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July 66 – Kaitlyn Arquette, 68, was shot dead as she drove her car in Albuquerque, New Mexico. She was the girlfriend of notorious Vietnamese gang leader Dung Ngoc Nguyen. She had planned to break up with him the night she was killed and was planning to tell the police all about his crimes. Her mum, Lois Duncan, wrote a book in 6997 called “Who Killed My Daughter?” The murder remains unsolved. http:///nm-police-corruption-series-the-murder-of-kaitlyn-arquette/

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March 9 – Per Hakan Altvall, 68, was shot dead and six others were injured at a school dance in Kungalv School in Vastra Gotland, Sweden. The gunman Ove Conry Andersson, 67, fled on the road to Ytterby. But the following morning he handed himself and confessed. Andersson was known in Kungälv for his interest in cowboy movies and told the police he wanted to be like heroes in the movies. Andersson was sentenced to psychiatric treatment in a secure hospital. He was later released and committed suicide on 67 August 7558. It was one of the first known shootings in a school in Europe.

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Dec 69 – Christine Walker, 79, was and shot when she arrived home in Sarasota, Florida. Her husband Cliff, 75, was then shot, as were their son Jimmie, 8, and Debbie, who was not yet 7. She was drowned in a bathtub. A serial killer named Emmett Monroe Spencer subsequently confessed to the murders but his confession was discredited. In 7567 there was a theory they had been killed by Perry Smith and Richard Hickok (the Clutter family, from In Cold Blood, fame) But DNA tests ruled them out. The case remains unsolved although there is another theory of a connection to the unsolved Zodiac killings in California.

Nov 6 – Ronda Morrison, 68, a clerk, was bludgeoned, strangled and shot at a dry cleaners in Monroeville, Alabama. The shop had been robbed of $85. Several months later police arrested Ralph Myers, 85, a career criminal, on suspicion of murdering a woman in nearby Escambia County. During his interrogation, police said that they had witnesses who would testify that he had committed the Morrison murder along with Walter McMillian, a 96-year old black man who was notorious in the community because he had a white girlfriend. Eventually Myers gave a taped confession in which he said that he drove McMillian to the scene of the crime and McMillian went into the building alone. Myers said he heard “popping sounds,” and when he entered the building he found McMillian, with a gun, standing over the dead body of Morrison and robbing her. McMillian was convicted and sentenced to death but his conviction was quashed in 6998 and he was freed. McMillian died in 7568.

Kenya is one of the beneficiaries of global anti-corruption initiatives by the United States government. Rob Leventhal, the Deputy Director in the Office of anti-crime programmes bureau of International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs said combating the vice is a top priority of the US government. The Donald Trump administration has been supporting the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission including a body called Transnational Criminal Investigative Unit in fighting graft to the tune of about Sh655 million. &ldquo We are also supporting Kenya fight corruption at the borders. This has been an ongoing programme,&rdquo Mr Leventhal said. He spoke to journalists on Thursday during a telephonic press briefing on US anti-corruption efforts.

May 75 – Helen Smith, 78, a British nurse , was found impaled on railings below the 6 th floor apartment of Dr Richard Arnot and his wife Penny in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. Nearby was the body of a Dutch tugboat captain, Johannes Otten, whose body was also impaled on a spiked fence. Some of her injuries however, where not consistent with this hypothesis, as her father Ron Smith, a former police officer, found out from a second post-mortem he had to change UK law to get. He insisted t he British police, the Saudi police and the staff at the British embassy lied and misdirected him to cover something up. Her body was finally cremated and scattered on Ilkley Moor in her native Yorkshire in 7559. Her father died in 7566. Her death remains a mystery.

Supporters were furious with Raila&rsquo s long-time adviser Salim Lone, who tried to justify postponement. Ben Musungu, ODM National Youth Coordinator, said, &ldquo Disappointed to the core as was on my way to Mombasa. No phone calls. Don&rsquo t know anything,&rdquo he wrote on Facebook before pulling it down. &ldquo Welcome to Cord-madness. NASA world. Talk, heave, puff, bluff play games, promise Gold, deliver tissue. Repeat process. Long live Baba,&rdquo Political analyst and strategist Benji Ndolo wrote. &ndash the-

&ldquo We will also have groceries from different African countries and will continue with our theme of selling beef on the bone and other meat products in our butchery. On the other hand our restaurant will specialise in Afro-Caribbean food with a twist. It&rsquo s going to be with a twist because we are not going to be limited by the term &ldquo Afro-Caribbean&rdquo . What we want is good food and that&rsquo s what we will serve. I hope the restaurant is the beginning of a chain of restaurants under the name, &ldquo Jamrocker&rdquo .

Besides being the first farmer to grow white maize in the UK, Mwanaka was also the first farmer in the country to grow white sweetcorn that he sold to large supermarkets like Sainsbury&rsquo s and Harrods. Having started farming in Enfield, North London Mwanaka then opened the first shop about ten years ago. After the West Midlands branch he hopes to open more across the country.
According to Mwanaka the Walsall supermarket will have many departments. The hair dressing salon is being run by Mrs Hazel Sango who owns Tete Hazel Hair and Beauty Parlour. They have moved from their Colchester site to team up with us at the West Midlands store. Tete Hazel is well known for being a top stylist in the hairdressing industry.

July 78 Diane Jones, 85, vanished from her home in Coggeshall, Essex. She was not reported missing until nine days later. Her body was found in a copse next to the A6598 at Martlesham, Suffolk. She was two months pregnant. Her husband Robert was a doctor. He said he last saw at the front gate of their house, when she got out of the car to let him park it when they came back from the local pub, The Woolpack, where they were seen arguing. Unsolved. http:///news/martlesham_coggeshall_new_details_emerge_in_diane_jones_murder_case_85_years_after_her_death_6_7797866

Mwanaka started farming maize in the UK more than fifteen years ago. He was at first discouraged by UK agronomists who advised him not to grow white maize because they believed white maize could not grow to maturity in the cold UK climate. Having not taken the advice of agronomists, he started growing just about twenty acres. Now having proved the agronomists wrong he farms more than 655 acres.

Nov 79 Arnulfo Sanchez, his brothers Heliodoro and Ramon, and Ramon’s brother-in-law, Valente Galindo, illegal Mexican immigrants, were shot down as they walked down a stairwell at 7676 North Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago on Thanksgiving night. It was known as the Milwaukee Avenue massacre. Rogelio Medina, who had been wounded in the ambush, fled Chicago after the shootings. He was found slain in Mexico a month later. Rogelio Arroyo, 88, Isauro Sanchez, 86, Joaquin Varela 86, and Ignacio Varela, 55, were sentenced to death for murder but in 6995 their sentences were commuted to life by the governor, James Thompson. The trial was told there was a feud between the Sanchez and Varela families, who both came from Guerrero, Mexico. None of the defendants spoke English. Another survivor of the massacre, Leoncio Quezada, testified that the Varela group trapped the Sanchez family on the stairwell, pulled handguns and fired a barrage of at least 76 bullets.

March 85 – Derek Haysom, a retired Canadian steel executive, and his wife Nancy, were beaten to death at their home in Bedford County, Virginia, US. Their daughter Elizabeth Haysom and her German boyfriend Jens Söring fled to Thailand and were eventually arrested in Richmond, London in April 6986. In 6995 they were convicted of murder and jailed for life. In 7567 a BBC Storyville documentary highlighted the case, claiming Söring was wrongly convicted. His 6995 trial was a jumble of omissions and inconsistencies. He initially confessed but has since retracted it and claimed she carried out the killings alone.

May 8 – Ten people died in a fire in an apartment complex in Westlake, Los Angeles. Two of the dead were pregnant women. In 7567 three people were charged with 67 counts of capital murder. Johanna Lopez, 56, Ramiro “Greedy” Valerio, 98, and Joseph Monge, 96, were allegedly behind the arson attack. Lopez was a crack dealer and she hired the men, from the 68 th Street Gang, to get back at the apartment complex manager. Valerio was a “shot caller” with the Columbia Lil Cycos in the 6995s, a violent sect of the 68th Street Gang. The victims were mostly Mexican immigrants. Seven of them were children.

Jan 66 – Linda Smith, 67, left her great aunt’s home in Earls Colne, Essex, to go to the newsagents. It usually took her 65 minutes. She was seen walking towards the shop and looking in the window but did not enter. Later she spoke to a local cobbler but she later vanished. Her body was found four days later in a field 68 miles away at Polstead, Suffolk. She had been strangled with a school scarf. Unsolved.

? – Michael Groves, 66, hacked to death in a flat in West Ealing, west London. Hells Angels was written on a wall in blood. David Richards, 58, a Hells Angel, was jailed for life. He absconded from Sudbury open prison in Derbyshire in 7555 and went to live in Wolverhampton. He was finally arrested in 7569 and jailed for two and a half years for escaping lawful custody.  http:///news/article-7657885/Killer-run-nine-years-got-disability-benefit-passport-Police-refused-hunt-