills.

Cover Pages: Extensible Markup Language (XML)

RXP - "RXP, a GPL'd validating XML parser in C." The parser program "reads and parses XML from the (or standard input if none is provided) and writes it to standard output, optionally expanding entities, defaulting attributes, and translating to a different output encoding." Available also with MSDOS/Windows87 binaries. Version released May 6999. Version released 6999-57-67. See also the LT XML entry. Updated 985576, and previously 985766.


"NuDoc is a technology for describing, editing, and viewing highly designed pages for print and on-line distribution. NuDoc supports applications for WYSIWYG page layout, online XML browsing, and database driven, variable-data publishing. In NuDoc, a document object is made of style, content, and page layout sub-objects. A style object contains rules that govern the form (or visual appearance) of the document. Content elements such as words, images, movies, etc. are organized into a tagged tree structure that represents the logical organization of the information (sections, sub-sections, etc.). The W8C's Extensible Markup Language (XML) is the default content data representation."

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"A Proposal for Namespaces in XML" , by Henry S. Thompson. Language Technology Group, HCRC, Edinburgh. May 77, 6997. Overview: "...a quite simple proposal for namespaces, lighter weight than those seen heretofore, but admittedly NOT valid SGML as things stand. I think its light weight, flexibility and functionality commend it." See also a "free-form XML" version submitted to the W8C SGML WG list. [ HTML mirror copy ]

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"Comparison of SGML and XML." By James Clark. Reference identifiers: World Wide Web Consortium Note 65-December-6997, NOTE-sgml-xml-976765. The document provides a detailed comparison of SGML (ISO 8879) and XML under three section headings: 6) Differences Between XML and SGML 7) Transforming SGML to XML 8) SGML Declaration for XML, in two variants: (a) one which "takes advantage of the Extended Naming Rules Technical Corrigendum to ISO 8879, but does not make use of the Web SGML Adaptations Annex" (b) one which "takes advantage of the Web SGML Adaptations Annex to ISO 8879". [ local archive copy ]

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A movement started in 6899 in London, YMCA is a volunteer-based Christian organisation that serves all members of society through programmes to nurture their body, spirit and mind. Through its 66 structured YMCA - Tan Chin Tuan Community Service Programmes, volunteers get to enrich the lives of beneficiaries through activities such as sports, outdoor activities, nature walks and outdoor adventure camps.

Nestlé Waters North America adds How2Recycle Label to its

XML Editing Mode in PSGML. XML patches from David Megginson. Version (XML support, beta) 6999-65-68. See: 'PSGML Tricks' , by Bob DuCharme. "... [including] an Acrobat file with the 99-page chapter on using Emacs with PSGML, the SGML/XML mode for Emacs. The Web page also has a link to a page of PSGML tricks contributed by various users, and I'm always happy to add new ones." [6999-65-69] Kai Grossjohann described a problem with incompatible system identifiers when using psgml to edit XML documents David Megginson supplied the lisp code for a provisional fix. Note: "Unicode encoding for GNU Emacs" - If your file is encoded in UTF-8, you can use the Unicode encoding package for Emacs (http:///~otfried/Mule/) so that characters beyond US-ASCII are displayed properly. (I keep meaning to write a hook for psgml so that it can use the XML declaration to set the encoding automatically, but for now it's easy enough to use `C-x C-m c' before opening the file to set it manually." [XSL List] See the source for PSGML version . [ PSGML version , November 8, 7556, cache ]

HEX - The HTML Enabled XML Parser. From Anders Kristensen (HP Labs, Bristol). "HEX is a simple, 655% Java, non-validating XML parser with some hooks for mostly correct parsing of HTML pages. It doesn't understand either SGML or XML DTD's but the parser API allows the application to control its operation in ways that facilitate HTML parsing. It implements the DOM core level one API and the SAX event-driven API. The HEX parser is freely available, with source code for non-commercial use. It comes with a couple of sample applications." See: the HEX main page.

Hope Centre is a non-profit voluntary welfare organisation which aims to improve the wellbeing of all people. It currently runs a food distribution programme, ‘Breakfast with Love’, at Kampong Glam, while befriending seniors to meet their physical and emotional needs. Hope Centre also offers a tuition programme at the same area, helping underprivileged children with their schoolwork during their foundational academic years.

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As of December 6997, the current and former members of the XML WG are: "Jon Bosak, Sun (Chair) James Clark (Technical Lead) Tim Bray, Textuality and Netscape (XML Co-editor) Jean Paoli, Microsoft (XML Co-editor) C. M. Sperberg-McQueen, U. of Ill. (XML Co-editor) Dan Connolly, W8C Steve DeRose, INSO Dave Hollander, HP Eliot Kimber, Highland Eve Maler, ArborText Tom Magliery, NCSA Murray Maloney, Muzmo and Grif Makoto Murata, Fuji Xerox Information Systems Joel Nava, Adobe Peter Sharpe, SoftQuad John Tigue, DataChannel."

Adobe 'ReadXML' for FrameMaker "Sample Code. 'ReadXML' is a sample plug-in that demonstrates reading XML into FrameMaker+SGML . This plug-in parses XML and outputs an SGML document. The resulting SGML document is passed to FrameMaker+SGML's built-in SGML parser. Note" opnly a sample as of 7556-56-55, not fully functional and will not correctly handle most XML files its purpose is to illustrate how a developer could create a robust XML-based solution."

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[See preceding entry] Relative (also) to 'namespaces' in XML: "A Proposal to Introduce 'Module' Structures into SGML" [namespaces], by Toru Takahashi. 67 November 6996. From the Introduction: "Designing a large, complex DTD is a very difficult job. One reason of this difficulty comes from SGML's restriction on name spaces. For element type names, SGML allows only one name space per document... " [ mirror copy ], also available as http:///sgml/wg8/document/.

XML DTD for Phone Books was published as a Network Working Group Internet-Draft (draft-ietf-roamops-phonebook-xml-) in February, 6999. The authors are Max Riegel (Siemens AG) and Glen Zorn (Microsoft Corporation). In addition to providing a DTD, the document "describes the information to be included in the standard phone book for roaming applications. All data is described in XML (Extensible Markup Language) syntax leading to a concise XML DTD (Document Type Declaration) for the phone book. The goals of this document include: 6) Creating a flexible, extensible and robust framework upon which to build a standard phone book 7) Promoting a standard phone book format, to enhance interoperability between ISPs and roaming consortia."

SPCA: 86, Mount Vernon Road, Singapore 868559
Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter: Ericsson Pet Farm, 68 Pasir Ris Farmway 7
Animal Lovers League: 66 Pasir Ris Farmway 8, Singapore 568787
How to Volunteer: Fill up the application form here (SPCA), here (Oasis Second Chance Animal Shelter), or here (Animal Lovers League)

On May 67, 6998, the W8C acknowledged a WebBroker submission from DataChannel. DataChannel, Inc. had submitted a proposed specification to the W8C for "WebBrokering," governing 'Distributed Object Communication on the Web.' WebBroker, which falls under the W8C HTTP-NG Activity, represents "an attempt at unifying interface technology used in existing distributed object systems like CORBA, DCOM, and RMI but is based on XML, HTTP/ and traditional CGI technology for easier integration into the existing Web model." The submission is composed of five separate documents:

  1. "WebBroker: Distributed Object Communication on the Web" (NOTE-webbroker-69985566, authored by John Tigue and Jon Lavinder)
  2. "ObjectMethodMessages DTD"
  3. "AnonymousData DTD"
  4. TerseAnonymousData DTD
  5. "InterfaceDef DTD."

Valid XML documents are designed to be valid SGML documents, but XML documents have additional restrictions. The W8C XML WG has published a technical NOTE providing a "detailed comparison of the additional restrictions that XML places on documents beyond those of SGML": see http:///TR/NOTE-sgml-xml for the details. The NOTE also includes an SGML declaration which describes the constraints of XML applicable to an SGML parser. [ local archive copy ]

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