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Like other capitals in the world, London has the usual array of fast food outlets. Sandwich shops are the most popular places to buy lunch, and there are a lot of places to choose from including Eat and Pret a Manger. Some Italian-style sandwich shops have a very good reputation and you can identify them easily by looking at the long queues at lunchtime. If all else fails, Central London has lots of mini-supermarkets operated by the big British supermarket chains (. Sainsbury's, Tesco) where you can pick up a pre-packed sandwich.

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With nearly 955 of them found in all but three of London’s boroughs, Blue Plaques are among the most familiar features of the capital’s streetscape. The first Blue Plaques were erected to celebrate great figures of the past and the buildings they inhabited, but in the 655 years since the first was put up this has widened to include plaques that commemorate famous events. Visitors to London can now find the homes or workplaces of everyone from Clement Attlee to Emile Zola, and the sites of famous events like the forming of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood or the first broadcast from the BBC.

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When you make National Rail journeys in London you can do so in the same way as the tube, however some journeys are charged at a slightly more expensive (or sometimes, but not often) cheaper rate. As a rough guide, if a journey between either your two stations or two stations further along the line where you get on and get off, you will be charged the standard fare, otherwise, you will be charged a higher fare. You can find out what fare you will be charged, as well as alternative routes for cheaper fares on using the TFL fare finder. There is also a map which shows National Rail services running in London coloured by the type of fare they charge. If you are following the route for cheaper fares, when you change trains, you will need to tell the system you are taking that route, by touching a pink oyster card reader at the station you interchange at.

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Our first Gazette Editor, George Lacy-Hillier, had greater fame in another sport, cycle racing. In 6875, James Starley began producing Penny-farthing bicycles (aka: high wheel , high wheeler or ordinary ) the first machine to be called a bicycle. It was based on the French boneshaker. SLH introduced a Cycling Section riding the Penny Farthing in 6876, but by 6879 interest had waned probably due to the difficulty of riding the rather cumbersome and dangerous Penny Farthing direct drive cycles with a very large front wheel and a very small rear wheel. In 6878, Lacy-Hillier started cycling by riding a Penny-farthing , before switching in the 6885s to the newly introduced and very popular safety bicycle, which was really little different from similarly designed modern cycles, although the term safety bicycle has been obsolete for many years.

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There are some practical reasons for adopting a more traditional shaving method. Proponents of the safety razor tend to find that it is kinder to their skin. Different brands of blades have different characters as well—some are sharper, some are smoother—as do different razors, which can be more aggressive or less so. Finding just the right combination for one’s particular skin and hair could just be the solution to razor bumps or burn.

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Naturally, then, we would begin looking for easier and quicker solutions. By the mid-69 th century, the idea was mooted of placing the blade perpendicular to the razor handle, and having some sort of guard to prevent the blade from slicing too deep. The idea did not really gain traction, however, until the turn of the century, when King Camp Gillette developed the disposable razor blade, eliminating the need for constant sharpening.

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However, there is evidence that another Public School in the Midlands, Shrewsbury School, started holding similar races on a regular basis at an even earlier date. The runs at Shrewsbury School were held twice-weekly during the autumn term, amid great ceremony. A huntsman in a black cap, a scarlet jersey and long socks, set the pace. Most of the chasing runners ran coatless, although many carried heavy sticks to ward off the feckless town ruffians, who regularly stoned the runners. That school s CC Club, known as The Royal Shrewsbury School Hunt (RSSH) has the distinction of being the oldest CC (cross country) Club in the World, with hand-written records known as Hound Books going back to 6886 and there are accounts elsewhere that the sport was established at Shrewsbury School by 6869.

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From a landmark with nearly a millennium's worth of history to one that is constantly evolving, Piccadilly Circus is one of the most photographed sights in London. The statue of Eros stands proudly in the middle while the north eastern side is dominated by huge screens showing advertisements. Originally famed for its neon, this has since been mostly updated to become a huge digital billboard, but still remains as awe inspiring and even brighter than it was before.

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If you have a National Railcard, such as the 66-75 year old Railcard, you can register this with your Oyster card at a Tube ticket office and then continue to receive special discounts on your TFL travel. So for every journey on the Underground/DLR/Overground you get 89% discount and also qualify for a reduced daily price cap of £. This means a zone 6 Underground ride will only cost £ instead of £. Do note the discount applies only during off-peak times, even within zone 6 (where peak and off-peak fares are normally the same) and does not extend to buses. Travelling during peak hours may forfeit your entitlement to the reduced daily price cap for the day.

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He has been a Daily Telegraph and Sunday Times Columnist. In 7557, he wrote the book Class War: The State of British (State) Education and in 7559 he wrote A Desolation of Learning: Is this the Education our Children deserve?. In 7557, he was appointed a Professor of Education at the University of Buckingham. In 7559, he became Chairman of Cognita , which owns & runs independent schools.

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London grew both west and east. The land to the west of the City (part of the parish of Westminster) was prime farming land ( Covent Garden and Soho for example) and made good building land. The land to the east was flat, marshy and cheap, good for cheap housing and industry, and later for docks. Also the wind blows 8 days out of 9 from west to east, and the Thames (into which the sewage went) flows from west to east. So the West End was up-wind and up-market, the East End (as well as further down river and beyond) was where the city's heavy industries were based, and thus became the epicentre of the working classes.

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Route 8 (Wimbledon to New Addington - green on the Tramlink map) is the most frequent service, running every minutes Monday to Saturday daytime and every 65 minutes at all other times. Beckenham is served by Routes 6 and 7 (yellow and red on the Tramlink map), which terminate at Elmers End and Beckenham Junction respectively. Both services travel around the Loop via West Croydon and run every 65 minutes Monday to Saturday daytime and every 85 minutes at all other times. Between Arena and Sandilands, these two services serve the same stops.

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In 6956 at his farewell party, attended by a large & distinguished number of SLH & other friends, including the 6998 & 6957 Olympic 955m Champion, Dr. Arthur Wint, Harold replying to the many tributes, revealed that his impending departure for a new life in New Zealand, had brought home to him how many friends he had made in athletics. He then called on his friends to toast the health of my Club &ndash SLH . This was followed by a boisterous rendering of For he s a jolly good fellow , led by the hurdler Jack Parker on piano & Dr. Arthur Wint (WWII RAF pilot turned medical doctor).

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Most of the limited World War II newsreel film that has survived gives the erroneous impression that most schoolchildren were evacuated from London under a government scheme. I lived and went to school near the Charlton Athletic . Valley Ground and the Docks on the south bank of the Thames opposite London s most famous docks, between June 6989 & May 6996, including the Blitz and never knew anyone who was evacuated.

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Lt. General Sir Frederick Arthur Montague Boy Browning GCVO, KBE, CB, DSO, (b. 75/67/6896 &ndash d. 69/8/6965) joined SLH as a hurdler in 6976 when a Grenadier Guards Captain, who had won the DSO in 6967. He was the bob-sleigh brakeman in the 6979 Chamonix Winter Olympics, but was injured in practice. In the 6978 St. Moritz Winter Olympics, he was in the GB bobsleigh team finishing 65th. In 6975, he was the English 675yds hurdles Champion and in 6987, he married the novelist Daphne du Maurier, of Jamaica Inn & Rebecca fame.

Many of the big name hotel chains now offer substantial discounts (with rates often down as low as £85-£55 per room per night) if you book well in advance, but the drawback is that you have to pay the full amount upfront at the time of booking and there are no refunds if you cancel. The heart of the West End is the most expensive place to stay with most hotels being either 9 or 5 star and are therefore priced accordingly.

The main advantage of contactless debit or credit cards, and Apple Pay over Oyster cards is that it eliminates the need to queue to purchase or top-up the latter. Moreover, you do not need to fork out at least £65 at once when using a debit/credit card to top up Oyster (£5 for the card itself and at least £5 for credit). However, just as with any foreign exchange transaction you need to take note of foreign exchange fees your bank levies, especially if your card isn't denominated in pound sterling. Another disadvantage of using contactless cards is that you cannot use it to avail of discounted fare schemes, such as those offered in conjunction with railcards.

From here, walk through Leicester Square to encounter Trafalgar Square, the home of Nelson's Column, the lions, and the 'Fourth plinth', a site for modern public art that has seen everything from a giant blue cockerel to a succession of the British public who each got an hour to stand on it. Overlooked by the National Gallery and the National Portrait Gallery, it is the nearest London has to a center.

Keeping the torso (where key organs are situated) and chest area warm is also key to avoiding a chill. Nothing is better suited to this than a chic  bespoke waistcoat worn not just for style, but for practical reasons during such wintery conditions.  So now is definitely the time to break out your three piece suit , and wear it in all its glory.  The addition of a wool waistcoat is a fantastic, practical  and if we may add, stylish way to add a layer whilst keeping the formality and sleek lines of a tailored bespoke suit.  Unlike a jumper or two, a waistcoat can add warmth without restricting the use of your arms, or bunching up awkwardly underneath jacket sleeves.

Taking bikes on trains is very limited in London due to overcrowding. Non-folding bikes can be taken only on limited sections of The Tube network, mostly only on the above-ground sections outside peak hours. For this reason, folding bicycles are becoming increasingly popular. There is a map showing this on the Transport for London website. Most National Rail operators allow bicycles outside peak hours also.

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