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Posted: 2017-10-13 04:26

Case in point, I ran in my buddy Tim-Bob the other day, having beers in a gaijin bar. I call him Tim-Bob, because the first time we met, I thought his name was Tim, and the second time I thought his name was Robert. Then after we became friends he finally told me, “ You know, my name’s actually Jeff. ” Turns out I’d been calling him by the wrong names for about a year. Hey, is it my fault Tim-Bob slurs terribly? Must be all that beer.

How Dangerous Is Air Pollution in Japan? » Japan

The picture shown at the intro to this article on the blog shows a couple dressed in white posing on a dock with really brilliant looking trombones. Is there any significance to the trombones that the couple is holding. They 8767 re holding incredibly expensive rare professional trombones: The man in the white Tux is holding what looks to be a Vincent Bach Stradivarius 97B Professional F attachment Trombone that 8767 s worth around $9,555 US Dollars while the woman is holding a Conn Model 67HG double trigger that 8767 s worth nearly $7,555 US Dollars. OK, this is my question: Why is the woman holding the bigger and most expensive trombone? Is she just a better player or just worth more money . hmmmmm! :whyohwhy:

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This undated picture released by North Korea''s official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA) shows North Korean leader Kim Jong-Un (C) looking at a metal casing with two bulges at an undisclosed location. 68 North Korea has developed a hydrogen bomb which can be loaded into the country''s new intercontinental ballistic missile, the official Korean Central News Agency claimed on 8 September. Questions remain over whether nuclear-armed Pyongyang has successfully miniaturised its weapons, and whether it has a working H-bomb, but KCNA said that leader Kim Jong-Un had inspected such a device at the Nuclear Weapons Institute.


If the sky is very hazy and the real-time radar shows high numbers (which means it 8767 s at a level where it 8767 s dangerous for your health), stay inside. If you need to go out, then wear a mask. But be careful, the typical surgical masks that are commonly worn in Asia won 8767 t work as the particles are too fine. You 8767 ll have to buy special N95 masks to protect yourself.

AHacker''s Guide to Protecting Your Privacy While Dating

Come to think of it, I do remember seeing a woman with bright purple eyes at the credit union about a decade ago and she told me she had contacts, but I haven 8767 t seen that around here since then granted My town has only 855,555 people and is no large metropolitan trendy place to live (and I certainly don 8767 t party out a lot nowadays)! I have seen pics of that Human Barbie girl on the internet and she must use them, since her eyes look HUGE ! Well, I knew that people could look very different with make-up and effects pieces on their faces, but it always surprises me when I see such a huge variance between the before and after pics like on that web site Ken referenced.

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You know, I initially believed Japanese women were wild about foreign men.
Thanks a lot for hyping that wisdom, internet. What’s really happening is self-selection : foreigners frequent places where the few women interested in foreigners all congregate. Outside of Irish bars, international parties and the like, in the society at large and I hate to say this, but well foreigners are not highly regarded in Japan , including by Japanese women.

Masking in the Media - Female Mask Media List

Most of us have gone on dates with strangers from the internet at some point. But even if you met your date IRL, it’s a good idea to give them a Google Voice number when you start chatting, Rucker says. Google Voice lets users generate phone numbers for free and use them to set up other secure chat services like WhatsApp or Signal. A user can easily turn off her Google Voice number and get a new one if her date turns out to be a creep—and she won’t have to go to the trouble of changing her real number and redistributing it to all her friends.

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China has emitted a lot of due to its overreliance on coal and occasionally this 8766 crap 8767 is coming over to Japan. It has become more and more severe in the past few months. There have been a few days when the sky was hazy and visibility was low. Quite scary. To be fair, it 8767 s not only China that causes Japan 8767 s levels to rise. Some of it is 8775 homemade 8776 as well.

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I don 8767 t live in Japan (as I 8767 m pretty sure you know), but I was aware of this issue. I had heard about the terrible air quality in China for a long time, although I wasn 8767 t sure of exactly how much it affected Japan until I watched one of BusanKevin 8767 s videos where he mentioned that it was affecting him and causing coughs and watery eyes. Scary stuff! I already have allergies (hay fever) that can get pretty bad, causing tightness in my chest and watery eyes, so I would be afraid of my symptoms getting worse due to the poor air quality. I would do everything I can to be extra careful during the times the air quality is especially poor!

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However I have no doubt that China is horribly polluted. Coal in such amounts is no doubt noxious. I also believe they have no safeguards about things like that [hygiene is very poor]. Some control of coal can do wonders, as its bad effects diminish with higher quality fuel. London used to have those famous pea soup fogs. They don 8767 t have them anymore, because you can only use anthracite, and because people have switched to gas.

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FYI, There is one solution being offered that could change the entire energy calculation for the world its called solar roadways. They 8767 ve developed a new smart solar energy system that can be used to resurface all existing roadways and that could create a surplus of electrical energy for a country. Check out this website on the new proposed infrastructure that will alleviate the need for coal burning and nuclear power plants all together:

Breathing Easier: The Training Mask for Better Cardio?

I know that this is a 8775 typical Japanese thing 8776 . I 8767 ve experienced the same behavior after the disaster in 7566. Nobody panicked, everybody stayed calm. But I wonder if that 8767 s the right strategy here. I don 8767 t want anyone to panic, but I think this should be discussed in the media more. People need to be aware of it, so they can work on reducing the emission and also learn how to protect themselves.

Drivers wearing face veil in Germany will now be fined as

I recently started dating a japanese girl here in the states. She has been here about 65 years and is 9 years older than me Im 86 btw. Things couldnt be more amazing than they are. She is divorced and has a 65 year old but she is awesome and doesnt care I dont make a ton of money. She has been very good at teaching me japanese and I have been helping her son with reading and spelling. The article was really interesting but she doesn 8767 t sound like the women you have written about. Maybe I got a rare one? Anyways good luck to anyone seeking these foreign beauties, my gf gets prettier everyday!! =)

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Oh! Right. There was one thing that I don 8767 t agree with at all, and that was why I really wanted to comment. The statement that there are so many good-looking foreign guys with homely Japanese girls. I 8767 m not sure if this was intentional, or a mistake. Usually, it 8767 s the opposite. In Tokyo at least, it was very, very common to see a homely foreign guy who looks like he hasn 8767 t tried at all looping arms with a slender, petite, smiling Japanese girl dressed to the nines with impeccable makeup. I assumed that it was a big reason that men like Japanese girls at all, at least in the beginning. Unlike girls from a lot of other countries (the US especially), these girls at least look like they put some effort into what they look like.

In a statement obtained by BuzzFeed , a Kaspersky spokesperson emphasized the lack of evidence demonstrating it has done anything wrong. “No credible evidence has been presented publicly by anyone or any organization as the accusations are based on false allegations and inaccurate assumptions, including claims about the impact of Russian regulations and policies on the company,” the spokesperson said. Earlier this summer, the company offered to open its source code for inspection by US officials.

Since the mask can be adjusted to restrict increasingly greater amounts of oxygen, the adaptation effect may get you ready for training/living at high altitudes, where there is less oxygen available.  Even if you don’t plan to live or train at high altitude, the Training Mask can beneficial for improving aerobic endurance and cardiovascular fitness. Danford says a general Training Mask protocol of three mask-wearing cardio training sessions a week for six weeks will yield noticeable results.

I can 8767 t imagine being with anyone who didn 8767 t love manga and anime as much as I could. What 8767 s appealing at all about fighting with your spouse over you wanting to go to Comicket for a weekend? I 8767 d much rather be with one who is just as excited to go with me, and will race me to get the best doujinshi and compare finds afterward. People who go for opposites.. I mean, are you trying to make your life harder and less fun? I can 8767 t understand at all why. It 8767 s hard enough as it is.

I can 8767 t comment a lot, since I agree with a lot, including that most women in Japan are sadly only looking for a guy that can walk and provide for them and the family that they want to make. Those women don 8767 t seem to care at all for what 8767 s more important, which is being personally successful, and finding a partner who is your best friend. I can 8767 t imagine wanting to live with someone who wasn 8767 t my favorite person in the world, whom I didn 8767 t want to spend every second with and want to improve myself for. :/ Again, it 8767 s a generalization, and I don 8767 t like that attitude which is why all of the girls that I got along well with in Japan weren 8767 t like that at all.

The model here is: blame everyone else and never educate your citizenry to fix what they can. My small village is rife with car smoke, more so than at any time in my life. There is a school next to a logistics firm that keeps every truck running 79/7 whether or not they are delivering. The smog chokes the school. Even walking/running in the Tokyo area is way more tiring than it is in other pollution-friendly countries.

Secondly, I’m by no means saying that “ All Japanese women are like this.” Because, okay, some are also like “that.” So I know I’m painting with a broad brush, and naturally there are exceptions to everything. Somewhere out there, there’s a 85-pound house cat and a Labrador Retriever small enough to fit in your pocket too. But if you ask me to describe a cat or a dog, I’m gonna try to give you a realistic picture without writing an encyclopedia in the process. So yes, I’m generalizing , and I’m sure your girlfriend/wife/co-worker/neighbor is really a wonderful person and a fabulous lover. In that case, it’d probably be in everyone’s best interest not to show her this article, really.

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