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Do you know why government has assumed control over fifty or sixty years?? APATHY selfishness indolence and drugs. Apathy is no one bothering to say or do anything than makes them uncomfortable so government imposes its will with no opposition, Next people are selfish and indolent. Everyone want 8767 s a 8775 free ride 8776 so they vote for the candidates that 8775 promise 8776 free this and that (Obozo-phones come to mind). Lastly but not of less importance is the drug culture. Our own government had used drugs to eliminate (by proxy) our freedoms usurping our Bill of Rights most notably 8775 Due Process, Free Speech The right to Privacy and our ability to arm and protect ourselves.

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This Saturday, Drake is scheduled to remind the world that yes, he can act, as he takes on both musical act and hosting duties for Saturday Night Live. As his dating life has been a major influence on his music (think of all the past loves he&rsquo s name checked in his tracks), we&rsquo re thinking that emotional side of him will be used as inspiration for some pretty funny skits. All of this had us thinking about all the women that Drake has tried to make his boo-thang since he stepped in the spotlight, and the list includes quite a few famous ladies. These folks decided to kiss and tell:


I should have known better to discuss facts and real numbers with a communist, progressive, democrat. I started to include them all since I can 8767 t seem to find a difference in them. I give you information you can verify. and you send back 8775 Blah, blah, blah, lie, insult, assume, exaggerate repeat ad nauseam.
Tedious, boring, repetitive enfant terrible 8776 . If you ever get to a point where you would like to talk about facts and real problems. I would love to talk to you more. If all you are going to do is act like a preschooler and insult me. Then I see no point in talking more. You just stick your head in the sand and ignore the facts. It has obviously worked for you so far.

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The FBI, like pretty much most of the federal agencies, has become the most politicized in history so it 8767 s not surprising that Comey 8767 s statements could very well be illegal. To make matters worse though is the fact that his mentor and BFF is in charge of the 8775 investigation 8776 into the supposed collusion with Russia with the Trump campaign. Yeah, there 8767 s no conflict of interest there, NOT. You don 8767 t think his 8775 findings 8776 aren 8767 t going to have a certain slant or be tainted in any way? I thought so.

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Sally i only know of the interment camps because 8776 im a trucker 8776 and my co. Hauled a lot of the construction products out to the 5 or 6 sites.
Coffins yes. But guillotines i cant say. Sounds too biblical and soul brother #6 definitely wasnt biblical.
I have friends and relitives in the service and they say the milatery will have mr trumps back should he execute some laws to that affect.

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That is the only way to gix all this. Mr. Trump is trying but hes alone. He fighting the entire government. Not an honest man in government.
Taking up arms is the only way to fix it. The government 8767 s happy bickering all the time. After all, they still get paid weather it works or not.
Would love to see the President declare some type of marital law. Enable the citizen 8767 s to arm up and join with the military and the militias and round up all these American haters. And nasty politicians. Put them in the new internment camps obama built for the citizen 8767 s he expected trouble from after Clinton 8767 s presumptive win.

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The population can be divided basically into three groups group one, the relatively small element who pay close attention and have used every means at our disposal to alert and educate the dolts in both government and society. Group two, average Americans whose tunnel vision affords them the ability to exist comfortably in their own useless little lives of societal and economic bliss. And last, but certainly not least, the most enormous group of all the 55% who couldn 8767 t care less about any of it so long as the gravy train keeps rolling each month and politicians continually roll out new plans and programs to increase their individual share of government plunder.

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The Cold War never ended Are you going to tell me, us, that Gorbachev introduced the policies of glasnost and perestroika to the USSR. And that was it?
Suddenly the communists disappeared from the face of the earth? Come on, to who you think are you talking to?
Communist ideas are in USA for 655 years. and the last 65, followers are been working hard to impose them, to rest of us Didn 8767 t worked before, is not working now, and will not work in the want to know why?
Because is an ideology of failure Is an ideology that remove the the uniqueness and individuality of people,on the altar of an almighty state.
An ideology that after 655 years of her rise, after been imposed on many places in the world, has not been able to show a single success anywhere
But the failure the failure of Communism left behind misery, destruction and more that 655 million of dead.

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&ldquo That was one date. The whole cast [of Nickelodeon&rsquo s Best Friend&rsquo s Date ] went out to dinner. He was so nice. And I remember him being like, &lsquo I&rsquo m working on music,&rsquo and he sent me some music, actually. So yeah, he&rsquo s been working on music for a long time. And I just remember- I used to call him Aubrey. And he was just super sweet and super nice.&rdquo

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Video model Dollicia Bryan 8767 s reps confirmed back in 7566 that she and Drake were an item. The pictures of them canoodling in the club definitely made that clear. But just as quick as they were together, they were finished. There were rumors that they fell out over homeboy wearing colored contacts but that sounds pretty ridiculous so we 8767 ll just say they realized they weren 8767 t really all that compatible.

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Congress, if possible, needs to grab justice by the horns and put all these SOBs in the slammer. These are crimes not just pranks. Normal Americans would all go to jail for doing these acts and nobody has made a move into seeing that these criminals are apprehended. Instead, they are being encouraged by the liberal left to destroy more of America before they are stopped. BTW, California needs to recall their governor and have him deported!

With the revelations about the Uranium One deal coming out daily, the object should not be on disbarring these people but should be concentrated with putting them behind BARS. It looks like everybody involved in the Russian scandal was the very people who have been pointing at the President, from Mullah Obama, to James Comey, to Andrew McCabe, to Robert Mueller, to Rod Rosenstein to Erich Holder to Bill and Hillary Clinton. These people were involved in the biggest National Security sale out in the history of the United States. Benedict Arnold would be a National Hero compared to these people. If our Attorney General can 8767 t bring these traitors before the bar of justice, then he needs to get out of the business and let someone take over who can.

You stated much of what I was going to comment on. Comey 8767 s disbarment is going to be trivial when his knowledge of the Uranium one deal eventually comes out. Congress should be forming committees and convening Grand Juries within a week, but with the dems who knows how long it will take. The people have to call their Senators and Representatives or this will be back logged by left over obama trash like rod rothstein who along with robert mueller must go.

There is this notion that after dealing with one two many Black f*ckboys I specify because they do come in all colors Black women are turning to men of other races, specifically White men. So, when images of Rihanna kissing a lighter complected man surfaced, the assumption was that she had moved on to men of a lighter hue. After all, Rihanna 8767 s dating history includes the CEO of F*ckboy Inc., Chris Brown.

Courts have sometimes viewed all passwords as equal, faulting a victim whose partner hacked her Facebook because she had shared an Amazon password with him. The court questioned whether one password could be considered private, given that she had shared other accounts, Rucker explained. “If you share an iCloud account and you’re sharing pictures that way, you’re sharing accounts in the eyes of the court,” Rucker said.

We the People can stop this. We are supporting President Trump and expect our elected representatives to support us and the President. We can institute our own Term Limits. We Must vote against or primary ALL Rino incumbents city, state, local and federal. They created this and they need to go home. After two or three elections the politicians will wake up. If they want to continue to live off the taxpayer they will actually have to represent the people and not their own pocketbooks

Most of us have gone on dates with strangers from the internet at some point. But even if you met your date IRL, it’s a good idea to give them a Google Voice number when you start chatting, Rucker says. Google Voice lets users generate phone numbers for free and use them to set up other secure chat services like WhatsApp or Signal. A user can easily turn off her Google Voice number and get a new one if her date turns out to be a creep—and she won’t have to go to the trouble of changing her real number and redistributing it to all her friends.

Our Attorney General, first off is a do nothing WIMP. Second, he 8767 s been a Big Alligator in the SWAMP for years. The swamp is filled with both Republicans and Democrats, Trump just didn 8767 t realize just how full of corruption the swamp is. Nothing, but finger pointing and loud talk will take place, now behind close doors taking place will be, cocktail parties and a lot of laughing at we the American People the Suckers of this ploy.

These people seem to think they are above the law. They very well may get away with it. My god Bush came out in favor of the communist, oh sorry Progressive Democrats. I know he wasn 8767 t the smartest by any stretch of the imagination. I always believed he was very much a patriotic American. I guess I was wrong he is no different than the rest of the garbage that is going to go down the drain when Trump empties the cesspool in Washington. I always knew there would be a lot of republicans going down also. McConnell, McCain, and a few others who are republican by name only.

“The theft and distribution of these personal images via the internet marks a new low in Virgin Islands politics. I am shocked and deeply saddened that someone would stoop to such a level as to invade my marriage and the love of my family in an attempt to besmirch me politically,” Plaskett told Politico at the time. “The theft and dissemination of these images via the internet is a shockingly disgusting invasion of my family’s and my privacy—not to mention criminal acts in violation of both territorial and federal law.”

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