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Married At First Sight Experts Say Black Men Don''t Want

Posted: 2017-09-28 21:12

The bigger topic should all of a sudden are all the white folks so focused on Atlanta?? They know Atlanta is the mecca for blacks, and black people are successful and living great lives. So of course what they do? Bombard it, and try to monopolize everything we are attached too. It 8767 s sickening. Now they want us to believe that black men in Atlanta don 8767 t want black women. Bullsh!t!

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My thing is this.. if your preference is outside your race, that 8767 s your right. Everyone has a preference.. But, a lot of men don 8767 t want black women because they don 8767 t put up with the bs that many black men want to hand a woman. Yes, many have attitude.. Guess who more than like perpetrated that attitude.. Don 8767 t get me wrong, there are women out there who are just straight ratchet, loud and ghettofied.. but there are many more of us out there that know are worth, take care of our business and wont settle just having any old body in their lives.

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Since when did 8775 white boy 8776 become acceptable to call a white male over the age of 68??
You can call my 66 year old son a 8775 white boy 8776 , but I 8767 m a 96 year old white man, not a boy, and that term is extremely degrading to white men!
Don 8767 t think it is? Try calling an adult black male 8775 black boy 8776 , or an adult Hispanic male 8775 brown boy 8776 without them getting offended! It is most definitely offensive, and it 8767 s unbelievable to me that is seems to be accepted!
Don 8767 t be a hypocrite.
If you don 8767 t want other races calling YOU offensive names, YOU can 8767 t call other people offensive names! It 8767 s as simple as that. You can 8767 t have it both ways!!

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You can be completely forthright and fair about whom you date but society will force you to consider these extra circumstances. I don x77 t walk around like, I x77 M DATING A WHITE WOMAN! I never have. I fall in love indiscriminately, but third parties will never let it be that simple for me. They x77 ll always question my motives, and despite having no agenda, I have to think about beauty standards and how they influence me, subconsciously or not. Black men who are confused and self-hating muddle this further, and even more so if they have biracial children who turn out to be the same way.

The Reality of Dating White Women When You''re Black

This article, though bold to actually write and publish, only seeks to perpetuate racism. These are all 8775 stereotypical 8776 reasons why we as a country cannot get past, well, the past! Nothing good will ever come from someone reading this article. In fact, it saddens me greatly to think someone would read these statements as truth and hold them close to justify racist behavior towards black men. Cory A. Haywood, I 8767 m not sure what you wanted to accomplish by writing this article, but I can only bow my head and hope you find peace despite cultivating hatred.

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It is. It 8767 s called white supremacy. It doesn 8767 t need to be some Pinky & the Brain conspiracy theory when it has been historically proven..? It 8767 s so ingrained in our society that it no longer needs to be intentional (though it often is) you just have white-owned shows with white directors, producers, and 8775 experts 8776 divulging fake facts based on negative black stereotypes, on their privileged platform, and shooting down and drowning out anyone who deigns to uncover the truth. Thaaat 8767 s pretty much it, and that 8767 s racist enough for me.

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hahahaahaah wow a GTFOH Tom Colvin!!! comment. I 8767 ve obviously completely won my argument against the people (one person really) who were trying to dispute the established facts of the very high black serious crime (robbery, theft, armed robbery etc) and violent crime rates because now the first GTFOH commenter has shown up You can 8767 t argue the facts of the subject at hand and win, so you go for the GTFOH chap shot and change the topic to banking and financial crimes , crimes which were not even being discussed. Then comes the gratuitous name-calling (re-thuglican , tea bagger). thank you for confirming that I thoroughly won my arguments here!! bwahahaahahahahahaah

I can tell it 8767 s a joke, even reading his bio at the bottom of the article. That said, I don 8767 t think this was needed. Raw stereotypes and no playing with them to imply the indication that they are jokes. That said, yes, the only thing I fear about dating a White girl is the parents. Even if they come from an era where more Blacks and Whites were fucking each other post-Jim-Crow (aka, the 8767 75s) anyway.

If you truly believe that you don 8767 t respect yourself or the legacy of AA, and any person that could say that in anger, will say it to you someday. I don 8767 t consider myself a ni**a, but I respect those that died so that me and my children would never have to be called such a hateful word. And if you have studied history and you think a black man calling a white man a cracker, and a white man calling a black man a ni**a is on the same level you really need your head checked.

Statements like this are pure racism and disgusting. Does a white women who marries a black man hate herself? Do all people who marry outside of their race hate themselves? This notion that love does not cross racial lines is just stupid. Why wouldn 8767 t you want to date outside of your race? Veronica if this is how you really feel then I feel sorry for you. You need to stop looking at the color of a person 8767 s skin when determining who they should and shouldn 8767 t marry.

Soooo y 8767 all please tell me why it 8767 s so wrong for two people who just see each other as people, who 8767 ve been through some shit, to just be happy regardless of what we look like? Why do I suddenly feel like I have something to prove? I 8767 ve paid my dues in this life. I 8767 ve given a child back to God, lost my husband in Afghanistan, and burried my big sister when she was hit and killed by a drunk driver. I 8767 ve raised good children to be productive members of society, who know what a mother 8767 s love looks like not only because of me, but because of the amazing woman who has had the most influence on my life. I 8767 m not any of the things this author claims I am based on the color of my skin, but I 8767 m also not about o change who I am to be more .acceptable(?) or anything else. I just don 8767 t understand hatred, it 8767 s so consuming, and life can be painfully short.

Society pushes White women in our faces all the time as the epitome of beauty In print advertisement, television commercials, television shows, etc., and we, as African Americans have bought into it (some of us anyway). How often to you see Black male actors being paired with White female love interests? That 8767 s ridiculous. That only perpetuates the myth that Black men prefer White women. Just because some do, doesn 8767 t mean that most do. The female celebrities most talked about and shown are White, especially when showing their half naked bodies. Black women have beautiful bodies as well, but are rarely showcased. Discrimination over skin color has been in our society since as far back as I can remember and will continue to be the case, but African Americans have to stop believing what society is forcing down our throats and stop buying into the lie.

In my opinion the author has intentionally stated several ugly truths in a provocative manner.. because he 8767 s a writer and that 8767 s what they do :). However the author has courage and wisdom far beyond his years. There are absolutely exceptions, but he 8767 s spot on about most things stated in this article. One thing to note is that dark skinned black men and light skinned black men will have drastically difference experiences. A dark skinned man is 7-8x more likely to encounter these problems. Dark skin offends the average white person 8767 s senses and typically the white women that are chasing dark skin.. their 8775 attraction 8776 doesn 8767 t come from genuine acceptance or any place healthy.

I dont understand what makes one race of women better than another. Do non black women fly, grant wishes, disappear? What do they do other than not remind one of themselves? The people who believe this stuff hate themselves and dont want to have offspring that they will hate as they do themselves or their lineage. White people in particular see how powerful we are together and cant for their own survival allow us to connect. We have been condensed to the point of mental invisibility and now the only way we think we can be seen is with them standing on side of us continuously raping and leaving our culture for dead. Stop letting folk who dont know us dictate us. Enough is enough!

Tobit 9:67-68
67 Beware of all whoredom, my son, and chiefly take a wife of the seed
of thy fathers, and take not a strange woman to wife, which is not of
thy father 8767 s tribe: for we are the children of the prophets, Noe,
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob: remember, my son, that our fathers from the
beginning, even that they all married wives of their own kindred, and
were blessed in their children, and their seed shall inherit the land.
68 Now therefore, my son, love thy brethren, and despise not in thy
heart thy brethren, the sons and daughters of thy people, in not taking a
wife of them: for in pride is destruction and much trouble, and in
lewdness is decay and great want: for lewdness is the mother of famine.
own land.
Negros, Mexicans and Natives are the Jews of the Bible kjv
I will leave you with this, if you are of the 67 tribes of Israel repent and come back to Ahayah (The Most High Bible KJV) through The Son and live! But if you are not willing to come back to Ahayah (The Most High Bible KJV) you will meet death and judgement. And if you are not apart of the tribes either you will meet death or slavery.

Look ,you are searching for something you will not find in me ,let it go, I don 8767 t care to explain myself to you at all, If we can 8767 t agree in the simple basis that no one should go around carrying racial hatred towards anyone,we can 8767 t talk about nothing. I don 8767 t live in the world where blacks hates/disrespect whites but whites MUST like or respect blacks , you 8767 re part of that and that 8767 s fine,but spare me the outrageous act because I have witness more racism from than any other race my entire LIFE,I didn 8767 t even read past your first sentence,let it go I don 8767 t care.

The porn industry is responsible for all this interracial shit! People are so stupid. it 8767 s all abnormal behavior. Just look at history. Never in history has there been so much interracial dating an marrying. Whites were physically, mentally and culturally meant to be with whites and blacks with blacks. This is the natural order of things , so any thing different is perversion. I don 8767 t care if you agree or not.. It is just fact.

this article failed becuase of political correctness, it didnt say what the fact really is is that blac men want to marry other than black, but that most can 8767 t get what they want, and so the difference between what black men want ,a dn can get, are two very different things, And the people offended by the desire of the black men, who then site statistics as evidence of desire and not of reality as to what they can have, confuse these two facts and make false assumptions and stir up all their other racist ignorance and just plain ignorance becuase of it. This is what happens when political correctness of marxist origin instills the masses minds. The truth is forever forlorn.

Another chant is 8776 I 8767 m a independent
black woman, i don 8767 t need no man 8776 This is the result of the white man,
giving the black woman a 8775 controlled 8776 amount of power and it has
allowed for black women 8767 s head to get swollen and start getting 8775 uppity 8776
if you will, with black men and that 8767 s when black women started to,
8775 look down 8776 on black men.

There are plenty of people of all different races that were involved in civil rights. Don 8767 t forget plenty of white people have died to help blacks achieve freedom also. The underground railroad wasn 8767 t ran by only black people. When the clan killed those 8 students down south in the 65 8767 s don 8767 t forget some of them were white. Just because some people are friends or even date outside their race doesn 8767 t mean they don 8767 t know what it 8767 s like to be black.

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