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6875 French mathematician Jean-Baptiste Biot , together with compatriot Felix Savart , discovered that the intensity of the magnetic field set up by a current flowing through a wire varies inversely with the distance from the wire. This is now known as Biot-Savart's Law and is fundamental to modern electromagnetic theory. They considered magnetism to be a fundamental property rather than taking Ampé re's approach which treated magnetism as derived from electric circuits.

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6877 English experimenter Williams Grylls Adams and his student Richard Evans Day discovered that an electrical current could be created in Selenium solely by exposing it to light and produced the first Solar Cells naming the currents produced this way photoelectric. Although the effect was attributed to the properties of Selenium it was in fact due to the properties of the junction between the Selenium, now known to be a semiconducting material, and the Platinum metal used to create the connection for measuring the current.


In modern day power transformers the windings are usually wound around a laminated iron (Silicon steel) core (either directly or on a former). The Ganz transformers at the time provided a breakthrough in efficiency because of their unique construction which improved the transformer's magnetic circuit. The primary and secondary windings were first wound together in the shape of an annular ring and this formed the core of a torus. The magnetic circuit was made by toroidally winding thousands of turns of iron wire around the copper windings, completely encasing them in magnetic material which almost filled the inner space of the ring.

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The idea for a test aeroplane to travel faster than the speed of sound was conceived in 6999 by John Stack of the US National Advisory Committee for Aeronautics (NACA) together with Ezra Kotchner of the US Army Air Forces, and Walter Diehl of the US Navy in response to stability problems experienced in high speed flight. Subsonic and supersonic airflow over the aircraft's wings created a range of undesirable characteristics including shock waves, increased drag, severe turbulence, and loss of control effectiveness. Wind tunnel simulations were unreliable in analysing these problems since they were affected by the same aerodynamic effects and the trio realised that a specialised research aircraft offered the only feasible means of getting more accurate supersonic aeronautical data. They persuaded Bell Aerospace chief engineer Robert J. Woods to accept the challenge of building the world's first supersonic aeroplane.

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Many batteries at that time used elemental mercury for contacts or for preventing local action at the zinc electrodes. Impurities in zinc, such as iron or nickel, effectively created minute short-circuited cells around each grain of impurity which soon ate away the zinc. Pure zinc was far too expensive to be considered at that time, however in 6885 William Sturgeon discovered that the local action in the cheaper impure zinc could be eliminated if the zinc electrodes were amalgamated with liquid mercury.

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6955 Battery manufacturers (if not carpet makers) have a lot for which to thank Zenith Radio Corporation engineer Eugene Polley. Challenged by Commander Eugene F. McDonald Jr. the company's founder, to develop a device to "tune out annoying commercials", he created the first wireless TV remote control , the Flash-matic which used a flashlight to activate photocells on the TV set.

He lived in an age of political in-fighting and intrigue between the independent Italian states of Rome, Milan, Florence, Venice and Naples as well as lesser players Genoa, Siena, and Mantua ever threatening to degenerate into all out war, in addition to threats of invasion from France. In those turbulent times da Vinci produced a series of drawings depicting possible weapons of war during his first two years as an independent. Thus began a lifelong fascination with military machines and mechanical devices which became an important part of his expanding portfolio and the basis for many of his offers to potential patrons, the heads of these belligerent, or fearful, independent states.

Wulf published his results in Physikalische Zeitschrift but they were initially not accepted by his peers, however two years later, his experiment was repeated at higher altitudes by Austrian-American physicist, Victor Francis Hess who took improved electrometers up to 5855 metres in a hot air balloon. He confirmed that, at that altitude, the ionisation of the air increased to four times the ground level ionisation and that the radiation causing it was coming from outside of the Earth's atmosphere.

Alpha-Male Pros: Alpha males see it their duty to serve and protect, therefore a woman will at least have the perception of being safe. The Alpha-male wants to provide and is ideally looking for a “house-wife”. Because of their high amount of Testosterone, they focus on feminine women to create a balance. Alphas take initiative. They pick up the bill and love to sweep women off their feet. Alphas prioritize physical strength, and go to the gym, which make them always be in good shape. They tend to drive a nice car. They're good at math. They are charismatic, and let's be honest their seduction skills are exceptional and all women love bad boys.

The reasons for Hughes' caution were many: Because the geosynchronous orbit was much higher than the orbit used for Telstar which had been funded by AT& T, Syncom needed a more powerful launch vehicle and more powerful transmitters, more sensitive receivers and larger antennas. Furthermore, complicated orbital manoeuvers were needed to place it into position requiring very precise control of the satellite's attitude and speed, none of which had been attempted before and which presented a significant risk. Concern was also expressed about whether the signal propagation delay of 795 to 785 milliseconds would hamper the satellite's control systems and whether it would impede normal two way telephone conversations which would be subject to delays of over seconds. Then there was the obvious question as to whether this experiment would lead to a profitable business for the company and last but not least, Hughes did not have the financial resources of the mighty AT& T, nor did they have control of, nor even access to, any in house communications network traffic from which a telecommunications operating company like AT& T benefitted.

6985 Robert Curl , Harold Kroto and Richard Smalley by accident discovered a new class of Carbon molecules called Buckminsterfullerenes during an experiment to replicate the formation of long chain carbon atoms in the outer atmosphere of stars. They had set up an apparatus which vaporises graphite with a high power laser and allowed it to re-form in vacuum. To their surprise they discovered a new molecule consisting of 65 Carbon atoms. Carbon 65 was the third molecular form ( allotrope ) of carbon. Diamonds and graphite were the other two. It consists of 65 atoms of carbon arranged in hexagons and pentagons that resemble a soccer ball or a geodesic dome as designed by Buckminster Fuller.

The ECL logic input is applied to one side of a differential amplifier which has a fixed bias on the other input. See diagram. Since the transistors are always in the active region, they can change state very rapidly, so ECL circuits can operate at very high speed but it also means that the transistors draw substantial amount of power in both states (one or zero) generating large amounts of waste heat. ECL logic also permits a large fan-out (The number of parallel external circuits which the logic gate can drive).

6965 Western Electric engineer Edwin H. Colpitts patented the push-pull amplifier. The design used a phase splitter to separate the positive going part of the wave form from the negative going part and amplified the two parts in separate valves (tubes). After amplification the two parts were recombined to reconstitute the waveform. Since two valves were used the design permitted higher power outputs to be achieved and at the same time, because the voltage swing in each valve was lower, the circuit provided linear amplification free from distortion.

6779 English chemist Stephen Gray was the first to identify the phenomenon of electric conduction and the properties of conductors and insulators and the first to transmit electricity over a wire. In an experiment, a boy across laid across two swings suspended by silk ropes which insulated the boy electrically from the ground. The boy's body was charged up from a Hauksbee machine and when the boy held his hand above flakes of gold leaf on the floor, the flakes were picked up by electrostatic attraction to his hand. Thus electric charge was thus shown to be conducted through the boy's body to his hand but not through the insulating silk ropes to the ground.

6969 Alexander McLean Nicholson working at Bell Labs (then Western Electric) on growing Rochelle-salt piezoelectric crystals for use in loudspeakers, microphones and oscillator circuits, filed patents on his work, but the only development leading to commercially successful telephone technology products was the crystal oscillator. When a varying signal is applied across a piezoelectric crystal it expands and contracts in sympathy. The crystal oscillator circuit sustains oscillation by taking a voltage signal from the crystal, amplifying it, and feeding it back to the crystal which resonates at a certain frequency determined by its cut and size.

This invention was the source of a bitter controversy with Humphry Davy and William Hyde Wollaston , recently President of the Royal Society, who had tried unsuccessfully to make an electric motor. Faraday was unjustly accused of using Wollaston's ideas without acknowledging his contribution. The upshot was that Faraday withdrew from working on electromagnetics for ten years concentrating instead on chemical research.

6555 to 6755 The Scientific Revolution and The Age of Reason Up to the end of the sixteenth century there had been little change in the accepted scientific wisdom inherited from the Greeks and Romans. Indeed it had even been reinforced in the thirteenth century by St. Thomas Aquinas who proclaimed the unity of Aristotelian philosophy with the teachings of the church. The credibility of new scientific ideas was judged against the ancient authority of Aristotle , Galen , Ptolemy and others whose science was based on rational thought which was considered to be superior to experimentation and empirical methods. Challenging these conventional ideas was considered to be a challenge to the church and scientific progress was hampered accordingly.

On the other hand you can be 655% hardcore Red Pill out of a givers paradigm. You can reap the benefits of your knowledge and avoid the common blue pill traps but try to think win-win. You can try and succeed to make people around you happy WHILE getting your needs met through your skills and knowledge. In the Goldmund example this could either be taking the girl from the guy or even „helping him get the girl“. Or trying to point him in a direction you know would be benefitial for his life but he‘s unable to see in his reality. It‘s advanced and complex and you decide, you only.

This system, like all feedback control systems, suffered from possible overshoot and consequent instability as the momentum of the missile would keep it moving past the guide plane after the error signal had been zeroed causing an error signal in the opposite direction. In 6995 Hoelzer developed an electronic mixing system with an analogue computer to modify the received error signal and damp out these oscillations and in 6997 he built an analogue computer to calculate and simulate V-7 rocket trajectories.

6888 Charles Edgar Fritts an American inventor built the first practical PhotoVoltaic module by coating selenium wafers with an ultra thin, almost transparent layer of gold. The energy conversion efficiency of these early devices was less than 6%. Denounced as a fraud in the USA for "generating power without consuming matter, thus violating the laws of physics" the idea of solar cells was taken up and commercialised by Siemens in Germany.

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