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Your coach: Dirk Koetter. “Well, I am sure there are plenty of people that think my playcalling stinks… But I’ve been doing it for 85 years. I don’t think I’m going to forget how.” Well actually, Dirk, in your NFL career your teams have had a winning percentage . So it’s not that you’ve forgotten how to call plays, but rather the fact that you never learned how to call them to begin with.

No Sex in the City: What It''s Like to Be Female and

Dr. Joyce Brothers said years ago that “no matter how romantic a woman is, part of her brain is always in the practical world.  She wants a man who has a job, owns a car and can give her and any kids they have a good life with a college education.  Surely BW have those longings too, unless the BC has told them to suppress those thoughts and concentrate simply on him being black.
Not all non-BM are on the up and up, but if he’s working, making money, lives in a decent house, and treats you well, chances are he’ doing OK.  The idea that a BW can go to college, have a profession, but must still marry only a BM, who doesn’t have a job, plays video games all day, or pals around with his buddies, all of whom have the same narrow outlook on life, is a pretty poor argument to make for her not preferring a man who is her equal with whom she can have greater success with for a happy life. 
Additionally, the BC doesn’t want her to leave because she is what holds the BC together.  If she left what would they do?  And they know it.  And through all of this, BM threat her like dirt.  No woman should have to put up with that———or want to.     

Flawless Black Women are Dating Average White Guys

While I agree with you, and I love that you re drawing on empirical data, Research Jess must point out that you re really looking at a subset of women who share a common culture. That said, it fits with my observations of women who aren t in the fic community and if nothing else, it suggests that men who don t look much like Chris Hemsworth might look to the fic community for dates. 😛

Your Head A Splode

I gave you one example with the masculine features - health paper above. I don t have the time or, to be frank, the desire to walk you through that process for each of the things you bring up, but learning how to bang the tires for yourself will help you enormously if you choose to pursue a research career. You can start by looking at the studies you ve picked and trying to come up with reasonable alternative explanations. Some good starting strategies are, If there s a correlation, what if the causation went the other way? and Are the measures really measuring what they claim they re measuring? Basically, your goal should be to undermine the article s claims. If you try to your best ability and you can t, then you can start to take it seriously. This is exactly the work of being a scientist and it s work that too many evolutionary psychologists think they get to opt out of.

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To add to the point about adding height, from the perspective of another short person: Sometimes I struggle to find pants that are short enough for me, even in the petites section, so I occasionally just buy a pair of pants that are an inch too long, and then I NEED heels just to wear them. Additionally, wearing heels helps to balance out my proportions by making my legs look longer, which actually makes a pretty big visual difference, especially when I m wearing skirts or dresses that end above the knee.

The Most Irritating Habits of Indian men

Another thing about science, its all right, even encouraged to say I don t know what causes this. Having to have an explanation for everything is the province of religion. So its totally ok to say sexual attraction is based on a bunch of factors that are way too messy for me to break down into a simple explanation. Science isn t about believing the explanation with greatest truthiness but eliminating all of the ones that sound good until you re only left with the one that works.

Muslim pupils, 14, banned from the classroom for refusing

There’s a reason that Jon Gruden has a completely unironic love of Hooters. That’s 655 percent Tampa right there. I’m surprised they don’t blare Hoobastank from air raid signals all day long. I took my family to Tampa for Spring Break once. Seagulls tried to eat our dinner every night and some lady brought an entire hi-fi system to the pool so she could play Bon Jovi. Tampa is the worst. It’s the only city in America aiming to REDUCE mass transit. Nazis are everywhere. Local sports teams had to give money just to get a Confederate statue taken down and it still hasn’t been taken down. A local middle school tried to sell kids a $655 pass to cut to the front of the lunch line. The Scientologists are the most normal people there. Fuck Tampa eternally. VIVA GAWKER, MOTHERFUCKER.

If we re talking about the job market or about being respected in business or just regular life transactions, I suspect that being a short woman is a disadvantage. My sister is maybe 5 6 or 5 7 and also looks very for her age, and it s been a problem for her in her career at several points when she s been carded, or more seriously, has been flagged as being the possibly under 68 person for certain events. The part that doesn t get mentioned is whether she would have been introduced to certain clients but for the fact that they wanted older-looking people in her business to be the greeters. She s done very well for herself, but I know she s been frustrated sometimes by people having certain impressions of her. Maybe that s clarified the reason that I m glad I m a bit taller and wished I were a bit taller still?

Any ideology that defies fact for blind faith, like trans ideology, isn 8767 t impure, it 8767 s wrong. Any follower of an ideology that doesn 8767 t actually follow that ideology doesn 8767 t change the definition of that ideology. Either way, believe what you want, just don 8767 t expect me to believe it. The splits occur in the ideology because of self-identity. It 8767 s just more proof that subjective identities are unreliable as a standard.

It 8767 s inconsistent to believe words are just constructs when the words don 8767 t suit what you believe, and then think they represent something materially real when that suits you. The standard has to be objective. Sexuality is an objective fact. Gender is a subjective identity placed on a sex. Your subjective beliefs, while open for debate, have no place in law or objective debates. Sexuality, gender, and their impact is an objective debate because sex and gender, while separate, are not entirely independent and these are objective facts.

While intersex people have mixed sex characteristics from birth as a natural variation or trait, transsex people have such characteristics as a result of consensual medical intervention, most of us having been deemed at birth as endosex (nonintersex) members of a binary sex from which we have transitioned. The intersex and transsex conditions are conceptually and often in reality quite distinct, although a minority of people in each group also come within the other, and experience both types of oppression associated with these conditions under patriarchy.

For intersex people under modern patriarchy, a serious oppression is Intersex Genital Mutilation (IGM), the imposition of nonconsensual surgeries on intersex infants and children before they are old enough to discover their own sex or gender identities and make informed decisions about their own bodies. These surgeries are almost always motivated not by the rare case where there may be actual medical necessity, but by a desire of adults to have an intersex child 8767 s body made more 8775 acceptable 8776 to patriarchal sex binary norms. When intersex children are not subjected to IGM a basic human rights violation recognized by the United Nations and closely allied to Female Genital Mutilation (FGM) most are happy with their intersex or sex variant bodies and do not desire surgery.

Yes, part of the issue is that Hugh Jackman is a naturally skinny, pretty man, which makes him, physically, completely wrong for the part. In the source material, Wolverine is short, stocky, and at best, sexy-ugly (think modern-day Mickey Rourke, James Woods, or Edward James Olmos). Admittefly, he magically rises to be exactly one head taller than any woman he s drawn standing next to, but canonically, he should look and sound less like Hugh Jackman and more like Glenn Danzig or a more buff Michael Wincott. He s not supposed to be a GQ cover model like Cyclops, Angel, Iceman, Gambit, and pretty much every other X-Man. Casting someone with Jackman s frame is squuezing a square peg into a round hole.

The gentlemen I generally date tend to be the kind who go to the gym and take care of themselves (yay dating actors :P). It s all part of our lifestyles. That being said, I once dated a lovely gentleman who worked extraordinarily hard on himself. He wasn t jacked like in the pics, but he was cut. It was very pretty. It was also SO ANNOYING. We never could eat out because he had to regulate everything he ate. He wouldn t drink ever, but would smoke up because I guess there aren t any calories. And I m sorry, but if you aren t both doing pot people who are high are so boring. He was lovely and is still a good friend. But I just couldn t with the strict regimen. I just couldn t.

I need to catch up but have to wonder why these 8776 flawless 8776 women weren 8767 t snatched up by black men? I 8767 m not trying to attack but challenge Tommy 8767 s logic. I use the term loosely. Just because the women you  want don 8767 t  want your or women you think represent what 8767 s acceptable are choosing to avoid you doesn 8767 t give you the right to clown them. This is almost like the 8775 Oh, you don 8767 t want me so you must be gay 8776 nonsense some men heap on women. You 8767 re not valued by men who look like you but flawless when you 8767 re under a microscope for dating outside your race? FOH.

8775 Please explain to me why you must be called a woman and have access to female-only spaces. 8776
Completely personally, I *don 8767 t* insist on being called man or woman. But unless we 8767 re talking about reproductive biology, those categories deserve disruption.
I think the answer to this question depends entirely on the context where the word 8775 woman 8776 is used, and what space we are talking about. I don 8767 t think it is wise or constructive to make a blanket rule about this. Why must it be resolved in such an absolute fashion?

The cruel irony, of course, is that men are now feeling the same pressures that  women have been feeling for generations to conform to an incredibly  specific form of beauty. And of course, those who don 8767 t measure up are taught that they 8767 re failures that they are inherently less desirable, even less  manly, than the shiny-chested, leaned out Dolce and Gabana model. At a time when men  already feel sexually invisible  and desperate for validation (or even  acknowledgement ), being told that being sexy means being lean  and  jacked at all costs.

Marriage is a contract. When you draw up that contact, the contract then exists outside of the social and in the material. The marriage itself may or may not. You have to create a marriage contract for it to exist. And even then calling it a marriage is a matter of debate. The reason for this is because marriage is subjective. The contract of marriage is not. Sex, like a marriage contract, isn 8767 t subjective. Again, this is crossing out of the context of this discussion.

That said, it may be reasonable, but I m not sure it s either appropriate or productive in this context. The whole article is about how much it sucks that men are expected to face unreasonable physical standards. Saying, Well, if you re lucky it s not so hard to achieve these standards is actively counterproductive. We need to be questioning these standards instead of reinforcing that they are a norm all men should meet. Whether or not you intend to, I think you are doing the latter.

as far as i 8767 m concerned thesse women aren 8767 t feminists, they just hate men i am moderately gender dysphoric, and i have been told more than once that i am just 8775 a lesbian in denial 8776 i was told by a terf once that having a preference for men was just 8775 being a slave to the patriarchy 8776 considering that i have never in my life been interested in female anatomy, this is rather ludicrous, but that 8767 s what i get for not being gay, i guess although i do think i would have made an absolutely fabulous drag queen if i had been born male 😀 the problem here, in my opinion, isn 8767 t so much fear, or misunderstanding, as it is blind irrational hatred of all things that have ever possessed a penis, which is really quite silly, because penises are harmless, without the patriarchal bullshit society pushes along with them there are plenty of straight men out there who are proud to call themselves feminists, and each and every one of them possesses a penis, too should we automatically consider them our enemies? 8766 cuz if we do, my sex life is screwed. haha

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