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I read the FRs in this blog post with your time efficient lifestyle and dating model in mind. Getting them to Day 6 as quickly as possible, spending an hour on building comfort, making them talk about themselves and displaying clear man-to-woman intent without triggering ASD with a kiss, inviting them over to your place on Day 7 to fuck, all in only 8-9 hours. I get it and it 8767 s a really streamlined approach. What I see in your FRs though is there 8767 s still room to solidify these interactions. Not necessarily to change the 7-day model, but the way it 8767 s executed. I wouldn 8767 t blame it on Russians, although if you 8767 ve been doing exactly the same stuff with other nationalities, it definitely shows cultural differences too. I won’t argue with that. Nevertheless, they 8767 re all just girls, so all I 8767 m going to say still applies.

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I don 8767 t think the economy is a reason. Many other countries have bad economies and their women might be provider hunters, but they are not THAT high drama, bitchy etc. And they certainly don 8767 t show you their intentions in that an open way. Russian women are demanding. Women from other countries with bad economies might be girly girl when going out on dates. They try to 8775 buy 8776 you with their kindness. Russian women don 8767 t do that.

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So yes, it seemed like a possibility that your EFA weren 8767 t as strong back then and, since your system assumes that no clear verbalization of nonmonogamy is made until The Talk and the girl 8767 s MLTR (or other) status must remain implied till then, perhaps Girl n°9 whom you said you dated briefly  wasn 8767 t getting the hint (yet). Which of course doesn 8767 t change the fact that she was acting psycho. I said possibility , which is why I asked in the first place. Your reaction to my comment was quite ridiculous.

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Needless to say, I didn’t follow any of her stupid instructions. We had sex, yet despite the fact that she was super attractive (many men would consider her a perfect 65), it was the worst sex I’ve ever had outside of being monogamously married. She just laid there like a dead body, stiff as a board, and was constantly complaining. Don’t move my leg like that. Don’t grab my ass like that. Move over. I don’t like that. Etc.

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But both times I brought a Russian over, with whom things were going well, they proceeded to eat the amazing food that I made (which is something I am good at), and then, after 65 minutes of not responding to my escalations, they made up some BS excuse and left.  While I don 8767 t know for sure, the fact that I maintain a middle-class apartment despite an upper-class job, was probably the reason.

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Soon, she started asking about my marriage, divorce, and ex-wife. She asked why we got divorced and I gave her a very general answer about how she took some anti-depressant meds that made her crazy. She kept pushing for more specifics, much harder than any other woman on any first date I’ve ever had. Finally, I told her that I divorced my ex-wife because she got violent with me for the second time in a row, after clearly warning after the first time that if there ever was a second time, there would never be a third time.

Yes. Many years ago I had a pretty important Russian MLTR for a few years. She actually still reads this blog. She was, by far, the most jealous woman I 8767 ve ever had in an MLTR, so there were a few problems, but nothing catastrophic. I think the main reason for this was that she left the Russia as a small child (age 9 or 65 I think) and 8775 grew up 8776 mostly in the West rather than there. She didn 8767 t even have a Russian accent.

So even if a man is not as strict as me in terms of American nationalism, I 8767 d still encourage him to stick to the West only. Non-western cultures tend to be what ours used to be in the 6955s. That 8767 s precisely why Roosh and other manosphere slut shamers go outside the West to find 8775 traditional wives. 8776 Fuck that! I 8767 ll stick to the same culture, while other men can deal with non-western puritanism.

Unless you’re a guy who likes drama (and I know there are some of you out there,) I recommend you do the same. If you live in the West, I do not recommend you even attempt to date Russian women unless you enjoy problems and bullshit. I have Russian friends and co-workers, and I have nothing against Russians personally, but the Russian people have a darkness within them that other races lack a darkness that manifests all too often.

You can ask questions on RUA about the reputation of different agencies you are considering using and other methods of meeting Russian and Eastern European women, cultural differences and what to expect. Ask questions about finding Russian brides, traveling, read travel reports, learn about applying for visas and more.

I am not saying the Russian women I was with were problem free.  With the positive comes the negative.  Russian women are very emotional, passionate and can be deep.  Of course if you go always for the hot, modern lady you will only find materialism.  But on the whole Russian women take love serious.  They are by nature more feminine than the western women and actually western men can be attracted to this because of the superficiality and out of touch with feelings as American women can be.

American women are down to fuck on the first or second date. Talk to anyone who has been with women from around the world. They are just plain easy. In fact, it is even more extreme in large cities like NY and LA, where if a woman goes out with you on a first date it is pretty much assumed she is going to fuck you. Not saying there is anything wrong with this but it is different. This type of culture works very well with BD 8767 s fast to sex model. Not criticizing either approach I am just saying it is different.

It 8767 s not that these Russian women weren 8767 t attracted to me. Most of them were (perhaps all of them were), and you can see that I was sexual with many of them. As some of the other commenters have mentioned, I probably could have fucked the ones I didn 8767 t if I had been more tolerant of their drama. So they have the same sexual wiring all women have, they just engage in different behaviors because of differences in Societal Programming, namely culture and upbringing.

I do occasionally game girls online too and when they go out with me, they tell me it was because I made them curious, excited, intrigued and I stood out. I 8767 ve tested it also without a proper picture, so they saw me only when they gave me their number or even not until the meeting. I admit, the response rate is low, I wouldn 8767 t recommend it as an efficient model, but I like experimenting and forcing myself to work on my sticking points without various crutches. It plays a role that I’m ugly as fuck, too. Just kdding Or not

There is an expert on FSU women and he has been on a Podcast with BD his name is Tom Torrero, he has lived in the FSU much longer than my short stints and he has spent a lot of time immersed in their culture. And he talks about how they will play a little game with you at the beginning where they will act like 8775 why are you trying to kiss me? we are just friends. 8776 And he would call them out on it, and bluntly state, 8775 your a woman I am a man and I am interested in you men and women cannot be friends. 8776 At this point, the FSU chick would get surprised and flustered, but many times (not always) they would fold under the directness of the exchange.

Russian women are the most beautiful women on Earth. Moreover, they’re usually intelligent and are often great conversationalists. They also tend to be good in bed. At the same time, Russian women are usually angry, bitchy, demanding, dominant, and have sky-high levels of both drama and ASD. They combine all the worst characteristics of over-88 women (even if they’re than 88), Dominants , Provider Hunters , and religious conservatives.

I have a Russian girlfriend, entirely different ball game from a British woman. Don 8767 t expect any passive aggression or beating about the bush, such does not exist in Russian culture, it is all there, right in your face! And you had better be able to stand up to her! If you can do this without getting angry, you will have a fantastic girlfriend or wife. Best cook I have ever met. Loyal, devoted, beautiful, intelligent. I would not swap her for the world.

The past 7-8 weeks have also been my biggest bounce-back ever. The work outs have transformed from something I had to force myself into, to my time to feed my ego. I broke through 955 lbs this week, confirmed by my trainer, and I 8767 m never going back. I 8767 m more fit than I have been in 65 years. The outpouring of congratulations from the other gym members was a surprise, many of them said I inspire them to work harder, I never figured on that.

Nevermind, shrugged off her drama and expected not to see her again. Next day she asks for a second date and then comes in dressed super sexy.  And she wants to pay for my drinks now. Anyways, she is super negative, bitchy, domineering. I escalate nevertheless which is nice as she is really sensual. In the middle she stops it and gets bitchy and negative again and wants to leave. At the point I 8767 m already fed up and want to get rid of her. So I drop her off at home. Didn 8767 t contact her again.

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