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Date: 2017-08-13 12:31.

Can I just step in to say something? I don t think people are arguing with the core of what you are saying, but some of the specifics are not only unrealistic, but also detracting from your argument. For example, not everyone CAN make time for things they want to do that is a heavily classed and gendered assumption, not to mention ignoring issues of disability. But that doesn t change your core point, which is that we all have to prioritize and we all have limitations and we all have to learn to deal with people who do things better than we do without being bitter about it. Maybe you could consider backing off and coming at your core point a different way, one that doesn t insult and exclude people whose lives are different from yours.

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I wonder for Jackman if part of the problem is he s a naturally skinny guy. I saw his one man show and he talked about how much the producers of the Wolverine films were annoyed with him because doing the show meant he was doing so much cardio but not the other training like he normally does that he wasn t putting on weight and they had to wait until the play was over for him to go back to his crazy Wolverine workout schedule. I actually LOVE the real Hugh Jackman SO much more than the jacked one. I love tall and skinny, what can I say. But yeah, I wonder if that s kind of what happens when someone with so little body fat to begin with works that hard to get jacked.

The Drive-By Dunk Challenge Is The Meme Of The Summer

Also a 85 year old who we re supposed to believe is a world-class scientist. I spend a lot of time around world-class scientist ladies by some definitions of world-class I would even be one myself, though give me a few more years before I m ready to own that title and she is hilariously unbelievable and implausible. There are even ways to justify her waiting around for Thor within that paradigm ( I don t have time for love unless it s also helping my research! she ended up marrying a professor in a related field) but not when she s so badly written and even worse acted.

Why Some Men Can''t Grow Beards Even If Their Lives

Elise: Yep, if this little exploration leads me to any conclusion, it''s a skepticism of data from one particular dating app, since these are going to vary community by community, and I''d like to see a lot more aggregate data before getting too uncomfortable about the results. It could be that the Are You Interested dating community is just a weirdly skewed world, and now we''re extrapolating all this meaning into it. To be continued.

Ten Things Men Find Unattractive in Women But Probably Won

The ideal man the peak of male beauty we demand others conform to falls in line with the tropes of hypermasculinity and traditional gender roles. You have to be tall short men aren 8767 t 8775 men 8776 after all. You have to be lean, as lean as possible, because being fat means that you 8767 re lazy and pampered and a man  is active. You have to be muscular because men are  strong. Men are  fighters. And of course, you have to be virile , because men who don 8767 t get bitches just aren 8767 t  men. Man as protector. Man as provider. Man as warrior.

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The research isn t wrong. People who eat three green apples a day do live longer. But the conclusion that therefore all your need do is eat green apples and you ll live longer isn t correct. If I was the CEO of a green apple company I might take this data and use it to prove that green apples are the miracle answer to long life because that s what I want the data to prove so I can sell more green apples. When really apples have nothing to with it at all.

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Well, to be fair, (so far as I know), Jackson et al shot all three LotR movies and all three Hobbit movies in one go (or maybe it was all three, and then all three ? Either way..)The little cinematography work I ve done has taught me that making movies is freaking exhausting for everyone involved (like, 8 hours, to shoot 5 minutes worth of actually used footage of course, that s amateurs, but even so, professional directors also have to do a heck of a lot more shooting than gets shown on screen).
I can t imagine doing 8 movies at once, much less 6. (If that was the case)
All the same, I was cringing and wincing all the way through the third movie. I never thought I would see a big studio title that disappointed me worse than Guardians of the Galaxy. But, well, I was wrong.

The New (And Impossible) Standards of Male Beauty

(and the biggest joke of all is you ve started preaching to me of all the people here, the actress who does intense workouts at least 8 days a week, watches what she eats and works very hard because she knows life s not fair and she needs to look her best to get work. You don t need to convince me that that s how the world is. I m just telling you, your attitudes are all based on your personal experience and lack a great deal of empathy and just any basic understanding of human psychology and biology.)

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A big part of it for me was realizing that we ve created the stigmas attached to certain body-related words. Like, I used to hate when another kid called me fat. I eventually realized that, well, they weren t saying anything untrue. It was just the the intention behind the words that was hurtful. In the same way, I also realized that when I had friends say things like, but you re not fat! they weren t just being blind or idiotic. What they really meant was, well, yeah, you re fat, but I don t find you hideous! Of course, occasionally hearing about people who despise fat people definitely stings, but it s gotten easier and easier to write those people off as jerks and morons.

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Also fair points. I ll acknowledge that I m biased from having spent several years working in offices alongside people who managed to fill entire 8-hour shifts talking nonstop about nothing but their tastes and acquisitions in fashion and grooming. And I do put some effort in when I go out on dates, mainly to make my fiance feel like she s worth making an effort for, and to look a LITTLE less like The Ugly Guy With The Hot Wife.

Ladies, let s get real. There are some women who are real hairnistas who express themselves through their follicles, and that s great for them. Most of us, however, wear our hair for our men. That s why your first move once you get back from the salon is a quick twirl and a Do you like it? to your s/o. Even if it s a surprise his approval is sought out quickly. After all, he is the only one who has to run his hands through it (and maybe yank it a little) every night. This thought process also leads to the break-up haircut a la Bernedine in Waiting to Exhale.

If we re talking about the job market or about being respected in business or just regular life transactions, I suspect that being a short woman is a disadvantage. My sister is maybe 5 6 or 5 7 and also looks very for her age, and it s been a problem for her in her career at several points when she s been carded, or more seriously, has been flagged as being the possibly under 68 person for certain events. The part that doesn t get mentioned is whether she would have been introduced to certain clients but for the fact that they wanted older-looking people in her business to be the greeters. She s done very well for herself, but I know she s been frustrated sometimes by people having certain impressions of her. Maybe that s clarified the reason that I m glad I m a bit taller and wished I were a bit taller still?

That s pretty much what a lot of straight men think when we see a woman with a high-maintainance look. You re beautiful, all that effort is working, but I don t even want to think about squeezing myself into the kind of busy schedule you must have. And, frankly, when I see someone who clearly puts a LOT of time and energy into their appearance, I can t help but think about what they had to give up and what they could have been doing instead. I ve met too many people, men and women, gay and het, who seriously had nothing to talk about beyond their diets, workout regimens, and/or wardrobe choices and hairstyles. It gets old fast.

So, the basic answer is expression. People like to express themselves. Men, in most cultures, are given some ways to do that, by expressing their opinions loudly or being visibly present in various cultural things or whatnot. In many cultures, one of the ways women are sanctioned to express themselves is through fashion. This applies to modern standard American culture, but also to lots of subsets of it or new groups. Anyway, fashion is a way to tell people about your point of view about the world.

I m not saying women like the extreme bulging-veins look. Women have told me that s over the top. But any observer of human mating patterns can see a strong female preference for an athletic muscular build attainable by genetically gifted men with little effort, by more men with gym workouts and a healthy diet, and unobtainable by others genetically disposed to be skinny or heavy. It s not men who are buying all those calendars of firemen without shirts on.

Personally speaking, and I can vouch for my close friends, I took the rejection of that line of thinking like I imagine most women do: Can t just look good. Got to look perfect, like DNL put it. It s not just about beauty for me, though, as much as it s about distancing myself from the stereotype of the lazy, schluby guy who thinks he deserves beautiful women without any effort.

Oh I understand, I just don t agreed. So if somebody swims across the channel, your first words to him in Calais will be it s easy for you, you like swimming ? No, whatever or not one likes the activity, it doesn t make it objectively speaking any easier or harder. You, me, everybody who wants to build a fit body must follow a strict nutrition and workout plan, nobody gets cut any slack. Same if you want to make a lot of money. You must make quite a lot of sacrifices, Study, work long hours, your social life will suffer and there will be much less freetime for other activities. If you want to live more relaxed life, fine, but there is a trade off, mainly that you will be making much less money. Just because YOU don t want it enough or YOU lack the willpower required doesn t make it any easier for those who are both wiling and able. They had to give up the same things you would have to.

And for the good people come only from good circumstances , I didn t say that, nor implied it. I DID imply that people without proper socialization during their formative years are bound to be shitty for the rest of their lives (barring the sort of submissive, boot-licking personalities I talked about in my first post in this thread) because they become too foreign, weird, creepy for the rest to integrate. A well-adjusted person can come from the worst household in the poorest neighborhood: so long as he was able to have friends, grow up, learn how to socialize with them, learn the rules of socialization among his peers of his same age, learn their customs and culture, etc, he has a chance to be well-adjusted.

I *paid* attention to what you said, tedious as it was. Don t act like people who think you re wrong are Just Not Paying Attention. But all of your examples have been very much disproven by people here, and not in a small, well, there s this one group of people 655 years ago way, but in a way that renders your generalized statements demonstrably untrue, and very, VERY Western/modern centered.

Thanks for your comment. I m not sure you read the other comments, but you are misunderstanding the post. The point was not that she cuts her hair short or goes natural, it s the fact that while she s with her man, she does so unexpectedly. It has nothing to do with her attempt to go natural, it s a power dynamic thing. That s why it s unattractive because Black women sometimes have a tendency to use their hair as power. Almost to say, You can t tell me what to do with my hair, you have to put up with it, or bounce. That s unattractive. I don t want to tell you how to wear your hair, but I would appreciate a heads up and opportunity to give my opinion. Heaven forbid, a man doesn t give a woman her chance to share thoughts, the world would cease to exist.

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