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Another reason her sexuality is suppressed is that today we really only recognize her for A Raisin in the Sun and not for her other works. Very few people read or even produce The Sign in Sidney Brustein 8767 s Window, which has a white male gay activist as a character, because the lead is a white Jewish man and it 8767 s about the bohemians of Greenwich Village rather than the black community. It 8767 s easier to ignore her interest in linking the fights against racism, anti-Semitism, misogyny and homophobia if you ignore the work where she makes that argument.

12 Women They Didn’t Tell You Were Queer In History Class

I easily made it through twelve years of formal state-sanctioned education without once hearing the word 8775 lesbian, 8776 let alone any other type of lesbian history or gay history instruction, and I imagine this remains true for most students today. Luckily, we 8767 ve all grown up into beautiful, beaming humans who know how to use the internet and check out books from the library, therefore enabling us to confirm that pretty much everybody is gay.

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Interesting. Correction: contrary to the sentiment expressed by 8775 But during a time where it wasn’t okay for women in general to work outside the home, let alone African-American women, 8776 actually, black women worked way more often than white women in the early 75th century. The majority of black women worked. They had to, because it was difficult for black men alone to provide for a family with their wages. White women were more likely to have professional, intellectual jobs, rather than service jobs, when they worked than black women. Source: Separate Roads to Feminism by Benita Roth.

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There is a very good argument that Origen (who lived c 685-765), one of so-called Christian Fathers, was a transwoman. Origen voluntarily elected to have genital surgery to become a eunuch, an understood third gender of the Roman era, and wrote a lot of interesting theology about the body that disagrees with mainstream Christian thought. (Some of Origen 8767 s work was condemned by a Church council 855 later and publicly burned.)

Woman As Aggressor: The Unspoken Truth Of Domestic Violence

Gay/bi/lesbian/sexual invert would likely have been terms used against these women and many might not have identified with those words depending on their particular historical contexts. Queer makes more sense as an umbrella term to try and catch that there was something nonnormative about the way these women loved and that it 8767 s related to what we now talk about as gay or bi or lesbian or queer

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Language changes over time, and if you are speaking to a modern audience it makes sense to use modern terminology. Of course, it 8767 s a best practice to use the language a living person prefers when speaking about them (when known), but I don 8767 t think it makes sense to apply that standard to historical figures. Preferred terms for sexual orientations and gender identities varied greatly across different eras and different regions of the world, making finding one term that every person would have been comfortable with essentially impossible. Secondly, many historical figures never publically discussed their sexual orietation and/or gender identity, so it 8767 s impossible to know how they thought of or refered to themselves.

The top London lawyer who's changed gender THREE times

Hi Stephanie. Currently I 8767 m teaching a course in Gay and Lesbian Literature. I use these textbooks: The Columbia Encyclopedia of Gay Literature and Chloe plus Olivia, an anthology of Lesbian Literature. Both books are out of print but available in second hand places and Amazon. Also check out the Penguin book of Homosexual Verse edited by Stephen Coote. All have samples of poetry of the ancient world as well as Plato 8767 s theory of the soul mate. When the independent books stores closed, we all suffered.

It 8767 s weird that it 8767 s even referred to as a syndrome if that was the original intention of the term. Like, it 8767 s a syndrome to actually give a fuck about your patients? I think the romantic aspect is the result of misogynistic condescension. I imagine dudes were like, 8775 No dizzy dame could be so good at her job unless she was in love with a fella. 8776 (Clearly my knowledge of douchey dude lingo only extends as far as the 6995s.)

Good for you. Do you want a cookie? I 8767 ve seen endless white women feminists defending her racism as 8766 part of the past 8767 as if that makes her racism ok. The only women I 8767 ve seen call her and her fangirls out were non white women and last year Mallory Ortberg exposed her racism on The Toast. Now go and get a another white woman to pat you on the head for doing the bare minimum. I 8767 m sure you can find someone on here to do it for you.

Basically, half of the amazing ladies of history were queer, and they never told us that growing up, and the first thirty years of my life would have been a hell of a lot easier if all of history and life hadn 8767 t been so gosh-darn straightwashed until very, very recently. Hopefully people my age are the Last Dinosaurs hopefully queer kids coming of age today are having a way different experience. As Cameron Esposito says, 8775 we should tell kids! Because there are little gay kids running around out there, and they don 8767 t know what the fuck is going on! 8776

That Atlantic article wasn 8767 t totally accurate, you could tell by the structure. I hope you used other sources before making your decision. I also don 8767 t feel taking her off the list was the right choice, seems reactionary. Without her none of us might vote, those are facts. Culture progressed, so we get to judge in hindsight? Latina women weren 8767 t even considered. We didn 8767 t even get a deliberation, but I don 8767 t hate. I have a grandma from Mexico, she was racist af against Mexicans! Still love her and would never erase her sacrifices for my benefit. IJS.

While her work in Samoa certain deserves scrutiny, I would suggest that it doesn 8767 t make the rest of her work invalid. As arguably one of the most public anthropologists in American school anthropology, she 8767 s had such significant impact on the developments of both feminist and queer anthropology Esther Newton even gave her a shoutout in her edited volume: 8775 Margaret Mead Made Me Gay 8776 .

That 8767 s a tragically simplistic view of Anthony, that I guess is necessary to justify your utter wrath. I won 8767 t defend the moves she made, but I can have some sympathy for the situation that drove her to them. Just as I can have sympathy for your anger. I think Riese 8767 s article (also in response to this comment) is one of the better ones I 8767 ve read at boiling down the 8775 issue 8776 of whether Anthony was actually a white supremecist (hint: she was not, or in better current parlance: it 8767 s complicated).

How about acknowledging her racism and including her on the list? The title of this post is 8775 67 women they didn 8767 t tell you were queer in history class 8776 , now if the title was 8775 67 historical queer women you should admire 8776 that would be a different story. History/people are complicated things and the fact that we have knowledge of her racism is just as important as knowing about the things she did to push for white women 8767 s suffrage. Also, the fact that we have access (via Internet) to knowledge that used to only be known in academic circles is amazing and should be acknowledged. Susan B. Anthony 8767 s racism wouldn 8767 t have been taught to people who were becoming teachers in the past. You would have had to be able to access that from majoring in other areas.
Not much is surprising when you study history and understand how slowly the sharing of information used to take place.

Since 8775 The Election 8776 I 8767 m trying to push back against it as a criticism, when the critique could derail the conversation in the opening post or article. I love it as a companion conversation. I 8767 m frustrated with it as a constant tool to stifle conversation (. 8775 you said it wrong and you should be embarrassed 8776 ). As a political example, too often opponents of a measure are able to derail it by getting us all twisted up in talking about and defending *process*, that we never talk about the actual measure and its merits (which may be unassailable).

I get that 8775 women-loving-women 8776 is a possible alternative to queer that doesn 8767 t have the same baggage (and it 8767 s a great term), but the issue is that it doesn 8767 t have the same popularity. When writing for the internet you need to consider search engine optimization and the language used by the intended audiance of your writing it 8767 s going to be a lot easier for someone interested in LGBTQ historical figures to locate an article using the widely used term queer, rather than the less widely used WLW, particuarly given that the Autostraddle audience skews relatively

Yes but you guys deify shitty racist white women on this site all the time who commit racism in the modern era. See Lena Dunham, Amy Schumer, Miley Cyrus et al. Basically you want to include every white women in history because it makes you feel good but fuck the non white women who would feel uncomfortable seeing racist white women being lauded/acknowledged on here. Also people of colour is a western term. It is the height of stupidity to term countries where non white people are the majority as 8766 people of colour 8767 countries. People from India or Pakistan for example do not call themselves people of colour in their respective you would only know that if you interacted with non white people beyond liking pics of Beyonce of instagram. Unsuprising you are an anthropologist.

The Babylonian myth Alzahis says that one day, the gods were just so pissed off with the heterosexuals for having too many children. So he floods the world and as a blessing, he creates the Zalsikrums so that they wouldn 8767 t need to flood the world again. So the Babylonian believe that BUTCHES are the God 8767 s gift to the world. Note that some historians also believe that Zalsikrum is an umbrella term for ancient lgbtq people though.

I actually did learn about a few of these in public high school. In 7557 I was in the pilot course for gay and lesbian literature, taught by a queer English teacher who designed the course for her master 8767 s program, and we started with a queer subtext reading of Willa Cather 8767 s A Lost Lady. We also talked about Virginia. Woolf, and read rubyfruit jungle. Also James Baldwin and a few other gay guy things. She 8767 s still teaching the course, and apparently it 8767 s one of the most popular and hard-to-get-into English courses offered. Anyway, point is that some of us were lucky enough to learn these things in school! I shared this article with her and she said she learned some things from it btw 🙂

The Symposium is delightfully gay and I love that speech. And Aristophanes, in general, is the best introduction to 8775 classics are not at all boring 8776 for doubters.
(However, if I have to hear another person claim that Lysistrata is an example of early feminism, I 8767 m going to go mad. We can direct/perform it with feminism now or as a feminist production but the text itself is not feminist, however hilarious it is.)