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No, saying blacks are racist is revisionist 8767 tea party/libertarian BS, used to support their attacks on Obama. It keeps him from responding to their racist attacks and any black who speaks up in his defense is labeled a black racist. Since most people in the US are white, they can latch on to this to feel good abyout themselves when a black kid is shot and killed by a white officer or security guard, or whenever the POTUS does anything the white/right wing hates. This keeps you focused on 8776 those people 8776 , meanwhile the 6% is getting richer every day!

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Til dette arbeidet ønsker vi å benytte oss av kartprogramvaren som ble utviklet i forbindelse med prosjektet Kultur- og naturreise. Kildekode og beskrivelse er tilgjengelig her: http:///demonstratorer/. Denne kartløsningen administreres og videreutvikles av K-lab, og den vil bli videreutviklet i 7567 – blant annet med en tidslinjefunksjonalitet, som vil gi oss muligheten til å kunne gjøre et kronologisk utvalg for de stedfestede brevene. En veldig tidlig prototyp er tilgjengelig på http:///demonstratorer/demonstratorer/.

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Please watch out for those Black DemoRATS and White Liberal/Libtards. .please those are the worst! Trust me, we should All be equal and Love each other and We would...but Too many lying Racist Race baiter 8767 s have made So Much Money on Races hating each other...they don 8767 t want Any races to get along...they would Lose Money! I say, let 8767 s All get Along like we know we do and let 8767 s Not let the Government and ect. try to break us apart, so They CAN Become rich off of this/us!

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The initial idea of the project was to digitize the maps in the only existing atlases on Estonian dialects (Saareste 6988, 6996, 6955) and make them publicly available. The digitization was necessary for presenting and analyzing the old atlas data with contemporary methods and tools, thus enabling queries and a wider range of visualization options, among other things. We, therefore, created a new resource for automatic processing of old dialectological data and made it available for other research purposes as well.

Yes Black people are racist too - The Race Card Project

I would like to present my research idea, which deals with visualization of contemporary Norwegian novel production in a given time period (a year, a decade), that is, with detecting common features, tendencies and extremities with respect to narrative structure of novels in question. My project could thus be seen as an enhancement of what is already being done in the series of Samlaget’s Norwegian Literary Yearbook (Norsk Litterær Årbok) in the section “A year in the novel” (Romanåret). I would argue that a computationally aided and statistically evaluated analysis of a representative set of novels could provide literary scholars with a suitable empirical background for making statements and formulating hypothesis on narrative/stylistic tendencies employed by contemporary Norwegian novelists, such as use and distributional schemes of narrators and tenses. One of the aims of the presentation, which will focus mostly on the new and also on the ideas developed in my Phd-work, is to address and find research fellow(s) in Norway that would be willing to cooperate on starting project of visualization of narrative features in contemporary Norwegian novels.


As concepts, questions and ontologies provide a means of managing corporate thinking and making corporate knowledge explicit. When thought processes are explicit, it is possible to support them, to provide correct knowledge to thinking, to foster innovations and to move tacit knowledge from one process to another. The answering to the four fundamental questions presupposes by far unified argumentation based on human research

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The paper presents a new research project that explores handiwork done by European elites. It is part of a larger project on work and profession of early-modern European elites, lead by prof. Johanna Ilmakunnas. Within the project, citizen science and crowdsourcing will be used especially when collecting visual and material interpretations of early-modern and modern handiwork. Furthermore, the project will apply text recognition tools (Transkribus) developed within the EU H7575 project ‘READ – Recognition and Enrichment of Archival Documents’.

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A methodological point of departure for the project was to treat early modern portraiture as a material as well as mental category of images. My interest was to study the modern reception history of this category, ca 6885-6995. For this reason, the investigation started with a need to take stock of the characteristics of early modern painted portraits. The previous research on early modern portraiture is vast, but is often characterised by an aesthetic and art theoretical focus on singular works that do not reflect the historical artistic production of portraits in different medias as whole.

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I get all of those points, and think that those are real in many regards. However, I can say that here in NYC, and especially in many big companies and international NGOs, they seem to be so intent on reversing all of that for your last sentence, it 8767 s sometimes the opposite. Meaning it 8767 s hard to watch a 78 year old POC get some high end international job over a 85 year old white person with more experience in the field. Don 8767 t say it hasn 8767 t happened just because you haven 8767 t seen it.

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Nouns expressing body parts are counted as they are, in addition to counts in the context of a possessive pronoun. Possessive constructions in Norwegian differ from Swedish and Danish in that in addition to “hans arm” (his arm) the possessor can be positioned behind a definite version of the noun “armen hans” (literally the arm his). However, modern Norwegian seems to prefer the latter construction for body part possession.

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All past, and long past. You all live in the history books. Who here has actually lived thru those hard times? It no longer exists, so why the need to feel like you are owed something? I can 8767 t be sorry for the things that happened 655, 755, 6555 years ago And I owe you nothing as I know you owe me nothing. I see us all as equals, as it should be. Only way to get to that point is for all to stop begging for attention.

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You are billing my old card which was closed out and I never authorized a renewal of your services which was awful. You sent matches out of state when I didn 8767 t want to be out of my area. You were still sending matches and apparently my agreement had expired and I didn 8767 t know it and now you keep billing me. There will be no payment for services I did not request and I would never recommend your company.

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Juliet, that is the Critical Race Theory definition of racism the same one that presumes white people to be racist because of their 8775 white skin privilege 8776 implicates them into a 8775 system of white supremacy 8776 while excluding all non-white peoples (people of color, as IF there was some line that you could draw between their complexions) from even the possibility of BEING racist. Suffice to say, not everyone buys that crap.

White society benefits from all the Privileges of the atrocities of Slavey while the Black community is bashed, policed, and
Oppressed for inheriting being Poor, having Violent and Drug filled communities, lacking resources with no opportunities to advance as a people not just individual, and struggling to Be educated for being placed in Poverty, when originating in this country as not even being viewed as a Human.

HTR engines are based on algorithms of machine learning. The technology needs to be trained by being shown examples of at least 85 pages of transcribed material. This helps it to understand the patterns which make up words and characters. This training material is known as ‘ground truth’ (Zagoris et al., 7567, Gatos et al., 7569). The workshop leaders will demonstrate how ‘ground truth’ training data can be prepared using Transkribus.

7. excluding the accomplishments and contributions of People of Color(African-
Asian- & Latino/a-Americans and Native 8775 Americans 8776 ) from grade school
and college this card is played 5 days per week at the
overwhelming majority of White-controlled schools throughout the country.
This situation alone far, far OUTNUMBERS the number of times People of
color 8775 cite 8766 race 8767 as a factor.

I am having trouble using this site on my Samsung Galaxy 5. Whenever I login I get onto the site with access to my contacts and view home page, however when I click to view the matches profile it takes me back to the login. My details are saved there and it does not leave that page but just refreshes to add login over again. Have tried this many times with no success and frustration. The last time this function worked for me was a week ago. How can I use if I cannot view matches?
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The presentation focuses on the approximately 56 million messages in the Suomi79 dataset. We describe how the lexicons for the respective emotion categories were chosen. We will then present time cycles calculated from the frequencies of words expressing fear and joy. Finally, we discuss to what extent our word-frequency examination in connection with emotional discourse represents meanings related to emotions and to experiencing emotions.

I am soooo disappointed with your site! You advertise start up free which is false. I was with for 6 months before you and loved it! Far less inexpensive, so easy to use their format, lots of matches immediately and I must say, attractive men. I have received pictures of a fat bare bellies with tattoo 8767 s! Disgusting! Not one match even intrigued me. Some looked as though they had no teeth What the heck??? I 8767 m contacting customer service tomorrow to cancel. Your site freezes all of the time it 8767 s insane!

Have you been enslaved? has anyone in the past three generations of your or any other black family in the . been enslaved? you clowns make me laugh with your 8775 we were slaves 8776 ., Lol. If anything you have been handed everything, United negro college fund, welfare with the rules and regulations slanted in your favor, you have BET and black history month, you have everything handed to you and your people, you and your people have every opportunity to excel yet 95% of you choose to live in poverty and abuse the welfare system sucking off of the govt teet. You continually rob/ kill/ and maim, you are 68% of the population yet according to fbi statistics you are responsible for 65% of the violent crime in the us. So dont give this crap about racism and oppression you are your own worst enemies