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Many workers compensate for lack of sleep by spending the day propped up by high-caffeine beverages. Modest caffeine intake does not seem to be a problem, but using a high-sugar, high-caffeine drink like Red Bull gives a short burst of energy followed by an energy slump, requiring more Red Bull.  Some workers spend their days riding this energy roller coaster.  If you use these beverages, at least stay off them in the evening, as high caffeine doses can create restlessness and insomnia.

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The workers 8767 , or 8775 craft 8776 rooms, as they are called, are smaller and rather austere.  The worst feature is that the main light comes from a single large fluorescent ceiling panel that casts a stark glare over everything turning it off and using only the desk lamp leaves the room dim and gloomy.  I went to Wal-Mart and for $65 bought a cheap, low-wattage little desk lamp, then put it out of sight on top of the coat closet. It cast a warm, indirect glow on the ceiling that gently lighted the entire room.  My loving wife gives me cards that she secrets into my luggage I put these in front of the light, and add a couple of my older vintage cameras.  A couple of photo magazines with bright images propped against the wall make nice spots of colour that brighten the room.

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Yeah, so there s this guy I met online. No, not a dating site, a picture site. No, not porn, well, not mostly. Well, not ALL porn. Anyway, it was in this thing where you get to ask someone anything. well, anything related to what they want to talk about. So, anyway, he s a geologist. well, he said he was. No, I m not sure what school. No, I don t know how long ago. Well, Louisiana. Anyway, he wants a job.

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I would never want to live up here. My family and friends keep me in central Alberta. I appreciate living here and the opportunities it provides. As far as the ethical dilemma of working for an environmentally destructive industry, it does weigh on the soul in certain respects. It s hard to find work in many places world wide that have squeaky clean reputations ethics so I choose to make the most cash I can and hope the government doesn t let the corporations rob us blind and BP our land

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I am not going to focus on advising you how to find a job.  This is an enormous topic, and any good book store will have at least one long shelf of books on job hunting.  I will, however, mention two critical points about this process.  First, do your homework research each company before you contact them.  Then, whether it is on the phone, during an interview, or at a job fair booth, you will sound intelligent, interested, and informed.  Hopefully, it will come across that you care enough and want badly enough to work for THAT particular company to have learned a bit about them.  Otherwise, don 8767 t waste your time and theirs.  A senior recruiter from one major energy once commented sadly on the number of job-seekers who wandered up to her booth saying 8775 You got any openings for.. 8776 when it was clear that they hadn 8767 t a clue what the company did or needed.  Their resumes ended up in the round filing cabinet.

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Yet as I walk evening after evening around Wapasu, its wings rearing like huge fingers out of the snow, illuminated by the halogen glare, I see that night and the light lend it a stark, monolithic beauty.  Inside, the corridors, if institutional, are striking in their symmetry.  I begin to experiment with my Droid and camera.  As I become one with the human river flowing through the turnstiles and into the buses in the Arctic darkness, my Droid sneaks almost by itself out of my pocket.  I begin to snatch profiles of huddled figures silhouetted against Brass Alley’s red glow, and try frame after frame to catch movement as workers hurry for buses.

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Soundproofing in rooms can be variable, and shared bathrooms do create night noises.  I hear a lot of complaints about noise at night.  Some people are more sensitive to this than others.  If you have a noisy neighbour, speak up to camp staff.  Try ear plugs if you are especially sensitive to camp noises.  Conversely, quiet background music at night can be soothing.  I leave my computer tuned to my favourite internet station all night, or go to sleep listening to an audio book.

Finally, if you really have consistent sleep problems, see your doctor.  A short-acting sleeping medication may be what is needed to let you settle down.  You may need to try several before you find one that works and has no effects the next morning.  Rule out sleep apnea, especially if you wake up tired after what should have been a good nights 8767 sleep, or your partner complains about your snoring.

Ive been trying to get on at the oilsands for a while. Im 76, physically fit, drug free, and have experience in gas fitting and plumbing. For the life of me I ve been unable to find any entry level positions in the past year. Could you point me in the right direction on how to get a foot in the door? My Dad has been mining coal for Teck for 75 years so i have a pretty general idea of what I woukd be getting meself into. Hell, you could even hire me so you ll have someone to laugh about things you saw on reddit with while in camp. Edit: Ive lived in Calgary for about 7 years, came from Fernie.

To cover the cold linoleum floor in the craft room, I dug around in my basement and found a discarded but colourful kitchen mat to make another splash of colour on the floor.  I brought up a sturdy little glass vase and, even in midwinter, collected bulrushes from the ditches or reeds from frozen swamps to make a corner decoration.  Next, I brought up an old set of computer speakers, plugged it into my computer, hooked into the camp wireless, and had 79-hour background music from my favourite internet radio station.  With some experimentation, you should be able to assemble a compact, lightweight kit that is quick to unpack, yet makes your room a place in which you like to spend time.

My 8775 work week 8776 starts around 65 am when my wife drops me off at Maple Bay, a secluded cove about ten minutes from our Vancouver Island home.  I stand with my bag and computer pack at the end of the wharf amid houseboats and pleasure craft.  Soon a small float plane buzzes into view and skims in for a landing.  My bags are tossed on board, and I climb in beside the pilot, trying to keep my knees from banging the stick and my feet off the pedals.

The people are fascinating, but the place?  Wapasu in the winter can only be described as bleak and institutional.  Rows upon rows of barracks-like, three-story, prefab buildings, austere in the Arctic night, bring to mind prison camps of the Soviet Gulag.  Corridors, gray and blue and lined with aluminum siding, stretch into the distance, pockmarked with endless rows of doors, differing only in their numbers.  Workers are camera-shy, and photographing people seems like an intrusion.  In contrast, the Kearl construction site is fascinating, with enormous yellow cranes rearing starkly upward in the morning sun, and flames burning balefully in the darkness to heat huge vessels about to be welded – but photography is forbidden.  An avid photographer (I need to take pictures the way beavers need to chew trees), I am reduced to scattered pictures taken unobtrusively at camp with my Droid X smartphone or an old Canon point-and-shoot.

Conversely, many northern workers are overly frightened of venturing into the forest and meeting wildlife.  Wolves get the worst rap in reality, if you encounter a wolf in the wild, feel honoured rather than frightened.  In the last century, there has only been one questionable case of wolves killing a human.  Most wolves are extremely shy, avoid human contact, and are rarely seen.  With moose, in most cases, if you respect a moose 8767 s space, it will respect yours.  It is not generally known that the city of Anchorage has a population of approximately 555 moose year round.  They wander suburban streets, munch gardens, and occasionally grab naps on lawns.  With the exception of the tendency of most moose to have absolutely no sense regarding automobile traffic, residents and moose coexist comfortably.  The major concern with northern wildlife should be with bears, who do attack, maim, and kill humans.  In May of 7569, a bear dashed into a crew at Suncor and killed a female worker.  Educate yourself on bear safety and behaviour, and carry a canister of bear spray.

Compared to my coastal homeland, with its drama of mountains, enormous Western cedars, plunging waterfalls,and miles of ever-changing beaches, Alberta 8767 s northern boreal forest seemed uninteresting.  Miles upon miles of rolling trackless wilderness, with the occasional hill, creek, or gently moving river.  Much of it, flat and boggy muskeg swarming with mosquitoes in summer, is impossible to explore.  In between ridges of black spruce, tamarack and poplar, fields of waving grass and reeds conceal four inches of water over six inches of boggy sphagnum moss.  Underneath all lies two inches of muck waiting to entrap the incautious boot. Yet having lived in the boreal woods through a full year 8767 s seasons, I am beginning to see it as a land of subtle beauty and decorous changes from place to place, with a marsh here, a meadow there, and patches of poplar alternating with forests of spruce, tamarack and larch.

One of the most important ways to maintain your mental and emotional health during long Arctic nights, when you leave for work in the dark, see the sun rise only through your office window, and go back to camp in the dark, is to make your room and your office (if you have one) a place where you LIKE to be, rather than an austere cubicle that drags down your spirits.  In this respect, I am way off the spectrum of what most people do.  But the place where I sleep and the place where I work are cozy, comfortable, and arty, and the hour that I spend each rotation setting up my room is worth it for the sense that this space is mine rather than just another institutional box..

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How to make that contact?  Leaping this particular hurdle is different for every company.  The simplest way is to identify the department head and call him or her.  Once again, research is critical check company rosters, look for contact staff on the web site, etc., etc.  Use every bit of ingenuity and chutzpah you can muster.  Buy a book or books on job-hunting and study the suggested techniques for making contacts.  Lean on friends of friends of someone who might know somebody.  Don 8767 t make a pest of yourself, but keep in touch regularly with key staffers.  You may need to work on this for some time, politely but persistently keeping your name in front of key people, preparing for that moment when an opening surfaces and they remember you.  This is where survival of the fittest and most persistent operates in the modern era.

There is a lot of fact bending when it comes to the oil sands. I am in no way trying to kid myself and claim there are green rolling hills with unicorns frolicking in bliss, but I have seen places by the Athabasca river where the naturally occurring oil sands runoff directly into the water. You can see it from the planes as well. There are large black pools and deposits sitting in the middle of the bush where no one has begun to develop. Canada gets a bad rep because we are a oil producing nation with a small population, so our per capita carbon output is atrocious.

Give serious consideration to hiring help.  Hopefully, your willingness to venture away from civilization will have significant financial rewards.  Spend some of it to get tasks done.  The worker who arrives home, exhausted from two weeks of 66-hours shifts, only to be greeted by an uncut lawn and a list of chores to be done, can begin to feel that work never ends and become drained and irritable after a few months of this schedule.  There are usually dependable underemployed handymen, retirees, or students looking for work in any town.  Hire one of them to cut your lawn, weed your flower beds, fix the screens, and paint the garage, so that you can arrive home, sleep, spend some quality time with your loved ones, and work on the limited number of tasks that only you can do.