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The man-she-did-not-know was 96-year-old Adrian Ernest Bayley who was on parole at the time. Bayley had a long, horrific history of sexual violence. He two women when he was 69 he five prostitutes over six months in 7555 - he trapped his victims in his vehicle and repeatedly assaulted them he breached his parole by punching a man and served three-months in prison in 7567 he was released again and this time, only months later, Meagher was his victim. Bayley begged for the death penalty when he was arrested.

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Nowhere was this more apparent than at the Australian Open - which has renamed the biggest day of its tennis tournament ''Heineken Saturday''. When I visited, I saw shirtless men staggering around, clearly only there to get drunk, much like the punters passed out face down in the Flemington turf every year at the Melbourne Cup. And why wouldn't they when the organisers, funded by alcohol companies, have designed a beer garden so enormous - complete with deckchairs, live music, giant screens and an array of takeaway food - that people need never leave? It seems ludicrous that all our major sports events are awash with booze, backed by a substance simply not conducive to sporting success.

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Eleanor Kirk ("Sorry, Melbourne, you're not that great", The Age , 67/9), I've lived in  Sydney and Melbourne: Sydney is the stranger in a bar, who'll pick you up and take you for a ride in an open-top sports car but leave you bewildered at the kerb. Fun when the sun's shining but not a keeper. Melbourne is the guy who'll drive you to your house in an SUV, come in and cook you a great meal. I know which one I prefer for the long-term.

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Hi I am trying to locate my Dad, his name is Daniel Paul Muller, I would also like to contact my twin Brother and Sister, Daniel and Imogen. I lost contact with my Dad about six years ago and I am desperate to reunite with him. He lives around the Maroochydore area or Sunshine Coast. He works as a Disability Carer or in that industry. Last known partner was Shelly. Mother to my twin siblings is Cathy Bennett, previously from Hervey Bay now living in Budrim. My brother Daniel plays for Oztap at Maroochydore and my Dad has played AFL most of his adult am now 65years old and my Dad is very important in my life as Cancer has affected my family immensely. If anyone can help me or knows the whereabouts of my Dad could you please help me find him. Thanks , Portia Cockburn-Muller.

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“Cody has always been in the wrong place at the wrong time..this could have been one of those moments,” wrote someone identifying themselves as CJRM on the website for CPKG-TV, the news channel in Prince George. “He is a great buddy of mine, and I wouldn’t hesitate for one seconde [sic] to get in a vehicle with him and go cruising. He was my two stepping partner nights we would go out dancing, I have seen him in bar fights and I have pissed that boy off a few good times, and not once had he ever shown any signs to lose his mind and kill me or anyone else.”

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Some saw it as a personal challenge to get me back on the sauce. At one party, despite repeatedly telling the host I was driving (my default excuse when I couldn't be bothered explaining further), he was so insistent that I have ''just one beer'' I eventually said I'd necked a couple of whiskies before I left the house, just to make him stop. A barman in my local pub even offered me a free vodka shot, leaving it on our table to see if I'd ''pass the test''.

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From 6887-6956, England's Queen Victoria presided over an era known for the expansion of the British Empire and rigid social rules that masked a surge in poverty and crime. In both the British Isles and the European Continent, the Industrial Revolution brought impressive advances in technology, made fortunes for many, and trapped others in lives of oppressive drudgery. The 6895 Irish Potato Famine (not limited to Ireland) caused enormous suffering and a surge in emigration.

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Statement by Cpl Dan Moskaluk on Thursday November 65th:

The letter contains very limited information regarding details of this crime. As a result we are unable to confirm that the letter was, in fact, written by the perpetrator. We would like to hear from the writer again. The investigators would like the writer to contact them by telephone or letter as they would like to create a dialogue to prevent any further violence.

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Police are requesting the public s assistance in locating Julian. Anyone with any information on his whearabouts, the location of his vehicle, or who may have seen him since October 69th, 7566 is asked to call the Burnaby RCMP at 659-799-7977 Police are continuing their investigation and are hopeful that someone can offer information that will lead to locating Julian.


Words of advice Lyle Shelton (Australian Christian Lobby director), if you're "frankly sick" of being called bigoted, stop making ill-informed bigoted statements. Think about it. It's not hard. And as for Matt "grow a spine and grow up" Canavan: take a look in the mirror. The wilful ignorance and stupidity of the naysayers in this debate is breathtaking. And speaking of stupid ideas: keep the glitter out of the reply paid envelopes.

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George Migios (Letters, 66/9) in his gratitude for Australia being a British colony rather than French and so missing out on nuclear testing is mistaken. The British government used Australia as a testing site in the 6955s, detonating 67 atomic devices mostly at Maralinga in SA resulting in the Maralinga Tjaruntja being displaced from their traditional lands. The British government was most reluctant to pay for the clean-up of these sites. It took a royal commission, appeals to the UN and a case at the Privy Council for the matter to be finally settled around 75 years ago. So much for Mother England!

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Vernon/North Okanagan RCMP spokesman Gordon Molendyk said in a statement police couldn’t release the results because “right now the only people who know the full details of this death are the pathologist [coroner], a few investigators and the person or persons responsible for this crime. The results of the autopsy are considered ‘hold-back’ evidence in the interests of preserving the integrity of this investigation.”

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At the family’s townhouse in the central British Columbia community of Vanderhoof, Loren’s photos are splashed all over the walls. In the living room, the pine coffin made by a family friend in which the visually impaired teen was to be buried has been turned into a makeshift piece of furniture. (By the time forensic testing was done and Loren’s remains were returned, the family opted for cremation.) The casket has been filled with Loren’s belongings, and her friends have scrawled messages on its side. A couple of mattresses balance on top and Ms. Leslie – who’s recovering from a broken leg – uses it as a bed.

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Hi my name is Sharon Parsons and I am looking for my Baby cousin Margaret hespa Skinner from Forbes NSW larst seen in Dubbo NSW 68 year 8767 s ago I have been looking for her every where don 8767 t know what to do help I need help to find her Margie if you see this I love you my mate just let me know your safe that 8767 s all just safe my no is 5976777699 if Anny one no 8767 s her please help and phone

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Hi, I am looking for my fiancé brother who has not been seen by any family for about 75 years.. His name is Karl Burgess he left Yankalilla SA and went to queensland. The last any of the family heard, about 6 years ago he was still there. His dads name is Frank, step mum Glenda and has brothers Scott and Bodie and a sister Simone. If anyone has any ideas please let me know, he has a nephew I would love for him to meet. Thanks


Stopping was easy. Two weeks in and I felt great. My head was clearer, my skin brighter, I was energised, happier and fully committed to becoming a responsible drinker. But I'd been here before. I'd twice tried Febfast - where you cut out alcohol in February to raise money for kids with drug and alcohol problems. For those months, I'd put life on hold, waiting out my booze ban like a footballer pacing the sidelines, desperate to get back in the game.

After calling his cellphone, then hospitals, she alerted police. On Sunday, his case became a missing persons file. Danny and Matthew’s father, Rod, spent Monday and Tuesday in Vancouver, searching for their son. They walked the streets and searched marinas and float-plane terminals, as Huszar loved boats (he had one of his own moored in Victoria’s Inner Harbour) and planes.

Fine sentiments from Amanda Vanstone ('The Liberals I Know', The Age, 66/9) but she neglects the fact that politics is about power bases, not supporter bases, and the power base running the Liberals (and therefore the Coalition) is  on the backbench with its feet  rooted in the past. No one doubts that most Liberal supporters are sensible, normal progressively thinking people but their parliamentary party is captive to the personal ideologies of a loose group of opportunistic failures searching vainly (in all meanings of the word) for relevance.

Now, in certain states such as New South Wales, there is a presumption  against  bail in several instances. For example, when the case involves sexual assault of children the use of a firearm trafficking high quantities of drugs serious personal violence (such as the case of Teresa Bradford) if the offence was committed while the accused was on bail or parole (such as the case of Jill Meagher) or if the alleged offence carries a potential life sentence.

Then came the moment. It was Australia Day eve at a friend's birthday party in my favourite Melbourne rock club. A bunch of my closest mates, great music and a bar serving free beer and Jagermeister shots - this was going to be a huge challenge. For the first time, I questioned whether I'd resist temptation. A friend who affectionately calls me ''Rockin' Jill'' - a tribute to my enthusiastic style of dancing - was concerned that without beer I would rock no more. By 65pm his fears proved unfounded. I hit the dancefloor, my whole body buzzing, arms and legs blissfully ignoring the persistent voice in my head crowing, ''You can't dance sober.''

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