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Date: 2017-08-13 10:48.

We wrote to each other for about a month. I asked several times for Alenochka''s full name, address, phone number, and where she worked. I was never able to get that information from her. Alenochka finally asked me if I would be willing to help her out with her fees and I agreed. I sent $655 to her agency director through Western Union. The Director told me the money would be used according to my directions.

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Talk to ladies, call them, if they do not give personal information about themselves they are fake. You may write to ladies for months, do not go there and expect a lady to jump into your arms, they are modest wonderful ladies. Do not chase ladies with a 75 year age difference it is not going to work! You need to make contacts and be on the ground and meet many. Forget the supermodels, they are not real on any of the big dating agencies, yes they will date you and that is all.

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Hello, I wanted to let you know about a slew of scam profiles posted as bait in . Scammers are using for their mail , also may be or any other free service. The postings from Ukraine, in particular Lugansk are a mine field of scam profiles. The agency of Translation will contact you with your first or second letter requesting money for translations. Be warned. I have hit on several, mostly for fun after I was taken the first time. These are not real women..its Yuri.

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Romance Compass does have a bunch of legit dolls up there but avoid this site at all costs
I only wasted $85 on this site on a model named Anastasia Klovanich and she talked up on how much she needed me to be with her and be by her side until i eventually received her details. I tried adding her on VK and on Facebook but she blocked me off after refusing to add me for a few weeks and blocked off my number. I will be taking her down in February in a song I have written up ). Otherwise stay away

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Latest on professional dating scammer Valeria/Valeriya Novitskaya she is now using Step7love number 655697 & .
Be warned she is very convincing & devious & will have you believing all her lies & making you think you are the only man in the world for her.
She WILL gtake you for as much money,gifts,holidays etc as she can. Avoid her at all costs. She seems to be unstopable

ID 46008 - Elena from Nikolaev (Ukraine), 19 years old

My own wife had decided to convince her mom first and then allow mom to convince her dad. What convinced mom and then dad, was simply the happiness of my wife. My wife is strong willed and does what she feels best and although respects her parents, feels that she make her own decisions (that 8767 s the lawyer in her). The first two ladies I mentioned, were not as strong minded and didn 8767 t like to sway the boat with their parents.

After some time at home, her grandmother worked her over pretty well, worried about her granddaughter leaving Ukr for another country. This lady had a child and the father was making waves about the child leaving, too (even though he was a non-paying, unstable man). Sadly, it didn 8767 t work for them, and my translator and I believe that the words from grandma and perhaps mom (whom this lady lived with), had great bearing on her change of heart.

I certainly don 8767 t want this post to sound like sour I 8767 m not complaining that I was scammed. Sure, shame on these ladies for running this scam but it takes a willing sucker for any scam to work. And in this case, I was the sucker. My best advice would be to 8775 step outside 8776 of the situation and try to analyze it impartially. When you 8767 re with a beautiful woman who pays attention to you, this isn 8767 t always easy. In the case of Elena and her interpreter, they were consummate pros. They knew exactly how to apply just enough pressure and insistence without going overboard. I fancy myself a sharp guy but it was even hard for me to figure it out. It took 9 or 5 dates but then I saw that some things just didn 8767 t add up.

Krystyna, I congratulate you on succinctly describing the scams that take place within many of the Ukraine based 8766 marriage agencies. My view is the girls are also often victims, not realising what they are getting themselves into when they agree to the 8775 free photoshoot 8776 . You are also absolutely right to highlight the fact that it is not uncommon for girls to work several profiles, either by using photos taken from social networking or model sites and/or, hijacking the identities of girls who have left the agency. I have also heard examples of girl that were fearful or threatened when they tried to leave the agency. It is a very murky world and the reality is, the website owners, often based in the USA could and should do more to stamp out rogue agents. Great article!

Hindsight being 75/75, I 8767 ve learned a LOT about what constitutes a legitimate EE dating profile. The first 7 photos in this post are the photos that she had listed in her 8775 profile. 8776 What should stand out is that none of them are candid shots. None are taken by her family, colleagues at work, none taken by grandma and none in 8775 regular 8776 clothes in 8775 regular 8776 places. These are all professional style model photos. This girl is either trying to get a job as a model or she paid to have these photos taken for the express purpose of scamming Western Men. Or, she doesn 8767 t exist at all and these photos were stolen from a modeling agency or website. In the case of our profiled scammer Elena, she was in fact a real woman and these are her photos. I did meet and date her (or so I thought). I believe that we had 9 or 5 meetings and in 8775 dating 8776 her I gained a PhD in EE scammers.

If a woman like Elena works as a receptionist or secretary, she maybe will earn $855-$555 per month working 95 hours a week, 9 weeks a month. I just paid the interpreter $95. From what I will later come to learn is that the two women would split the commission between them. About $75 for 9 hours of work. Not bad if you can pick up two or three dates on Saturday or Sunday each week. Besides getting a nice meal and some drinks, a woman and her interpreter can make $655 or $755 per weekend.

Christopher S. says:
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I am very glad to have found your blog. The fact that you yourself have found that special someone in this dating format, and sharing your imput, opinions, and information has been very helpful to me.”
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“Thanks for making this blog, I really loved it!”
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“Krystyna, thank you for a great blog, I happened to stumble over it while googling for the mindset of Ukrainian women, and your clear language on the site is very rare when searching on this subject.”

The scam can be run by a single person or several people. These scammers are focused on exploiting compassion and sensitivity. One trick is when the scammers appeal to the victim 8767 s goodness. For example, the victim meets a Russian / Ukraine woman online through the dating sites. Love develops between them. The woman encourages him and reveals things about herself that is intended to gain his love and sympathy to the point where he feels that he needs to help her. She tells him that no one else will help her and that he is the answer to her prayers.

I could compare , her reactions (lady 6) , to these , of this lady only after some dates , I was pretty sure , that it was not right (lady 6).I had to compare , her face , with that of the profile pics (lady 6) , several times , to really be sure (no , I had no smart phone so no pics).
And I didn`t print the profile photos so after each date , I had to use the pc , to look for differences.

No matter where you live or what your background is, being alone and lonely can be devastating to your emotional well being, your social life, and your family life. So, finding ways to cure that loneliness is a reasonable response for anyone. Today, Western men of all ages and backgrounds can simply log on to the internet and start searching for their soul mate from Russia and Ukraine. Everything is easy? No way!

Для девушек общение на сайте бесплатное. Но, мы заботимся о качестве и честности общения, поэтому все девушки проходят предварительную модерацию перед тем, как получат доступ к сайту. Пришлите нам свои данные, заполнив форму, и мы свяжемся с вами в течение 98 часов для подтверждения или уточнения некоторых вопросов. Чтобы ускорить процесс, рекомендуем сразу прилагать свое фото, а также подробно расписать цель вашей регистрации и указать все действительные данные, чтобы мы были уверены, что вы не мошенник. Не переживайте, у вас будет возможность скрыть любые личные данные и не отображать их для пользователей сайта.

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Also if you know their first name, and age search them on in city that they live with birth date. You will be ahead of many things to know about them with this. So burn Ukraine? No, we all have bad experiences but keep them as experience! It did not kill you did it? I had bad experiences with Anastasia that was fake, I do not hate the fraud lady, I actually feel sorry for her! Her loss!

* Does she excuse herself to take phone calls or act in other suspicious ways? This is a bad sign. Does she bring along her sister or best friend to meet you? This is a good sign. A woman won 8767 t introduce you to ANYONE SHE KNOWS if she 8767 s scamming you. I 8767 m sure that Elena 8767 s parents and old classmates don 8767 t know she 8767 s a dating scammer. If she insists at meeting in 8775 out of the way places, 8776 this is also a red flag.

I wish to notify about an Ukrainian lady that really scammed me a lot of money. her name is Elena (Lena) Shkolnaya , and her address is Kybalchicha street 66-B, f-97, Kiev, Ukaine phone: +88599 595-5578. She asked me U$955 for her passport (fast service one) and then U$755 for expenses. Then I was going to send her the air-ticket by my travel agency via computer when she said: oh, no. just send me the money cash and I buy it here. I refused and send it electronically. When I called her to tell her that the ticket have been sent, she said she cant fly until a month because her grandmother is sick and she is selling her house for her, etc a week later, she disappeared. Nobody answers her home phone number anymore. I was lucky I didn''t lost the U$6755 of her flight, since Lufthansa reimbursed me 95% of the cost. Sending you her photo too. So be careful, she speaks good English and in a soft voice.

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