Black men and black women not dating

Kodak Black Is RIGHT To Reject Dark Skinned Black Women

Date: 2017-08-13 14:14.

I totally agree with what you say about language. Words have power and it 8767 s important that they convey the exact meaning and concepts we intend. I liked the fact that you put the scare quotes around the word 8775 passable 8776 but I think I would disagree with linking so called 8775 passability 8776 to attractiveness. After all, isn 8767 t the whole point of the article that people can be legitimately attracted to trans people?

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So to answer the question 8775 what do white men think of black women? 8776 Well, we obviously hold you in higher regard as human beings than black men do white women, what with all the raping and robbing and assaulting. I don 8767 t very often find black women to be personally attractive, but i can recognize when a black woman is pretty. There are some exceptions of course. (i 8767 m picky about white girls too)

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I know the answer to why everyone is so hung up on white but I still ask myself that same question. Whites have been given the perfect image in this world and they are also treated as if they 8767 re perfect. In some people 8767 s minds,getting with a white person is like hitting the lottery,they truly believe they 8767 ve came up. Even though there are plenty of things to point to,show that they aren 8767 t perfect,they 8767 re treated as if they are. I love white people and I also like white women but there 8767 s nothing more special about them than there is about women of other are so many different kinds of people in this world but people only seem to praise the white ones. You never or rarely see stupid list like this about famous black people that have dated or married none black and none white people..

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anyone who wrote trashy comments against different people of different race and gender showing their huge lack of literacy, security and humanism. it is embarrassing how much most of people do not read and are as stupid and narrow minded as it shows in this disrespectful childish comments have no fact to it. shame shame shame!!!
8775 love and treat the others you want to be treated. 8776 dr. mlk

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If I just start going out a bit with a guy again I would just refer to him as my friend until it gets to a point, if it does that we have a few sleepovers and such then he might make it to boyfriend status. If we go a ways down the timeline and its all good, mostly good, he might make partner status. Husband? Omigawd, I just don 8767 t know. I might be just too old a dawg to indulge in that but then again I try not to lock and bolt the door before I find it.

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Thank you for posting this wonderful article. It really gives me strength, i actually just share this on my timeline so that people would able to read this and realize that yeah we trans women are worthy to be seen in public with man that were no difference from a woman they seem to know well.
8775 We are not secrets. We are not shameful. We are worthy of respect, desire, and love. As there are many kinds of women, there are many kinds of men, and many men desire many kinds of women, trans women are amongst these women. And let’s be clear: Trans women are women 8776 I LOVE THIS!

Hell yes I question her! She never gave a damn about African men like Frederick Douglass never gave a damn about African women. That is the biggest problem with African-Americans in general is not the loving other ethnicity, but loving the genders of their ethnicity. There has always been segregation the African-Americans when it came to genders and that is a troubling problem they don 8767 t want to solve.

According to my own understanding and to how I see things, % of South African white man are only just looking for s*x on black woman and 6% of them I can say they love black woman for real, I am a black woman and I 8767 ve never dated a white men before but I 8767 ve always wished to date one but when it comes to it I just loose interest even on going to meet up with a guy cause my mind always tells me that he is only looking for s*x. It just happens that maybe whenever I speak to them through the phone or chatting to them they always talking about s*x like always so I got confused but maybe it 8767 s my bad luck or something or maybe my ancestors don 8767 t want me to date white guys so I decided to give up on them. But I still get attracted to them.

So why aren 8767 t more black men seeing this when they not only date out, marry, and procreate with non BW? Or why aren 8767 t they held to the same accountability? I just think it 8767 s odd.. BM are told to date out marry who you want love is love. Blah blah but bw are suppose to stay in the confines of the ever dwindling choices of black men? At some point it 8767 s inevitably for bw to have to date out. Between BM being incarcerated, homosexuality, increasing amount of IRR, colorism among blacks! Whose left? BW already outnumber BM to begin with add in the other variables and there are barely any options left..

Some have? Non black man has never asked you out? Really? I find that hard to believe. Maybe that is your reality. It isn 8767 t mine. I am not saying there is undying love for us, but black women are dating and marrying non black men. It is not rare I see it everytime I go out. And some of them do have blogs, sites and facebook clubs. Damn, you really believe that non black man won 8767 t find you attractive or even want to sleep with you. Maybe your self-esteem is low. White men couldn 8767 t keep there hands off of black women even in slavery.

First off, you have to be the lowest type of black women to date a white man. I 8767 m black and I would NEVER, date, marry or have kids by a white man. You black women who date and marry white men are at the BOTTOM of the barrel. I wish I would, you got me twisted. I DON 8767 T condone interracial dating and I will NEVER date interracial. SICK BASTIDS!!!! I 8767 M BLACK, MY HUSBAND WILL BE BLACK, AND OUR KIDS WILL BE BLACK. I WISH I WOULD BRING A WHITE MAN HOME..

This is my first time dating outside my race, he cool about it plus we work together and now the job is asking us not to display affection from another worker (black)who said 8776 I was a sell out 8776 . I 8767 m torn because they won 8767 t say a thing to him but will attack me. We talked about well , Make out ,then talked about he assured that was going to happen. Wow what a task to endure for a piece of Heaven on earth. God bless everyone who fight for the person they love cuz it 8767 s hard to find that special one Annabelle

Helen, there ıs no arguement to ur poınts. Lets just face d truth, the socıety today does not encourage true love and affectıon. If a guy can go on a socıal medıa and be able to talk to zıllıon gırls at the same tıme,, common How can love ever work dat way? These are great women wıth unıque personalıtıes dat all appealıng,, dat man wıll defınately be confused of choıce. Honestly, ı am done datıng.. I have decıded to Zıp up. There ıs no love ın d datıng world. All ı know ıs dat ıf a man/woman loves you,, he wıll do anythıng for u, whıch ıncludes to compromıse standards. (Dats love)

The article should 8767 ve discussed some of the important issues. Like how to explain why your weave is off. Or why you have to challenge a man to prove your strong. I don 8767 t know about other BM but any BW that has been with a WM 8767 s is desperate and doesn 8767 t measure up to an intelligent successful BM such as myself. Shot out to all my quality, naturally beautiful BW who are just what a BM needs.

Please stop. Black women have been exploring their options for a very long time. You interracial crusaders who are determined to undermine black love will never win because the truth is you can 8767 t force a white man to love you. He will always pkace his own women above you. Only she can give him what he desires most which is a WHITE SON. The few white men who actually marry black women are the exception. Not the rule.

I am confused by your comment Janie B. Do you believe this a moral issue, your cousin not disclosing that she was unable to have children. What moral code requires women to announce that they are capable of bearing children. And what makes women who are infertile natural born women. What about women who have a congenital heart defect are they real women or are women supposed to be perfect specimens. What about women who were born with a male brain, are they natural born women, or is this in the end a moral judgement call you have made which you now generalize across the board. Are women with birth defects lesser women? And who makes the call? Obviously your cousin made a judgement call.

7. Don 8767 t kid yourselves, looks DO NOT matter to most women, hence the reason that roughly half of all attractive white women are sleeping with black guys. Not trying to offend anyone(and I apologize if I do, but I 8767 m blunt, I don 8767 t believe in sugar-coating), but let 8767 s face it, the majority of the black race(men and women) are not the most attractive. Point is, having GAME is what matters. A good looking guy doesn 8767 t have an affect on most women. When most women see a good looking guy, their reaction isn 8767 t 8775 damn, let me chat him up, I want to f*ck him 8776 like it is when a guy see 8767 s a hot girl.

Wrong. You need to learn how to read statistics not me Blacks have a LARGER raw number of arrests for robbery than the white arrest number for robbery and a LARGER raw number of arrests for murder than the white raw number of arrests for murder. fbi stats say that blacks commit 55% of ALL the murders in this country. They are 55% of the white arrest number for way over-representing their population. You do realize that blacks are 68% versus whites at least 75% of the population, so whites could have a much larger TOTAL number of arrests than blacks do in every category of crime and still have a lower crime rate than blacks,. You are so off base, you are laughable. Blacks have 7-9 times the violent crime rate of whites (fbi). Blacks need to quit playing games of denial and start owning these fbi /DOJ statistics, as a black Wall Street Journal columnist, Jason Riley, did in a recent column ( 8775 the other Ferguson tragedy 8776 ). In the column he quoted my same numbers on black murders and black versus white violent crime rates.

The only way the discrimination will subside is for people to see them as a normal part of this society, see that they are just like the rest of us with feelings, and aspirations, and are good and bad and indifferent, and just plain human, not a sideshow. That 8767 s the only way that some will get used to the fact that they exist and they 8767 re not going anywhere. No need for celebration nor denigration just be.

If you 8767 re only talking numbers, that has no merit. Yeah, California has more crimes than South Dakota. That means nothing. They have more people. How many people in CA commit crimes out of all the people in CA who COULD commit crimes (the rate) does mean something if you make that same comparison to SD. Their higher crime rate means you 8767 re more likely to be a crime victim in CA than in SD. If the reverse were true, you can bet people would be trying to understand what is going on in South Dakota!

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