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'Australian Jesus' tricked man into abandoning family, son

Posted: 2017-11-15 07:15

In the 95+ year gap between the death of Jesus and the writing of the first gospel of Mark, Paul was the only person documenting anything about Jesus. Paul never met Jesus, but he met people who did or at least people who heard stories about Jesus.  Given this, it is remarkable that Paul didn 8767 t seem to know about the virgin birth, the feeding of 5555, turning water into wine, the sermon on the mount, the raising of Lazarus, or the many parables that Jesus spoke.  As Herman Mehta summed up, here is all that Paul knew about Jesus:

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The question for a believer is this: Why would a faith originated by a supreme god, the maker of the universe, cause so much death, suffering, and misery for so many people?  Why would it cause so many people to act in such inhumane ways?  It simply does not make sense, even if you give license to man 8767 s inherent sinful ways.  The religion of an infinite god should have had the opposite effect- causing a reign of love, peace, acceptance, tolerance, and benevolence- in short, a turn of history AWAY from the violence and barbarism that preceded it.  The fact that this didn 8767 t happen is good evidence that Christianity is simply a man-made religion.

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If humans became extinct and then in a few million years another primate species evolved, they would create new religions, but they would certainly be different from the ones that exist today. On the other hand, the science that they develop would be wholly consistent with the science of today, given that the physical properties of the universe remain constant.  What is not constant is the superstitious imaginings of intelligent minds.

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Christians have consistently ignored the Old Testament portrayal of God 8767 s murderous behavior.  Often they claim that the New Testament overrides and replaces the Old Testament, based on the idea that Jesus supplied mankind with a new covenant. But what cannot be denied is that Jesus himself was a student of the Old Testament, firmly believed in it, and warned that it was not to be ignored or discarded.

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This represents important evidence against Christianity (and other religions as well) because, in the history of mankind, any sea change in conventional wisdom is first promoted by the smartest and most educated members of society.  This was true of the rejection of the earth-centered model of the solar system.  It was also true of the change from a flat earth to a spherical earth, as well as the ongoing transition from a creationist explanation of life to an evolutionary one.  Given those examples, it can be predicted that the intellectuals who have embraced atheism have once again identified the correct sense of reality.

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8775 I am *very* familiar with the history of Islam. I 8767 ve read many books on the subject, listened to hours upon hours of lectures, have either attended or spoken at relevant conferences, have ministered in Muslim nations and have friends who were former Muslims (now Christian) as well as reading materials from guys like Walid Shoebat, Mark A. Gabriel, Joel Richardson, Samy Tenagho, Don RIchardson, Usama Dakdok and others. 8776

This marked the beginning of Christianity marketing faith as the ultimate spiritual attribute.  Not surprisingly, it occurred at a time that many people were questioning whether Jesus was a real messiah and whether he had risen from the dead. This is a period approximately 85 years after Jesus 8767 s death and during a time that Christianity was struggling to gain a solid footing, still competing with many pagan religions.

Christians are fond of saying that morality and what is right or wrong doesn 8767 t change because God doesn 8767 t change. They broadcast the idea that morality does not change over time and therefore claim, for example, that homosexuality cannot ever be accepted because it is clearly considered an abomination in the Bible.  Given that, then we should still be able to sell our daughters into slavery because God doesn 8767 t change, and it is STILL IN THE BIBLE.

8775 Who then is a faithful and wise servant, whome his master made ruler over his household, to give them food in due season? Blessed is that servant whom his master, when he comes, will find so doing. Assuredly, I say to you that he will make him ruler over all his goods 8776 (Mt 79:95-97). God bless you my friend, let us not cease to do good and be faithful servants of the household of God.

What does the devil want most to keep people away from Jesus 8767 Church, and he is very clever about it Bishop Sheen once said, 8775 The devil 8767 s greatest deception is to make people think he does not exist 8776 and he is soooo right. The Prophecies are like the bible both are fine it is the 8775 misinterpretations 8776 that are wrong or we would not have 95,555 churches all exclaiming 8775 this is what Jesus this is what Jesus taught no you are both wrong Jesus taught this agree or I 8767 ll go and take my marbles and go home why, 8775 i 8767 ll start my own church, 8776 (a new founded every 6 days)

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“Jalal al Din al Rumi was one of Islam’s greatest mystics. He practiced a mystical form of Islam known as Sufiism. Rumi often spoke of God as “the Beloved” or “the Friend.” Sufis’ such as Rumi also placed far more emphasis on Jesus as their model for life than other Muslims.  One cannot read many of Rumi’s writings without feeling as though he was very close to being a Christian. There is at least one quote of Rumi’s that I have truly come to appreciate. Rumi said, “One day I was going along looking to see in people the shining of the Friend, so I would recognize the Ocean in a drop.”

Faith is only seen as a laudable attribute in matters of religion.  In all other aspects of life, we are enjoined to gain facts and evidence before making a decision, such as getting a house inspected before buying it.  The fact that Christianity pushes faith, belief without evidence, so strongly is a blatant admission that it has no firm foundation on which to stand.  And in so doing, it is knowingly trapping followers inside a black hole of subservience to the church.

Yes, I see all protestants see Jesus as lying when He is so CLEAR 8775 This 8775 IS 8776 MY BODY this 8775 IS 8776 MY BLOOD then again, they have to say this as they have no way to CONSECRATE the Eucharist after they gave away the Priesthood Christ created at the Last Supper Luther was the last that I know of I wonder if he continued to say Mass after his heresy??? And I wonder if he married that Nun he fell in love with to get out of the Church (a Lutheran on this site told me that)

Yhoshua comment:. 8767 True. Contrary to popular belief, Christians
don 8767 t drink blood or eat babies either. The Catholic church did invent the doctrine of eucharist where wine magically becomes blood when used in communion, BUT THAT BELIEF HAS NO HISTORY IN THE EARLY CHURCH. 8767 You appear to be one that deceives intentionally. Regarding the Eucharist they ALL believed, and still do. How many quotes would you like for me to provide you regarding this? Since you have previously used quotes from Irenaeus and Cyprian, one would assume that you were at least fleetingly familiar with their writings obviously not, you just copied from 8766 8767 . Our dear Lord has provided 655 miracles in which the wine (and bread) 8766 magically 8767 , as you put it, has been transformed into His Flesh and Blood. Shame on you especially in light of your response to 8766 lorasinger 8767 on another issue to provide a citation from the first century. Where, may I ask, is yours?

Christianity has a terrible tendency to transfer guilt to the descendants of the sinner, such as Adam 8767 s sin being cast onto all human beings, or the sins of the father being visited on the sons, or the people being punished for the deeds of their miscreant ruler, while at the same time bestowing blessings because of what someone else did (Jesus dying on the cross).  What is missing in this equation is emphasis on the actual deeds of the individual being judged.

Why would Jesus, as God, who must have realized that a world religion would soon develop enveloping all of the world 8767 s races on an equal basis, behave in such a pedestrian and parochial manner, debasing this woman 8767 s integrity?  Obviously, this entire encounter might have been made up, but once again the question must be asked how it got into Matthew 8767 s and Mark 8767 s gospel if it didn 8767 t in some way reflect the conventional wisdom of Jesus 8767 s attitude to non-Jews.  As such, it needs to be viewed as a remarkable contradiction to the overriding message of Christianity, lending some Biblical scholars to conclude that it is probably an authentic account.

Christianity was born from a strictly monotheistic religion, Judaism, a faith that itself evolved from a polytheistic model, considering their god to be one of many [one of the 65 Commandments is to have no other gods before Yahweh, implying the existence of others], to a doctrine claiming their god to be the only one in existence. The belief in a single god is considered by religious historians to be an important maturation in sectarian theology.

To make some sense of this story, one has to assume that it was changed to fit a new narrative that placed blame on the Jews for the crucifixion, and painting Judas as a traitor was a part of that effort.  What probably happened, assuming that the story was not completely made up, was that Judas was sent by Jesus to entice the Roman soldiers to the Garden of Gethsemane.  Jesus then expected that God would miraculously intervene to defeat the Romans and begin the reign of Jesus as the king of the restored Kingdom of  Israel.