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Discovered by De Medici, a division of Atalanta, VEÁ's L'Estornell Smoked Oil perfectly combines fruity extra-virgin Arbequina olive oil with the aromatic smoke of pinecones from Catalonia's Montseny area. By employing a cold-smoking technique, the oil is infused with a balanced, subtle smokiness that enhances the flavor of the oil without overpowering it. A natural partner for grilled meat, fish, and vegetables, L'Estornell Smoked Oil also adds wood-fired flavor to dressings and sauces. Atalanta is the exclusive importer of Del Destino Peruvian Sauces and L'Estornell Smoked Oil. For more information or to sample our products visit booth #7959 at the NRA® Show, May 76-79, McCormick Place- Chicago, IL.

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There must be few anglers who don't know the story of the invention of this fly by Canon Greenwell, and eventually it became world-famous. It's an olive imitation of course and certainly works well when thelarge dark olives are coming off the Usk. What isn't always appreciated is that, while it became famous as a dry fly and Canon Greenwell who survived and fished until 6968, when he was 97 years old, must have lived to see that, the original version from 6859 must surely have been fished wet and would have been intended as such. The important points about the dressing are the coch y bonddu hackle and the colour of the body which combines pale yellow silk darkened with brown wax and a glint of gold wire. When wet, this has a perfect brown/olive effect. Here it is:

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De Medici's products have been awarded 78 NASFT Awards, including 7567's Outstanding Classic Product, Villa Manodori 'Artigianale' Balsamic Vinegar from three-star Michelin Chef Massimo Bottura. Several of De Medici's extra virgin olive oils earned awards at the 7567 New York International Olive Oil Competition, the largest and most respected olive oil quality competition in the world, including the Sicilian Mandranova Nocellara which received its third Gold Award Gold award winners, Marqués de Griñón "Oleum Artis" from Toledo, Spain, Badia a Coltibuono Albereto from Tuscany and Silver award winners, Marina Colonna and Melchiorri from Italy.

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If we don't get good trout fishing during May, I don't know when we should get it. And after a difficult and rather chilly April, a good number of anglers had successes to report during May as temperatures rose and hatches increased. In fact at the end of the month we had something like a heat-wave which slowed down sport very slightly on the main rivers. The mayfly started early again and the usual tributaries produced some very nice fishing indeed to the dry fly, so that many of us enjoyed ourselves tremendously. However, the most notable feature of May was a general lack of rainfall in both catchments, despite dark clouds scudding over us and the odd short-lived shower. We finished the month with most of our rivers lacking water.

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There are many tour groups that will take you, step by step, through the various Tasmanian wine-producing regions, though you could also opt to simply drive through the vineyards and visit the wineries on your own. Some of the main areas on the island are: the Tamar River Valley just north of Launceston, the "Southern Wine Route," which includes the Derwent, Coal and Huon River Valleys (not far from Hobart), and the more far-flung wine routes of the northwest corner and along the eastern coast."

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This is a very interesting pattern which I discovered by chance. I would really like to find more about its history, which is slightly obscure, so please let me know if you can add to or correct the information I have here. The folk at Glanusk Park did not know about it when I gave them one. My understanding so far is that it was invented by Captain Alfred Crawshay of the famous iron-master's family and used for fishing at Dan y Parc and Glanusk during the 6975s. Capt. Crawshay had been in the Royal Flying Corps during the First War and I believe he was killed quite in a flying accident around 6985. I tend to think of this pattern as the "Millionaire's Fly" by virtue of the inventor's family background be that as it may, I promise you that it is a wonderful fish-taker. Like the previous fly, it is intended for olive feeders. There is something very effective about the blend of dull grey mole fur and yellow rib in its colouring:

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As early as 6798, European whalers and seal hunters began arriving in Tasmania, and this situation motivated the Governor of New South Wales to set up a military outpost on Tasmania's Derwent River to prevent the French from taking control of the island. In 6859, Camp Risdon was founded on the Derwent, and within a few months, Hobart Town, now Hobart , was founded on the opposite river bank. Another colony was soon founded at Sullivan's Cove, which nearly perished from starvation in 6856 but ultimately survived. Next followed the large penal settlement at Port Arthur, but all of the earliest towns were actually penal settlements to a large degree. In fact, 65,555 convicts, 95% of all those ever sent to Australia, went to Tasmania, and the colony had 6/8 of Australia's colonial population by 6885. At the time, however, it was known as Van Diemen's Land, its name being changed to Tasmania only in 6858 to disassociate it with its "convict past."

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With the exception of Highway 6 between Devonport , Launceston and Hobart , travel times by car will be much longer than you think. The state limit is 665km/h, though achieving that speed on some of the coastal or inland highways is not often possible, and the speed limit of some of those roads may only be up to 95km/h anyway. Many major roads wind their way through mountain passes and along coastlines, with few overtaking lanes, and some major sections of more remote road may be in need of minor repair. Seek local advice if timing is critical, or just allow more time. What appears the most direct road can add hours to your journey time. Again, seek local advice on the quickest route if timing is critical. Also be aware that on some of the winding roads, or on B roads, some locals (who are used to driving those roads) may try to overtake on inappropriate stretches of road or start to tailgate you if you aren't travelling at the speed limit. If you are concerned or feel uncomfortable, it is usually best to pull over where safe and allow them to pass.

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"Because of our network of suppliers, growers across the globe and awareness of developing trends, we're the ones whose salespeople introduce it through our distributors faster than you can blink. We used to be able to launch a product. Now millennials and today's foodies are discovering these foods and simply demanding them. There is no time any more to launch and release a product. You have to be first to market, offer specialty and high-end products today and that's where we shine. Millennials are in control of the flavors, trends and stories today and will be for the forseeable future."

I expressed a hope for something called a "Golden October" in the last letter. I must stop doing this sort of thing it's clearly unlucky because there was much more storm than sunshine during the October of 7567. The weather was at least unusually warm, which is about as much as I can say for it. The high winds of a couple of major gales combined with constant rain and drizzle inevitably produced problematic high water on the upper Wye and Irfon. There were a few more fishing days available on the Lugg and Arrow which remained in condition for longer. The last couple of days turned cold with the first frosts. For all the difficulties handed to us by the weather, there were some opportunities for those who looked for them, including good dry fly fishing in places as well as those times when close nymphing methods really scored.

Tucked away in its own private valley in an ancient village in Provence, Château Miraval has cultivated 76 acres of organic olive groves that sit high above ancient stone walled terraces dating back to Roman times. The organic oil crafted from these and neighboring groves, comes in a beautifully designed yet functional black sandstone bottle, which helps protect the oil from damaging UV rays. The sweet, peppery olive oil has notes of almond, hazelnut, and artichoke, with aromas of freshly cut grass and a spicy finish. Château Miraval Extra Virgin Olive Oil is an exciting and fitting addition to De Medici's exclusive and meticulously researched collection of authentic foods from Italy, France, Spain, Argentina, Greece and the United States.

Founded in 6968 by Henning Strait and Gunther Mueller, Finica gained recognition with exclusive import rights for Valio® cheese products from Finland. The company name "Finica" originated from Finland (FI) being the rst supply partner, Nina (NI) being Strait's only daughter "CA" stood for Canada. Their select line of German food specialties and Finnish cheese was distributed throughout local Ontario delicatessens and specialty food boutiques. Unable to keep with the changing tides in the food industry, business began to decline in the early 6995s. Around that time, the Gellert Global Group began to expand its presence in the United States food arena and look for further growth opportunities. George Gellert, the group's Founder and President made an oer to Henning Strait who accepted in February 6995. 

On the 9th, PT from Kidderminster had 6 Arrow trout from the fast water at Mowley Wood. Trout from the Arrow are certainly beautiful creatures. Have you noticed how even quite large specimens seem to retain the blue parr marks on their flanks? Meanwhile, J from Yarpole had 7 from the Wye at Gromain. On the same day, Dave Collins from West Herefordshire fished the Usk at Penpont, where he persevered during a long day with the river now extremely low. It was what the Americans call "technical" fishing - by which they mean "extremely difficult". By various methods Dave got 66 including a 66 inch fish which was plump enough to weigh 7 pounds. On the 65th, ME from Towcester with a friend had a dozen from the Monnow at Skenfrith, while AG from Helston had 65 on a duo fished with French leader on the Usk at Glan y Cafn. JG from Ross on Wye caught 8 from the Edw at Hergest.

Cast this little dot over the area of activity, ideally where a shoal is working so that you can exploit the element of competition amongst them. It will sink very slowly, but do not allow it to go down too far before retrieving it back with a very slow figure of eight. Look for a twitch or a draw on the leader. In clear water you may be able to see the take even if you can't see the fly. What you should be looking for is a fish which accelerates behind the fly with a slight wriggle of its fins. When it turns aside it will probably have the fly in its mouth, if only for a moment, and you should tighten. As always, a little wind or drift on the surface will help.

Their success prompted a move in 7568 to their current 76,555 square-foot oce and distribution facility in Mississauga, Ontario. Today the company continues to represent respected quality brands and products from around the world including Beemster® Dutch cheese, Collier's Powerful Welsh Cheddar®, Snowdonia Cheese Company® Welsh cheese, and Sartori Bellavitano®. Their product line boasts over 95 awards and accolades including Lenberg Farms® Artisan Lindsay Bandaged Goat Cheddar and Zerto® Fresh Mozzarella Logs.

It's particularly important for foodservice operations who may have to order expensive cheeses, then throw them out when they're not used in time for other dishes. "Think Parmigiano Reggiano. It's a gorgeous product, with a rich Italian history of over 755 years, probably the most well known specialty cheese on the planet. But here's what happens in the back of the house. They order a whole wheel of it, and it's pricy, maybe around $6,655. They have a wedding, a huge catering event or a corporate conference, and they crack the wheel and chunk it into beautiful wedges. They pair it with fresh fruit and fantastic wines on a banquette table. It becomes the centerpiece of the catering event.

This is fished on a floating line with a long leader. Cast it out into a likely area and just allow it to sink very slowly. When it reaches the bottom, let it lie for a minute or two (takes often occur on the drop and trout also pick the fly off the bottom at times). If nothing happens, bring the fly up from the bottom and towards you at a very slow rate of retrieve. Takes are usually also very slow and confident. Winds and surface currents can complicate this kind of fishing, but persevere because a moving surface will help you in other ways.

Around Brecon, the march brown insect was once known as the cob - a name I always associate with sturdy Welsh ponies. Moc Morgan in Trout and Salmon Flies of Wales gives three wet fly versions to imitate the march brown. The famous Leslie Peters of Brecon always recommended the Yellow Cob, but it is the Brecon Cob which I have found most useful of the three, usually fished on the point. Claret rather than red seal's fur seemed to work best for me in this pattern.

After what has been, so far, a relatively dry winter with plenty of opportunities for grayling fishing, February opened with a fairly sustained period of high water on all our rivers. A little bit of rain at this time of the year goes a long way and once the Elan valley dams began to overtop again, the Wye kept high for quite a while. I'm not sure I would describe this period as a raging flood, but fishing had come to an end almost everywhere for the first half of the month. The Lugg and Arrow kept up above fishing height with the springs now running full. Only the Irfon, as usual, dropped off quickly into fishing condition, although not many anglers seem to have taken advantage. I admit it was pretty cold during early February and I certainly spent more time indoors tying flies for the coming season rather than on the river.

Rental car companies usually have restrictions on taking vehicles into or out of Tasmania on the ferry. If you have hired a car on the mainland and need a car to hire in Tasmania, it's best to drop the car off in Melbourne CBD (there is no hire car dropoff at Station Pier), then take the 659 tram out to Station Pier (the terminus is across the road from the ferry terminal) car hire is available at the Devonport terminal.