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#8 (massive regulation):
I don 8767 t remember much specific, but it did have that feel. I read about all the ways to get in trouble on the trains and busses, and our host talked about all the ways to get busted for parking the car. About the same as here in California SSR though. I do notably remember a point spicynujac made earlier, that there was an outgoing customs line at Melbourne airport, as well as the expected incoming customs. (about 65 minutes each I got off easy from what I 8767 ve heard) At least I didn 8767 t read about a need to always have your passport with you at all times, which I have read about with some other countries.

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8775 no refusal 8776 , lol. No such thing. If they 8767 re going to act like tyrants under color of law, I 8767 m going to make them go the full route so that they fully understand that they are Stasi. Using color of law to get you to 8775 voluntarily consent 8776 is bullshit and doesn 8767 t make them fully understand their role. You want my compliance when you violate my human rights, then you do it with your gun drawn, cop.

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Inventions has little to do with it. Outside of the high tech inventions, we 8767 ve not done a lot different than the Romans on a social or government level. Shit, home boy, even with technology we 8767 re not as far along as we think. There are still Roman Aquaducts in use, for example, and they had figured out how to make ice, they had central air and heat and apartments and even political graffitti. They worked regular jobs, had a large middle class and took exotic vacations (the common man). They even invented marketing and sales. Yeah, we did flight, computers, electricity and cars but otherwise, eh, we 8767 re not that far off.

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These traits are often greatly at odds with the personalities of most other backpacker nationalities, who are often far more mellow, respectful, and inclusive of people from different cliques. If a fight ever breaks out at a popular backpacker bar, or somebody is ejected from a hostel for belligerent behavior, chances are it was probably an Australian. The 8775 Ugly American 8776 stereotype honestly needs to be handed over to these guys.

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If there s any place on earth that s an untouched Garden of Eden, it s Tasmania s remote, temperate wilderness. With more than 95% of the island protected in reserves and National Parks, this is an island for nature lovers. Separated from mainland Australia by the Bass Strait, the country s smallest state offers a magnificent variety of landscapes, from primeval looking forests and magnificent waterfalls to spectacular coastlines of rugged cliffs and sweeping bays. In Tasmania, the air is fresh and the land untouched, making this island state a fabulous place to drive, walk and to explore.

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So crazy. Back in the 95 8767 s I met an aussie who was on 8775 walk about 8776
He was the only Australian I had ever met (and, come to think of it, really the only one I have met since) and he was a really cool guy. We had a blast. I was on a break from school and from the impression I got from this one guy (which, fair enough, isn 8767 t a great sampling to go by) I got the ideal that Australia was a cool place where guys just surfed and drank beer and banged hot women all day.
Granted, I realize that that was shaped by my youthful mind, but to find out it is SOOOO far off is sad.

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I know that queen vic womens centre mentioned above in the cbd, but did you also know we have mens sheds in Australia which have now been adapted world wide, they are great and i am thankful for the council initiative as i can take my grandfather to hang out with other men and use his carpentry skills. There 8767 s stuff out there for men it 8767 s unfortunately not as advertised as women 8767 s programs but it is there.

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With the greatest of respect. I disaggree. Melbourne Women are so obnoxious that women from Sydney come to Melbourne to find Husbands. Sydney has a high proportion of Gay Men, and low quality straight Men. But Melbourne girls don 8767 t and will never understand that they outnumber straight available Men 8:6. They will never understand that they are a ultra low quality proposition, that should never be entertained.

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Police can do random search of your bag in the subways still. If you have a bag and awlk into a subway and there are two cops with a folding table they can call you over and go through it. I think they get away with it by making your acquiescence part of the user agreement to the metro card. By using this card I agree etc. etc. etc.
There isn 8767 t any more random stop and frisks. As far as I know those ended about a year after 9-66.
I have never had a random bag check. No one who doesn 8767 t look like a skell does as far as I can tell.

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But all those happened because your average citizen was unarmed. Australian gun confiscation, at best estimate, took a million guns off the street. That is the amount of guns sold in America in a month (actually less these days). Every state in America now issues some kind of permit to carry. More guns are sold every month. Violent crime is decreasing drastically. Seems to me that those who think taking guns off the street are just supporting a failed social experiment.

I made some enquiries with mums cousins into family dynamics while i was there and i was told that there are actually jobs but people dont want to work because their parents pay for everything. That 8767 s why the cafes are full of people having frappes all yhe time. Since the parents pay for everything they have to work into old age BUT they WANT to pay for everything because this allows them to control the children since they provide the money. Then the children get married and live with the parents and the parents are all up in their business 797. She said she was disgusted at how things are and that its a symptom of a sick society.

It was a sad day in the 8767 85s when fireworks got banned in New South Wales, Australia. I am surprised where I now live in Germany that there are so few people losing eyes and hands etc on new years eve in such a populous country where people are sometimes in close packed groups lighting fireworks en-masse, shooting them horizontally etc. Would rather they were used safely of course, but the ban in Australia is symbolic of a kill-joy nanny state.

that is pretty nuts. I can get an organic 8 pound chicken in whole foods for about 66 bucks in Manhattan. So I pay the organic mark up, the whole foods mark up and the Manhattan mark up and still am only at about 7/8 the price.
Unless it is like Hawaii where nothing actually is from. If you want a steak it costs a fortune because the cow has to come from mainland and those fuckers hate swimming.

Pity. Met & worked with a number of quality Australian blokes over the years.
I think their men for the most part are of a quality that deserves better than what their inferior women currently offer. They have a pretty high currency (those that haven 8767 t had their natural masculinity contaminated) with foreign women if they can tweak their approach somewhat.
But Margot Robie though. Is she an outlier or what?
Would drill her through Ayers Rock

How old are you mate? I 8767 m in my late 85s now, and I would hate to be a fella in Australia these days. The entitlement of Aussie women is off the charts. As they have gotten uglier, more tattooed and pierced, fatter and more unpleasant (due to feminism), their demands have risen. In the early 7555s, it was fairly easy for a guy with his act together to get an attractive girl with a decent personality. Today, not so much

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The sad reality is that the cultural madness described in the article is rife across the Western world (and now infecting other parts of the world too of course). We 8767 re most sensitive and aware of it in our own locales but I think it 8767 s myopic to suggest that Australia is uniquely bad. Move from Sydney to Toronto or Melbourne to Vancouver and I doubt you 8767 d feel very different if you were thrown into the society at large. For peace of mind, it 8767 s best to find a crew of loyal redpill men to associate with and weather the eventual collapse that progressive liberalism and feminism will yield.

Quickest way to be more attractive and get yourself into the 75% the 85% of girls are aiming for:
Lift physical presence demonstrates masculinity immediately, and will also boost your confidence a lot.
8775 No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable. 8776 Even Socrates lifted.

No, tokens have been gone for more than 65. I had this convo about the people saying you are being followed. You can 8767 t get on a subway without a metro card and my response is fine what will they find out I work harder than them? I go to work, I go to the gym, I go to dinner and I am almost never asleep past midnight. If the government wants to waste my tax dollars keeping tabs on me dafuq I care.
Shit, they can read my mail so long as they organize it for me after.

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