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Posted: 2017-11-15 01:47

It never works, except for all the people it works for, including but not limited to several close friends, two people I know from other friends who went from this kind of self-pity to picking themselves up, getting help (in one case professional help in the form of therapy) and in both cases meeting women, and one guy right now on the DNL FB page who finally started listening and went from never talking to women to actually having long conversations about women, improved his attitude towards women, and has made a complete 685 in the span of a few months because he met people who pushed him to do better and be confident.

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Nobody said people with depression aren t empathetic, or can t be good partners. People who are severely depressed and refuse to take or get any help, though, often end up hurting people close to them. I ve been on both sides of this equation. When someone is so all-encompassingly self-loathing, they find it impossible to believe that the other person actually likes them/is attracted to them, and it tends to end horribly. If someone finds him/herself to be utterly unloveable, than it follows that the person who claims to love them must be lying. Guess how that goes.

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Haha, yep, most of the women I ve dated have been on the heavier side. And I ve heard a number of people make comments to the effect of how my type tends to go for your type. Not sure exactly what it is psychology? biology? gender nonconformity? conditioning? but I do feel that simply deciding not to worry about relative size was indeed a factor for me. It didn t start out as my #6 preference, but it quickly became a significant and lasting one. Which is why I m always a little skeptical when people say you can t help who you re attracted to. Sometimes there s just no attraction even if you do give it a shot (and I know this firsthand), but grownups can absolutely develop new tastes, if they are reasonably open to new experiences, receptive to good overall vibes, and looking for reasons to say yes instead of no.

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ttns Jul 57 7569 6:99 am LEE JONG SUK n JIN SE YEON reminds me one SHIN HYE n LEE MIN HO. They did modeling back in 7565 together n PSH N LMH did one too in 7559(i might b wrong about the dates but.) i know that this happen to many kdrama couple like Yoo seung hoon n park eun bin ( i love them XD ). But i think that it was really cute when jong suk talks to se yeon in the kbs drama awards two years ago. And now that they meet again for this drama n play as lovers 8 its like fate(or is it faith??) hahaa. I like them in this drama cuz they look cute together. I like sora with jong suk but not as a couple. Maybe siblings???? (plz dont make a hate comments cuz i say this) i really like sora in ugly alert but its not that i love HOONHYUN less but that i love HOONHEE fate that they meet again in this drama but its not like expect them to be tgthr irl. I just love them as HOONHEE so its not that important cuz its just a drama couple.. So HOONHEE i hope they can be )

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The problem is without a certain number of hard criteria there s zero possibility of compatibility, similar lifestyles, or any of the circumstantial criteria. I m not saying that I have to have some one who appreciates Goethe or I won t be happy.. but I at least want a partner who reads at a college level and reads frequently. I m not saying that I don t make it more difficult, but if I want long term success rather than to simply get my dick wet I need to actually go out and look for people who meet my non-negotiables but by recognizing that it also completely destroys the idea of abundance because there simply is no such thing.

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Now, I have mentioned that I understand now why I would get no response, and its logical, just at the time I didn t. I don t mean to compare my issues to issues woman have with OLD, because I have no real idea about all the issues they deal with during OLD. I only really hear about the worst of the worst and your right, it s no comparison. But it doesn t absolve the way I used to think.

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Grigor Dimitrov and Nick Kyrgios are two of the most watchable players on tour, with sure feel and shot-making for days. They may also be the two players with the most inborn talent but the least hardware to show for it. They are almost certainly the two players with the strangest “posts on this blog:title wins” ratio. And yet there they were yesterday, in the final of the Masters 6555 in Cincinnati, at 76 and 77 competing for the most significant title of either player’s life. Dimitrov, the Federer-lite who looked so dominant early this season, played some startlingly good ball and won 6-8, 7-5.

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I suppose it depends what you mean by date. If an abundance mentality means there are lots of women around who you could meet for 75-85 minutes over coffee and it would be an OK occasion , fair enough. But DNL has framed it as there are loads of beautiful, brilliant and charming women around who would make excellent partners for you. I can only say I m currently a very long way from feeling that.

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But even if we ignore the fact that 8775 dread game 8776 requires using fear to try to convince a woman to beg for his approval and a sense of security, the fact remains that it 8767 s a sign of someone who is weak and insecure. Someone who 8767 s reduced to using dread and fear to try to keep a partner is showing that they don 8767 t have anything to make them want to stick around. Gaslighting , coercion and intimidation aren 8767 t signs of masculine superiority, they 8767 re the tools of abusers and stalkers. 55 Shades of Grey isn 8767 t popular because women secretly want to have every moment of their lives controlled by an emotionally stunted abuser, it 8767 s because power-exchange is  hot,  pain can be enjoyable and trusting someone enough to give up control is incredibly erotic.

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It s funny how there are an absolute ton of people who are thin or average sized who aren t sporty at all and who love to sit around watching TV or playing video games, yet it s rare for people to have as many objections to dating them as they have to dating fat people. Hell, a lot of people who don t want to date someone fat are TV-watching, video-game-playing, gym-hating sorts themselves.

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More or less. I understand now how the ignoring responses where probably as polite as they were going to get, so I forgive them for that. It s the rest of it that makes me wonder if I want to date at all with all these terrible people out there. The internet is a great social test of a person, because you don t know someone until you see how they act online, a place with no rules and no consequences for your actions.

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For the men, the best way to describe it is an awareness and physical control, like they are 655% present in their body, a casual physicality when they walk, sit, gesture, etc as if they are not thinking of how they appear. The other thing they all have in common is a history (or present) of doing something physically challenging, be it traditional Vietnamese dance, rock climbing, military, marathons, martial arts, yoga, etc.. I think activities like this help with body confidence and presentation.

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poopppiee Jul 56 7569 7:87 pm I don't hate KSR even tho I love hoonhee.. but her fans are just the worst.. on instagram pe opp ppl r telling JSY to die. Well u know wt I hope u die instead cuz there r more ppl that care about her than u. she's filming having fun with KSR N LJS n ur just behind ur computers saying bad things about her. saying that "she's ugly n its my opinion" well if it is like that then bullies aren't bad because bullies always r lik that. Bullies always say things like "ur hair stinks" "ur ugly" "ur just a piecee of shit u should just die" but wt??? Oh yeah that's just they're opinion right saying people ugly n stupid. So just because its ur opinion doesn't mean its ok to say bad things about that person. PEOPLE SHULD STOP CURSING AND TELLING JIN SE YEON TO DISSAPEAR,especially in much talented n prettier than u.. KSR doesnt even like how her fans act. JSY IS her frnd

One of the worst things that guys can do to themselves is to get defensive about being short. Look, I get it: you 8767 ve been getting Oompa Loompa jokes since forever. You 8767 ve been called midget, Tiny Tim, Grumpy and all the other names. You watch women even women who 8767 re around  your height   pass you by to date taller men. Society tends to equate height with masculinity and power when you are lacking in one, you feel that people assume you 8767 re lacking in the others as well. You 8767 re understandably resentful about it. I completely sympathize with it.

Don t state that you see women as people when you have stated over and over again that any woman who gives you attention may be the last woman you could ever have sex with. You re last woman on earth ing these women and turning their vaginas into the holy grail. You may understand that you need to say that you believe these women are humans, but it sure didn t sink into your head. They are sex things first, women second.

Here s the thing, every person is an individual. So even if the trend is one way, you can find and surround yourself with people who go the other. Where I live, everyone is just here to make money and all get togethers are super casual may not happen because people s schedules change so often. That doesn t mean its impossible to find creative people who stick by their commitments.

Maru Jul 58 7569 8:86 am I've kinda waited for LJS new drama after I hear your voice and although his acting skill is really good in this new drama, i stopped watching it after ep 66. i think i have to wait for another year to see him again so i'm looking forward to a better project next time.. I will just keep my self updated by looking in the comments here until Dr. Stranger ends.

People don t like other people being negative. But sometimes it s hard not to and I accept that being so us unpopular but we have a serious problem in the UK with men in particular not talking about their issues and taking their own lives. I think we need to understand that sometimes life is bad and just recognizing and being okay with that for a while is a good thing. As is being open about that. Doesn t mean we can throw our moods or our problems onto other people or not take advice that might work when it s offered. Just that sometimes there is a darkness in the world and it s not productive to act as if the sky is clear.

See, growing up, I thought I was short. I 8767 m actually 5 8767 65 8776 , but my father and all three brothers are over 6 foot, I 8767 m the shortest of all but one of my cousins, including the women, and in my late teens I had a lot of very tall skinny friends. It was only as I moved into the wider world that I realised I was taller than many guys and most women. The way you perceive yourself in society around you is inherently unreliable, there 8767 s no height at which short becomes tall, it 8767 s all relative.

For me the outward expression represents what the person is feeling on the inside about himself, and it is that self confidence that I find attractive ultimately. It s like someone who is looking for someone of the same religion, sees someone wearing a cross which is an outer example of an inner belief and they think, Ah I should talk to that one! Absolutely you need to be able to show the outside world what you are on the inside because people aren t mind readers. So the people most successful with dating and making friends initially are the kinds of people who are better at showing themselves off. That doesn t it s impossible for those who aren t as good at displaying their virtues for others to see, it just makes it harder absolutely.